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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Anna Faris

Many of you might remember her from The Hot Chick or Scary Movie. Or more recently, she plays the main character in The House Bunny. :)
I was inspired by the fun clothes in the movie I decided to feature her!;)
Bright colors and flirty clothes are so in now! They make you stand out of the crowd. With such clothes, you'll get noticed in a minute!

Don't you just love her here? She has a fun sense of fashion style. :DSo pretty can? :)

Now you're loving their clothes already? Bright, bold, daring,..most importantly, fun! You're never too old/young to play dress up!;)
They remind me so much of Barbie dolls, no?
Loving her dress? This dress is different from the fun category, cause it looks more classy. :)

Get something similar with hers. Like this pretty piece from Violetpots. In case you don't know, dual tone dresses are so in right now too!;)
At RM40, this dress is just too pretty to be missed.

Doesn't this toga jumper look fun? AND flirty? ;)
At Oh! Cotton Candies, this whole suit costs RM42 and it's worth every cent!You'll definitely get noticed. What's a bunny gotta do..;)

Wanna dress casual but look fun ala The House Bunny? :)
Pair up denim leggings from Oh!Cotton Candies with just RM28. Great bargain eh?

Loving this bright top from The Juicy Closet. With two bright colors, two neutral colors, and a pretty necklace to pair up with, what more can you miss? It's only RM29, so ladies? :)

Fun and flirty clothes must COME with a fun bag! And NO, we don't mean you must buy bags to fit every clothe you have. :D Patent / leather bags make a fun choice! And we're loving this pretty patent bag from COCO SUGAR BELOW 40!. At RM43, it looks a million dollars!;)

Pair up your fun outfit with this! Sexy gladiators can? We're loving glads right now!:)

At Daily Shopping Therapy, this show-stopping gladiators cost RM57.

Love this dress, no? It looks so flirty!;)

At Lady Like, this flirty dress costs RM45! Red's sold out though, I think. Worry not, brown's available. :)

More fun dresses! :)

For you star lovers, this is the dress to get!:D

At Lady Like, this cute darling costs RM55. So pretty can?

Getting excited already? There's some more! Will update in Anna Faris II! Thanks babes, and dudes, for your support!:)

Kim Kardashian II.

"Some more?" You might be wondering. ;)
Yes, some of us can't just get enough of Kim's style! Actually, this is an extended post. Updating from the last post.

Love Kim's hair but can't wait for your hair to grow longer? Well, here's a solution for you! Loving this wig from mylilshine-wig! At RM110, you can have beautiful long hair in an instant! That way, you can be the centre of attraction of many; by changing hairstyles and looks all the time!:)

And this trenchcoat is so Kim! :)

It's something Kim would wear. From Vejae, this pretty coat costs RM65.

Oh!! So pretty and sexy can? If you don't know yet, Kim loves showing a lil skin. It's sexy. Showing too much can be trashy at times. :(

We're loving this top from Strawberries and Tea. At RM40, you can flaunt your shoulders like a star!:)

If you don't know yet, purple is the colour for the season! This purple tube top is something Kim would love to wear!:)

At RM36, this pretty tube is sold at Aphrodite's Touch. Only two available, get them now and you'll be the center of attraction in clubs, parties and shopping malls!

Which Celebrity's Next? :)

Recognise this blonde?:)
You might know her in one of the latest movies.
Still can't remember?
Look at the picture below; then you'll know. ;)

And this time, no. We're not gonna feature many bikinis or innerwear. There'll be bright colors and clothes that make you feel flirty; just like her character in the latest movie. ;)
Stay tuned girls!:)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Time To Give :)

Omg! It's Christmas! Tis' the season to be jolly, falalalalalalala.. :)
Many of you are definitely on the rush in getting Christmas presents. Well, worry no more..let us help!:)

Oh! We're loving this dress! From mydressingcloset, this black and white dress is perfect for your loved one (mother, sister, cousin, girlfriend (IF you're a guy. ;) ) The patterns on the dress is so lovely, they'll be perfect for dinners or formal events. :) At only RM45, this dress is worth every cent!:)
Good news babes! mydressingcloset is having a promotion! :)
Any purchase of two items and above will be entitled to a 15% off the total bill. Perfect deal or what?!
Loving this simple and pretty dress from La'Belle Closet. So pretty can? Perfect gift for your best friend/sister, this dress costs on RM40! Omg worth it, no? We're also lovin' the brooch in the middle. Makes the dress more classy. ;)
I instantly fell in love with this pretty charm bracelet. It has pretty charms on it! Loving the snowflake and skates charms! :)
This makes a perfect gift for the best friend who's always there for you. ;)
At Handmade Goodies, this pretty gift costs RM45. Come'on! Spread the love, babes!
Ooh! Another lovely charm bracelet! Also from Handmade Goodies, this sweet piece costs only RM29 and is perfect for your girlfriend. (Yes, boys, get this romantic charm bracelet for your girlfriend! You're guaranteed to win her heart all over again. ;) )

Handmade Goodies is awesome! Why? They have so many pretty handmade jewelry and I can't stop staring at them. I'm so tempted to get them, if you wanna know. ;)
Loving this pretty necklace! At RM35, it makes a great present for your best girl friend or your mum! (Yes, you should pamper your mummies too!:) )
Hooray! Good news for all shoppers! :)
Handmade Goodies is also having a promotion!
Since Christmas is nearby, Handmade Goodies will be giving out fab discounts! The more you buy, the more discounts you get!;)
For more, clickety click this link!
Had fun shopping for your girlfriends (and boyfriend and family AND friends), but realise there's something missing? :(
Well, you forgot one thing; you forgot to shop for yourself! Now although Christmas is a time to give, you should also pamper yourself this season! Wanna look like a celebrity this Christmas? :)
Get this kimono inspired dress then, from miss shopaholic's closet! This lovely dress costs RM54, and is perfect for the girls who love Paris Hilton's style. Hurry though, only blue is available now (thanks to my late update). But you'll love us for it; cause it comes with a free belt! (AND mind you, this belt is pretty and it isn't cheap. )

