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Friday, August 31, 2012

Merdeka Special : 31 Outfits and Accessories To Die For (Part III - Final)

Before we end our celebrations, here's some of our final picks to brighten up your day! :D
[pictures credits to the net]


Trend : Leopard prints

Be a minx in the leopard prints dress.
A popular choice by celebrities worldwide, the leopard prints is a way to show off your wild side and yet, look classy at the same time.
This dress is definitely our top choice when it comes to cocktails! ;)
A definite must-have, girls!

Celebrities : Halle Berry, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Cheryl Cole, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Goodwin, Heidi Klum, Fergie, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Sophia Bush, Hilary Duff and the list just goes on and on and on..


Trend : Pencil skirts

One trend we absolutely LOVE!
Pencil skirts make any girl feel woman. 
Well, this piece makes every girl feel grown up and ready to take control towards everything in her life.
Talk about girl power.
Show off some flirt with this hot pink pencil skirt.
We like!

Celebrities : Leona Lewis, Hayden Panettiere, Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, America Ferrera, Annalynne McCord, Jennifer Aniston, Keira Knightley


un-Masqued, RM59

Trend : Galaxy prints

Galaxy prints is taking the fashion world by storm, baybeh!
Its time to get a piece of galaxy now :)
We think this galaxy print bodycon skirt is rockin', and you gotta own it!

Celebrities : Whitney Port, Alexa Chung, Rosamund Pike, Katy Perry, Jessie J, Naya Rivera



Trend : Oxfords

Oxfords, oxfords, oxfords!
We simply adore Oxfords!
They are stylish and comfortable ; 'nuff said. 

Celebrities : Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, Sienna Miller, Diane Kruger, Kate Moss, Fergie


Trend : Suede shoes

Girls, suede shoes are a popular must-have for all shoe lovers.
They exude class and style.
Perfect for dinners and proms. :)

Celebrities : Rachel Bilson, Beyonce, Blake Lively


Trend : Nautical 

Sailorette, its time to set sail!
Look cute in this sailorette dress!
This dress exudes pure innocence ; perfect for dates!

Celebrities : Olivia Wilde, Victoria Beckham, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Bosworth, Anne Hathaway

That's all, girls! :D

Have a great weekend and we hope you enjoyed your National holiday today!

(310812) 5 Things We Want Today : Celebrate!

In the spirit of One Malaysia today, we will number our items in Malay. :)

Nude Not, RM55

(Note that this may not be the final price. If you take advantage of today's 31% discount, you'll pay only RM37.95 for this gorgeous dress)

Champagnes and caviar your ideal Merdeka celebration?
Spruce up your wardrobe with this classy black embroidered neck maxi dress.
Best of it all, this dress is so versatile, you can wear it anywhere from beach to prom!


Celebrate with some bright neon this Independence day as you watch fireworks lit up the sky. ;)
Make heads turn yo!

Le Copine, RM39

We predict asymmetrical stripes bodycon dresses will be making a comeback this season.
Heat up the dance floor with this sexy number!


A floral cutout back dress!
Perfect for that girly girl.
Now, wear them with some gorgeous heels and be ready to wow!


We know New Year's Eve isn't here yet, but hey, there's nothing wrong celebrating with some gold.
Go elegant tonight with these classy gold cuffs.
We adore! :D

That's all, people!
Happy celebrating Merdeka! 
Don't drink and drive! 

Thursday, August 30, 2012


As today is officially Malaysia's Independence Day, shopaholics can celebrate with some yummy discounts!

There will be a whooping 31% off items in these blog stores. You don't want to miss! ;)

Nude Not

We are attracted to their gorgeous clothes, as well as accessories. 
They sell bust cup boosters and versatile nubras too!

Here are some of our picks:
after discount RM37.95

Polka dot hot! 

after discount RM33.81

Graphic shirts and dresses are all the rage now.
Its time to get a piece now!

after discount RM37.95

These magic sculptural bras are perfect when it comes to bareback dresses! 
You gotta have one!

31% ends midnight tonight, so hurry, grab whatever you want before you regret!
Go to Nude Not now!

Nail Fiesta

In love with nail polishes as much as we do?
Then this is your dream come true!

Nail Fiesta is offering you a wonderful 31% off their products!

Nail polishes ranging from OPI, Essie, China Glaze (our fave), Color Club and many more!

Offer ends 3rd September 2012, so you gotta rush to grab whatever you can NOW!

