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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Devil Wears Prada

Prada handbags are gorg, don't you think? I just love them!
Celebrities like Eva Longoria and Hilary Duff too! Just look at the bags they're carrying! Prada's pretty, isn't it?

Yeah, the price's pretty too! You have to save up plenty to own one; unless you're really rich! :)

Omg this Prada's bag's so gorg and pretty, can?
It's like the IT bag now! I melted immediately when I saw this bag. Hilary Duff is having it too!
Just look at the design of this bag; so unique. I like the girl's picture on the bag. ;)
This bag would normally costs more than RM6000 if you ask me. :(
So expensive can? Oh well, it's Prada! What's more it's the celebrity bag of the moment. *sighs.
Now you can have an almost similar one too! Just look at the bag above! Almost the same, no? Except for the green color instead of white. :) But it's still gorg can?
And you would be screaming for joy now 'cause you can get this for 1/6 the price! It's RM400 only! Yes, one four and two zeros; four hundred RINGGIT ONLY! Replicas are cool can?
Get this from Only Branded Replica now! And look as gorg as Hilary Duff! ;)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Note To All

There has been an increasing amount of e-shops being set up from time to time; to which, many are cheats. I've been recieving complains about certain e-shops in which; after the e-shopaholic banks in the money, he/she did not recieve or hear anything from the respective e-shop owners again. If such case has happened to you, it's best to immediately report the e-shop owner to the police at once.
I also advise you e-shopaholics to beware of such "fake" e-shops and please get feedback from others about this e-shop. Also, to all e-shop owners, it's great to get customer feedback, so at least your customers will know that your e-shop can be trusted.

Besides that, there have also been an increase in cheating e-shopaholics. Don't get what I mean? Here's an example : A, a customer for e-shop B, ordered many clothes from that e-shop. She promised to bank in an amount of RM*** to that B's owner's account. After "banking in" the money, she sms-es the e-shop owner telling her that she has banked in the money. The e-shop owner then checks her bank account, only to see nothing being banked in into her account. She contacts A, only to find A missing.
Hey, although e-shopping is more like a hobby to many people, this matter should be taken seriously. What if the e-shop owner B sells pre-ordered items and she has ordered the items already? She has to pay the losses, you know. And this is not a good thing. What if the item is really hot selling and many people want it? She could have lose potential customers. Please think for them and not for yourself only.
I therefore advise you e-shop owners to be careful of such customers. If such thing has happened to you, don't wait any longer if that customer does not reply with a good excuse/does not bank in within the days given, just cancel their orders. If you're selling pre-ordered stuff and has ordered the items, do post the items in your e-shop and let others know that you are selling them off. Who knows potential customers will come?

I want you readers/e-shop owners to give me your feedback/suggestions on how to settle this matter. Do leave comments about this. Much appreciated. :)
Also, to all you people who have been in the wrong by getting involved with such incidents, please have a heart and don't repeat such mistakes again. I know advising you all won't really work; but, please think about it. What if you are in these people's situation? How would you feel? What will you do? Do think about it. Thank you.

Woots! Win a RM50 shopping voucher! :)

Omg! Too good to be true!
Don't believe your eyes when you saw this title?
Do continue reading for more!

Think Glamz is giving away an RM50 voucher to one lucky e-shopaholic!
To win,
just answer the questions:

1.Will you dress up to look good?
Yes / No

2.And tell us in 20 words or less “Does wearing glamorous clothes make you more confident. Why?”

Email the answers to before 22 March 2009.

Omg! Excited already? Hurry use your creative juices to think up of something!
Before you start your answering, I say you should read the Terms and Conditions apply first. :)

-There will only be (one) winner the most creative and outstanding one will win so be as creative as you can!
-Anyone can participate in this contest.
-Only (one) entry per email address. (this is to be fair to everyone so that one may not be sending in too many entries.)
- The winner will be notify by email on 24 March 2009 before 10pm.
- The RM 50 award entitled the winner to choose anything she/he wants in Think Glamz site.
- Items are due to availability of stock.
-If the value of the goods exceeds the awarded sum, the bearer should pay the difference.
-If the value of the goods is short of the awarded fund, no refund will be given.
- Not applicable for any discounted items.
-The award does not include postage fee so the winner has to bare the postage cost COD are available within Klang Valley areas only.
-The closing date for submission is on the 22 March 2009 so late entries will not be entertained.
-In case of any disputes, decision of Think Glamz will be final.

