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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pink N Proper ; Wednesday Bargain : Pretty Dinner Dress for Less!

Pink N Proper Wednesday Bargain! (:

UK high street brand Rare pretty purple dinner dress.

Originally RM99
(oh, did we mention, its inclusive of delivery!)

Click on to Pink N Proper today!


Hola ladies and gents!
Zalora is currently having a wonderful one hour flash sales TODAY (yes, today) from 11am til 12pm!
Oh we are excited!
15% off everything INCLUDING sales items!
Don't miss out! :)

Log on to in FIVE minutes to shop! Or you can start now!
We are excited!

Monday, July 15, 2013

RIP, Cory Monteith

Words cannot express how deeply saddened and shocked we were when news of Cory Monteith's death hit online.
We have been big fans of him & Glee since 2009 and we have always loved Cory.
To be honest, we initially thought it was a prank by the paps but guess it was true.
RIP, Cory Monteith.
Heaven's got a plan for you.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Coming Up Next ; What To Pack To A Holiday Stay (Spring Edition)

Spring ;
Summer ;
Autumn ;

Dependant on each country, its climate might be different.
For example, in Aussie, it's currently winter, whereas in the United Kingdom, its summer.

Therefore, we decided to start with spring first, just in case ;)

For those who are not familiar with spring, it's the time when temperature starts to increase & when beautiful flowers start to bloom.
This picture above was taken in Japan, and it depicts the cherry blossoms, or sakura. A beauty, isn't it?

Anyway, stay tuned! ;)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hey There, Bikini Girl!

Oooh, the sun is heating up!
Time to go to the beach & get your bikinis on!
What's more, its mid season sale everyone! 
Don't worry, there will still be posts on what to bring when traveling (;

peep boutique is having a bikini sale!
Up to 50% off on bikinis! Woots!


Price range from as low as RM19 til RM27!
Affordable or what!

Check them out! (:

Monday, July 8, 2013

What's In My Bag? (TRAVEL Edition - Domestic)

Hello girls! (oh and guys, a sneaky HELLO!)
As you may have noticed, we have been jetsetting around the globe with our travel editions! (:
We are pretty sure you girls have a headache wondering what to bring for your travels.
We decided to show you ours! 
Also, we will provide you tips & tricks on what to bring and such!
NOTE : This is a domestic edition girls, so yes, items may vary for international edition due to restrictions and such.
Oh, and if you are a contact lens wearer, please remember to pack an extra contact lens solution case as well as a travel bottle for your solution! We'd also advise you to bring an extra pair of contact lenses just in case! Not to forget your glasses too!

Here's what we packed in ours :
1) Topshop face wipes ;
Face wipes are multipurpose and important.
Halfway through the journey your skin will be tired and oily, hence we advise you wipe your face after the entire journey. (:
Also, face wipes double up as cleanser as well as toner and also, wipes to wipe your hands or body.
We heart multipurpose stuff!

2) My Lip Stuff lip balm in Banana Cream Pie *flavour varies according to one's taste
Lip balms are essential just in case your lip cracks due to the dryness of the environment.
We love ours natural! And we love this one from My Lip Stuff! Yums!

3) Mascara & eyelash curler
If there is one make up item we can't live without, its got to be mascara.
Elongate your lashes and look good all the time!

4) The Body Shop Hemp wax
This multipurpose moisturiser is ideal for face, body and hands.
We love!

5) Perfume samples (we love DKNY Be Delicious for day & Hugo Boss Nuit for nights)
We'd advise you bring perfume samples.
Because they are handy & you can bring as many as you like!
So please, don't chuck away samples you like! Save them for travels!

6) Shampoo samples
We prefer bringing samples for shampoo & body shampoo when traveling.
They are handy and good to use (:

7) Masks
Everyone loves a pamper treatment every once or two.
We love our masks from Sasa.

8) Deodorant
Nuff' said.

9) Hair leave on
We brought ours from Dove.
We love leave ons. They can substitute conditioner any time when traveling.

10) Toner & Essence
Yes, we brought  a mini toner & facial essence.
They are important. Don't skip your skincare routine just cos' you're traveling!

11) Hand cream
For dry and wrinkled hands.
We love our lavender hand cream from L'occitane.

12) Hair tie
For emergencies such as hot and humid weather.

13) A pen
You know, just in case there's a lucky draw form you need to fill.
Just kidding, a pen is essential.
They help you avoid "where's the pen?" questions.

14) Pastilles
Just in case your throat hurts.
They act as a breath freshener too!

So yes, that's it for our domestic travel editions bag. 
Remember to adhere to rules & also, pack light!
Also, don't bring full sized stuff. Transfer them to compact travel sized bottles.
Bring an eye mask as well just in case.
We'd also advise you bring mints just in case. Don't forget mini tooth brush & toothpaste!
We also bring a mini mouthwash just in case we can't brush our teeth!

That's all, stay tuned for our next post! (:

Monday, July 1, 2013

5 Things We Want Today (010713) : 1st of July!

Time to celebrate the beginning of a fresh new month with fresh new updates from these fantastic newbies! (:

Start the month of July with some fun neon!
We absolutely love this hot pink neon top! (:
Pretty and elegant, no?
Perfect for work & play.


Find & Found, NOW RM35

Tribal prints have always been on top of our love list.
We adore this pretty yet chic tribal print jumpsuit.
Pair them with sky high black heels for a sexy look!
We heart!


If fun is not your thing, elegance is, this is for you.
We love how sophisticated this dress looks.
With its pretty floral Chanel-inspired mesh top, we also adore its feminine flare skirt.
Look like a dainty duchess in this pretty dress! Love!


sugar in cookies, RM30 *light blue

This pretty angel-wing iPhone 4/4s phone case is ideal for that fun girl next door!
Do you know a person's personality can be revealed through looking at their phone covers?
We absolutely love this cutie!
Stand out in the crowd!

Dainty Little Trinkets, RM16 (remakes available ; do request)

We fell in love with this pretty red piece the moment we saw this.
Red jewelry is super pretty, and can be matched with most outfits!
We love the bird details & the pendant 'COURAGE' attached to this bracelet.
Inspired! (:

Have fun this month of July & we wish you the best month ever! 
Loves & kisses!