Click to head over to Nail Fiesta now!

Paid Advertorial : Look Gorgeous For September

As tomorrow signifies the end of August, and also, Malaysia's Independence day, we are pretty sure plenty of women are shopping for new clothes to usher in the new month of September.

I don't know about you, but I have this habit of buying one new outfit every month. :)

With September coming in, we can see school holidays coming as well as university breaks. In certain countries though, that's when university begins.
Anyway, fret not, with all these, we are still pretty sure you girls are dying to find that perfect dress or outfit.
Be it for prom, dates, dinners, social gatherings or events, finding that right outfit can be a hassle.

The peeps at The Vanilla Twilight understands that and thus, are proud to present you their two new collections!

The first collection, called Pretty Girl Rock, showcases pretty clothes perfect to be worn every day.

Be it to class, parties, orientations, or dinners, this collection has what it takes to make you look great..without burning a hole in your pocket.

Here are some of our favourite picks from their first collection:

Illyria, RM48

If you are a follower of our blog, you will know how much love peplums.
Be it dresses, tops, jumpsuits, peplums are making a huge comeback and we love that fact. :D
Which is why this outfit caught our eyes!
This leopard prints peplum jumpsuit brings out the sexy goddess in you.
Perfect when worn for parties. 
We like like like!

Faye, RM48

We are fans of Victoria Justice's fashion style and we could not help but admire her frequent cut out shoulder tops.
Well, if you are a fan of cut out shoulder tops, this dress is your dream come true!
With its cut out shoulder details as well as its hi low hem skirt, you'll be a trendsetter with this dress! 

Annette, RM48

Tribal prints are making a huge comeback this season.
We are self-proclaimed huge fans of tribal prints.
Yes, peplums and tribal prints, we're IN! 
As we are usually lazy owls, (yes we sleep late and wake up at 3pm for Pete's sake) we like to slip into our favourite maxi dresses before going out.
That way, we will give the impression that we put lots of effort dressing up. ;)
This tribal prints maxi dress is perfect for days out in the park, or trips with friends. 

Diana, RM30

We have owned the black, white and grey cardigan, but not yet the teal one.
And after catching a glimpse of this, we think we might.
Stop traffic in teal cardigans this season as the cool blue color makes a comeback this season in the world of fashion.

Their second collection, called Black Ties and Limelights, showcases more elegant and formal outfits.

Suitable for dinners, formal events and proms, this collection is affordable and drool-worthy.
You'll be the belle of the ball for sure. ;)

Here are some of our favourite picks from their second collection:

Megan, RM55

This full bareback dress instantly caught our eyes as we browsed through the webpage.
We loves how its conservative-looking front totally contrasts with its totally sexy back.
A gorgeous twist to the little black dress!
This dress is ideal for proms and dinners.

Lola, RM50

This ladylike dress is so feminine and proper, its definitely our number one pick to wear when meeting his parents!
(you know what WE mean)
We love the polka dot and pearl necklace details, reminds us of something a duchess would wear!
Also, the layered skirt is so pretty and dainty.
His parents will be impressed!

That's not all, the peeps at The Vanilla Twilight are giving Shop Like A Celebrity! readers a marvelous privilege. 

Use the code VANILLACELEBRITY when you order with them to receive an instant RM8 rebate with any purchase! How cool is that!

Like them on Facebook for fantastic offers and updates!

Go on, click on to The Vanilla Twilight here now to shop!


We'd like to wish all our Malaysian readers a happy Independence day.


A day that will always be remembered by all of us.

United as one.

Malaysian and proud. ;)

Merdeka Special : 31 Outfits and Accessories To Die For (Part II)

Here is the continuation from yesterday's part one. 
Enjoy! :D

Nail Fiesta, RM3.90

Trend : Fluffy nail art

We have this habit of stroking all things fluffy.
Go glam in this current nail trend, fluffy nail art!
We adore this leopard print one! 

Inspirations : Watch this Youtube video for ideas.


Trend : Bodycons

Bodycon dresses are ideal in showing off your figure. 
Be it straight or curvy, this dress has the potential to help you flaunt it!

Celebrities : Audrina Patridge, Kristin Kreuk, Hayden Panettiere, Eva Longoria

Avant Garde, RM17.90

Trend : Studs

Go rocker glam in this cool studded bracelet.
Studded jewelry are all the rage now, and is slowly gaining a cult following in Hollywood.
We want a piece too!

