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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Statement Tees!

credits to the net.
Above are the Hilton sisters!
Loving their statement tees. Statement tees, will never go out of style!
Now you can own one too!
I love this tee from Rosette Coutures.
It says, "Whichever way you look at me, I am HOT!"

Ahh, this tee is cute!
Perfect for fashionistas. :D
"No fashion, No Passion!"

Okay, on the controversial side.
This tee says,
"I always crush on guys, who have boyfriend."
I find it cute and cheeky. ;)
Omg want one now? Hurry!
Get them all for RM25 each! Click on to Rosette Coutures for more! ;)

Beware of the paparazzi!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Next Up!

Excited for the next update?
Here's a clue! Read the lines and guess guess guess!
"Hello, people. My name is Gwennifer. I am from Texas, but I am NOT a cowgirl, as many of you might assume. I am here because I would like to make a statement. Fashion is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I......"
Guess what's next. ;)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Studs Are In!

Hi babe,
A short note from me to you!
Ever since MJ's passing, we now find the studded jacket HOT!
Studs are so IN right now, no?
Spotted on celebrities like Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton, and more hot celebs, studs helps accessorize our stuff can?
Stay tuned for more reviews on studded stuff.
Trust me, they are the next best thing!
Girls, do stock up your wardrobe with a studded-something! ;)
Shop Like A Celebrity!

Work, Just A Little Bit..

credits to Yahoo! and Google.
From the runway to Hollywood, celebrities are spotting pretty office wear trends, no?
High-waisted skirts are common in the office nowadays, but mind you, it is STILL a MUST in every girl's wardrobe! Office wear makes us look classy, from my perspective. ;)
Anyway, what I'm saying is, office wear have their rules, but that does not mean we can't spice things up, right? :D
Studs and military jackets are so HOT right now!
Just LOOK at the jacket above!
Ooh, grey is the new black! ;)
Spice things up in the office by pairing this MJ-inspired jacket (MJ-Micheal Jackson) and a red hot dress! Or, you can also pair it with a plain speggheti top and high-waisted skirt.
Get this look by clicking on the link to The It Girl now! RM68 per blazer. ;) some sex-appeal with these shoes! I love them zip up, don't you?
Just look at the details of this hot hot hot shoe!
Seen on celebrities like Lindsay Lohan (Yes! LiLo inspired!), you can pair these with skinny jeans and a ruffled top! ;)
Priced at RM180 (not cheap but hey, worth it as it's celeb-inspired!), you can get this at the shoes collection!Satin is so IN for the office wear look right now!
Classy, chic, this top makes every woman look hot too!
Pair this with a pair of black slacks and you're good to go! Remember to wear those heels too!
From Ruby Dutchess, unleash the daring woman in you for just RM35!

These booties are made for walking, that's just what they do..
Spotted on Mary-Kate and Sarah Jessica Parker, these booties are definitely hot!
Who says we can't wear booties to the office?

Available in 3 colours, spice up the office with these from the shoes collection at RM175 each! (worth every penny!)

I am in love with studs; it's official.
Get this studded pair of high-waisted shorts at The It Girl at RM47 each.
Pair them with ruffles and you're on!
A little warning though;
I don't think this is suitable for the formal office wear look, but if you are working part-time in a boutique or something, this look is for you!
Eyelet patterns are hot too!
From Our Beauty Diary, this eyelet top is only RM39 each!
Without a doubt, I totally recommend this top paired with a high-waisted skirt!
So chic and hot, no? ;)
Who says, we can't wear leggings to work?
I totally love denim leggings now!
Mischa Barton, Ashley Olsen and Nicole Richie are also spotted in them!
They are so comfy and hot. ;)
From Clothes for Chics, get comfy with this for only RM40!
Like I said, denim is HOT!
Pair up this denim jacket with your favourite top and skinny jeans and you're good to rule the office right now!
From Clothes for Chics, this denim jacket will definitely spice up your look at RM60! Woots!
Lazy to dress up but still wanna look good? Wear a dress instead!
I love the details of this dress! So classy and cute.
From Pre-Order Boutique, this dress is yours at RM37! Omg get yours now!
Lace is the new trend. I find lace hot!
Totally brings out our feminine side. ;)
From The It Girl, get this lacey top at RM50 each.
You can't enter the office without a bag.
Loving leather bags now. So chic. ;)
Get yours now at Dolly and Wendy!
RM58 each.
Loving the black one. ;)
It's official again; I LOVE LACE.
From The It Girl, this top just spells sexy and classy.
Pair this top with a pair of slacks or high-waisted skirt or jeans and you're good to go!
RM50 each.
Leather. Again.
Told you they are HOT!
From Dolly and Wendy, get this hot white bag (SO LOVING THE DETAILS!)
at RM38 each. Omg so worth it!
Now now, accessorize your look with the never-live-without red hot lipstick (aka Hayden Panettiere look) and mascara!
You'll thank me for it. ;)
Oh, beware of clicking cameras aka paparazzi! They are everywhere!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's Next, Hmmm?

