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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Make Me Pretty! : Accessories Below RM30

Hello! :)
Today we're going to make you go 'oh la la' with them cute accessories we found in some cool blogshops! ;)
Best of all is; they are ALL below RM30! Woo wee!
Now we can all look as gorgeous as celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Lourdes Leon. (think Madonna!)

pictures credits to the net

So, let's get started, shall we? :P

Oh me oh my!
Who does NOT want to be Wonder Woman?
I think every girl has this fantasy in being Wonder Woman.
Anyway, fantasy aside, this really cute Wonder Woman headband is so chio, can?
Cute and unique, you can't find it elsewhere but at
For RM25 each, your headband will do wonders! ;)
This ring is really cool!
Bad. ;)
I know I know, some of us girls...deep within us lies a some sort of a bad girl inside...
Be ready to stand out in the crowd with this suave ring.
Also from, this ring is available for RM20! Woots!

Oooh, sexy catwoman!
Show off your cute and sexy side with this headband!
Available from, this headband's set to stand out for RM25!

This ribbon is so pretty!
Take a bow with this sweet ribbon from La Dolce!
Look petite and cute for just RM16 with this hair clip.

I am getting the bow fever, are you?
Grab this pair of cute bow earrings from La Dolce at only RM25!

Loving the elegant look right now. ;)
Perfect for weddings and parties, this elegant hairband is set to dazzle!
Also from La Dolce, this is available at RM22.

Finally, look a class above with this pretty headband also from La Dolce.
For RM26, this pearl headband is set to shine!
Ideal for prom! :P

Have fun with your accessories; as yes, they ARE sometimes more important than what you wear. ;)
Smile for the paparazzis!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Sut Corset Pre-Order

Ends today! :)
Go to The Sut's Facebook for MORE! :)

Password, password!

Its time to go shoe crazy! ;)
Shoes are really important in a women's life; cause it reflects who we are.
Anyway, these celebs look fabulous in their outfits and shoes, no?

pictures credits to the net
NOW, you can find your perfect shoe as well! :)
All thanks to Fashion Urges, you can now get your shoes at a bargain!
Just include the password, "Shop Like A Celeb brought us here!" in the comments section when placing your order, and you'll be entitled to a RM5 rebate with every RM50 spent!
Woots! Now THAT's a bonus! ;)

Here are some fabulous shoes you'll want to snag!

This suede fringe booties definitely caught our eyes!
Superb for rainy days and winter! (I know, Malaysia does not have snow, but you DO travel or study overseas, no?)
Originally RM63, get this at RM58 AFTER you use our discount code!

This pair of flats are 0h-so-cute!
Originally RM59, use our code and pay only RM54!

Omg, its rare we see fur on shoes aite?
Cute and pretty!
Priced at RM75, get them for RM70 after the discount!
Oh la la!
Leopard printed kitten heels!
For girls who want to look sexy but refuse to walk in those high high heels. (we KNOW, the pain..><)
This pair is also a bestseller at Fashion Urges! Hooray!
Originally RM59, after the discount they are RM54.

Well, that's all girls!
Aren't you excited as we are!
More fantastic shoes, clothes, bags, as well as accessories at Fashion Urges!(click on the link! click on the link!)
Don't forget to use the password!
(Password applicable for any purchase above RM50)
Happy shopping! ;)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Looking For A JOB? ;)

Staying in Kelana Jaya (or near) and looking for a part time job?
No worries!
We've found ONE for you! :)
An Old Flame is looking for a part-time executive assistant!
Here are the details of the job :
(copied from this page)

Head office location:

Kelana Square, Kelana Jaya


To support by providing basic administrative skills in fields of operations and customer service; and completing assigned tasks in an efficient and timely manner.

Main Responsibilities:

- Manage email communications and customer service operations
- Produce daily reports in the summary of all orders and emails
- Plan, process, and execute shipping and delivery functions
- Manage online marketing functions via email and social networks
- Assist in product descriptions and photo editing
- Miscellaneous operational tasks
- Manage on-ground fashion street market operations

Required Skills:

- Fluent in English (written and spoken)
- Basic organisational and administrative skills
- General computer and internet literacy
- General online shopping knowledge and experience

Preferred Skills:

- Possess good understanding of the customer and translate that knowledge into quality customer service and communications
- Have a keen eye for local and overseas fashion trends
- Strong understanding of online social media networks
- Basic knowledge in Photoshop
- Basic graphic design skills
- Basic journalism skills

Omg, isn't this exciting?

Register yourself now HERE! Good luck! ;)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Style of The Day : All Eyes On Leopard

Yes, like we had said, we cannot get enough of leopard prints!

So for today's style of the day, look sexy..turn heads!

We want this dress!
From Cherry Saucer, this two-way dress is just gorgeous.
You can wear it down by pairing it with a pair of jeans or leggings or maybe some Daisy Dukes.
Or you can wear it sexy by just wearing it as it is.
Ooh, and it can be worn off-shouldered too! ;)
For RM45, this hot piece is available at Cherry Saucer! Get yours today!

