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Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Anniversary Giveaway! (To Be UPDATED AGAIN) {Warning : Picture Heavy!}

The day we've all been waiting for!
First of all, thank you to all the generous and great sponsors; Syiok Sendiri Sisters, Beetch and I Heart This!
You guys are really rockin'! ;)
Secondly, thank you to all of you readers and online shops, for the support since 2008.
We are really thankful!
Therefore, as a 'thank you' gift, here is something for you peeps!
Seriously, you won't wanna miss this!

Before we bombard you with pictures of the goodies you guys will win in this giveaway, let's brief a little on the competition, shall we?
This giveaway contest is held in conjunction of our 1st and a half anniversary in the online shopping world!

In order to participate in this giveaway, you guys have to own either ONE of the following ;
i ) A blog
ii ) A Youtube account
Either these two will help you win goodies in this contest.
How to participate?
( i) You can either blog or do a video on what would you do if you were a celebrity for a day
OR (the second choice IF you think (i) is difficult for you)
( ii ) Pretend you are the celebrity spokesperson for either one of these blogshops (Syiok Sendiri Sisters, Beetch OR I Heart This!). We are pretty sure you guys have bought stuffs from either one of them.
Now, do a review on the item you bought from either one of them (PHOTOGRAPHS HELP!) and tell us why you loves them!
If you dislike writing reviews, you can pose a photo of yourself wearing the fave item you bought from either one of them and post the photo in your blog!

After that, email us with your name and your entry (link to your Youtube video OR your blog).

How To Win?
The winners (first, second and third) will be chosen based on points!
On how to score points, click here for details! ;)

The Prize?
You are so going to loves them!
(prizes are sponsored by us, Syiok Sendiri Sisters, Beetch and I Heart This!)
(Do check back on Monday for more pictures of MORE prizes you guys are going to win! This is because we have not received other prizes yet. Hehe.. )

First Prize Winner :
(Wins prizes worth more than RM140! (due to vouchers and surprise goodies thrown in!))
(color of dress is truest in the first picture; Beetch's picture. ;) )

- 1 x Hot Lace Satin dress from Beetch (worth RM45)
- 1 x Crown necklace from Syiok Sendiri Sisters (worth RM15)
- 1 x Teddy bears bracelet from Syiok Sendiri Sisters (worth RM15)
- 1 x White seamless panties (purrfect for sheer dresses, etc!) from Syiok Sendiri Sisters (worth RM5)
- 1 x two pairs of oh so cute Rainy Days earrings from Syiok Sendiri Sisters (worth RM12)
- 1 x Coastal Scents glitter sample in Jade Green from Syiok Sendiri Sisters (gorgeous for eye make up use!)
- Fab shopping vouchers from Syiok Sendiri Sisters and Beetch and I Heart This!
- 1 x glam imported false eyelashes (worth RM7)
- 1 x cute eyelash case
- 1 x cute crystal teddy bear earrings (picture to be posted soon!)
- 1 x Elianto/The Face Shop/ Sasa nail polish (picture to be posted soon!)
- face mask(s)
- lip balm(s)
- MORE surprise goodies from us and the sponsors! (shhh..secret!)

Yess, we envy you, first prize winner (wonder who the lucky girl/guy is..)!! So much goodies!! You are sure gonna be pampered like a queen!!

Second Prize Winner :
(Wins prizes worth more than RM100!(also due to vouchers and surprise goodies thrown in!))
(this is one sexy and cute short dual tone bodycon dress)
- 1 x Gorgeous Dual Bodycon dress from Beetch (worth RM35)
- 1 x Diamante bracelet from Syiok Sendiri Sisters (sparkly!) (worth RM14)
- 1 x White Seamless panties from Syiok Sendiri Sisters (purrfect for sheer dresses, etc) (worth RM5)
- 1 x Nautical Mayhem necklace (go sailor girl!) from Syiok Sendiri Sisters (worth RM15)
- 1 x Coastal Scents glitter in Jade Green sample from Syiok Sendiri Sisters (spice up your eye make up!)
- Fab shopping vouchers from Syiok Sendiri Sisters, Beetch and I Heart This!
1 x Glam imported false eyelashes (worth RM7)
1 x cute eyelash case
- 1 x cute crystal teddy bear earrings (picture to be posted soon!)
1 x Elianto/The Face Shop/ Sasa nail polish (picture to be posted soon!)
- face mask(s)
- MORE surprise goodies from us and the sponsors! (shhh..secret!)