What's next, Shop Like A Celebrity?
Why am I talking to myself? Lols. ;)

Here's the clue ;
Solve this puzzle! It's in two words. 10 letters. 6 letter for one. 4 letter for the next one.
The letters are..
Remember, two words.
One meaning.
Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya!

Hi dears,
Shop Like A Celebrity! would like to wish ALL Malaysians (Malays especially) a WONDERFUL Hari Raya!
Selamat Hari Raya! Let's all keep the spirit of Muhibbah alive this festive season! ;)
Drive safely during your balik kampung trips. Safety first, remember that!
Thank you for your support, babes and dudes.
Once again,
Selamat Hari Raya! ;)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Why, Hello, Pretty Face! ;)

Love facials? I know I do!
Every girl, and boy, including celebrities, definitely love a pampering facial or two, no?
credits to the net.
I surely admire Kim K, Amanda and Heidi's skin, don't you? They have clear, pretty skin. ;)
Now you don't have to go to an expensive salon to get your facial done. You can do one yourself too!
Imported from the United States!
From D Mask, these facial masks are amazing!
Consists of Tea Tree Mask, Aloe Vera, Seaweed, Hydrating and Sensitive skin Mask!
Woots! One mask for any skin type, babes!
Get yours now at only RM4 each! Omg, isn't it a great deal?!
Your mask is bought. You need something to use to apply your favourite mask during the facial.
May this mask brush do the job!
At only RM5 each, (RM3 if you purchase a mask) this mask brush helps you apply your mask evenly unto your face so that your skin gets an even distribution of pampering!;)
A normal facial at a salon would cost you probably RM50+, whilst this DIY facial cost only RM7! (if you purchase a mask powder pack and this handy brush!). Go on, click your way to D Mask now!
Woottss! Who's in for some facial pampering at home now?

Floral Fantasies

Flowers; LOVE them, or HATE them.
You have NO reasons to hate them this season, babes.

Floral prints are so IN right now; they bring out the woman in each and every one of us.
credits to the net.
In fact, floral prints are so going IN style, that celebrities as well as models in fashion shows are spotted wearing them.
Aren't they just gorgeous?
You can join them too. ;)
Loving the floral prints of this dress. ;)
Isn't the floral painting-lookalikes on this dress just cute?
From Ladies Fashion, this sweet halter dress (Omg I love halter dresses!) costs only RM25!
Looking for something to wear to the beach? This is your dream come true!
This dress does make me go Woot! Woot!
Loving the floral prints on this dress! Oh, and the zipper details too!
Totally vintage cool.
If you're looking for something for your tea garden party, this dress is the one for you!
The pink colour's just so pretty, no?
From Doublewoot, this dress costs RM49.
Ooohs! So pretty can?
The floral prints and the button front is just so cute!
Get this lovely dress at RM50 from Beetch!
I'm in for exciting WILD floral prints!
If you feel like teeny tiny floral prints are too common and would love to stand out, this one's for you!
Loving the pattern and the design of this dress too; wild and pretty!
From AmourPour, this dress is for only RM30!
Remember girls, smile for the cameras! ;)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hmm,what's next?

