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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Style of The Day : RiRi :)

RiRi is definitely one of the top most-influenced stylista of the year. :)

Daring, yet hot, she knows how to make a statement.

picture credits to the net
Loves her toga and stockings get-up.

Sassy and sexy, if you ask me. :) Get dressed with this hot toga dress with sequins strap and fringes; totally HOT!
I really like the fact that it's really funky and perfect for parties!
Available in two colours, black for a hot night out or gold for a classy elegant look, they are found in Kimono Boutique at RM45 each! Woots!
Yes! Stockings!
Netted stockings, if worn in the right way, will look sexy when paired with a dress/long top. :)

They add a sexy touch to any outfit.
From I Heart This!, grab them at a sexy RM20 each!

Oooh! What's an outfit without accessories?
Since CNY is coming, why not add a little touch of orientalism (forgive me if the word does not exist. Lols!) on your outfit?
From Love Pieces, I really loves the oriental beads as well as the silver leaves. ;)
RM30 each. Wooties!!

Might look very random, but I fell in love with these cute lollis the first time I saw them! Lols.
Anyway, pamper your sweet toothies with them lollies!

Available in The Dazzle Razzle, grab them at a RM7 each!
(Oooh, there's another type to, at RM6 each!)

Eyelashes! Woots!
Show them fake lashes off dramatic style ala Rihanna with these lashes also from The Dazzle Razzle!

They are pre-ordered though, so do grab them fast at RM6 per set! (lashes and glue)


Hot, aren't they? :) It's Vanessa Hudgens inspired too! Loves the studs behind it. Totally chic and sassy if you ask me. ;)

From Yunique Paradise Readystocks, grab this A-list inspired booties at RM140 each! Worth it for a celebrity inspired one!

Alright, that's all folks.

Smile for the cameras, babes!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Style of The Day : Oh, Emma!

Yess, Miss Hermoine is the stylista for the day. :)
Loves her dress for the red carpet, don't you?

picture credits to the net
It's a weekend, so let's all get dressed up!
May it be wearing a dress or a fancy top and cool jeans, I am loving Emma's style. ;)
Copy Emma's look with a stylish neckline dress from I Heart This!
Loves the cool neckline it has. Really classic.
At RM50, it is worth a buy judging how hot the dress looks. :)
Ooohs I loves this dress too!
Sexy and chic, you can get it at RM35 at thechic. :)
Have fun, babes!
Beware of paparazzis! ;)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Style of The Day : The Hills Hottie

Lauren Conrad is today's inspiration for style of the day. :)
Voted as "Most Stylish" by a style website,
LC is definitely one stylish person. Check out her outfit!
Note this girls, as I note this to meself too. ;)
Red dresses are hot!
Get LC-inspiRED and grab a red dress!
Loves the drape. ;)
Totally makes a hot outfit.
At RM39, it's a steal at Ladies Fashion.

If drapes are not your thing, but ribbons and bows are, this one's for you.
Cute and casual, this dress makes a cool casual dress on normal outings.
RM38 at Ladies Fashion. ;) Woots!

Loves the studs at the side of this dress!
Loves how sexy it looks too. ;)
Also from Ladies Fashion, this dress is on sale for only RM36. :D
Instead of the chain link bag LC's carrying, why not try the hobo?
For those searching for chain links instead, click on to my "Bag This!" post. :)
Anyhoo, this authentic Calvin Klein hobo bag's cool, especially the one in black.
Something different from the usual one.
At Shoppe Lista, this bag retails at RM350.
Oooh! Black heels!
Totally hot and classy, aren't they?
Available in Pre-order Boutique Shoes, this one's for RM54.
Lastly, the cardigan. :)
Instead of the typical cardigan, why not try something else eye-catching and trendier?
This scarf-cum-cardigan gives a classy touch to any dress or top, especially speghetti tops.
From Ladies Fashion, it is a must have in every closet at RM32!
Well, that's all for today.
Have fun dressing up, ladies!
Oh, and I might be updating late tomorrow and Sunday, as I have plans and might not be able to go online. -.-
Beware of paparazzis!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bag This!

As I stare at bag advertisements across magazines, I must say I am tempted in buying myself some bags!
Anyway, besides going "Ooooh" and "Ahhhh", I am here to show you some wonderful bags to grab!
Bag This! : The Clutch

pictures credits to the net :)
More recommended for evening wear as well as parties, the clutch is a hot element. And when I say hot, I mean HOT.
Long, short, thin, fat, whatever size your clutch may be, it is definitely suitable for your make up items : lipsticks, eye shadows, as well as a mirror, money, tissues and handphone.
Clutches can have that slings on them, tiny handles on them, and so on.
Here are some gorg clutches..
This one says, "I'm IN for attention!"
Go on, be an attention grabbing babe and grab a bright pink clutch.
Loves the shiny feel to it.
Paris Hilton would definitely loves this too! ;)
From The Yellow Pomelo, this clutch is definitely a steal at RM35.

OMG. It's so chio and cute right?
Loves vintage sling clutches.
Available at RM55, it is found in Alice Wonders.

I loves its mesh-ness!
Cute purple clutch with the bling mesh effect; definitely attention grabbing.
At RM65, you will be dinner-ready for sure. ;)
Grab this at Alice Wonders.
Bag This! : The Shoulder

pictures credits to the net
Yep, the most common one. The shoulder bag.
Big, small, whatever size it may come, this bag is definitely one for things like make up, handphone, mirror, umbrella, etc. :)
Anyhoo, here are some hot shoulder bags you'll definitely want.
Loves its snake print in the middle, as well as the gold details. :)
Loves the classy feel to it too!
From Alice Wonders, this hot bag costs RM75.
Star-studded, anyone?
Loves the scarf details on the bag.
Loves the studs too. Stars. ;P
Grab this from TikTok Zone at RM39 only!
Oooh, prints!
Never ever leave home without leopard prints.
They totally show your wild side. ;)
At RM45, it's a must-have college/university bag from VOGUE IN YOU.

