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Friday, October 1, 2010

Style of The Day : Save The Oceans!

For today's Style of The Day section, we would like to encourage you peeps in wearing a statement tee.
And to be specific, a statement tee regarding the environment. ;)

Our fave celebrity, Hayden, looks cute wearing the "Save Whale Again" statement tee.
picture credits to net
Now's your turn in spreading the message through statement tees!

We totally adore and recommend you girls getting this statement tee!
"Save The Ocean"
Yes, the oceans these days are like, polluted and underestimated.
I mean, oceans contain a lot of life in it too.
So, spread the word with this tee!
(Pssssttt..don't throw rubbish into the ocean/sea/rivers. You will kill the poor fishes and other forms of marine life.)
Available in four pretty colours, get them at RM28 from Vainpod now!

Pair up your "Save The Ocean" tee with this pair of zipper skinny jeans from Beetch!
For RM50, they are sexy and super fit!
Perfect to wear daily. ;)

Next, accessorize!
Accessories are the most important things a girl should have.
You can like, carry out five different looks with just one tee by wearing five different accessories!
We loves this bejeweled necklace from Heels Boutique for RM23 inclusive of postage!

Pair the look with these pair of cute thong sandals from Heels Boutique!
For RM30 each, you girls will go crazy with its girlish jewel design!

If you prefer the more statement-like look, go cool with this bejeweled owl necklace from Heels Boutique!
For RM23 inclusive of postage, this functional owl necklace can be opened as well!
We are crazy for them owls! Ooot oooot!

Go gypsy with this bellydance inspired sandals, from Heels Boutique as well!
We find this hot and unique.
So Shakira inspired!
For RM30, you must have it!
Match your outfit with this cool hat from Creme Fraiche!
Chilled out and relaxed, channel Kate Moss with this!
For RM33, its a must-have!

Lastly, clutch your tote around.
We loves this from Alice Wonders!
For RM83 each, they are Coach inspired!
You girls will have cameras flashing every where you go!
So bring out your BEST accessory yet; SMILE!

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