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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lookin' Hot!

Every girl wants to look hot; it makes them feel great. :)
But any girl must know the rules; less isn't always more when it comes to clothes. The proper amount of clothes and the attitude counts too. ;)
Celebrities like Paris, Giselle, Kiera, Kate, Beyonce and America are considered hot; because they know how carry themselves well, besides their great sense of style. pictures credits to

Who says kimono-inspired dresses aren't hot?
Seen worn by celebrities around the globe too; they
make a great piece for any girl.
From Stitchme-up, this kimono is available at RM43;
I think it's worth it!
Hurry up,
grab it!
A hot girl needs a hot bag besides her usual clothes.
Get this from Still Sisters at RM25 each!
Omg it looks so celeb-worthy!
Something celebrities like Katy Perry and Paris Hilton would carry. ;)

Mono prints are HOT!
They make any girl look really gorg.
From Sleek Sisters, this hot dress costs RM60.
Purrfect for prom or formal dinners. ;)
I think this top is a really girly yet hot piece, no?
Get this from Pastel Stripes at RM42!
This kind of top is spotted among Asian actresses; and
they really look great in them!
Get yours now!
Omg I almost screamed when I saw the price of
this sexy piece!
RM25 only?!
From Modestly Marvelous, this dress makes a wonderful cocktail dinner dress!
I find this clutch pretty; and
suitable for night and formal events!
It's hot too!;)
This is what celebrities like Beyonce, Anne Hathaway and Kate Winslet would carry.
From Fashion Splash, this bag is available
at only RM35!
Get yours today!
This dress is suitable for the casual days!
At only RM28, this dress is available at Le-Boutique.
If you like gypsy type dresses, this hot piece is for you!
Celebrities like Mary-Kate would love such dresses.
Go on, click on the link and get it!
This top's so..pretty and girly.
It's sexy too. ;)
From Beauty and Her Bits, this satin ribbon top costs
Pair it with jeans and you're good to go!
I find this dress sexy.
It just proves to you that you don't have to dress little
to look hot.
Available at Strawberries and Tea,
this dress costs RM55.
Oh, something Kiera would wear!
Get this dress from Preciosa Mariposa at RM60
and look like a Victorian goddess anytime!

Kiss kiss;
This shirt's just hot!
What's more it's oversized!
Get this top (off-shoulder/normal)
from Heaven for Angels at RM39 each.
Pair it with leggings or skinnies and you're good to go!
My isn't this dress hot?!
From dLookinGlass, get this
little black dress at only RM48!
I find this jacket simply lovely;
it's pretty sexy too!
Get this from An Old Flame, at only RM59!
Woots! It's something
Giselle and Megan Fox would wear ;)
Love this dress!
A bit similar to the dress Kiera's wearing. ;)
Get this from A Girl's Wardrobe at RM36!
It has red carpet points to it!
Omg are you excited already?!
Remember, you don't have to spend millions to look hot;
smile for the cameras!
The paparazzis are waiting!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Love Me Accessories :)

Ok. It's only one item I'm reviewing in this post. Lols. Don't worry though, I will review more! ;)
I know all you ladies are excited over Valentine's day, no? 'Cause I am too! :)
Valentine's day is a day of lurrvvee, (full story on it soon) where couples and single people gather together to celebrate their love for others.
I truly believe there's a reason to celebrate the day of love. And no, you singles are not excluded from this. Valentine's day is a day for you too! So come on, be merry! Stop sitting at home sighing, " Why am I single? This is a bad thing!" to yourself ever again.
Start going around and spreading the love (and no I don't mean hugging or kissing or whatever to people)! Spread the love by showing the people around you how much you care for them. And how important they are in your lives.
Anyway, Valentine's day is coming soon. And the owner of Lovely Stiches knows it too. ;)
I say start spreading the love of Valentine's day around by buying your girlfriends/friends/family members gifts!
This lovely accessory from Lovely Stiches just makes a perfect gift (picture above)!
It's only RM12! (It's the thought that counts, you know)
Click on this link for more! :)

Save The Planet : I'm Eco-Friendly :)