I find this pink and light brown coloured bag cute. ;)
Suitable for daily use as well as college.

From Tik Tok Zone, this bag costs only RM36.

Chain-links are hot!
Loves this black leather one from Alice Wonders.
Its labelled Pink Ribbon, which means it is sold exclusively in order to help breast cancer patients.
At RM99, it is a must-have considering the RM10 is going to be donated to charity.
Come on, be a good girl and do your part!
This chain linked bag is totally Chanel inspired, no?
Also from Alice Wonders, grab hold of this classy piece at RM79!
Me loves!

I. Am. Starting. To. Fall. In. Loves. With. Denim. Bags.
Yesss! I find them urban cool. ;)
Also from Alice Wonders, this cool bag retails at RM65.
Bag This! : The Sling
Take note, ladies.
I predict the sling bag is so gonna rock this season!
Versatile and chic, this bag is easy to carry wherever you go!
The most popular slings at the moment are the fringe and studs bags.
Anyhoos, lets check these babies out!
I loves weaves!
They are cool and chic. ;)
From VOGUE IN YOU, grab this baby at RM47! Woots!
Loves the zippers as well as the shape of this bag!
Its totally IN now too!
Available in VOGUE IN YOU, this bag is a grab at RM43!
Oooohs! Gucci inspireds!
Sorry, I tend to put an "s" in everything these days. -.-
Anyway, who's up for Guccis?
They may not be real Guccis, the real ones costs RM1000++, but they still look hot!
From clumsybroccoli, grab this one at RM79 only!
Well, that's all folks. ;)
Grab your bag and march up proud!
Beware of paparazzis! They are IN to take a shot at your bag!

Free Postage With Couture&DOLL

Hello peeps!
I've got good news!
Couture&DOLL is having a promotion and you will definitely don't want to miss this!
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Not only that, when you buy from them now, you will get a waive in postage fees! Woots!
Now, let's check out the goodies and scream, shall we? ;)
This bag totally screams hot!
Something Miss Vanessa Hudgens would wear.

They are still hot!
Now what are you waiting for?
*cues Gwen Stefani's song
Click here to enjoy the privilages now!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Style of The Day : What Would My Mamma Do?

Our favourite stylish celebrity for today is definitely Miss Pixie Lott!
Loves her style, especially those trademark headwear.
Soooo collecting them!

pictures credits to the net
I so loves this outfit. ;)
High-waisted pants, stripes and the blazer makes a totally cute combo!
Ooooh, loves the sunglasses too!
Saw them in Vincci!
Copy her look :
To look as stylish as Miss Lott, do grab yourself them high-waisted pants!
Loves this white one (item f) from Chance Boutique!
Totally loves the stylish zip at the right hand side of the pants, as well as the trendy buttons!
What's more to loves, it's only RM29 each! (after discount!) So worth it right?

Yo, sailor girl! *salutes

Loves them stripes can? What's more, it's a toga dress! You can tuck in the dress into your high-waisted pants (that makes your dress so versatile!)
From lilmisslondon, it costs RM60. Woots!

Omg! Loves this blazer!
Just look at the cutting! Totally Kate-Moss inspired, no? Loves the polka dots print on the folded sleeves of the blazer.

At RM60, it is a grab at Veritas!

Simple, yet hot for casual outings. Even college! (Unless, they have the rule which bans hot pants) Anyhoo, hot pants are the trend this season. So let's get leggy! ;D

Oooh! They have hot pants with stripes on!
Me loves!
What's more, it comes with a free silver candy belt! Belts are hot!
Click away to ChiqFliq to grab this one at RM39!
I'm one for cute tees!
Are you?

Loves this tee. It has two cute little giraffes in love. OMG, totally fits the Valentine's Day mood, no?

At RM15.90, it's totally a grab at Fresh n Chic Boutique!
Denim hot pants are, what else I can say? Hot!
Stars like Jessica Alba, Megan Fox and Jessica Simpson totally rock this look! ;)
From Kitty Tales Boutique, its a must have at RM37!
Ooooh! I've been a fan of Elmo's since I was six!
So cute, isn't it?
What's more it has a red background, totally IT for CNY, no?
Looks totally hot with a pair of denim hot pants!
Grab this at Raspberry Preloved at RM20 only!Loves!
Lols. Loves them statement tees! This one sounds a lil cheeky.
Also from Raspberry Preloved, loves the hearts as well as the words. ;D
Match this with any pair of hot pants and you're in for attention!
RM25 only.
Woots! That's not all, dears.
Accessories are definitely one of the cool items that can rock your outfit!
Let's leave it to the add ons, shall we?
Pixie Lott totally loves these!
Vintage inspired rose rings, anyone?
Loves the gold colour as well as the vintage-y feel to it.
From moose and goose, grab this piece at RM11 each!

Headbands! Me loves! Totally Pixie Lott inspired!

Loves the pleats too! From Nunfish Accessories, get this hottie at RM15 each!

Sling bags are the in thing now, I must say!
Loves this vintage one from Poppy Mallow.
At a price of RM40, who couldn't resist? :)
Ahhh, flats. I find white ballet pumps really versatile.
Match it with a dress, shorts, or even skirt, you'll still totally look hot!
From Raspberry Preloved!, grab this Cotton On flats at RM30 only. ;)
Who can resist studs? I know I can't! :)
Loves the sling too!
Miss Lott would totally loves this one.
Available at Veritas at RM60 each, it's a must-have!
Yes, that's it folks! :)
Dress up and beware of paparazzis! They are screaming for ya!