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Monday, December 24, 2012

It's Christmas! :)

Of course everyone loves the festive season.
We definitely do! :)
To make your Christmas extra special, we have prepared some yummy hot recipes for you to enjoy!
(tried & tested, everyone!)

picture for illustration purposes only

White Chocolate Peppermint Mochas

our definite festive favourite ; you should try some too! 

You'll need :
a few bars of cooking white chocolate
2 and a half tablespoons coffee
2 tablespoons milk chocolate
2 teaspoons sugar
1 teaspoon peppermint oil (used for baking)
coco powder for dusting
whip cream

Firstly, double boil the white chocolate to melt it. After that, mix the melted white chocolate with coffee powder and sugar. Add some melted milk chocolate into the mixture. Mix with peppermint oil and hot water. 
Decorate with whip cream and dust with coco powder. Enjoy warm!

Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon & Nutmeg

we love how this combo can smell so good! ;)

You'll need :
2 and a half tablespoons dark chocolate powder
1 tablespoon chocolate powder
1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder
1 teaspoon grind nutmeg powder

Mix all together with hot water & enjoy ;)

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

this is dangerously yummy, we are ignoring calories on this one!

You'll need :
2 and a half tablespoons dark chocolate powder (or melted dark chocolate)
2 tablespoons milk chocolate powder
2 teaspoons sugar
pinch of salt
2 tablespoons milk
2 teaspoons caramel (we made ours from scratch!)

mix all ingredients with hot water ( caramel and salt last) for a heavenly taste!

Enjoy your Christmases wherever you are! :D

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

(121212) 12 Things We Want Today : Purrfect Date!

Ahh, the start of a brand new day.
Do you guys realise this date is so pretty?
I mean, its 121212. Like, triple 12.
Anyway, start off the day with a bang with these gorgeous clothes!
And since today is quite special, we've came up with 12 things instead of five! Hoorah!

un-Masqued, RM49

Peplum tops.
Girls, take NOTE.
There are a few basic things you must have in your closet, and we could not stress further that peplums are one of them.
We think they are glamorous ; we'd pair these with leather leggings and 5 inch heels for that ohh la la party effect! ;)

Above Basic, RM59.90

Sequinned flats!
One of the best must-haves this party season! ;)
Rock the dance floor with these sequin flats and turn heads!
These are so versatile in wear, you can even wear them to college the next day.
Compliments? Yes!


Floral shorts are perfect for our warm, summery all-year weather.
We'd pair ours with a white tank top tucked in, a long cardigan and some high top shoes.
Don't forget a fedora for that extra touch! ;)

Peep, RM69

Nothing spells sexier than this red cut out dress.
We simply adore the sexy cutout sides of this tube dress.
A little skin will do you good! ;)
We also adore the bustier front details.
A definite must-have for Christmas! :)


Loves vintage fashion?
We too! Lols.
I mean, us too! ;)
Anyway, this classic polka dot top is just so pretty, we reckon they will sold out soon!
We'd like to glam up our office attire with this pretty top! 
Makes us look more elegant and professional. Heehee. 


Elegant, classy and feminine.
That's the best definition of this dress.
We like how the floral prints are placed, they accentuate the shape of the dress, making the wearer look shapely, if that makes sense. 
This bodycon dress is also perfect for both day to night wear.
Just slip on a jumper over this dress for a day look and wear it by itself at night! :)

Nail Fiesta, RM9.90 (discounted. Originally RM19.90)

We are huge fans of NYX cosmetics.
Not only they are cheap, they are also good in quality.
We remembered our friends from the USA raving about NYX as well.
Nail Fiesta recently showcased NYX cosmetic's nail polishes.
And man they are pretty! :D
Grab one of your own at a bargain price!
We love this cosmic one!
Definitely blings up our nails. 


This bodycon chiffon bandeau dress with a train side is the bomb!
We fell in love with it the instant we saw it!
Glam? Yes. 
Eyecatching? Yes.
Luxe? Yes!
And when we mean luxe, this dress is so classy looking.
Unleash your inner diva now!


This embroidered jumpsuit reminds us of those famous Chanel dresses.
Look like an elegant socialite in this gorgeous jumpsuit.
We adore the sheer layer of the jumpsuit, gives out a feminine yet sexy touch.


This aztec printed dress is so cute, we gotta have it!
Look sweet and innocent in this pretty prints dress.
We'd pair this with a slouchy cardigan for a laidback yet gorgeous look.