Third Prize Winner :
(Wins prizes worth more than RM80!(also due to vouchers and surprise goodies thrown in!))
- 1 x Hot Pink 'Freak' Sequinned Top from Beetch (worth RM25)
1 x Pleather (Vegan) Cool White Belted Bracelet from Syiok Sendiri Sisters (worth RM8)
- 1 x cute Dolphin ring (dolphin fans, watch out!:) ) from Syiok Sendiri Sisters (worth RM7)
- 1 x White Seamless panties from Syiok Sendiri Sisters (purrfect for sheer dresses, etc) (worth RM5)
- 1 x Coastal Scents glitter in Jade Green sample from Syiok Sendiri Sisters (spice up your eye make up!)
- Fab shopping vouchers from Syiok Sendiri Sisters, Beetch and I Heart This!
1 x Glam imported false eyelashes (worth RM7)
- 1 x cute crystal teddy bear earrings (picture to be posted soon!)
- 1 x Elianto/The Face Shop/ Sasa item
- face mask(s)
- MORE surprise goodies from us and the sponsors! (shhh..secret!)

Omg! We really envy you all!
Fab goodies, eh?
Come on, participate NOW!
Do inform your friends about this!
( Refer to Red Carpet Giveaways for more tips on how to win this contest!)
Contest starts today til the 14th August!
Any questions about this contest, do not hesitate in emailing us at!
We will gladly guide you!
Good luck!

Bookmark This Page!

This page may help you win! ;)

Surprise :D

Interested in winning this?
Or this?
Or this?
Or this?
Or this?
Or this?
(note : MANY prizes to be won!)

Then what are you waiting for?
Head over here, tonight!
12AM midnight, to find out how!

Giveaway TONIGHT!

Girls, (and guys, YES YOU CAN PARTICIPATE if you wanna win something for your girlfriend!)
Check back here tonight if you want to WIN some fab goodies!
You miss this, you will REGRET it! ;)
See you tonight, here, 12AM!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Style of The Day : Denim Hottie

So for today's Style of the Day, we bring you
Miss Vanessa Hudgens!
Looking absolutely stylish in the denim top and hot pants, she is one of the most stylish celebrities in Hollywood.

picture credits to the net
Get gorgeous like Vanessa now!
This is one Juicy Couture inspired denim top!
Fabulous and classy..this top is simply a must-have!
We totally loves the denim colour, and how you can tie up this top to reveal your belly.
For RM39, you gotta grab it at Beetch!
(the last time we checked, they were reserved, but you can email them for restocks.. DO IT QUICK!)

Pair up the fab denim top with a pair of shorts!
This pair of high waisted shorts is just gorgeous!
You don't need to tuck in the denim top in this!
Perfect for college and outings!
RM49 from Our Beauty Diary.
If you would like something different, try the skirt pants. They are the trend now!
I loves this one. Brings out the inner cool chick in you!
For RM39, you can grab them at La'Belle Closet!

Now for the accessories!

Pair your outfit with this cool authentic Tommy Hilfiger bag!
We loves the patent leather quality and the wonderful price!
RM260 inclusive of postage!
Get it from lip smackin!

If leather is not your thing, go G for Gucci!
Authentic Gucci ; classy and chic!
We totally loves this signature bag. ;)
For RM1150 inclusive of Pos Laju/COD, you guys gotta have it!
Available at Smashing Pit Stop!

So what are you waiting for?
Get stylish like Baby V today. ;)
Who knows, you might end up with a guy who looks like Zac Efron. ;)
(Who are we kidding!)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Timeless Beauties

This is pretty random.
I was in deep conversation with my grandmother when we started talking about the iconic beauties of her time.
They may be gone now, but they will definitely be remembered forevermore..
Marilyn Monroe
(1st June 1926 - 5th August 1962)
Her white halter dress is definitely an icon still. ;)

Katharine Hepburn
(12th May 1907 - 29th June 2003)
The first woman in Hollywood to break the dress code.
Yes, thanks to her, many of us are rocking the pants today!

