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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trend : Of Sailor-Inspireds and Peter Pans

Yes, this trend is catching up with everyone faster than anyone could ever imagine!
Sailor-inspired outfits and Peter-Pan inspired collars are the IN thing right now!
Celebrities like Mischa Barton are rocking them sailor-inspired and runways are also catching up with the sailor-inspired and also, the Peter Pan collar trend. ;)
picture credits to the net

As we know, Mischa's dress is probably some designer dress and is definitely worth more than billions. We're exaggerating, we know, but still!
No worries though; catch up with this pretty trend through these blogshops!

This Peter Pan-inspired collar top is really pretty!
From Zhink, we totally loves the cute design of this top!
For RM39, its a catch! ;)

Ooh, this one is strikingly HOT!
Another Peter Pan inspired one, girls!
For RM20, this one is a steal at Pick Me Up, Buttercup!
You will definitely STOP TRAFFIC with this!

This dress is really gorgeous!
We loves how girlish this dress looks ;)
At RM42, this is from Bluey Joyce and its c-h-i-c!

This is so sailor inspired!
From Happy Blossoms, this cute dress retails at RM55. ;)

Last but not least,a colourful dose of cuteness!
Get this from Beetch, at RM38!
Available in 3 colours, you'll definitely go crazy for choice!

That's all folks! ;)
Smile for the cameras!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Style of The Day : Freaky Fridays

Lols actually it should be Vampy Fridays, not Freaky.
Ignore the title anyway..
This feature is going to blow you away!
As Halloween is approaching, lets get inspired from characters from movies like 'Twilight' and shows like 'The Vampire Diaries'. ;)
Nina Dobrev is one celebrity we admire.

pic credits to the net
Let's get Nina Dobrev inspired, shall we?

We really loves this dress when we first saw it in Beetch!
This dress somehow reminds us of vampy sultry-ness, filled with mystery. ;)
The red floral prints on the black background really adds a sexy touch to the dress.
For RM38, this velvet dress is a steal!

If dark sultry-ness is not your kind of thing, we suggest adding something unique to the look!
From Pinggu Monster, this rainbow pixel charm is really cute!
Attention girls, pixels are so IN right now!
So get your piece of pixel now!
For RM8 (charm only), this is perfect!

Add some casual feel towards your look with this cool vintage inspired bag!
The black colour is so retro! :)
For RM63, this bag is available in Kitty Tales Boutique.

Awww, the necklace's name is so sweet, isn't it?
From Ryl Designs, the multiple leaf charms add a classy touch to the necklace.
We adore long necklaces, don't you?
For RM32, this necklace will add some spice to your outfit!

Butterfly butterfly...
We loves this belt so much!
Waist clinchers can never go wrong; ever.
From Scandalous Secret, get yours at RM20!

A tip for girls; to look hot, have some hot leggings in your wardrobe!
Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Mischa Barton and the peeps at 90210 and Gossip Girl are all spicing up their outfit with them black see-through leggings!
So, this is a MUST-HAVE item in your wardrobe! ;)
Makes you look really sexy and classy at the same time.
We loves this tattoo inspired leggings from Lovely Closet.
For RM19 a pair, get your gorgeous on!

This pair of leggings is so Blair Waldorf inspired!
We loves how gorgeous it is. ;)
From House of Leggings, get them at only RM18 a pair!

Oh, all that partying and NO pictures?
You gotta be kidding me!
Have some picha time and get yourself a Canon Powershot camera from cathyloveme at only RM250!
Smile and look gorgeous! :)

Omg this shoe is fabulous!
Loves the ankle-length and studded details. :)
From Kitty Tales, get this leather baby at RM82 a pair!
Oooh lala!
Nude coloured shoes are seriously hot right now!
We loves this nude coloured ankle boots from Lovely Closet!
RM51 only; this shoe is SO worth it!

Ooh, I'm sure all of you girls went crazy over those pair of pink swallow inspired Miu Mius!
Now these shoes have it in cat design too!
Meow! ;)
For RM170, get them Kitty Miu Miu inspired shoes from The Shoes Collection!
Miss it; you will regret it!

Go on, prowl your vampy goodness with them!
Have fun, sexy!

Style of The Day : Glam Thursday!