21 JumpStreet, RM30 (AFTER SALE ; BEFORE Sale RM39)

This pretty metal collar tip top is very versatile and can be matched with almost any bottom.
High waisted skirt, shorts, pants, you name it!
This also spells vintage ; we likey! 


Miss AJ Closet, RM69 (BEFORE SALE ; RM85)

This pretty and sexy structured dress is perfect for any party!
We'd like this for our Christmas wishlist, please! :D
The caged front is so unique, and we like how this is sexy without showing too much skin.
You'll look like you just got off the runway in this! ;)

Last but NOT least, please PLEASE please LIKE our BRAND NEW Facebook page for more updates!
(DON'T like our old Facebook page. Facebook is starting to ask for advertisement fees for the old page which was why we decided to create a new one.)
Link for the new Facebook page is HERE : Click ME!

Monday, December 3, 2012

(031212) 5 Things We Want Today : Hello Happy Gorgeous

We started the month happy, so we should end the month happy as well! :D
We had a great day today, what about you? 


We adore printed tees!
Printed tees are fab and are suitable for our everyday warm climate.
Wear them with skirts, shorts, or even pants, and you'll still look great! :)
A basic must-have!

Miss AJ Closet, RM49 (SALE!)

Everybody needs to own a little black dress!
The LBD is one essential basic piece every girl must own in her closet.
I repeat, essential! :)


These feather-wrist cuffs are so gorgeous, we want a piece for ourselves too!
Somehow reminds us of Juicy Couture, no? ;)
Such a classic, elegant and cute piece.
We'd wear this everyday to zing up our outfits!

Ribbon Maryland, RM6 for 1 ; RM10 for 2

Dress up your hairstyles with this pretty lace ribbon hair bands!
We especially adore the red one!
Perfect for classes and work.
Elegant and sophisticated :)


Leopard print dresses or leopard print anything!
Another wardrobe essential! :)
A definite celeb must-have too! 
We also adore the bohemian cutout lace details on the waist of the dress. 
Leopard prints are timeless, they are frequently spotted on celebrities then and now.

Kylie Minogue , 2000
picture credits :

Cheryl Cole, 2012
picture credits :

Have a great day tomorrow, peeps! 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ramblings Love : Save The Earth!

I was at the mall today when I notice plenty of people using disposable plastic bags.
I was disappointed.
Those plastic bags are not those Tesco biodegradable ones. Instead, they are those see through coloured-plastic bags.
Anyway, today I'd like to discuss about saving the Earth.
As most of you are aware, the 21st of December 2012 is supposedly the "day of doom". 
Well, I, for one, do not believe its going to happen. However, I do believe the day of doom is going to come by soon.
Well, for starters, plenty of trees are being chopped down. This causes the ozone layer to deplete. Climates are changing. Also, plenty of animals are currently endangered. 
Natural disasters are occuring frequently. And pollution is everywhere.
If we do not conserve the environment now, the end of the world would be sooner than you think.
I know, you might be saying, "Why conserve it now when it's already too late?"
Well, there's still hope.

Mother Nature is beautiful. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could all experience such beauty?
picture credits :


picture credits :


All these are real life pictures. 
It would be a sad thing if we do not get to experience such beauty in the future. In other words, the beauty of Mother Nature no longer exists. Instead, people rely on the power of photoshop. -.-

Also, there are plenty of animals currently endangered :

pic credits :

pic credits :

pic credits :

It breaks my heart really to see all this happening.
Well, of course, we are not multi-millionaires who can change the world. 
Neither are we actors, singers, famous people.
Having said that though, we still can change the world.
We can start around our community of friends, family members, and it goes on and on and on :)

Here are some steps you and I should take in saving the world :
(oh, and we need not be superhuman too)

1) Reduce, reuse, recycle
Yes! Remember the 3Rs?
It doesn't hurt to separate your trash.
I would separate my trash into three types : wastes, paper and plastic.
Of course, remember to discard the wastes into those big rubbish bins outside your house so that they can be collected the next day. 
As for the paper and plastic, do discard them into those big recycling bins found in your community area. 

2) Use recyclable bags
Forever 21 has those really cute shopper bags. And so does H&M.
Look trendy while saving the Earth as you shop for your regular grocers. ;)

3) Use biodegradable bags
(if you have no choice)
If you are a student at uni, budgeting is key and even buying rubbish bags can be a lot of money sometimes. (trust me, I've been through that.)
What I'll do is get those biodegradable bags from Tesco as bin liners.
That way, they will biodegrade eventually, leaving no trace of plastic on earth. Hooray!

