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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Blogstores!

New blogstores in store for you guys ;

...and many more!
Do look out for these lovelies!

Eccentric Pieces

Hello peeps!
Today owl show you some cute pieces I found in some cool blogstores! ;)
Yes, you've guessed it!
Owls and vintage. :)
Celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Mischa Barton have been spotted with vintage pieces lately.
Here's how to rock the vintage owl piece! (We are HUGE fans of owls!)
Omg, this is an absolute favorite!
An owl vintage long necklace! :)
For RM16 each only, this gorgeous necklace has a locket where you can store your photo in it!
Now, you can 'clutch' your fave photo everywhere you go!
Available in A Fashion Story.

Owl rings!
Oh, not to mention teddy bears too!
Super adorable, aren't they? ;)
From Happy Blossoms, these fun and vintage rings make beautiful accessories!
For RM25, you'll stand out in the crowd!
Loves the cutesie ribbons and elegant lil diamonds too!

So, what are you waiting for?
Grab an owl today and owl get back to you soon! ;)

Oh, and blow kisses to the paps! They're bound to be envious towards your cute vintage owl pieces. ;P

Last Day!

Just a short notice, Beetch is having their Christmas sales and today is the last day!
Hurry hurry, go on and get some fab clothes, including their newly restocked Fred Perry inspired shirt! (FINAL restock!)

Hello Kitty Loves!

Good news all you Hello Kitty fans!
Remember the famous Hello Kitty line from H&M?
Well, they are now available HERE in Malaysia, all thanks to miss shopaholic's closet!
Due to popular demand, they are now restocking these Hello Kitty goodies!
Do take note though, stocks are limited as they will be brought back on lugguage from Europe!
Here's what to expect : (LOVES the pink packaging!)
The Hello Kitty Strawberry and Bubblegum body lotion. Mmmmm, I bet they smell delish!
These body lotions cost RM35 each! (NOTE; not a set, but each!)

These Hello Kitty lip balms are so adorable!
For a set of two lip balms, they cost RM35! :)

Oooh, a shower gel set!
They consist of the strawberry shower gel, bubblegum body lotion and bubblegum shower gel!
Be assured to smell yummy after using these!
For RM39 a set, its worth it!

Now, hurry up! :)
Book yours now with miss shopaholic's closet before its too late!
Items arrive February 2011.
Celebs like Kimora Lee Simmons and Paris Hilton are fans of Hello Kitty!

Smile and wink at the paparazzis! ;)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Spread The Rumor With HOT Lips!

First, there was My Lip Stuff. Now, here comes Crazy Rumors! :D
We are SO happy we're finally getting these lip balms imported directly to us (without US going to the States to try them)
Vavy Cadbury, the Crazy Rumors Malaysian store, is bringing you tons of Crazy Rumors lip balms at the price of ONLY RM15!
In case you don't know, Crazy Rumors is a lip balm brand from the States. (DUH?!)
They are made with moisturising shea butter and soothing organic jojoba oil.
Contains natural organic flavors, pure essential oils, and natural mineral colors.
All are cruelty free and vegan! (which means, no animals were bashed at the making of these lip balms!)
They are slightly sweetened with natural Stevia, so don't worry when you accidentally licked your lips, instead of some chemical-like flavor some people like me might have experienced from some horrible tasting lip balms, these taste good!
For those with sensitive lips, do take note of the ingredients list here before buying. :)
Anyway, its time to excite you with these flavors!
The Ala Mode ;
The description itself sounds yummy!

Mint Chocolate Ala Mode! ;)
Who does not loves mint choccies?
Oh la la!

Now here's a nice flavor everyone should try!
Banana Split!
Being a huger than huge fan of the dessert, I'm tempted to try this one out too! :P

Freshly Squeezed;

Create juicy lips with this range!

Pink grapefruit juice! :)
Me loves grapefruit!
Pucker up with this fresh flavor whenever you're feeling down.

Candy Cane;

"I'm missing you like candy!"

Instead of the usual candy cane lip balm, why not try this?
Pineapple and peppermint makes a refreshing start throughout the day!

This delicious range is so juicy, I gotta try it!

Grape bubble!
Who doesn't loves grapes?
I know I loves!
Ignite your senses with this grape lip balm bubblegum flavor and be the centre of attention!