Yeah this is a special post. Apart from reviewing, I would sincerely like to express concern over the environment. The thought came to me when I was grocery shopping with my elder sister and my best friends. Yes, hear me right. Grocery shopping. Oh, we were clothes shopping too ;)
As we walked to the counter to pay, I notice a woman carrying tons of shopping bags; plastic shopping bags. I know. What's wrong with that?! Well, I say it's very wrong; to the environment.
I know I am like an environmentalist now but we're living on this beautiful planet, don't you want a clean and pollution-free planet? Many of my friends are saying it's too late; but I don't think it is too late. We can play a part for the environment, no? So come on, babes and dudes, let's all be eco-friendly! There are many ways. :)
As e-shopaholics and e-boutique owners, we tend to wrap the items purchased with plastic, then place them into the envelope. I think, if it's possible, why not wrap your items with paper instead? (if the clothes you buy don't come with a plastic bag) Then the e-shopaholics who recieve the goods can recycle both the envelope and the paper/plastic used to wrap the goods. This is because, plastic is non-biodegradable and paper's recyclable. :)
Also, at offline bazaars, we can all play a part by bringing our own shopping bags. It would be great if we can all help play a part by not using too much plastic bags; as they seriously hurt the environment. Besides, wouldn't it be nice to bring your own shopping bags and placing your purchased goods in them. Some boutique owners even offer discounts if you do that.
Many adverts in the radio has expressed concern over the environment, but do we actually listen and try to follow their message? I think, this 2009, make it a new year reso by being eco-friendly. Really. People would look up and be proud of you.;)
I always have the habit of throwing away my poslaju/ekspres envelopes into the rubbish bin when I got my goods, but later on I realise; how much trees could be saved if I recycle these envelopes. If you haven't started recycling yet, I suggest you should start. If you already have, congratulations, keep up the good job. Now I have a special bin for all recyclable items. :)
Oh, as handphone users, we always reload right? ;)
Instead of throwing away the reload coupons after reloading, why not recycle them too? Also, to avoid many trees being chopped down for this cause, I suggest it would be great if we reload straightaway in the shop. That way, many papers supposedly being used for reload coupons could be used for other more important items. :)
I have this aunt who's great at recycling stuff. I love reading magazines like Cleo, hot and Female, and whenever I finish reading them, I give them to my aunt to recycle. She has this really pretty bag made out of magazines. Like, whoa! So be creative ;)
As girls, most of us would shop overboard. For the clothes that have been with us for a long time; we want to throw them away and get new ones; why not recycle them? We can always give away these old clothes to the orphanage. If the clothes are old and a bit spoilt, we can recycle them by making new clothes out of them! For example, an old pair of jeans can be turned into a pair of hotpants, or even a sling bag. Just use your creativity and you're all set to be a wonderful fashionista!
Oh dear. I do hope this post is good enough to convince you to be an eco-friendly babe or dude. :)
Once again, let's all start the new year by loving the earth, alright?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wanted : Clinchers ;)

the white clincher above

Black and White rose clinchers
Attention all e-shopaholics/e-boutique owners!
If you happen to have the lovely white heart-shaped clincher (first picture) and both black and white rose-shaped clinchers (in second picture) and you wish to sell them off, this is for you!
This lovely lady here is looking for these three clinchers; if possible priced below RM28.
If you have those clinchers stated above, do contact this email :
Your co-operation is appreciated! :)

Look Into My Eyes

" The eyes are one of the most important parts of the face" - Anonymous.
Yes, I believe it's true. Whether single lid or double lid, every girl/guy have pretty eyes. :)
I have been a colored contact lens user since I was 15 (I know it's a long time ago, but I love making my brown eyes green/purple/blue) I have been using power-less contacts and I simply love how they make my eyes prettier! ;)
However, a warning to all of you : It's too comfortable at times, you forget to take them off. So do remember to take them off and wash them properly to avoid eye infections.
According to a friend of mine, normal powered lenses have more moisture than colored contacts. In short, colored contacts make the eyes dry easily. So to all first time colored contacts users, please carry a small bottle of eye drops with you everywhere you go. It's also advisable to wear your colored contacts for the maximum 8 hours (take them off and rest your eyes in between).
I haven't been reviewing colored contacts in a while. But here it goes. I think you people on budget would jump for joy when you see this (because their contacts are good in quality (trust me, I've heard of many testimonies from people I know) and they are surely affordable!)

