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Monday, April 27, 2009


Heys! :)
Good news for all of ya! ;)
If these two quickly-sold-out hot sellers from An Old Flame has caught your eye :
Grunge 1: The Grungy Lolita
(Available in French Tulle, Italian Lolita, and Spanish Doll)
Forest Fairy 10: Rosette's Daydream Summer Dress,
(Available in cream, pink, and black)
..and they are sold out when you want to place your order, worry no more; I have some good news for you! :)
Hurry, click on to their blogshop for details of the outfits! ;)
For more, click here to place your orders now!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shop Like A Celebrity Special : Tube It!

Ooohs! I love them tubes! Do you?Tubes will never go out of style.
I believe every girl should have a tube in their closet. At least one. :D
It's true. :)
Celebrities like Lily Allen, Jessica, Ashlee Simpson, Mandy, and Beyonce look great in tubes. ;)
I love the purple colour. It's just pretty and lovely.
From Strut It, this cute thing costs RM29.
Love the print too; polka polka. :D
Whoa! This classy thang, isn't it? :))
Get this pretty tube dress (LOVE THE COLOUR) from Ministry Of Clothes at
RM49 each. Loving the criss cross design too!
Layers are so IN now!
Lovin' them; what's more with the tube design. ;)
Celebrities like Peaches Geldof and Kate Moss have been spotted wearing such dresses. :)
From ROLLY COASTY, this yellow (so sunny!) dress costs RM46 each!
You can wear it as a skirt too! ;)
Oooohs! So Lily Allen and Katy Perry, don't you think?
Me love RETRO! ;)
Get this cute thing from Strut It, and look cute yet classy to college or uni!
RM35 each.
I find this cute, and suitable for a prom if the theme is "Back to The 60s!" ;)
Loving the ribbon detail on the dress.
From Classy Cinnamon, this dress costs RM49 each. :)
One thing to remember;
You can never go wrong with tubes. :)

Monday, April 20, 2009


Hey babes!
From May to June, I will not be blogging as I will have important exams. I will continue after that though; with more, as promised. :)
So, do stay tuned!
Note : I'll try to update as often as possible if I manage to finish revising; I'm under a scholarship! :/
Thanks babes and dudes for your support!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

April and Mother's Day Promotion

Good news babes!
You know how much mummy means to you right? More than words could say; they're the best, besides our dads. :)
Anyway, this Mother's day, why not show your love to her by rewarding her; pampering her with love and care? (This does not mean you should only pamper her once a year. Pamper her everyday; because she truly deserves it!)

At Patty Belle's, they are having an April and Mother's Day promotion. Promos like ;
1. Tresor collection - Cosmetic pouch ; RM24.90 and it's now RM18.00. :)
Mothers love to use cosmetics, no? So come on, lets give her a pretty cosmetic pouch so that she could keep all her favorite make up products in! ;)
2. Free postage if you buy their yuan soap!
(new yuan soap coming out end of April or May; so stay tuned!)
Types of soap available :
Mandarin Orange Soap
Antibiotic was discovered in a mould found in an orange peel. The tangerine plant is also calming and great for relieving stress. Besides the functions of preventing the formation of cellulite, it has a gentle whitening effect with antibacterial properties.
Auspicious Soap
Artemisias, mugwort and lemon grass are widely used to eliminate obstacles and beckon bliss. Among these ingredients, artemisia has the most comprehensive positive energy. It is among the very few natural anti-bacterial plants which not only help purify the body and mind and your skin complexion.
Forest Pine Soap
The skin will show signs of life’s pressure and anxiety. It needs relaxation and quietness through which only can the biological mechanism of self-healing be activated. We may not have the time to practise yoga or meditate regularly, but we can shower once a day to cleanse ourselves. It is only right for us to balance and calm our body and mind.

3. Free postage if you purchase RM100 or above (within Malaysia only). (Do sms or email the owner for discount)
4. Free RM30 voucher for purchase of RM300 and above.

There will also be an event in Monash University at Sunway. It's the Monash Music Festival on the 25th of April, 2:00pm onwards.
Oh, and do check out the product highlight : NEW HANDMADE FEATHER HEADBAND! ;)

Now aren't we excited? Click on to Patty Belle's to check it out!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 2009 Sales! (To Be Updated)

Woots! There will be sales in the following blogshops. :)

VeJae will be having a massive sale!
Up to 40% discount on clothings and accessories. :)
Click here to check them out!

Omg! Here's a clearance sale!
*Perfect scent* is having a clearance sales on perfumes! Woots!
Perfumes like JLo, Gucci, Hugo Boss, and DKNY sold here. :D
Do clickety click on this link to check them out!

Besides that, Moto-Moto is also having a clearance sale!
Do check it out! link.

munchy-dunkin closet is new; so they have an opening promotion!
Everything below RM50! A way to buy cute clothes yet save money, eh?
Click here to check it out!

Who doesn't love daily sales? I know I do!
CHILLI KISS is having a daily sales! Woots! Different items on sales everyday!
So check them out daily to grab some!

...the list isn't fully updated yet. Will update soon! :)
At the meantime, do check out the sites on sale and get shopping!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Accessorizer!

credits to

Who doesn't love accessories? :)
Accessories are like, one of the most important things when it comes to dressing up!
Celebrities can't live without their accessories.
Accessories are important in transforming a person from plain to stylish. ;)

Oh my my! Isn't this sweet?
RM12 only!

RM30 for this pretty charm bracelet. So girly and glam! ;)

Omg! Check out these charm bracelets!

Charm me! ;)From Shopaholicity At Its Best, this charm bracelet makes a perfect accessory for your everyday outings. Only RM30 each!

This is so celebrity-inspired, no?

It's Sex and The City inspired too!

Spotted on celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker, this chunky pair of glads
just adds sex-appeal, don't you think?
From the shoe cupboard, this pair of glads costs RM165 each.

JLo inspired, no?
This pair of shoes are so classy and diva-like, don't you agree? ;)
Any girl will look like a hot diva in this! :)
From the shoe cupboard, this pair costs RM238 each! (including shipping fees.)
Bags are an important accessory too!
Clutches are currently IN so come get some!
From Phelauwer Boutique, these clutches totally spells "class", no? :)
RM28 each; RM25 for members. :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Balenciaga, Anyone? :)

Celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Nicky Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Lauren Conrad all love their Balenciagas. Balenciaga's known for their trendsetting yet classy looking bags. :)
Recently, a lady by the name of Melissa wants to sell off her Balenciaga bag; here are the details :
Item : Balenciaga Bag (the picture of the bag; above)
Description : -Yellow
-replica (looks like the original)
-100% leather
-brand new (except for trying purposes)
-comes with a dust bag and mirror keychain; just like the original set
Price : RM 390
Reasons for Selling : Cause the owner has another similar one in a different colour. :)
If interested, please email to