Good luck, babes and dudes! Believe me, YOU WOULD WANT TO WIN THIS! :)

For more info visit

Click on this link : Think Glamz for more!
Oh my my! I'm so excited already!
Gotta check out this too! ;)

Sales Sales!

Omg! Le Femme Fatale is having a clearance sales! Are you excited? Hurry up grab all the pretty stuffs available in their e-shop before someone else grabs them! :)

Besides that, Affordable + Stylish is having their SUPER ONLINE SALES (SOS)!!
All items are below RM50! That's like so wonderful can?

Will update soon on more sales sites! :)
At the meantime, happy shopping!

A Shop Like A Celebrity Special :Under The Sun

Jumps around fanning herself.
This is what you do when the weather is hot!
Thankfully there's rain occassionally! Fuh!
During spring or summer in the US, celebrities like Halle Berry and Hilary Duff would all prepare themselves with clothes suitable for the summer.
We, Malaysians, unfortunately, have to stay in a country where the weather's equally hot everytime; except for certain times; thankfully!
So, here are some clothes in which, I think, is great during the hot weather. :)
Definitely proves to you that you can still look pretty under such weather. ;)
This halter top is realllyyy pretty.
AND it's perfect for our country's weather. ;)
Get this gorg top from Chamber of Fashion.
It's RM44 without postage and RM46 with postage.
You can pair this gorg thing with a pair of jeans or shorts and you're good to show off that tan! ;)
I likeyyy tube tops!
I find this one gorg too!
Don't you just agree with me?
Something Hilary Duff and Jojo would wear!
Available at Chamber of Fashion, this hot top costs RM44 without postage and RM46 with postage!
So come on, if you're looking for a pretty tube top, click on the Chamber of Fashion link today! ;)
Remember to accessorize too; so this top wouldn't look very plain.
Omg this is so cute can?
I've seen celebrities like Alicia Keys wearing such dresses.
Oh, Kim Kardashian too!
Yellow is SO the color of summer. ;)
Get this from Wings of Fashione at RM40 only!
The sleeves of the dress is very airy so I'm sure it'll be cooling! :)
Playsuits are in!
Pair them up with accessories and a cap and you're ready to go!
I like this color too! Hot pink's like so one of a kind, no?
Get this playsuit from Little McQueen at RM55 each!
I really like this Victorian inspired blouse.
It's seen often on Taiwanese and Jap celebrities. ;)
Koreans too!
Get this from Vejae at RM49.
You can wear this top in many ways; off shoulder or normal. :)
I like the design on this top.
So airy!
Get this from French Kiss at RM43!
Available in other pretty colors, you can pair this top with jeans or skirt! ;)
I fell for this dress instantly when I saw it!
Also from French Kiss, this dress is so suitable for our weather, don't you think?
At RM43, I say this dress is worth every sen!
My, this top is pretty, don't you think? ;)
From French Kiss, this top costs RM25.
The material is suitable for our weather too!
Pair it with shorts or a pair of jeans. :)
I love this top!
So hot can?
I know it's pretty weird for me to call a top hot, but who cares?
From Daisy Deariesx, this top costs RM25!
It has ruffle details too!
Omg! Are you clicking on the link already? :)

This top is suitable for elegant babes.
Look really classy in this from Daisy Deariesx.
It's RM29 each.
And it comes in many fun fun colors! Woots! ;)
I especially looooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeeee this tube top!
Just look at the stripes!
Just so gorg and cute at the same time can?
From Daisy Deariesx, this top costs RM30 each. RM50 for 2! :)
It looks so yummy I wanna buy each of every color!

If you're someone who loves colorful and cute tops;
suitable for the weather here, do log on to
Daisy Deariesx to check them out!
They are simply pretty!

I love the details of this top!
From hotchicksrox, this top comes in four sweet colors.
I'd love to pair this top with shorts and oh-so-yummy bracelets and plastic jewelry!
RM30 each. :)
This kind of tops are now really IN trend. :)
Get this from a lil of everything at RM25 each.
Free shipping too babes!;)
Whoa! So many choices, so little time. With the weather like this, my closet is almost filled with speggheti and tube tops to match the hot weather.
Remember, dress comfortably too. Don't follow other people when it comes to dressing; you can be inspired by them, but if the cloth is not comfortable for you, I say it's best if you wear something else in which you feel is better. :)
And remember, drink lots of water! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh-So-High Waisted :)

Hellooo people :) Trisha is back! Thanks Myra for the help! And thanks for the well wishes. You are wonderful! ;)

It's written all over. High waisted anything is IN right now! Yeah, it is so in in Hollywood right now, many celebrities are seen wearing them! ;)
So, due to this trend, I'm going to feature in my next post anything high-waisted!
Omg I'm so excited! I missed blogging as much as I miss shopping! :(
Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Crazy Short Update

Myra here. Trish hasn't fully recovered yet. :(
Therefore, since I'm bored out, I would like to help inform you guys with some wonderful updates! ;)
(Forgive me if I'm a little different from Trish ;( )
Phelauwer Boutique : You've gotta check out this layered dress ; Little Princess! It's just so in trend and I say, the price's pretty too! RM48 WITH postage! Think I'd forget to include a pretty pic of the dress? ;)

I was jumping for joy when I saw this!
This hot maxi's back!