Farrah Fawcett
(2nd February 1947 - 25th June 2009)
Yes, this is the poster which got her famous. ;)
Her hairstyle is definitely iconic til today.

Audrey Hepburn
(4th May 1929 - 20th January 1993)
Last but not least, my fave since watching her in "My Fair Lady" over and over again.
She's beautiful, and no doubt about it, she made Tiffany's famous. ;)
The iconic little black dress is also a must have for all women til today.

So, that's about it!

Miss Shopaholic's Closet Turns TWO!

Happy TWOs Miss Shopaholic's Closet!
To celebrate their second anniversary, MSC's celebrating with this!
"Free Postage + MYSTERY GIFT + RM5 OFF!"
Fantastic deal can!
With any purchase, (INCLUDING SALES ITEMS!)
you are entitled to FREE POSTAGE and MYSTERY GIFT!

AND not to forget,
an extra RM5 OFF
with any purchase of 2 items and ABOVE!

Isn't it wonderful?
(browses MSC's available items and oohs and ahhs and "I want(s)" them!)

Happy shopping! ;)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Be A Malibu Barbie; Win Vouchers To SHOP!

As you guys know through the previous post, Peep Boutique is having a Malibu Barbie Competition!
Here is your chance to win!
To participate, do read the 4ONE1 one the competition HERE!
Good luck, ya'll!

(NOTE : To win more prizes, check out our pre-giveaway competition! Participate! ;) )

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Malibu Love!

Attention Peep and Barbie fans!
Peep is hosting a competition and its gonna be exciting we tell you! ;)
They are launching their latest collection this Sunday, the Malibu Barbie collection and man, you would not want to miss this! Its gorgeous!
For a sneak preview, click here to go to Peep!

And here's a little info for you guys about the competition.
To participate, create a look inspired from their Malibu Barbie collection.
Take a photo of the look, and upload the photo on their Facebook page!
After that, get your best pals to like that photo you uploaded!

Winners will be picked by ;
2 x the most likes
1 x picked by the cool people from Peep!

What's the prize?
RM30 Vouchers each! (3 winners!)

So exciting, no?
We will update you with further info about this cool competition tomorrow!

No ideas on how to look like a Malibu Barbie?
Take some inspiration from these pretty celebs below!
(Clue : Like any other Barbie dolls, Malibu Barbies are perfect and pink! They loves anything pink so girls, grab your pink outfits and pose pose pose!)

(pics credits from the net)
This photo of Scarlette Johansson is breath-taking! So Malibu Barbie inspired!
Take a jumpsuit and pose it like Scarlette!
Oh, and ignore that old man behind her. -.-

Like we said, Barbie loves pink!
Paris Hilton loves pink!
Take cue and pose behind your pink car! (if you have one!)
Wear a cute pink outfit too!
Remember, pink lipstick! (Hot pink is a gorgeous colour too!)
Take inspiration from Princess P here and pose at the beach with big sunnies and cool beach outfits with your best friend!
Remember to pout! Gorgeous!

Be like a diva Malibu Barbie and get yourselves some bling and pink!
Hot pink is Barbie's fave colour!

This is THE Malibu Barbie.
Take inspiration from the doll herself and pose on the beach with your fave outfit! Don't forget big shades! ;)

Last but not least, do it Katy Perry's style.
She's gorgeous, and she looks exactly like a Malibu Barbie with the fun colours and cool poses!
Fun make up helps too! ;)

That's all, folks!
Look out for the updates on this competition tomorrow!
And not to mention, do head over to Peep Boutique tomorrow to get your hands on their gorgeous Malibu Barbie collection!
We've seen the preview in their blog, and we LOVES it!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beetch ; 8PM (Be There!)

Here's one update you guys will not want to miss!
Beetch is updating tonight, 8PM with these fab goodies!
pic credits to the net
Go sexy like this young starlet Miley with a corset!
Pair it up with skinny jeans, tights, leggings, shorts, or even a tight bodycon skirt (it will look a little peplum inspired) and you are good to go!