These lenses are mainly imported from Korea. ;)
By looking at the picture above, can you believe how cheap these lenses could be?
From StickStreet, these lenses come in a variety of designs and colors.
Go to StickStreet for more info :)
These lenses are also imported :)
From Bornd To Shop, these lenses also come in a variety of colors and designs. They're affordable and of good quality too ;)
Do click on the link to go to Bornd To Shop for more info.
Have a great time looking for colored lenses to change your mood and style! ;)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Clearance Sales @ French Kiss

Omg would you scream with happiness or just stare blankly at the screen?
Because French Kiss is having clearance sales!
Clothes and shoes are gonna be sold off at much cheaper prices!
Come on, start by clicking this link and here's to more shopping! :)

More On Oriental Doll! :)

Yes! More on the Oriental Doll! This time, I'm more focused in the accessories part!
An Oriental Doll should not leave home without her accessories! ;)
I fell head-over-heals when I saw this stiletto from Style of 8!
It's like, so classy and gorg can?
It can be paired up with any dress! I mean, whoa! :O
Something celebrities would wear ;)
At RM69, I'm very sure this shoe is worth the price!
This is sweet!
So cute eh the pieces?
Get this from Oriental Sparkles at RM23.80!
If you are someone who hates wearing the same thing (even accessories!) as anyone else, this one's for you! 'Cause there's only one piece each; remaking is possible, but then, how often do you meet someone wearing the same bracelet/earring as you?
The prints on this dress' simply ORIENTAL!
Get this from Hana Doll at only RM39!
Omg it's just worth it, no?
Who says Oriental Dolls cannot like Mickey Mouse?
I say they can!:)
Get this Mickey Mouse (ooooooh just look at the diamonds in that necklace!!!:P) necklace from Blink Shoppe 101 at only RM12! (YES! A necklace like this for ONLY RM12! Are you gonna go mad, or what?!)

Belts are very important, as I just realised.
It's a pretty long story, if you don't know why. To make it short, let's just say I bought two pairs of pants, got a little skinnier, the pants got really loose, and that's when my hero entered to save me; THE belt! :)
Omg I'm so dramatic now forgive me.
Get this from A Touch Of Simplicity at only RM10!
Skinny belts are cool!

Omg this is so sexy!
Get this hot hot dress from a lil of everything!
I really love the red-tones on that dress; and the design too!
Get this for only RM49 (WITH free postage!!!!:) )
Omg hurry get this now!

Oh yeah. That's it for Oriental Doll. I will update with more celebrity posts. Oh, and special posts too! (You know what season's next.. ;) )
A season to lurrrrvee.

I AM THE Oriental Doll.

Being half-Chinese, I am also celebrating Chinese New Year with my Chinese relatives around Malaysia. The spirit of muhhibah (I hope I'm right) is everywhere in Malaysia. I'm proud to be a Malaysian! ;)
I decided to give this post the title of "I AM THE Oriental Doll" because, to me, I think almost every girl wants to be a Barbie doll. They would dress themselves up pretty every day, no matter where they go. Since we're Asian, I consider us all Oriental. :)
And as the Chinese New Year celebration is here, this post would be perfect!
So for once, let's all honor Asian celebrities instead of Western ones!
I admire some Asian celebrities; such as our Amber Chia, Karen Mok and Zhang Ziyi. These pretty ladies are real hard workers and look at them now! Truly admirable.