4) Don't leave that switch on!
Yes, time and again, unless you are the one paying the electricity bill, many of us tend to leave the switch on.

5) Car pooling, buses and LRTs
Air pollution ain't cool.

6) Save water! Do not leave the tap on!

7) Do not buy real leather/fur
Go for faux leather and fur. Quality wise, some faux leather or fur are pretty good. 

8) Use biodegradable products
Biodegradable soap, dish washer, fuel, etc.

9) Plant trees/greenery
Yes, we are not joking! Plant a tree/greens. 
If you are afraid of trees, plant a small pot of flowers/herbs instead. 
They release oxygen into the air making it fresher.
A mental note though, do not share a room with a plant. 
You would not want to be at war with it at night!

10) DIY using recyclable materials
It's always cool to see handcrafted recycled materials.
Pretty pretty! :D

Well, that's all folks!
"These simple little things in life will make a big impact to the community some day soon."
Will update with more ways in saving the earth soon! :)

Love love!

Friday, November 30, 2012

(011212) 5 Things We Want Today : Hello December!

Dear December,
I have to admit, November, your sister, was a tough one.
Never mind that, I know I have survived. :D
Looking forward to a fabulous journey with you!

Shop Like A Celebrity!


Welcome the month of December with a hint of belly (in a good way). ;)
Show off your midriff with this sexy yet subtle crop top.
We'd pair this with denim shorts and overalls. (YES, overalls!)
Now that's sexy and cute! :D

(NOW 20% off - hurry, offer ends soon!)

As December approaches, and so are the holidays :D
Come rain or shine, party to the nines with this fabulous dress from Rare London (famous UK brand).
We absolutely loves the gorgeous prints and sexy cut of this dress.
The ruffled skirt adds a fun touch to the dress too!
Get ready to partayyy! 


Instead of the everyday usual pretty girly phone cases, why not amp them up with these cuties!
We especially loves the rabbit one! 
Oh, and who doesn't love Captain America! Tell me tell me! 
Go crazy with them cases today!


As the party season approaches, its time to jag up your wardrobe with some hot pink pieces!
Look fabulous and stand out in the crowd with this hot pink fit blazer :)
Celebrities like Kim Kardashian are spotted rocking it too ;)

picture credits to

Bluey Joyce, RM50

The lace love is still ON!
Instead of the pure, innocent whites and creams, why not go vampy and hot in darker tones.
We adore this navy blue one ; way to go!

Have a great December girls! and boys ;)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Shop & Save : Deepavali

Alright ladies, it's Deepavali tomorrow! :D

credits :

To celebrate the festival of lights, these fab blog shops have lots of surprises and discounts in store just for you!

Go to their Facebook page to claim an exciting offer! :)
Hurry though, offer expires the 15th of November 2012. 

The picture above says it all ;)

So, what are you waiting for!

Go ahead and grab yourself some fantabulous goodies before they run away! :D
Once again, Happy Diwali to all! 

Glam and Fab : Red Carpet EMAs

We are pretty sure you guys have watched the EMAs. 
We are absolutely in loves with these gorgeous celebrities' outfits.

What say you?

Alicia Keys

Alicia looks absolutely sexy in this figure hugging green bodycon dress.
Party season's coming up yo! Get out those gorgeous bodycons babes!

Taylor Swift

As angelic as an angel, Taylor is looking sweet and lovely in this flowing maxi gown.
We also loves how radiant she looks in her trademark blonde hair and nude make up.

Rita Ora

Rita looks fab, and she always does.
We adore this hot red dress with a peekaboo see-through top.
Sexy and classy. 
We like!

pictures credits to
What's your favourite EMAs outfit?


Hello dears :)

We'd like to remind you lovely darlings about our new Facebook page.

We couldn't update our current Facebook page badge so it was a little misleading.
Worry not, we will get that fixed soon.

As for now, do like our current Facebook page for more updates and giveaways!

See you there! ;)

Happy Deepavali!

To all our beloved readers,

Happy Deepavali!

Let's all unite to celebrate the wonderful festival of lights! :D

Have a great day ahead loves!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Yes, October is the month of breast cancer awareness.

Might sound embarrassing, but ladies, please get your boobs checked regularly.