Oh, the end of the week is almost near!
While some of us may be excited about it, some of us aren't. :(
This Thursday, its time to love our body. ;)
Show off your curves with them bodycons yo'!

all pictures are credits to the net
Our fave celebrities like Amanda, Victoria, Hayden, Lindsay and many many more are rocking the bodycon dress!
So girls, show off your curves proud and loud!
Oh and did we mention? The bodycon dress worn by Lindsay above is almost similar to the one sold in Bluey Joyce!
However, we could not post it here as the dress is all reserved and sold out!
Note to owner of Bluey Joyce, PLEASE RESTOCK THIS! Its hot at RM39 only!
Pretty pretty please!
Bluey Joyce has got the body con fever with all these gorgeous pieces!
Be a nautical glam-stress with the one above!
Oooh, chunky stripes are gorgeous!
So classy and elegant, these bodycons are perfect for even casual outings!
RM42 :)

Next, shake up your make up with these items from NYX Cosmetics!
As NYX is not available locally, you can get them online from Syiok Sendiri Sisters!
Ranging from RM15 - RM55, get yours today!
(Note : This is a readystock spree, closing date ends on 10th November 8PM!)

Oh and chain belts?
Absolute glam!
We loves chain skinny belts! ;)
From The Summers' Attic, its now on SALE at only RM19!
Wooo la la!
(Note : Girls, if you loves bargains, The Summer's Attic is the PLACE FOR YOU!
They are currently having MASSIVE SALES, so hop on to this page to shop shop shop!)
Ah, leather.
Spells class and glam; at the same time!
So sleek, so chic..
Get this at The Shoe Cupboard at RM120. :)

Smile and wave at the paparazzis!

Style of The Day : Orange You Glad It's Wed!

Yes. Ignore my crappy title. :)
Wednesdays are cheery orangey fun!
The Heiress Hilton really worked the orange outfit.
She looks chic!
picture credits to the net
Orange is a bright, cheery colour. Unfortunately, many of us girls dare not rock this colour. :/
Therefore, we at Shop Like A Celebrity would loves to encourage you..
And no, not the Jack O' Lantern orange (speaking of Halloween!) or the Annoying Orange. -.-
We mean rock the orange the cool way!
Girl powerrrr!
Anyway, lets start small alrights?
From the Neon Runway, this hot bright orange top is only RM12! ;)
Perfect for our weather, eh?
(Note : Neon Runway is giving away free tank tops* to first FIVE lucky customers!
Just be one of the firsts to purchase RM30 and above to entitle yourself!
*Limited to one tank top per customer. Maximum (first) five customers only.)

Yea! Polka dots!
Add some polka polka goodness into your outfit with this cute polka dotted denim shorts from Beetch!
For RM32, every day is fun with them polka polka dots! ;)

A girl will never leave home without a bag.
And this is SO true.
Anyway this cutsie bag from Skinny Heels is gorgeous!
Oh not to mention, it is Topshop inspired as well!
For RM56, this bag is SO worth it! ;)

Finally, ze shoes!
We adore studs, so this shoe is a winnnnnuurrr! ;)
Called the Gina, (what a pretty name!) this shoe is available at The Shoe Cupboard at RM145 per pair!
(Note : All shoe lovers, check out these promos from The Shoe Cupboard!
The First 100 people to like our Facebook page earns themselves a RM10 voucher for every pair of shoes they order in a single batch!

Style Choice

On our Facebook page, you can participate in Style Choice, where a different contest is on every batch!

For every batch, we will pick a the submission of one stylish fashionista to be our Style Choice winner! The winner will receive a RM10 voucher for every pair of shoes they order in a single batch!

Colour Blast Promotion

In every batch we will choose a different colour for our Colour Blast promotion. ANY pair of shoes ordered in that colour gets an RM5 discount! and this applies for EVERYBODY!

We will contact you with the discount code to use if you qualify for any of these promotions.

*Note : The only promotions that can be used together in a single batch are either

1. Facebook 1st 100 Likes + Colour Blast

2. Style Choice + Colour Blast!

So cool, or what?

Rock it up orange and you'll be hot in no time!

And remember to smile! :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Style of The Day : Tribal Tuesdays

Hola girlies!
Tuesday's a great day eh?
Celebrities in Hollywood are rocking the tribal prints!
Why not you? :)

picture credits to the net

Let's rock this Tuesday with something tribal. ;)
Tribal prints are one of the many wondrous works of art that we loves!
A tribal-inspired blouse like this is sooooo chic!
Get one for yourself from La Vie en Rose!
For RM30 each, these are available in black and white.
Ooh la la!