Celebrities : Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, Rihanna


Trend : A different colored lace

Tired of the plain white lace?
Vamp it up now with colors! :)
Colored lace is definitely big on trend this season, and they give wearers and a classy edge. 

Celebrities : Solange Knowles, Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone


Trend : Palazzo pants

Want to look relaxed and gorgeous at the same time?
Try the palazzo pants. 
Gorgeousness and comfort guaranteed. :)
Our must have piece this season!

Celebrities : Annalynne McCord, Fearne Cotton, Kourtney Kardashian, Mischa Barton, Abigail Breslin, Olivia Palermo


Trend : Printed bags

Forget that plain ol' bag, its time to go playful with your arm candy ; with prints of course!
Printed bags will definitely add color towards your every day life, and compliments too!

Celebrities : Alexa Chung, Hilary Duff, Mary-Kate Olsen, Beyonce, Victoria Beckham


Trend : Bright accessories

So, you are the girl who likes attention and compliments.
Lol, trust us, sometimes we have those moments too.
Get noticed with bright arm candy ;)
You'll be the talk of the town for sure.

Inspirations : Kate Spade, Anna Sui, Dior, Louis Vuitton

Well, that's all for today, girls!

24 Hour Merdeka Sale : Grab Grab Grab!

Another reason to celebrate Merdeka! is having a fantastic 24 hour sale!
Only RM10 per jewelry for 24 hours starting midnight tonight up until midnight 31st August 2012! :D
Lets celebrate our Independence day as well as usher in the month of September with some beautiful jewelry!

Here are some of our picks ;)
(ALL for RM10 each!)

Everyone needs a statement necklace once in a while!
I'd like mine to be called 'Angel'. ;) 

This bird necklace is so vintage, we like! 

A vintage ring, what more can you ask for?

Make a statement with this hot pink clutch!
We so like! 

This necklace is a 3D necklace.
We adore the cat, we think this is one classy piece. 

Peace earrings!
Every girl deserves to voice out once in a while.
Call for peace, yo! 

For more yummy RM10 jewelry, which, by the way, promotion ends tomorrow, click here to go to Zikkos!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Merdeka Special: 31 Outfits and Accessories To Die For (Part I)

As Malaysians, we are nonetheless pretty much very proud to be born here.
Having been overseas, we realized Malaysia is one of the best countries to live in.
I mean, look at the variety of food, the culture, the people, everything.
We are very blessed to be born in a country that is filled with diversity.

Anyway, as our Independence Day is very near, we have decided to do a special feature, in conjunction with our Merdeka celebrations.

Today's special feature has got to do with the 31 outfits and accessories we adore.
As there are 31 outfits, this feature is divided into three parts. 

We will continue with this feature tomorrow as well, up until Saturday. So yes, feast your eyes on a bountiful of clothes and accessories! You know you can't resist them ;)

(Take note : This feature is a special feature, and therefore does not collide with our 5 Things We Want Today feature. Also, we will be picking different trends for you girls to go gaga over. The trends may repeat, but they will be shown in different designs.
The clothes featured here are not rated, we just randomly place them as numbers one, two, three, etc. We loves all of them, so we would like to share our finds with you! 
Picture credits to blogshop owners as well as other websites such as gossip pages, fashion pages, searches, etc. )

So, let the excitement begin!


Trend : Color blocking

We think color blocking is always in trend, and every girl MUST have at least a piece of color blocking.
Be it hot pink and blue, yellow and black, yellow and green, blue and white, yellow and blue, you name it, color blocking is perfect when it comes to standing out in the a good way. 
This dress is brings out the youthfulness in every girl. 
Get color blocking now!

Celebrities : Kim Kardashian, Audrina Patridge, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nina Dobrev

Interlocking Fashion, RM50 (includes postage)

Trend : Corsets

Corsets are definitely on trend this season.
We adore how this top can make you look chic and sexy at the same time.
If you do not know which outfit to pair a corset with, try these combos:
- corset//high waisted pants
- corset//high waisted skirt
- corset//skinny jeans
- corset//straight cut jeans//scarf
- corset//dress (layering over dress)
- corset//boyfriend shirt//skinny jeans
Corsets also help enhance the appearance of your curves and your bust. Don't worry, with all the right pairing, you can never go wrong with them corsets!

