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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Shop Like A Celebrity Special :Under The Sun

Jumps around fanning herself.
This is what you do when the weather is hot!
Thankfully there's rain occassionally! Fuh!
During spring or summer in the US, celebrities like Halle Berry and Hilary Duff would all prepare themselves with clothes suitable for the summer.
We, Malaysians, unfortunately, have to stay in a country where the weather's equally hot everytime; except for certain times; thankfully!
So, here are some clothes in which, I think, is great during the hot weather. :)
Definitely proves to you that you can still look pretty under such weather. ;)
This halter top is realllyyy pretty.
AND it's perfect for our country's weather. ;)
Get this gorg top from Chamber of Fashion.
It's RM44 without postage and RM46 with postage.
You can pair this gorg thing with a pair of jeans or shorts and you're good to show off that tan! ;)
I likeyyy tube tops!
I find this one gorg too!
Don't you just agree with me?
Something Hilary Duff and Jojo would wear!
Available at Chamber of Fashion, this hot top costs RM44 without postage and RM46 with postage!
So come on, if you're looking for a pretty tube top, click on the Chamber of Fashion link today! ;)
Remember to accessorize too; so this top wouldn't look very plain.
Omg this is so cute can?
I've seen celebrities like Alicia Keys wearing such dresses.
Oh, Kim Kardashian too!
Yellow is SO the color of summer. ;)
Get this from Wings of Fashione at RM40 only!
The sleeves of the dress is very airy so I'm sure it'll be cooling! :)
Playsuits are in!
Pair them up with accessories and a cap and you're ready to go!
I like this color too! Hot pink's like so one of a kind, no?
Get this playsuit from Little McQueen at RM55 each!
I really like this Victorian inspired blouse.
It's seen often on Taiwanese and Jap celebrities. ;)
Koreans too!
Get this from Vejae at RM49.
You can wear this top in many ways; off shoulder or normal. :)
I like the design on this top.
So airy!
Get this from French Kiss at RM43!
Available in other pretty colors, you can pair this top with jeans or skirt! ;)
I fell for this dress instantly when I saw it!
Also from French Kiss, this dress is so suitable for our weather, don't you think?
At RM43, I say this dress is worth every sen!
My, this top is pretty, don't you think? ;)
From French Kiss, this top costs RM25.
The material is suitable for our weather too!
Pair it with shorts or a pair of jeans. :)
I love this top!
So hot can?
I know it's pretty weird for me to call a top hot, but who cares?
From Daisy Deariesx, this top costs RM25!
It has ruffle details too!
Omg! Are you clicking on the link already? :)

This top is suitable for elegant babes.
Look really classy in this from Daisy Deariesx.
It's RM29 each.
And it comes in many fun fun colors! Woots! ;)
I especially looooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeeee this tube top!
Just look at the stripes!
Just so gorg and cute at the same time can?
From Daisy Deariesx, this top costs RM30 each. RM50 for 2! :)
It looks so yummy I wanna buy each of every color!

If you're someone who loves colorful and cute tops;
suitable for the weather here, do log on to
Daisy Deariesx to check them out!
They are simply pretty!

I love the details of this top!
From hotchicksrox, this top comes in four sweet colors.
I'd love to pair this top with shorts and oh-so-yummy bracelets and plastic jewelry!
RM30 each. :)
This kind of tops are now really IN trend. :)
Get this from a lil of everything at RM25 each.
Free shipping too babes!;)
Whoa! So many choices, so little time. With the weather like this, my closet is almost filled with speggheti and tube tops to match the hot weather.
Remember, dress comfortably too. Don't follow other people when it comes to dressing; you can be inspired by them, but if the cloth is not comfortable for you, I say it's best if you wear something else in which you feel is better. :)
And remember, drink lots of water! :)

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