For those of you who do not know which flavor to choose, we've came up with a list of categories for you!
When you're feeling happy;
-Banana Split Ala Mode
-Peppermint Twist (Candy Cane)
-Bubblegum (Gumball)
-French Vanilla (Perk)

When you're feeling down;
-Ginger Ale (Soda Pop)
-Mint Chocolate (Ala Mode)
-Spiced Chai (Brew)
-Pink Grapefruit Juice (Freshly Squeezed)

When you're feeling flirty;
- Grape Bubble (Gumball)
-French Vanilla (Perk)
-Black Cherry (Soda Pop)
-Peppermint and Pineapple (Candy Cane)

When you're feeling angry;
-Root Beer (Soda Pop)
-Black Cherry (Soda Pop)
-Spiced Chai (Brew)

When you need to relax ;
-Lemonade (Freshly Squeezed)
-Orange Bergamot (Brew)
-Mint Chocolate (Ala Mode)
-Ginger Ale (Soda Pop)

When you want to have fun;
-Cola (Soda Pop)
-Banana Split (Ala Mode)
-Bubblegum (Gumball)
-Grape Bubble (Gumball)

When you feel awake and alive;
-Coffee Bean (Perk)
-Peppermint Twist (Candy Cane)
-Pineapple and Peppermint (Candy Cane)
-Mint Chocolate (Ala Mode)
-Spiced Chai (Brew)
-Cola (Soda Pop)

That's all folks!
We're tempted to get these lip balms too!
(Oh, there's a promo too! If you purchase 1-9 pieces of lip balms, pay only RM14.50 for each lip balm.
If you buy more than 10 pieces, pay ONLY RM14 for each lip balm)

Have fun, juicy lips ala Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox!


To All Dearies!

New blogshops coming right up!
Stay tuned! :)
Have a great New Year's Eve tomorrow!

For The Love of Jeggings!

Jeggings oh jeggings, what can we do without you?
Jeggings are now a BIG hit amongst celebrities as well as trendsetters!;)
Now, what are jeggings?
As many of you know by now, jeggings is a combination of jeans and leggings. It looks as stylish as skinny jeans and is as comfortable as leggings. (MY definition. Lols)
Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Whitney Port, Mary Kate Olsen, Hilary Duff and Rachel Bilson are all seen rocking the jeggings trend lately.
pictures credits to the net
Now, *jeng jeng jeng..
The moment you girls have been waiting for!
blackmilkproject brings you these cute and cool jeggings you CANNOT miss!

Let's take a look!
Ooh, absolutely adore this one!
Reminds us of Evisu jeans. ;)
Loves how cool and stylish this pair of jeggings look.
Perfect for any girl!

Hey yo!
This pair of jeggings is so rugged, its so cool!
Bring out the 'tomboy' in you with this pair of cool jeggings!
Loves how its ripped. ;P
So Miley Cyrus inspired!

Girls, if you are searching for a perfect everyday pair of jeggings for college, we recommend you this.
Look chic and stylish in this pair of blue jeggings!
Your college fashion police will approve! :)

Finally, for the sweetheart!
Loves how adorable the pockets of this jeggings are!
Hearty hearts!

Don't worry, there are more choices in blackmilkproject! (the Superstar jeggings are gorgeous as well!)
What's more, one costs ONLY RM35; whilst you can get two for RM60! Bargain!

Happy shopping!
(Beware of paparazzis!)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

OMG, Hampers!

We totally agree; more blogshops should have hampers like this one!
The peeps at La Dolce have came up with these fantastic goodies just for you guys!
For ONLY RM30, these hampers make wonderful gifts to friends and family members! :)
What's inside these, you ask?
You get 5 items!
They consist of : earrings, lady scrunchy, flower/ribbon hairband, ring/bracelet/hairclip/twistable headband, AND one special gift!

Gorgeous, ain't it?
Take note though, the RM30 DOES NOT include postage!

Shop this goody now at La Dolce!


The moment we checked our mails, we got really excited!
Because there's PLENTY of sales still going on! :D
In order to celebrate the New Year, Fabric Fanatics are holding this wonderful Year End Promo!
What's the promo, you ask?
10% discount and FREE POSTAGE for ALL purchases ABOVE RM20!
(free shipping only applicable to residents of Malaysia)
The promo ends 31st January 2011.

Be sure to check out Fabric Fanatics at the Tropicana City Mall on the 22nd January 2011!

Log on to Fabric Fanatics NOW for more cutesie fabrics!

Boxing Day SALES!