Anyhow, it's their last time restocking, so hurry up!Come get some!

This maxi will be arriving next week; so all you gotta do is order now and make a minimum payment of RM25 to hold it!

More info : A.Fashion.Reborn

I am a fan of such heels.
They're just gorgeous!

Get this from Little McQueen at RM165 including postage!

It has total celeb flavor to it! Sarah Jessica Parker's seen in it! Woots!

Alrighty then, I will help my sister update with more soon! ;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hello people, Myra here. My sister Trish would not be able to blog for a week or two because she is currently at the hospital. She will return to updating soon; when she recovers.
Thank you for your co-operation.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Be Mine? (Valentine's Special I)

I was wide-mouthed when I saw these two specially-designed t-shirts. Like, omg isn't it so gorg? It's unique too! Shannon (the owner of Rosette Coutures) has a really creative mind, don't you think? ;)
Just look at the design on the shirts. My, aren't they just pretty?

I really really like this girls' baby tee! These two tees are designed specially for Valentine's day; so do mark your calendars and log in to Rosette Coutures often to check out the time this shirts are available to order! ;)
And yo' single dudes and ladies, you are not left out too! :)
Note : This is a sneak preview; but I'm so excited about this omg sorry that's why I decided to feature a post about this to inform those of you who don't know about this yet!
More on Valentine's day soon! ;)
More info : Rosette Coutures.

Going Once, Going Twice, ..GONE! ;) (UPDATED Post)

Hey ya'll!
As many of you know, Princess Feverlicious is having an auction; and it closes tonight! (by 12 am, ladies and gentlemen!)
So, like a shopaholic as you are, I say, come on! Hurry up and bid your last bid before it's gone! (Seriously bid bid bid bid before you regret not bidding for it!) Ah, complicated sentence; to make it easier to understand, click here to start bidding! I've checked the blog and I really reeeeallllyyy like the Lavishing Tube Dress (Ah this one is so gorg!), the Blueberry (Suitable for the beach babes!), and the Viva Top (Omg so sexy!) ;) .
So what are you waiting for babes! Go on, click the link given to check them out!
You won't regret it! ;)

If you're feeling sad 'cause you don't get the chance to bid the last item you wanted, I'm here to tell you the good news! ;)
This is 'cause Princess Feverlicious is extending the bid til the 10th of February (midnight)!
Woots! Hurry click the link to check it out now!
Place your final bids here!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wear It Fun!

Fun, flirty, stylish; that's what these girls are labelled for. ;)
With cute clothes and a fun personality; these celebrities have been setting trends and also, stole the hearts of many, with their funky taste in clothes.

