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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stretttttttchhh Your Ringgit : RM500 Style Challenge! (Part 1)

Welcome to the first part of our Stretttttttchhh Your Ringgit challenge!
We have done our research, ahem, online, and found these amazing outfits that are all below RM500 (in total!).
(Disclaimer : We know RM500 is a huge huge sum of money and not everyone has the luxury of having RM500 to spend on outfits. Reason being is because different people have different types of budget.We will be doing other challenges in future under budgets like RM20, etc.)
We hope you enjoy this column & we hope you have a great day!

Budget : RM500 or below
Time : 11:51AM (Malaysian time)

Look : #1 Classy and chic
Looking for the perfect outfit to wear on dates? 
Look no further! ;)

This pretty lace pencil skirt dress is really sophisticated and makes any wearer look classy without the effort.
We absolutely love the lace detailing on the bottom and how figure hugging this outfit is.
Time to show off them curves! (;

Accessorize this outfit with these gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choos for H&M from Pink N Proper! 
picture not available. click on the link above (mouse over the words) to check out them shoes!
These sexy pair of black heels are perfect for dinners and on nights out.
We love the stud details of this shoe. Super gorgeous.

Total for this outfit : RM449 + RM47 = RM496
(yay, less than RM500!)

You can, of course, accessorize with your favourite necklace or earrings. 
Remember to smile ; it's your best accessory! (;

Stretch Your Ringgit : Style Challenge!

Recently, after a few meet ups here and there with our friends, we realise plenty of people, especially women (no offense here, we are one too!), tend to splurge a lot on outfits and beauty products.

From thousands of ringgit to tenths, our money disappears from our pockets easily the moment we laid eyes on a few gorgeous goodies (and by that, we meant clothes and accessories and all sorts).

Let's face a fact here, money isn't easy to earn, and nothing comes free. Some people work a lifetime to get the savings they want today, but spend it easily on maybe a house or something.
Either way, we will do our part by accepting this style challenge! 

What's the style challenge, you ask. Well, we plan to find cute outfits for you all under certain budgets! That way, you save up and still look fabulous! 

We do know that celebrities spend loads of money to look great, but hey, who says you need to spend a million dollars to look good?!

Stay tuned!
(we hope you are as excited as we are! ;) )

Student Savvy : Stretch Your Ringgit!


We are proud to present you our new column, called Stretch Your Ringgit!
This new column features all the tips you need to budget.

As students and working class adults, we understand the importance of credit controlling and budgeting. 
Being in debt isn't a nice feeling at all, but don't give up, there are ways to counter it.
One of our upcoming updates include shopping for a full outfit under a tight budget! 
(we'll include budget of all sorts from a whooping RM400 to RM10!)

Oh, and there'll be other sorts of updates as well, including our favourite column, 5 Things We Want Today! 

We hope all of you are having a great day today!

Us at Shop Like A Celebrity!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Student Savvy : Money Crunch

Us, women, tend to shop, like, a lot.
As we were students, we know how it's like to have financial issues (you know, caused by overexcessive shopping and clubbing?)

Anyway, we would like to present you a new column in our blog called Student Savvy, whereby we help you by giving tips on how to budget, recipes and yes of course, outfits on a budget! :D

And no, money does not come easy, we got to work for it, so please be as savvy as you can!

We'll see you then!
We can't wait! 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

(170113) : Start The Year With Style

Peep, RM45

This quilted top is just elegant.
We adore how Chanel-isque this top looks like. Looks expensive, no?
Perfect for both work and play (we'd recommend wearing this on a night out), this top is a bargain at RM45!


This leopard printed peplum dress is one wardrobe must-have!
We'd definitely wear this one on nights out and paired with a cardi on days at the office.
(that is, if office dresscode rules ain't strict :P)


We super adore this gorgeous chandelier prints dress top.
You can wear it on its own or paired up with some sheer tights.
Oh, and not to forget those brown Oxford booties to complete the look! :D


Mariah Carey's line for OPI!
We likey likey!
The liquid sand, apparently, is the current trend right now.
For RM49 for four mini bottles, you should grab one soon! ;)
Oh, and change your nail colour every week!


This lovely skater dress is ideal for a garden tea party.
Look every inch of a duchess in this dress as you sip tea and look at roses ;)

New Year, New YOU! :)

Yes, we know we are late by 17 days.
Still, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 our darlings! :D

Just as one year ends, another begins.
Time to make some gorgeous resolutions and for once, stick with it! 

We'd like to share with you some of our life & fashion resolutions ; 
(trust us, we are keeping our word!)

1. Eat healthy
We know, we are blessed living in a country filled with a wide range of foods, from Malay, Indian and Chinese to Mexican to Japanese and Korean.. the choices are endless!
Thus, a good way to keep eating healthy is to, of course, eat fruits like apples, pears, grapes, grapefruit after every meal.
Eat more citrusy fruits as they contain a high content of vitamins and are oh-so-good for your skin and health.

2. Drink lots of water
8 glasses a day? We think the more the better. As long as you are well-hydrated, that's good.

3. Work harder
Yes, we try to update this blog as much as often. We honestly feel guilty disappearing all the time due to certain work and study commitments.
We will try our best to update more! 

4. Save up
Shop only what you want and need. 
If you already have a blue blazer, why buy another one? Buy something else instead :)

5. Avoid fashion faux passes
Yes, we don't want any wardrobe malfunctions, any embarrassing fashion moments.
Solution : keep a fashion tape ready in your handbag

6. Exercise
'nuff said.

7. Smile often
Smiles are contagious. 
Don't believe us?
Try. ;)

8. Think positively
Never back down. Ever.

9. Age gracefully
Lol! ;D
But yes, we really want to.

10. Keep our promises and never break them
Of course!

What are your resolutions? 
Comment below! ;)

Have a wonderful new year!