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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Contest : Perfect Shoes!

Calling all shoeaholics! ;)
The Shoe Cupboard is hosting a competition, and you can win fab prizes!
Here's how you can WIN!

When's the contest?
NOW til 12th of May 2011!

What to do to win?
The Shoe Cupboard is looking for the BIGGEST SPENDER!
Don't worry, though, you need not purchase 10 shoes to win! ;P
That's when your friends step in!
Any shoes bought by your friends will be accumulated as your points as well!
That way, you girls can share share the prize vouchers. :)

Ummm, hah? How?
When you shop with The Shoe Cupboard,
1 pair = 1 point
Collect as many points as possible to win!
When your friend shops at The Shoe Cupboard,
1 pair = 1 point
She has to quote your name when she shops so you can accumulate more points.
If you win, the cash vouchers can be shared equally amongst YOU and your helpful dear friends!

Oh, so that's how it goes. What are the prizes?
You'll go crazy for them!
1st prize = RM100 cash rebate
2nd prize = RM50 cash rebate
3rd prize = RM30 cash rebate

Start shopping for your fave pair and who knows, you'll be in the running in winning RM100 cash rebate vouchers!

To perk you with excitement, The Shoe Cupboard is also having SALES!
10% OFF storewide!

Have fun!

NOT 1, But 2?!

"Two is better than one"

It's true!
Earlier, we told you there'll be ONE competition.
Time has changed. ;)

There's TWO competitions NOW!
Look out for them!

Stay tuned!

The Kins' Pre Fall 2011 Collection!

NOW this is a collection everyone should be looking forward to!
Coz all the clothes in this collection are designed by the owner of The Kins, Michelle Ooi, herself!
Not only that, I'm sure all of us like to stand out and be unique...and Michelle Ooi helps us do that.
Each piece modeled in this current collection is exclusive and limited, which means there's only ONE piece in the entire world!
So you don't have to worry bumping into a girl who wears the same outfit as you. ;)

Price ranges from RM160 - RM380

Check out her fabulous collection NOW @ The Kins.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Queen Of My Heart : Rock The 80s! ;)

Hi everyone!
How's your Mother's day shopping going? ;)
We hope it's a wonderful one!

I'm pretty sure in every mother there's a 80s girl still beneath her.
Puffy hair, polka dots, high waisted, funky prints..they rock during the 60s.
Who says they can't rock now? ;)
picture credits to the net
Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn are both beautiful and talented.
We're sure all our readers are as beautiful and as talented as their moms too!

Here are some pretty clothes you can give your mom to bring out the 80s chic in her.
We loves this retro prints dress!
Disco was really popular back in the 80s!
Make your mom the disco queen with this dress from blackmilkproject for only RM45.

Ah, polka dots.
A classic 80s look.
We're pretty sure your mom wears polka dots back then as well.
This dress has pockets on the sides. Loves it!
From blackmilkproject, this dress is ideal for your mom's dates with your dad! ;)

Let your mom bring out the 80s in her in her workplace!
Looking gorgeous is this top from Bluey Joyce. Classic!
Available at only RM36, your mom will look really pretty in this top paired with wide leg pants and shoes.

Make your mom an 80s trophy wife with this sweet dress from Peep!
Loves the frills on the side as well as the polka dots!
Get this baby at RM55, and make your dad swoon by your mom's cuteness in this dress! ;P

This top looks really cute when paired with a pair of high waisted pants! ;)
Your mom's going to loves this!
From Playground Boutique, get this for RM39.

Have a good time shopping for your mom!
You and your mom, smile for the cameras!
Your mom deserves some camera time too! ;)

More Updates, Tomorrow!

Get excited, ladies, cause we're going to bring you more special updates tomorrow!
It's right here, at Shop Like A Celebrity!

Also, there'll be a special competition you can't resist too! ;)