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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

56 Years of Independence : Dress In Style

Born and raised in Malaysia, I am proud to say I am a Malaysian wherever I go.

This year, I plan to raise awareness of our country's 56th Independence to the world this 31st August, by contributing a little to fashion.
Well, I would suggest each of us, no matter where we are in the whole wide world, to dress in Malaysian flag colours, of course, red, blue, yellow or white. 
Or, if these are not your favourite colours, worry not, wear batik! 
Batik is one gorgeous piece of work & I admire batik makers, as each and every piece is unique.

I'm planning to paint my nails a shade of blue and red and white with yellow stars in some of them, just to signify independence.

If you think I have gone a little cuckoo, I mean, honestly, I see no wrong celebrating our independence in style, just like how people from other countries do! (:

I'll be honest. I have to admit I am not exactly an extremely patriotic person, but as a young generation, I feel the importance of recognising our roots as well as keeping in touch with our unique heritage & culture. 
After all, which country has a wide diverse culture whereby all race & religion can unite happily, and has people who speaks so many different languages and dialects? ;)

Instead of wearing another country's flag, lets for once, wear our flag loud & proud!

Anyway, here are some style picks you would love!

Peep, RM65

Keep it cool and simple in this pretty batik dress.
Flaunt your silhouette in this dress paired with a lovely summer hat & flip flops.
Don't forget to accessorize with bracelets! (;

If you're the party girl, here's an idea on what to wear to celebrate Merdeka!
This sexy off shoulder navy blue lace peplum dress is just perfect for a night out of independence.
I love how the peplum accentuates your curves and the off shoulder details bring more attention towards those pretty shoulders!

Fashion Affair Boutique FAB, RM69 (currently on SALE at RM49!)

Oh my, this is so celeb inspired!
Doesn't this remind you of the movie Black Swan? ;)
(I know these are flamingos, but hey, they are birds and this bag is unique!)
Wear these bags in style for independence day!
I'd choose the pink one, which one would you choose?

If you somehow can't get the day off this Merdeka (which falls on a Saturday btw!), worry not, look stylish in the office with this sleeveless casual striped top.
I'd pair these with skinny jeans and a gorgeous stiletto just cause.. 
Well, stilettos are sexy, don't you think?

These cute navy blue scalloped stripe shorts are just perfect for a casual day out with friends this 
independence day! 
We'd pair ours with a red top and lots of arm accessories!
Oh and a hat and sunnies too! 

Stay tuned for our next update!
It's time to get colour coordinated this Merdeka, girls! ;)

Merdeka Special : 56 Years of Independence!

Wow, to think about it, we are very proud.
Malaysia is finally celebrating it's independence day soon ; 56th independence.

With its delightful culture & beautiful natural surroundings, I must say, Malaysia is one unique country and I'm proud of it.
What's more, the wide array of food makes me drool!

Beautiful islands like Redang, Langkawi, Perhentian, Sipadan, Penang & Layang Layang, if you're a huge nature lover, these places would be your top priority when traveling to Malaysia.

If you're a city girl/guy, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Johor, Sibu and more are must visits!

What's more, its cultural diversity is amazing, from Orang Asli to Malays, Chinese, Indians & Eurasians. 

This 31st of August, lets all celebrate our 56th independence in style!

Happy Independence Day Malaysia (:

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mad On Them Nails :)

Us girls tend to change our nails as often as we change our clothes, no?
With a wide array of nail polish choices, who can say no to having different nails every week?
We admit, we are nail crazy people, having change our nail design every two weeks or so.

Nail Fiesta is currently having promotions for nail varnishes like NYX & so on, and we are excited!

FYI, NYX cosmetics are good quality cosmetics sold at affordable pricing.
We have been using NYX for as long as we remember, and we love them so much.
When NYX announced they were going to create a nail polish line, we were excited!

Originally priced at RM19.90 a bottle, they now cost only RM5! 
Yes, RM5! That's like, wow!

Here are our favourite picks ;

NYX Forever 1989

1989 babies, be proud! 
This gorgeous bright orangey hue is perfect for summer, especially for a tropical summery weather like ours! 
Stand out in the crowd!

NYX Sandals

A fiery bright red, perfect for fashionistas who want some nail attention!
We love! 

NYX Pink Strawberry

A Barbie pink, we love how girly this hue looks on our nails!
Wear them sunnies, baby! 
We're going to the beach! Woo!

Oh how we wished we have them on hand so we can swatch them for you girls to see! 
They are smooth in texture & perfect for the hot weather!

If you want more, there's of course OPI & Color Club & many more!

Currently, we're obsessed with the Bond collection, retailing at ONLY RM35 now instead of the usual RM65!

Our favourite?
Definitely Jinx!

Hurry, sale ends soon!

Get them at Nail Fiesta now! :)

Raya Soon!

Oh, aren't you excited Raya's coming already? :)

Us at Shop Like A Celebrity! would like to wish you a safe balik kampung trip home.
Drive carefully, and do have plenty of rests in between.
Do not speed, as it is dangerous to do so.
Think of your loved ones.

For those non-Muslim readers, let's all celebrate the spirit of Raya with our dearest Muslim friends & family members.


More updates, soon!