Get into the Oriental Doll mode this Chinese New Year with some great clothes from these e-boutiques. And if you think you've had your clothes already, why not be the Oriental babe in your college/among your friends for a change? New year has new beginnings. ;)
The Oriental Doll is someone who's graceful and free-spirited. She's hardworking and she likes to look simple yet classy. She loves floral prints and other pretty prints.
Any Asian girl can be an Oriental Doll. No matter what race you are. :)
So to all the Oriental Dolls out there, this is for you! ;)
Kimono tops/dresses are ORIENTAL to me! :)
Loving this top from Wear U Style. It's so Oriental, no?
Available in a wide choice of colors, this top costs RM35.
Pair it up with a pair of shorts or denim skirt, and you're good to go!
Ah, this is pretty classy can?
Get this top from Wear U Style at only RM46.
Makes a classy outfit for interviews/college presentation, or even just
a day out with family or friends. :)
Ooh I love the prints here!
So Oriental! Who says Oriental-ish clothes have to be in bright colors?!(Well, most of them are, but it does not matter!)
Get this lovely tube dress from Princess Feverlicious!
And won't you scream if I tell you it's only RM33!
Oooh I love this!
So Malaysian, don't you think?
Anything a Oriental babe could ask for!
Get this wonderful dress from A.Fashion.Reborn at RM55!
If you are a fan of Taiwanese and Korean shows, you would easily spot their main actresses in these!
So fashionable can!
From Princess Feverlicious, this is available at RM30!
It makes the vest a little unique and different, no?
Any Oriental Doll must not forget to get her skin polished and soft!
I am a fan of Shiseido products! They make my skin soft and healthy!
Get them at a much cheaper price at all dressed up boutique!
You are to scream like me when you see the price of this seven piece set!

This dress has an Oriental touch to it, don't you think?
Get this lovely piece from Garde-Robe at only (see THIS) RM37!
However, it's only available in black now. (The last time I checked)
No worries though, I think black makes the dress look classier. :)
It's been a long time since I came across such beaded bags!
They're one-of-a-kind, and I'm sure chances of you carrying the same bag as another person is low.
From Favourite Boutique, this beaded bag costs RM120. I know it's a bit expensive, but you're to be amazed by the quality of this bag! :)
Oh, oriental maxis!
Get this from Drestres at RM51!
Yes! You can wear this to parties and look like an Oriental Doll in it!
Get this from 45°C WORKSHOP at RM53 (with 10% discount!)
I find this dress very nice, it makes any girl look very Oriental with class and style. :)

Omg this dress is hot!
What's more, with a rose on it!
Get this also from 45°C WORKSHOP at RM52 (with 10% discount!)
This is what any sexy Oriental Doll needs!
Note to all Oriental Dolls : Stand tall and be proud! ;)
You don't need perfect assets to be beautiful!

Monday, January 26, 2009

More Updates Tonight!

I would like to apologise for the late updates as promised. Happy Chinese New Year 2009 to everyone! :)
More updates tonight! (When I'm back from my visit to my Chinese relative's house in Johor!) Yes! I'm blogging from Johor! Sorry couldn't update the last few days 'cause was busy.
Anyway, more updates tonight! Gong Xi Fa Chai! ;)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Updated : 18/01/09

Omg I used to look forward for college daily last time, but ever since this semester, I cannot help but wish college hasn't started, YET!
This is because my lecturer's giving me so much course work and stuffs, and my exams are nearby! Ugh, what's making me feel worse is the poor streamyx internet connection line here! It's always disconnected! :( :(
I'll try my best to update with more tonight. :)
The post on Avril Lavigne will be coming up soon! (I promise)
And to all the girls and guys out there,
I would happily wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!
Do remember to check out the e-shops on my Celebrity E-Shops list for more pretty clothes this Chinese New Year! ;)
Once again, as what people say, Gong Xi Fa Chai!

-Trish from Shop Like A Celebrity!

For The January Girl

Yeah, so I'm a little late. Lols. Sorry. :(
For you people who's friends' birthdays fall on January, that is, this month, here are some ideas on what to get for them!
Whether it's your best friend/sister/girlfriend or just your neighbour, you can't resist getting them presents for their birthdays, can you? After all, it's once in a year! ;)

Little Black Dresses are still in and to me, it's a MUST in every girl's wardrobe!
Even celebrities like Paris, Anne and Jennifer look good in their little black dresses! ;)
Isn't this little black dress hot?!
It does make a perfect present for your best friend or sister, no?
Just look at the silver ribbon on the dress! Makes it more glamorous, no?
Available at Bornd To Shop, this tube(!) dress costs RM45!
Omg Isolovetubedresses!
Ruffles are hot!
Don't they look pretty on Mischa?

Get a ruffles dress from White Label Closet for your best friend's birthday!
She'll love you to bits for it!

At RM68, I think it is worth every cent! I mean, she's your best friend! :)

Oh I like the designs of this dress!