This cute Victorian inspired corset is sure to make you go ooh lala! ;)
(A budget buy less than RM50!)

pic credits to the net
Pretty Keira Knightly looks absolutely chic with this boyfriend shirt!
Boyfriend shirts are our all-time fave and we will not live without them!
Perfect just anywhere!
This oh so chic boyfriend shirt for RM44!
(Budget buy!)
We loves its classy detailing!
A must-buy!

pic credits to the net
Cute Taylor Momsen is definitely a rocker babe! ;)
Be like Tay and get yourself a leather jacket!
Perfect for casual outings, or even under a hot dress, this jacket can never go wrong!

This is a gorgeous leather jacket!
And its a budget buy too; RM50!
Superb! ;)

So what are you waiting for?
Go ahead and knock on Beetch's door this 8PM tonight!
And get yourself some fab goodies!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pre-Giveaway Contest

Hello dears!
Recently, we just announced about our pre-giveaway surprise. Starts from the 19th til the 29th. :)
One of our readers just emailed us with this question,
"I don't know what to write about the giveaway. Any examples?"
So, we have decided to show you guys an example of a contest entry for the pre-giveaway.
Click here to go to the example entry.

Don't get confused! This is the pre-giveaway contest. To win, you must blog about our giveaway contest. Three people will be picked based on highest number of comments received on their blogpost. They will each win mystery goods from us and the Syiok Sendiri Sisters.
The real giveaway will be held after this pre-giveaway contest, which is on the 30th July.
If you are wondering what's the prizes for the real giveaway contest, well, lets just say there are pretty clothes, hot make up, cool accessories and MORE!
You guys must not miss this!

Its A Heels Thing ;)

I am a huge fan of high heels.
Many people have this love-hate relationship with their heels.
They either make them look hot, or they hurt. :(
Anyhoo, I believe each girl should own a pair of heels.
Heels are perfect for casual outings, dinners, prom, dances, clubs, you name it!
Heels can make any petite girl stand tall! :D
Anyway, these heels are must have loves!

picture credits to the net
Sorry girls, I like Sarah Jessica Parker but I am not a fan of the Sex and the City series. Believe me or not, I actually went in to the cinema to watch this movie (SATC2) coz I heard they are up-to-date with fashion. -.-
Anyhoo, one fashion piece that caught my eyes is this outfit SJP's Carrie is wearing at the beginning. ;)
She looks stunning! :D
Girls, notebooks out! Gold heels are IN! Make sure they are in your shopping to-do list!

Gold heels are purrrfect!
They are gorgeous and glamorous. Not only that, they pair perfectly to any outfit.
I remember wearing my gold heels (too bad they are worn out) for my family dinner, a wedding dinner, date and some ball my friend invited me to four days in a row!
For my family dinner, I paired my heels with a chiffon kimono dress; for the wedding dinner; the heels with a black maxi dress, for my date; the heels with a pair of skinny jeans and flowing top and for the ball; a knee-length chiffon dress with the heels.

You can get your own pair of gold heels too! Star studded and pretty!
Go glam baby! ;)
Loves the sky-high details and the classy metallic sheen!
From Tres Tresors, they cost RM160 (including postage)

picture credits to the net

Jennifer Lopez!
This diva looks gorgeous and cool in this short dress and jacket combo. ;)
Loving the booties especially! ;)
Get bootylicious like JLo and grab these pair of cool booties from Tres Tresors!
We loves the extra cool zipper details as well as the hot-ness! :D
For RM200 a pair, they are gorgeous and to-die-for!

picture credits to the net
Gwyneth Paltrow is just beautiful.
She looks hot here with her LBD and stunning lace heels.

Lace heels helps add a feminine, sexy side to our look. ;)

Grab this pair of hot lace heels from Lovely Closet!
Really sexy and chic, they cost you only RM55! ;)

picture credits to the net

And last but not least, the most beautiful actress we've ever seen (we think she's really gorgeous. Lols.) , Blake Lively.
Get a little piece of sunshine from this American beauty by strutting in studded heels!

This looks exactly like Blake's!
Cool much?
We absolutely loves this studded pair of heels!
Perfect for almost every event too! ;)
For RM53, they are a steal from Lovely Closet!
Woots! Celebrity-inspired for less!

Oh, and before you retire staring at your computer screen, do bear in mind we are holding a contest now. For more details of the pre-giveaway contest, click here. ;)