Pair up your tribal prints top with this pair of tapered pants.
Ladies, just to let you know, tapered pants are SO in this season!
You guys should get a piece of them yo!
They are seriously cool and androgynous!
Get them now from Sista Closette.
We adore the gold buttons!
Available in 3 colours, they are only RM46 including Pos Ekspress delivery charges!
Get them before its gone!

Unless you don't care about trends and need a more laidback look, this is for you!
The ever versatile jeggings. ;)
From the House of Leggings, they are RM40.
So so cool! :D

Jazz up your outfit with these bangles from The Summer's Attic.
Imported from Aussie, (YES, Aussie!) these stack of bangles from Diva is worth it at RM33!
A girl can never go wrong with accessories. ;)

"Pushing up my buttons.."
I can't remember the lyrics exactly.
But button rings are SO in trend right now!
Cute and versatile, they remind us of primary school, don't they?
For whatever reasons, I don't know why it reminds me of my primary school. I guess its because we played with a lot of buttons. (Yes, congkak!)
From Oriental Sparkles, they are RM10 each!

Pair your plain black and white outfit with something RED.
Red is a totally gorgeous colour and everybody can rock out this colour!
We loves this red studded handbag from Kaleidoscope Sunday!
For RM59, its worth it!

Lastly, mix your tribal outfit with stripes!
Yes, stripes!
Its nautical goodness is everlasting and classy, in fact!
We loves the bow detail too!
For RM75, get them at Poppy Love.

Go on, tribal Queen!
Show us what you've got!
Wink at the paparazzis!

Style of The Day : Glam Monday with Cheryl

Monday is a good day to start off with!
For those of you who are schooling, you might grumble and disagree with me.
But anyway, lets kick-start the week with some black, shall we? ;)
The little black dress is always a versatile item. It fits every woman well.
It also helps create a slimmer figure for women.

Cheryl Cole (sorry, we're not sure if she's still called Cole or not) is gorgeous , as always.
pic credits to the net
For a night out, she chooses a really classy little black dress.
Let's spice up the little black dress look alrights?

We absolutely adore this little black dress from Doublewoot.
We loves the T-lace back, as well as the classy crochet detaillings at the bottom.
For RM52, they are perfect for days in or out.

Pair up your sexy little black dress with this leopard prints pashmina from An Old Flame!
Yes ladies, leopard prints are making a comeback!
At RM34, they are perfect with t-shirts, tank tops or even dresses like this one!

We know leopard prints and little black dresses are a walk on the wild side, so let's tame our look a bit, shall we?
Something dainty like these ribbon earrings from La Dolce will do!
RM25 per pair, these are too cute to be true!

Yes yes.. more ribbons!
This adds a subtle look to your little black dress outfit. ;)
From The Lollipop House, be like Cinderella and wear this gold-coloured charm bracelet!
Get this for RM23.90 (FREE POSTAGE if you are in Malaysia!)

And let's not leave our neck area empty-looking!
Pair up your outfit with one of these chic necklaces from Peep!
We adore the mirror necklace.. suitable for vain girls like us!
1 for RM29. 2 for RM55. 3 for RM60.
The more the better!
Lastly, these shoes are made for walking!
We loves the boho chick look these shoes bring.
For RM30 (ONLY?!) from Motte Closet, you girls must get this!

Smile for the paparazzis!
They envy your outfit! ;)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


picture credits to the net
Remember yesterday's rave of the white BF shirt?
Well, we spotted Selena Gomez wearing the white sheer BF shirt as well!
Just look!
See..told you!

Get your white/black sheer BF shirt from Phat Culture now!

The White BF Top

Omg. The buzz created by this white BF top is amazing!
Plenty (and we say, PLENTY) of celebrities are spotted wearing this already!
Let us now present you the famous top to set trends all over..
from Phat Culture,
the sheer white BF top ;)

For RM39, this gorgeous top is available in elegant black and pure white!

Kim Kardashian and Alyssa Bernal are rocking this top!

Alyssa wearing the sheer white top for her video, "Cali Cali Cali". ;)

(pictures credits to the net!)
So head on to Phat Culture NOW to pre-order your very own sheer white or black BF top!
Look gorgeous this October!

Smile and wave at the cameras!
They loves your outfit!

(Sneak peek : Crop top lovers, be prepared! You will be bombarded with plenty of the TREND of this season..crop tops!)