We are in full support of breast cancer awareness month, thus we will be featuring many more updates relating to this campaign.

Due to the breast cancer awareness ribbon being pink, we'd like to advise you to wear a bit of pink in your daily outfits.

In conjunction to the breast cancer awareness campaign, Phat Culture is having a promotion on their stick-on bras ; that's right, 30% OFF!

Just remember to use the code ; PINKTOBER during checkout.

RM59 (before discount)

RM59 (before discount)

Head over to Phat Culture for your stick-on bra today!

Lastly, do remember to get your boobies checked.
Don't be shy.
We'd also like to advise you to pile up on veggies, they are high in antioxidants and are good in preventing cancer cells from developing.
Prevention is better than cure.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

(091012) 5 Things We Want Today : Looking Fine!

Sin Miedo, RM50

We are currently into mustard dresses this season!
Go classy and cute in this gorgeous mustard mesh dress!
We simply adore its structure as well as the pretty uneven hem skirt.
Perfect for that date with that special boy ;)

peep, RM55

This sweet vintage plaid dress is a definite must-have!
We adore its boatneck hem details ; reminds us so much of the 80s!
Look like a classic beauty in this!


An outfit is not complete without them accessories.
Look like a queen in this pair of cute crown earrings!
We love the gorgeous mini diamonds attached to it.
Perfect for any outfit!


This dress is so pretty, it is beyond words.
We like the gorgeous printed details on the chiffon top, as well as the pretty chiffon skirt attached at the bottom.
It makes every wearer look feminine and classy.
A definite must-have for the girl who love all things pretty!


7even, RM62

If sexy, powerful outfits are your thing, we highly recommend this power pencil skirt dress.
This dress makes every woman look and feel powerful ; like a boss! ;)
Match them with black heels and be ready to rule!

Coming UP!

We are excited, are you!
- hair chalk how-tos
- style updates
- competitions
- nail tutorial

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Paid Advertorial : That First Date

We are pretty sure every girl has had at least an experience with this one magical moment in her life.
Yes, we are talking about that first date with that someone special.

We certainly do remember ours.
We remember scrumbling all over the room just to find that perfect outfit that catches his eye.
We wanted something elegant, charming, not loud, but of course, pretty enough to grab his attention.
Oh, and we also don't want anything too OTT, just something that will leave him with sweet memories of our first date together.

Forminz Collection has just recently updated with their fantastic new arrivals, and they are most certainly perfect for first dates. (and yes, perfect for each and every girl!)
We are talking about demure lace dresses, sexy cutout dresses, cute Peterpan tops, elegant body hugging dresses, and many more!

OK, 'nuff with the talking.. let these pictures amaze you! ;)

If you're.. elegant and stylish

Lace 3/4 Sleeves Petite Dress in White, RM63

Lace 3/4 Sleeves Petite Dress in Sand, RM63

Lace 3/4 Sleeves Petite Dress in Black, RM63

Lace dresses will never run out of trend.
We simply adore the intricate lace design on this dress ; totally elegant and sweet.
The gorgeous flare skirt also adds a tease of girlishness into this outfit.
Comes in three absolutely timeless colours ; sand, white and black.
We'd pair this dress with some adorable flats!

Laser Cut Mini Dress in Pink, RM69

Laser Cut Mini Dress in Black, RM69

These dresses are so gorgeous, we are craving for a piece each!
We adore the beautifully crafted cutout details on the top of the dress.
What's more, the heart-shape bustier design adds a sweet touch to this gorgeous body hugging dress.
Perfect for that memorable dinner over candle lights!

If you're.. charming and cute

Round Collar Cupcake Tiered Dress in Brown, RM63

Round Collar Cupcake Tiered Dress in Pink, RM63

Round Collar Cupcake Tiered Dress in Black, RM63

Round collar dresses are currently a hit in the world of fashion.
The cupcake tiered skirt gives a cute flair to the dress, which we love.
If you are thinking of other ways of wearing this dress, we suggest layering it with a knit sweater for an elegant touch.

Sleeveless Printed Peplum Top in White, RM52

Sleeveless Printed Peplum Top in Black, RM52

Sleeveless Printed Peplum Top in Yellow, RM52

Peplum tops are our definite must-haves this season!
The cute printed details makes this top girly and sweet.
We'd pair this top with a body hugging skirt and Oxfords for a stylish touch.