Hello dears!
We know Christmas is over, (boo hoo!) and Boxing Day is yesterday.
But that does not mean we're missing out on these goodies!
Intricate Frocks is having a Boxing Day sales and it's exciting as ever!
When you purchase 1 item, you get 15% off total purchase!
2 items; 30% off total purchase!
3 items or more; 45% off total purchase!
And what's the goodies you can find in Intricate Frocks, you ask?
Well, imported goodies from Aussie, of course!
Gorgeous, imported goodies! ;)
But do take note though, promo ends 28/12/10 ; MIDNIGHT!
So hurry!
Log on to Intricate Frocks for more!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas, People!

Hello! :)
Us at Shop Like A Celebrity! would like to wish all our dearest readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
May this year and next year be WONDERFUL!
Have a great time celebrating with loved ones.
We will resume blogging on the 29th of December as we will be going away for an overseas trip til the 29th.
Thank you and have a wonderful time!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Contest : WIN A Flavour!

OK, we were just kidding.
This ain't a Baskin Robbins contest.
Anyway, this is a contest you won't wanna miss!
What's Your Flavor? has just launched a contest that starts today; on the 22nd of December and ends on the 2nd January 2011.

How to win?
Easy peasy!
Just submit a photo of yourself having fun this Christmas season!
Get as many friends as possible to LIKE your picture and stand a chance to win these fantastic goodies!
There will be 6 prizes to be won.
Here you go :
1st prize winner gets to choose any piece from What's Your Flavor AND a mystery gift!
2nd prize winner gets a free pair of contact lens from Whats Your Flavor Add On!
3rd prize winner gets a mystery gift!
2 consolation winners will get a RM10 voucher each!
The best dress will get a voucher as well!
You can submit any picture you want; including those little childhood pictures of you! ;)

Send in your entries to
They will post your pictures on their Facebook, so get your friends to LIKE your picture so you can win the above goodies!

And before I close, here are some of the goodies found in the What's Your Flavor store!
You might just win one of these yummy-licious goodies! :D

picture credits to net
Vanessa Hudgens is looking gorgeous as usual with them bangles!

Now you can dress up like Vanessa too; with these cool bangles from What's Your Flavor!

picture credits to the net
Stylish Rachel Bilson looks fabulous in this cool sailorette top!

Look like a hot sailorette with this one. ;)

So..what are you waiting for?
Get ready with your Christmas outfit and start posing for pictures now!
The camera loves you!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Countdown : 3 More DAYS!

It's three more days to Christmas! ;)
Ladies, have you gotten your Christmas outfits ready yet?
I have!
Party on this Christmas with these dresses (above) from Adda Boutique!
These gorgeous festive dresses are available at RM38 each. :)
Go on, get yours now at Adda Boutique today.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Ugh, stupid me! I followed this email from so-called Maybank and my account was blocked from the real Maybank as they found out my account has been hacked by another user. Girls, do NOT respond to such emails like I did! Lesson learnt. Bad. sighs.
These are the contents of the spam mail : (PLEASE DO NOT REPLY OR OBEY WHAT THE EMAIL SAYS!)
I hope this helps. SPREAD THE WORD!
Maybank Alert: December 2010 Security Update.
Maybank Group.
Add to Contacts

Dear Valued Customer,

Your account have been flagged by our security experts.
You are therefore required to verify your details to avoid service suspension.

CLICK HERE to continue

Important Notice:
Ensure you Request a TAC. Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) is required to complete this update.
Failure to provide a TAC will lead to account suspension.

Customer Service

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Special : Presents for The Accessory Lover II

Hello! :)
As told, this is our second part for our Christmas feature, "Presents for the Accessory Lover II"
This time, we feature bracelets, bangles, some necklaces, hair accessories. :)
Get ready to pamper yourself and friends and family members with these cool goodies!

The bracelets : Nothing over RM20!
Studs are the IN thing!
There has been an ongoing studs trend this year.
Brace yourself with some rocker chick aka Miley Cyrus with these cool studs bracelets. :)
From Agape Boutique, they are only RM12 each!

Oooh! Love bracelets for the sweeties!
Give yourself and your friends some love with this bracelet from Agape Boutique.
Comes in a range of colours, this is only RM5!
Way to go!

The Bangles : Gorgeous, colourful bits!
Add some colours to your wardrobe and your friends or even your sister's!
These colourful babies will never go out of style. ;)
Grab them from Agape Boutique, at RM8 each!