Ahh..perfect gift for your mum who wants to feel young! :)
Lovin' these cute sundresses from The Cute Closet!At RM38, these dresses make a gorgeous gift!
Excited already? What are you waiting for? :)
Get them now, and spread the love around!
Enjoy this Christmas, everyone!;)


Oh my. The season of giving; isn't it? Christmas is here! I'm sure many of you are excited! Tips on what to get for pals on Christmas and what to wear; will be posted soon!:)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hey Dears!:)

To go to the blogshop reviewed, please click on the blogshop's name stated in any post. I know it's not visible; as in the link to the blogshop. I apologise if I have caused any confusions.
-Trisha from Shop Like A Celeb.

Great News For You Shoe Lovers!;)

Hey you shoe lovers!;)
For most of us ladies, shoes play an important role in our lives. Many of us have more than three pairs of shoes, don't cha agree? ;)
However, as pretty as the shoes may be, we must agree that they can be annoyingly painful at times. New shoes, especially, would make our feet hurt so much, they bleed. Not a good thing, no? :(
That's why, Foot Petals were invented!:)
As the tagline goes, "for those who have a love/hate relationship with our sexy shoes", Foot Petals are here to stop annoying, painful shoe issues; not only making fashion footwear stylish, but also healthy to the wearer as well. :)
You must be wondering, "Are they visible?" "Won't people notice them when I'm using them?" "Are they of good quality?" "Will I get any infection if I use this?". Well, for your information, these virtually invisible cushions are made in the USA and are of high performance urethane material that repels moisture, bacteria, odor, and also, they absorb shock. Not bad eh? ;)
This great invention is available in 4 types; Heavenly Heelz, Haute Heelz, Sole Stopperz, and Tip Toes,and they come in many colours to choose from; so that you can match them with your sexy heels!:)
Heavenly Heelz - This helps in preventing blisters on your heels. It can also be used at the inside top of a mule, slide or boot to ease friction or help with sizing.

These lovely invention comes in four colours to match your sexy shoes; black, pink, yellow and silver.
Tip Toes - This prevents feet from sliding forward, stops the "ugly overhang", and prevents blisters and calluses from forming.
Tip Toes are available in black, silver, yellow and pink. :)

Haute Heelz - Heel cushions that prevent sharp pains from cracked heels and also serves as a shock absorber for your heels. :) Also available in black, pink, yellow and silver.
Sole Stopperz - Protects your outer soles. Prevents you from slipping on wet and slippery surfaces; enabling you to walk with confidence! Just what any celebrity needs!;)
Can't wait already? I know you're excited; coz I am. ;)
With these, now we can dance and walk with confidence! People will be wondering what's our secret. ;)
You can get them now in Fashion.Attic at only RM19.90 each!
Those who are having proms/dinners, quickly get them! You need them to help you gain confidence!:)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kim Kardashian

Firstly, we apologise for the late update. :(
Was on vacation for two days; that's why couldn't update.
Anyway, here comes the next featured celebrity : KIM KARDASHIAN!:)
Now many of you might not heard of her. Some of you might think, "Huh??Who's THAT?!"
Well, if you don't know, she's one of the Kardashians in the reality tv show, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"; shown in E! Channel. :)
She's beautiful, not to mention sexy, and she has a very good sense of style.
If you've heard of her, you should know that Kim was one of Paris' best mate, until they fall out. ( happens.:( )
If you must know, the vest in one important outer-wear that helps us look stylish. :)

Kim knows that too!;)

So copy her look with a white speggheti top layered with a vest. We're loving this from Treble Melody . So pretty can? Priced at only RM38, it's something you cannot miss!:)

Oh we're loving chiffon and tube dresses already! They are so IN right now!:)
We're lovin' this from Ablinc. So pretty can? Pair them up with hot stilletos and your ready to go!:) Only RM52, this dress has limited stocks, so quick! Click on the link to order; or else you have to wait for them to restock.

Omg! This dress is so pretty and feminine; suitable for the girly girl who doesn't wanna show too much. Get it now and wear it for Christmas!:)

At RM70, this dress would get anyone's attention; guaranteed!:)

Available at Jovy's Wardrobe, it's something you cannot miss..

Isn't this just hot? Lovin the tube dress in Clothesville. At only RM38, you will be the centre of attraction at any event!:)

Perfect for the wild child. ;)

My; falling in love with this dress already? :)

Available at Autumn Closet, they make a perfect party dress for the party girl, just like Kim!:)
Get them at RM56! Hurry! They're not restockable.
Pair up your pretty dress with this waist clincher, just like what Kim did. :)
Found in A Touch Of Simplicity, this pretty white clincher costs RM24 and it will make a perfect accessory to any dress; or even trench coat!:)

picture credits to
Isn't Kim lovely? In this geometrical printed halter, she looks just hot.

Copy her look with a geometrical printed halter dress from curlycuddles. At only RM37, this dress not only makes you hot, it also helps you look slimmer!:)
Kim is also a huge fan of Victoria's Secret; we are too!:)
Get this pretty bag gift set (authentic Dream Angels gift set) at only RM250!

Available at All In One Beauty Boutique, it's a must have!

Isn't it worth it?!:)
Now get up and start dolling yourself with these; you'll thank us for it!:)