Double Peterpan Collared Top in Black, RM42

Double Peterpan Collared Top in Cream, RM42

Double Peterpan Collared Top in Brown, RM42

Peterpan collared tops add a vintage feel to any outfit.
Think Primadonna with a modern twist.
We loves the chiffon material.
Chiffon helps make any outfit look 'expensive'.
We like!

FYI : Who says tops are not suitable for first dates?
WE, for instance, beg to differ.
Tops can be made perfect for dates too, if paired with the right bottoms.
Such bottoms include high-waisted pants, body hugging skirts, or even skorts.
Just remember to mix and match, and feel good! ;)

If you're.. chic and trendy

Miss UK Assymmetric Top, RM49

This stylish chiffon top featuring the Union Jack is cool and chic, we like!
Pair this with a cut out shoulder blazer for that powerful look.
We suggest pairing this top with high waisted shorts, Oxford booties and a cut out shoulder blazer.
He'll be amazed for sure!

Pleated Floral Skorts in Tangerine, RM56

Pleated Floral Skorts in Navy Blue, RM56

Ladies, if there's one thing you are planning to cash out on this month, we'd highly recommend skorts!
This pleated skorts is perfect when paired with a basic t-shirt and lots, and we mean lots of accessories.
Definitely one way to look good without putting too much effort!

If you're.. boho beauty

Crotchet Lace Chiffon Dress in Orange, RM65

Crotchet Lace Chiffon Dress in Mustard Yellow, RM65

Crotchet Lace Chiffon Dress in Pink, RM65

Crotchet Lace Chiffon Dress in Mint Green, RM65

If your style idol is Vanessa Hudgens, this dress is for you.
Rock the first date in this stylish crotchet lace dress.
We adore the tiered skirt that gives the boho feel to the overall look.
Oh, not to mention the elegant lace design collar, a current popular trend amongst the Japanese and Koreans.
Unleash that boho chick in you!

If you're.. simple and fabulous

Sleeveless Cotton Dress in Grey, RM49

Sleeveless Cotton Dress in Maroon, RM49

Sleeveless Cotton Dress in Light Blue, RM49

This basic sleeveless dress is a wardrobe timeless piece.
Comes in a range of colours from light blue to maroon, every girl should own at least a piece.
They are perfect for casual dates as well as those expensive first dates.
The two pockets at the sides adds versatility as you can insert your keys or mobile phone, or lipstick in case of make up emergencies. ;)

Textured Bodycon Dress in Turquoise, RM51

Textured Bodycon Dress in Black, RM51

Textured dresses add an edgy feel to any outfit.
We say, go all Avril Lavigne and stack in those chunky bracelets!
Pair this dress with sexy sky high heels for that seductive look. ;)

If you're.. the trendsetter

Slanted Layer Top in White, RM63

Slanted Layer Top in Pink, RM63

Slanted Layer Top in Black, RM63

This unique and gorgeous top is fabulous when paired with cut out leggings or high waisted shorts.
We love the slanted mesh details on the top, it gives an edgy, rock chick feel.
Oh, and this top comes with a free necklace (detachable). We adore freebies! ;)

Sally High Waisted Shorts in Tangerine, RM49

Sally High Waisted Shorts in Mustard Yellow, RM49

Sally High Waisted Shorts in Black, RM48

Sally High Waisted Shorts in Cobalt Blue, RM49

Go crazy with your first date outfit with them colourful bright high waisted shorts!
Set trends and set his heart aflutter by pairing this high waisted shorts with cute vintage looking tops!
We'd also stack on pretty necklaces for that feminine look.

If you're.. denim girl

Buttons Up Denim Shorts, RM49

You can't live without denim, your wardrobe is filled with them.
You have to have at least a piece of denim in your everyday outfit.
Well, good news for you.. denim can be the perfect essential for that very first date.
We'd match ours with a basic tube top layered with a feminine chiffon button down shirt.
Oh, and gorgeous accessories too!

Add ons

Floral Cut Out Ribbon Belt in Pink, RM29

Floral Cut Out Ribbon Belt in Cream, RM29

Floral Cut Out Ribbon Belt in Turquoise, RM29

And lastly, remember to accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!
We'd suggest getting these adorable floral cut out ribbon belts!
They are versatile as they can be paired to any kind of outfit!

Also, we would like to share some bonuses for you lucky readers.
Enter for a whooping 15% off your yummy goodies when you purchase with Forminz Collection!

For more gorgeous dresses and accessories, click on to Forminz now!