These are really classy!
Girls, you gotta stock up on these!
Spotted on celebs like Nicole Richie, Vanessa Hudgens, as well as Hilary Duff and Jamie Lynn Singler, these are really versatile and can match any outfit!
From Agape Boutique, they are only RM5 for a set of 5 pieces! ;)

These gold and silver bangles are fab!
Totally inspired by Kimora Lee Simmons.
Look hot with these at only RM15 for 2 at QQ15 Store!

The necklaces : Little cute charms on your neck. ;)
Oopsie daisy!
Give this daisy necklace to your friends for only RM15 for 2 from QQ15 Store!
That means, one daisy necklace for you, and the other for your sister! Or friend! ;)

This is really pretty and chic.
Available in Agape Boutique, this cool necklace is so IN the trend right now!
Girls, stock up on these! They're gorgeous!
For RM16, these are worth it!

The hair accessories : From Blair of GG to elegant hair buns!
This cute head band so reminds us of Blair from Gossip Girl!
Make like Blair and get this head band from Agape Boutique at only RM10 each!

Not a head band fan but need to get over the bad hair days?
These simple yet cute babies are just for you!
From Agape boutique, this makes perfect Christmas gifts to friends you've just known!
For RM5 each, they are available in so many cool colours! ;)

Lastly, cute hair buns scrunchies!
Give these to your friends as Christmas presents and rock the elegant hair bun!
From Shop In One, these polka dot cuties are available in many cute colours!
RM9 each! ;)

Have a great time shopping for Christmas presents this season!
Remember to smile! :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Special : Presents for The Accessory Lover

Dear Santa,

This Christmas, I am planning to get my pals pretty accessories as presents.

However, I have a budget when it comes to this. Help!


Lila the Accessory freak

Dear Lila the Accessory freak,

No worries dear! This guide will help you!



This Christmas, lets take cue from fashionable celebrities like Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, and Emma Watson and start accessorizing! ;)




pictures credits from the net

These celebrities rock Tinseltown with them accessories!

You and your best friends should rock Malaysia with them accessories too! :)

Here are some gift ideas for your friends and yourself!

Oh, not to mention your mum too! ;)

The bags : (RM30 onwards!)


We're so loving quilted things this season!

From Miss Shopaholic's Closet, get this quilted clutch for only RM37!

Perfect for your bestest friend ever! Or even Mum! :)


OK, we know you guys are on a budget, but there's nothing wrong spoiling Mum!

Pamper her this Christmas with this Scora bag from Smashing Pit Stop.

For RM400 inclusive of Pos Laju / COD, your mum will love you for it!


Oh, this is gorgeous!

Get one of these for yourself, your sister or your mum!

Absolutely adore the jewels encrusted on this tiny wristlet.

What's more, its Vera Wang! ;)

RM250 from Bagganza Boutique.


This bag is totally chic!

Get this for that best childhood friend!

From Steve Madden, this gorgeous bag comes in two sleek colours, red and brown.

Priced RM250, it is worth it!

Get this from The Sut.

The earrings : Cutesy pieces for as low as RM10!


These pair of earrings are OMG so cute!

Get one pair of every best friend this Christmas! :)

For only RM11, this pair of fancy earstuds are to die for at A Fashion Story!


Santa Claus!

So cute, ain't it!

Pamper your friends with some Santa Claus earrings! ;)

For only RM11, you can get them at A Fashion Story. :D


These are simply gorgeous.

Classy and sleek!

From moose and goose, add some Midas' touch onto your friend's accessory wardrobe with these pair of earrings!

For RM10, you can grab this from moose and goose.

The necklaces : Gorgeous, chic and classy; from as low as RM10!


Ah, the influence of movies.

Ever since watching Message In The Bottle, I remember going to the beaches; writing lil love notes and placing them in lil bottles.

Now you can do that too; minus the beach!

Instead, leave a sweet message to that best friend of yours.

Not to mention, it comes in a necklace too!

For RM29 (it's ON SALE!), grab this from Little Madeleines.


Chokers are IN!

These chokers are pretty and dainty.

Really feminine too!

From Maggie's Trinket Box, grab this two tier chokers for RM35.

Available in three pretty colours!


This necklace is so Nicole Richie inspired!

Loves the vintage feel it has to it. ;)

From moose and goose, this goddess like necklace is a steal at RM10 only!


Well, that's all for now!

But not yet; there's still a part II; anklets, bracelets, bangles, rings, hats and belts!

So stay tuned!

Loves! ;)