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Friday, June 13, 2014

#100HappyDays: Day #2 All The Pretty Things

Happiness Tip: Every time you are in stress, take 5 deep breaths. Not only does it calm your nerves, it makes you feel good about yourself too! :)
FACT: Bright things are said to make people happy. (especially the colour pink!)

Imagine the stress you have to go through every day. 
It's okay girl, know that everything will work out for good eventually.
After a hard day's work, it's time to throw off the paperload and dress fancy!

source: & pinterest

Celebrities are rocking them pastel shades this summer! 
Why not let Peep Boutique dress you up this summer with their pretty collection!

pastel skirt, RM45

We are crushing over this pastel pleated skirt, seen everywhere from ASOS to other independent boutiques! :) Available in a few colours, this skirt is a definite must-have for all you cotton candy lovers! 

pastel capsleeve peplum top, RM49

This yummy looking peplum top is just so pretty we want one too! Peplum tops add an edge to class so remember to grab one of these, girls! ;)

maxi dress, RM99

This maxi dress is just so girly and we like it! Perfect for tea parties and events, this maxi dress has just the right amount of girlishness. 

For more delectable goodness, head over to Peep Boutique today! :)
(Oh, did we mention they have a new link! Bookmark their new website girls!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

#100HappyDays: Day #1 #OOTD your way to happiness!

Happiness tip: To perk yourself up, get a cup of coffee. Studies shown that the smell of coffee, or the taste of it, can help combat depression as caffeine helps increase dopamine levels in the brain.
FACT: If you are not a fan of coffee, try green tea instead. Green tea is said to contain higher amounts of caffeine than coffee (:

Ladies, we know how depressing life can be sometimes. We want a lot of things from life, but we can't have everything we want. 
Since there are things we cannot control, lets work on things we can, shall we?

Kiss&Tell has launched their one-of-a-kind #OOTD collection, whereby you get EVERYTHING from the set by paying an affordable amount of price!

We love this day & night look combo. Perfect for ladies who have dilemmas picking out the perfect coordinates for their outfits! Woots!

Day Look: Vogue it out, baby! ;)

OOTD Posh, RM165

Spotted: statement tees are just the IN thing right now :)

Night Look: I Wanna Dance With Somebody

OOTD Aaliyah, RM145

Party the night away in this gorgeous royal blue cut out dress, paired with diva-like silver heels for a dancefloor statement!

For more exciting OOTDs, check out Kiss&Tell here :)

Remember to smile and shine, ladies! 'cos you're worth it! 

Disclaimer: all pictures are taken from the internet using search sites such as Google & Yahoo. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hello everyone! :)

We know we have been MIA for a while now.
We would like to launch our new blog post special, #100HappyDays.
Yes, all you people familiar with Instagram. 
#100HappyDays is a hashtag made to show that we have done something good/great that makes us feel great for 100 days. In other words, happy days everyday.
As young adults, we have those moments where we just want to pull our hair out and scream.
Hence, with the #100HappyDays posts, we want to encourage you girls (and guys, of course) to live your life as fully as possible.

Til' then! ;)