Celebrities : Miley Cyrus, Megan Fox, Rihanna


Trend : Backless dresses

Backless dresses are totally sexy! 
We think they are perfect if you want to show off your sultry side without revealing too much.
This backless dress totally caught our eyes, and its perfect for special occasions.
It's like the little black dress, only sexier. ;)

Celebrities : Megan Fox, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, Heidi Klum


Trend : Prints

Printed tops are really pretty, and perfect for any occasion.
We loves how prints could help you score some fashion points by brightening up your entire outfit!
You can pair them with jeans for a casual look, or with white pants for a more formal look.

Celebrities : Mollie King, Kim Kardashian


Trend : Convertible dress

Another wardrobe must have, the convertible dress is a definite worth buy.
We think every girl should own one, as this dress could save you lots of money!
Imagine, one dress, many looks!
We are totally impressed!

Runways : Henkaa

Look also :
This webpage shows you how to wear this dress 50 ways. How exciting is that!


Trend : Color blocking

Another color blocking outfit ; now in more than two colors!
We think color blocking can bring out both the fun and serious side of you. It just depends on which side you want others to see. If you get what we mean.
Color blocking will never go wrong, and this tube top is fun and perfect for theme parks and parties.
We like!


Color trend : Hot pink

Hot pink is striking and always, we mean, always make you stand out of the crowd.
Stop traffic in this gorgeous dress and show off your flirty side.
And we are not the only fans of the hot pink color, celebrities are clear fans of them too. ;)

Celebrities : Selena Gomez, Blake Lively, Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Annalynne McCord, Ashley Tisdale and the list goes on and on and on...



Collared outfits are cute, and are suitable for almost every occasion.
Collared outfits help you look more dressed up than usual, without trying too hard. 
Look adorable in them now!

Celebrities : Hailee Steinfield, Emma Watson

Un-Masqued, RM39
(Set with shorts : RM80)

Trend : Crop tops

Crop tops are really heating up this summer!
Look sassy and hot in a crop top as you show off your fit abs or in our case, belly! ;P
We think crop tops are really cute and every girl should at least try them once.

Celebrities : Selena Gomez, Emma Roberts, Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes


Trend : Mesh 

Mesh dresses are an edge of class, and we could not agree more that they are perfect for proms and dinner events.
We think this body hugging number is perfect when it comes to showing off them curves.

Celebrities : Victoria Justice, Megan Fox, Lea Michele

Peep, RM55

Trend : Neon

Neon lights, neon lights, who does not loves neon lights?
Go stop traffic now in neon outfits!
We are so in love with this trend right now, as they help us stand out in the crowd during parties.
Look cool in neon with this cute dress now!

Celebrities : Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez

Beetch, RM20 
(minimum purchase of 2 pieces and above!)

Trend : Tie belly tops

We love tie belly tops.
They remind us of the Britney Spears' Baby One More Time era ; yeah, we are kids from THAT era. 
These tops are absolutely perfect for the summer and we think they are making a huge comeback too!

Celebrities : Angela Simmons, Britney Spears, Mischa Barton, Whitney Port


Color trend : Royal blue

Royal blue is the new black.
Look elegant in this on-trend shade and mesmerize the crowd.
Remember, dress to impress!

Celebrities : Kate Middleton, Eva Mendes, Fergie, Kelly Rowland


Trend : Toga

Toga dresses are the best way to emphasize on your shoulders.
What's more, they are perfect for formal events and dinners.
Another key piece for the dinner wardrobe!

Celebrities : Kate Beckinsale, Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, Jennifer Love Hewitt

Owlch!, RM29

Trends : Neon and studs

We think this studded neon belt is the perfect accessory to brighten up any girl's wardrobe!
Grab attention in them as you buckle them on your waist.
Perfect when paired with dresses or long tops. ;)

Lunavocy, RM69

Make up trend : BB cream

Yes, we know. This item is not fashion related.
But its one of the things we love and recommend!
BB cream is currently so popular, they are gaining fans worldwide!
We just adore applying them as a base before foundation. :)


Trend : Cool handphone cases

Now, don't think gadgets don't help coordinate with your outfit.
Because they actually do.
The current trend in the gadget world is dressing up your phone.
Be it a Nokia, iPhone, Samsung, you name it.. as long as they are fancy, you'll get compliments for it!


Trend : OL Wear

The office lady wear is becoming a very popular trend.
We like how classy and formal workwear can be.
Truth be told, we even wear them to classes! ;)

Alright, this is Part I of our feature!
We hope you girls have a fun time shopping for clothes for next month!
Stay tuned for our Part II & III soon!