They make us look girly when we wear them;
They bloom so beautifully in every garden.
They are one of God's best gifts; ever.
credits to
Wondering what are we talking about? The hints are so obvious! :)
Stay tuned for the next post! ;)

Monday, September 14, 2009


Did I just say "mrrrreeooowww"? I'm confessing my love for, who else, Hello Kitty!

pictures credits to the net
In 1974 (Japan) and 1976(United States), Hello Kitty was born by Sanrio. ;)
Her cute charm and pretti-ness is loved by boys and girls worldwide; which made her an icon.
Celebrities love Hello Kitty (duh! Don't we?). Hilary Duff, Kimora Lee Simmons and Paris Hilton are fans of Hello Kitty. MAC, too has recently introduced their Hello Kitty Collection months ago. ;)
Now you can own Hello Kitty items too!
Omg! Pink! I love PINK! Of course, I love Hello Kitty too!
Loving this phone! The dialing style is totally vintage and classy, no?
Grab yours for RM50 today! (Worth it can?!)
I'm so going to put this on my wish list once I go to overseas next year.
Isn't this webcam a hottie?
Loving the pink (again), and the design!;)
RM65 for this! (for more details about the webcam, do check out the website)

I want this on MY WISHLIST TOO!
Just look at this mouse! I'm sure Paris Hilton would want one too!
Loving the black colour, and vinyl coating on the mouse!
Who says mouse(s) cannot be attractive! (Of course, rats aren't attractive! I'm talking computer mouse here!)
Going for RM45! (WORTH IT!)

Another item to beautify your computer.
The keyboard.
Loving the pink-feeling it has on it.
So girlish, no?
This baby costs RM70! ;)

Want to vamp your headphones?
Here's one to make you stylo-milo!
Loving this baby pink headphones from Hello Kitty (of course!)
Price, you ask? RM50. ;)
Omg I want one of these too!
Hello Kitty dustbins!
Make your dustbins look hotter with these cuties. (ahem. Dust bins? Hot?)
RM35 for one.
Hello? It's Hello Kitty!
Woots! Longing for more Hello Kitty items? I know, I haven't told you where I got the info about them from yet, like which shop is this?!
All items are from Kitty Paradise (click on the link), babes!
Whosaling is available too!
Woots! Come get them!
You need not be a celebrity to own one! ;)

Creative Flea Market at e@Curve

*click on banner to enlarge*
Good news, all e-shop owners!;)
This year, LG My Starz is back for the 3rd season and they will be having their last audition at the Centre Atrium at e@Curve (formerly Cineleisure) on the 3rd and 4th October 2009. Joujou and Shugi Toy Art Mart will be there too!
Here are the details ;
Joujou & Shugi Toy Art Mart,
3rd & 4th October 09 (Sat. and Sun)
Ground Floor, e@Curve, Mutiara Damansara (near McDonald's)
Sell your products to a wider audience and who knows, the local media might just want to feature you on their platform. Also, the crew from Australia's Online Portal Unseen TV
is on their rounds searching for great people to interview! Woots! You can be on TV (Psssttttt..instant celebrity. ;) )
Why just sell online when you can get better exposure of your products offline?
Hurry! Book your space now for only RM200 for 2 days! Enjoy cheaper rates when you sign up for one of their packages.
For more, do call 016-655 1757, or email to get your vendors form.
Log on to for the FAQ list and event updates.
Omg aren't you excited?! Hurry book a place NOW! ;)
Don't forget us little people when your shop goes global! :D

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stripes! I Look GOOD! ;)

pictures credits to the net.
Searching for something in your closet that won't make you look boring?
Well, stripes, I find, are interesting as they really make us stand out. ;)
Jessica Simpson and Alexa Chung both look great in stripes. :D
Think your closet need some stripes-makeover to it?
Red is HOT!
Loving the color red at the moment. Makes us stand out. ;)
Loving this dress from Shopping Playground. Loving the color combo! Nice mix, ey?
Now, the price...jeng jeng jeng jeng! RM25! Omg!!
Isn't it worth it? RM25 for a dress?!
Now hear this;
Shopping Playground is having a sales site (click on the link to check them out)
and all sales items are priced at RM25!!
Free postage if you bank in the same day as you order the item!!! Omg go on, click!!
I find this picture lovely. Though you can't see the stripes in this picture clearly.
Here's a clearer view anyway ;

So feminine, no? Loving the stripes and sleeve details. So pretty can?

From Twitch Witch, you can get this baby at RM44. So Taiwanese/Korean/Japanese artist inspired, babes!

I love this top! Loving the details, especially the stripes!

Also from Twitch Witch, this sweet top costs RM35. I like the pink details at the bottom of the top, don't you? Pair this with skinny jeans and you're just good to go to college, sweet lady!

Now you can look like Alexa Chung!
Loving this tube top, no? Oh, I LOVE them tubes! ;)
From Elegant-Extravaganza, this top is cute. :)
To look like Alexa, pair this cute tube with a pair of jeans and a jacket. ;)
Beware of paparazzis!