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Ashley Tisdale, Demi Lovato, Avril Lavigne and Daisy Lowe are all examples of fun, happy celebrities! Their style is everyday fun; and will catch the eye of others. They believe in simplicity yet fun. Mixing and matching colors are also important.
Polka dots, brights, funky prints, and big bold words are mainly their choice when it comes to clothes. ;)
Bikinis are something worn in the beach.
The weather in Malaysia is really hot these days;
so why not wear a bikini and go to the beach
and have lots of fun!
I find this bikini fun yet sexy; something celebrity Katy Perry and Ashley Tisdale would wear.
If you think black is boring, pair this with bright colorful jewelry and you're good to have
a fun time in the beach!
Get this for RM35, from Thirsty Stilettos.
You won't regret ;)
I can't help staring at the screen when I see this dress!
The exact same one; from Chanel!
Spotted on the catwalk and on celebrities too!
I like the zebra prints; it's just so fun and gorg!
Classy and edgy in one go!
Get this from Shopaholix Bar at only RM52. RM52!!
Omg for a celebrity-inspired dress?!
It's so worth it can?!
Hurry up place your orders now babes!
Who says you can't wear Jimmy Choo-inspired totes if you wanna be fun?!
From Phelauwer Boutique, this bag something
celebrity Ashley Tisdale and Daisy Lowe would use. ;)
The price is so much cheaper too!
RM68 for one piece. :)
Pair this with colorful clothes and prints and you'll look pretty!
Whoa! Isn't this something Katy Perry would wear?
It's just so cute, isn't it?
From Phat Culture, this dress costs RM47!
Pair this up with neon frame sunglasses and bright neon jewelry and
you're good to go!
Elvis Presley's granddaughter
Danielle Riley is the face of this fragrance, Miss Dior Cherie.
This fragrance, Miss Dior Cherie, is
a sweet and fun fragrance, very girly too.
Perfect for any girl who loves to have fun!
Get this from Perfectionist.Shopaholic at RM180.
This t-shirt attracted me when I first saw it.
It is so cute isn't it?
Totally for those who love tv! ;)
From Ministry of Clothes, this t-shirt costs RM30.
Pair it with a pair of jeans and some bright colored shoes (patent shoes) and you're all set to shine!;)
Fake eyelashes!
I can't live without these babies! :)
They're my favorite! Makes my eyes do the wonders..;)
Celebrities like Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale and Daisy Lowe all love fake eyelashes!
It really does wonders to the eyes..
Get this funky one from Intolerably Cheap at RM20 a pair.
You'll find this useful for parties or gatherings! ;)
I find this t-shirt cool yet fun.
Something Daisy Lowe would wear. ;)
Get this from chooseforless at RM49 each!
Pair it with a pair of bright jeans (neon colored)
and here comes Miss Fun! :D
I find this t-shirt fun and cute!
Perfect for casual days, in college, and
it's still eye-catching!
Available at A Stack Of Clothes at RM22 each!
Omg are you excited already? Get one now!
I like the color of this dress.
Although not so bright, it still has attitude and style.
Girls with a fun-loving personality should wear this dress!
Get this from addicted2fashion at only RM25! (YES! I almost faint when I saw the price!)
Worth it or what?!
Katy would love this too!
Remember to smile and pose for photos with your fun-loving outfits!;)

Wanted : Black Leather Jacket :)

click on the image above for a clearer view
Attention all e-shop owners! ;)
A lovely lady here is looking for a black leather jacket similar to the one celebrity Fazura is wearing (the one above). If you happen to have this similar jacket (preferably below RM70; thanks!) do email this lady at
Your co-operation is much appreciated! ;)

Friday, February 6, 2009


L is for the way you look at me,
O is for the only one I see,
V is very very extraordinary,
E is more than anyone that you adore can

LOVE is more than I can give to you,
LOVE is more than just a game for two.
Two in love can make it
Take my heart and please don't break it
LOVE was made for me and you

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore can
Love is all that I can give to you
Love is more than just a game for two
Two in love can make it
Take my heart and please don't break it
Love was made for me and you;
Love was made for me and you ;
Love was made for me and you..
-Nat King Cole.

Yes, I know! The season of lurve is here. ;)
So get prepared for more lovely posts coming up!
At the moment, do sing this song for your loved ones!
They'll surely be touched by it. ;)
I remember the times when my boyfriend sang this to me; I cried! Ok, no more drama; back to serious business! Lol. :)
As promised, I'll be posting up more soon on this! Avril's post too! I know many of you are getting impatient; sorry!
(Oh yeah, to all the people whom I've replied your emails late; I'm terribly sorry, due to my busy schedule, I'll try my best to reply as fast and often as possible. :( )

UPCOMING Event! :)

Mark your calendars on the 7th (which is tomorrow!), ladies and gentlemen! ;)
The Shoplifters will be opening up a booth at Replacement's Midnight Sale : ONE NIGHT SPEND this weekend! ;)
Omg are you excited already or what?! I know you're not fully paying attention to the computer screen now since you're busy counting money for tomorrow's happening event! :)

Details, Details, DETAILS! ;)
Well, if you are still lost, this one night sale event will be held on the 7th of February; which is tomorrow! at 5-1, Jln Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Opposite to La Bodega, second level);
are you like, in the same mood as others now?! (Like "Omg I'm so going tomorrow already!!!" now? Good! But you need to know more..)
This event's happening from 6pm til 12am! (YES, READ CAREFULLY MY DEAR, 6PM TIL 12PM; NOT 6AM TIL 12PM! :D) 'Cause I once read the time of an event wrongly and I ended up reaching the place 6 HOURS earlier than the crowd (AND the event organisers!). Hee. Whooopsy..
If you want to know more details, I suggest you click here. ;)
Woots! What are you waiting for?
Inform your friends and family members now! As they say, the more, the better!