It's so funky! Something Lily Allen would wear ;)

Get this from Phat Culture, at only RM39! It can be worn as a dress or a top; perfect for the funky sista! ;)

I have to admit it; although it may seem that I love reviewing dresses and stuff, I am still a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. :)
Celebs like Jessica, too, are t-shirt and jeans people. ;)

I wanted to search for the photo of Paris Hilton wearing a Paul Frank t-shirt. I remembered seeing it while browsing the internet one day. Forgetful me didn't save the picture. Anyway, back to Paul Frank.

I'm always a fan of Paul Frank. I really like their designs. I like the monkey! ;)

Anyway, Stripee Zebra has brought in Paul Frank inspired goodies! Like this t-shirt! Suitable for your girl friends who live in their t-shirts. :) And tom boys too. ;)

As you know, Paul Frank t-shirts aren't cheap, but what do you know? This inspired t-shirt costs only RM27! :) Woots!

Ooh Roxy inspired t-shirts!
So suitable for the friend who loves the beach!

Get this from Stripee Zebra too, at only RM27!

Maxi dresses are perfect for formal events or so. You'll look classy with them, just like Alex here. :)
Celebrities are spotted in maxis often; whether in gala events or just casual outings.
Handkerchief maxis are still in!
And yes, you should get one for your best friend!
At The Reincarnation, this handkerchief maxi is gorg and costs RM60 (plus PosLaju!)
Your best friend would love you for it!

Ooh this maxi is just gorgeous!

It makes a gorg evening gown!;) Looks like what celebrities would wear for the red carpet events, no? ;)

Get this from A.Fashion.Reborn at only RM65 (OMG it's a steal!), this maxi is one of the hottest buys in A.Fashion.Reborn (just check out the number of orders they get for this hot dress!)

Don't worry though, there's still room for you, but I must say you'd better hurry! :)

I know you're tempted to get one for yourself too, no? ;)

Omg! This dress is so lovely can?

Perfect for the girlfriend who loves flowery designs. :)

I mean, which girl doesn't?

Get this dress from House Of Venus at only RM47! (Free postage too babes!)

Omg aren't you screaming now?! Go get it! ;)

Omg sequins are my fav this year!
Fergie looked hot in this sequined dress!
Omg this dress is hot hot hot!
So Fergilicious, don't you think?
From Bornd to Shop, this dress has star appeal.
Available in two colors; silver and black.
Only RM45!Woots!
Makes a perfect present for the popular girl ;)
I love this dress! It's just so grecian-inspired!
Braided dresses are IN!
Get this from Phe-Lau-Wer at RM45!
Omg it's so celebrity-inspired, don't you think?
Perfect for the girl next door.
This oversized shirt is just hot!
Get this from Muffin Kickass! at only RM35!
Perfect for the girl who loves vintage!
Celebrities like Kiera Knightly are so loving vintage right now!
Did I mention this is made of 100% silk? Omg!
Ah, another casual dress!
Makes a perfect gift for your best friend who loves designs and swirls. :)
Get this from Moto-Moto at RM65!
And good news for you lovely girls who are wearing tudungs,
this pretty dress comes with an inner long sleeve and necklace! ;)
Tired of dresses as presents?
Want to give jewelry instead?
No problem!
Get this necklace from Le Femme Fatale at RM20. ;)
It is 18K silver plated, and it has Swarovski crytals around it! Omg!
Omg another grecian-inspired dress!
If I'm not mistaken, I've seen a picture of Carmen Electra wearing this dress. Nicole Kidman too!
Get this from A Little Chemistry at RM69.
Aww couple tees.
I find this cute. :)
Get this from De April Sixth at RM45 a pair!
You can get this for your friend and her bf! ;)
They'll thank you for it!
Instead of dresses and jewelry, why not give neccessities, like this water bottle from Ai Shop?
If your budget is below RM20, get this cute water bottle at only RM17.80!
Hurry, click the Ai Shop link now to purchase!
If your friend loves to dress up to the nines, this is for her!
Get this lovely dress from 47 YKJ e-boutique at only RM32!
She'll thank you for it!
Well, I hope this post helps!
Do go along; and shop for your friends' presents now!
And to those who are born in January, I would love to wish you a Happy Birthday! ;)