The accessories :
Fancy rings, fancy things. ;)
Pair up your outfit with this classy ring by Soak Republic.
For RM36, this ring is simply unique!
Oh, and this is ideal for people who are allergic to nickel too; good news for you!

I have a thing for masks.
Like, seriously.
They rock my world!
This unique mask ring is available at Soak Republic for only RM33.
Now its time to turn heads with your hands! Lols.

Finally, a gorgeous charm bracelet.
Pair your outfit with this gorgeous bracelet by Crafted by Mei!
If this bracelet is not your type, you can email the owner behind Crafted by Mei for some special customization! Woop!

Smile at the paparazzis!
You look gorgeous! ;)

Bazaar Bazaar

Firstly, we would like to give a shoutout to all NEW blogshop owners :
Hola from ALL of us at Shop Like A Celebrity!
We will be linking you people by Saturday (19th February) as we have things to settle. :(

Next, who's UP for the KL Bazaar?
We know we are!
The details of the bazaar are at the above.
Mark your calendars, yo!
5th March 2011! ;)

As for blogshop owners, you can contact them if you are interested in setting up a booth at the bazaar!
Its not too late!
Go on, click ahead to the KL Bazaar now!
It'll be exciting! :)

Un-Masqued! ;)

Hooray for ruched mesh dresses! ;)
picture credits to the Get Whit The Look

Unique and cool, these sexy dresses are going to be HUGE! ;)
Huge, we tell you!

And trust us, what we spotted you won't wanna miss!
Hot pink ruched mesh dress.
Loves the tube detailing! ;)

Midnight blue equals glam!
Go glam, baby!

Originally priced at RM55, they are currently on SALE at Un-Masqued for RM45 only! ;)
What are you waiting for?
Look gorgeous today!

The BIG Comeback ;)

picture credits to the net

pictures credits to the net
As you can notice from the above, LEOPARD PRINTS rock the world of celebs!
(and our world too!)

Its time to show off your sexy side with them leopard prints.
Trust us, eyes will turn and stare as you walk by.
You've been warned. ;)

Now, them leopard prints not only come in the usual leopard print colour (brownish-gold and black spots), they are NOW available in many colours! Whoopee! ;P
Let's now browse through them and get all excited, shall we?

First up, RED!
Red is rad! :P
Its one of the hottest colours this season!
Vamp up your style with this hot red leopard prints bodycon toga dress from XOXO. :)
For RM55, they heat up the dance floor!

Omg, this skirt is just too hot for words!
We're practically drooling over it. ;P
From XOXO as well, get this hot mini skirt for RM35.
Suitable for fancy occasions or just dancing in clubs!

This dress is simply gorgeous!
Totally reminds us of the dress Miley Cyrus rocked (see picture above), except that this is in blue.
Perfect for dates, or simply just shopping with your beloved girlfriends.
Available for RM70 including postage, you have to grab this one from XOXO!

This pencil skirt will definitely turn heads at the office. ;)
Don't you just loves it when office attire can look this sexy?
Adore adore!
For RM65, get this skirt from An Old Flame now!

Leopard print leggings!
Get inspired by celebrities like Hilary Duff, Vanessa Hudgens and ROCK them leopard print leggings!
Trust us, you'll look HOT! :)
From An Old Flame, get yours now at RM35.
Oh me, oh my!
Another gorgeous pencil skirt ; this time in a darker colour! :)
Turn heads with this one!
From Style Influx, you can get this hot piece at only RM45.

That's all, girls!
Spice up your wardrobe today with them leopard prints.
You won't regret!
Smile at the cameras!
You'll turn heads. ;)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Seeing Tomorrow : Leopard Prints

Sooo, girls love them!
Everyone does.
They make any girl look sexy and they NEVER go out of style.
Paris Hilton is always spotting them. Megan Fox and other hot babes as well. ;)
Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and Rihanna look chic in them.
Yes, leopard prints are back!
If you have them, good.
If you don't, get them now!
Like right now!
Come tomorrow for more on leopard prints and how to get them.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fashion Trends You CAN'T Miss! :)

Babes, here are the trends you'll be spotting everywhere this 2011.

1. Lace
Lace dresses, lace shorts, lace tops, anything lace!
It isn't a new trend but ey, its sexy! ;)
Show some feminine sexiness in them lace.

2. Crop Tops
Pierce your bellybutton and wear a crop top to show it off.
Trust me, its HOT! :)
Sexy girls rock!

3. Biker clothing
Good girls gone wild.
Biker clothing is really hot this season, so go get some!

4. That 70s show

Yep, 70s fashion.
Its back!
High waisted pants, wide leg pants..they are heating up this season!
Chic and stylish, no?

pictures credits from the net

So get a piece of each girls!
You'll shine for sure. ;)