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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Work, Just A Little Bit..

credits to Yahoo! and Google.
From the runway to Hollywood, celebrities are spotting pretty office wear trends, no?
High-waisted skirts are common in the office nowadays, but mind you, it is STILL a MUST in every girl's wardrobe! Office wear makes us look classy, from my perspective. ;)
Anyway, what I'm saying is, office wear have their rules, but that does not mean we can't spice things up, right? :D
Studs and military jackets are so HOT right now!
Just LOOK at the jacket above!
Ooh, grey is the new black! ;)
Spice things up in the office by pairing this MJ-inspired jacket (MJ-Micheal Jackson) and a red hot dress! Or, you can also pair it with a plain speggheti top and high-waisted skirt.
Get this look by clicking on the link to The It Girl now! RM68 per blazer. ;) some sex-appeal with these shoes! I love them zip up, don't you?
Just look at the details of this hot hot hot shoe!
Seen on celebrities like Lindsay Lohan (Yes! LiLo inspired!), you can pair these with skinny jeans and a ruffled top! ;)
Priced at RM180 (not cheap but hey, worth it as it's celeb-inspired!), you can get this at the shoes collection!Satin is so IN for the office wear look right now!
Classy, chic, this top makes every woman look hot too!
Pair this with a pair of black slacks and you're good to go! Remember to wear those heels too!
From Ruby Dutchess, unleash the daring woman in you for just RM35!

These booties are made for walking, that's just what they do..
Spotted on Mary-Kate and Sarah Jessica Parker, these booties are definitely hot!
Who says we can't wear booties to the office?

Available in 3 colours, spice up the office with these from the shoes collection at RM175 each! (worth every penny!)

I am in love with studs; it's official.
Get this studded pair of high-waisted shorts at The It Girl at RM47 each.
Pair them with ruffles and you're on!
A little warning though;
I don't think this is suitable for the formal office wear look, but if you are working part-time in a boutique or something, this look is for you!
Eyelet patterns are hot too!
From Our Beauty Diary, this eyelet top is only RM39 each!
Without a doubt, I totally recommend this top paired with a high-waisted skirt!
So chic and hot, no? ;)
Who says, we can't wear leggings to work?
I totally love denim leggings now!
Mischa Barton, Ashley Olsen and Nicole Richie are also spotted in them!
They are so comfy and hot. ;)
From Clothes for Chics, get comfy with this for only RM40!
Like I said, denim is HOT!
Pair up this denim jacket with your favourite top and skinny jeans and you're good to rule the office right now!
From Clothes for Chics, this denim jacket will definitely spice up your look at RM60! Woots!
Lazy to dress up but still wanna look good? Wear a dress instead!
I love the details of this dress! So classy and cute.
From Pre-Order Boutique, this dress is yours at RM37! Omg get yours now!
Lace is the new trend. I find lace hot!
Totally brings out our feminine side. ;)
From The It Girl, get this lacey top at RM50 each.
You can't enter the office without a bag.
Loving leather bags now. So chic. ;)
Get yours now at Dolly and Wendy!
RM58 each.
Loving the black one. ;)
It's official again; I LOVE LACE.
From The It Girl, this top just spells sexy and classy.
Pair this top with a pair of slacks or high-waisted skirt or jeans and you're good to go!
RM50 each.
Leather. Again.
Told you they are HOT!
From Dolly and Wendy, get this hot white bag (SO LOVING THE DETAILS!)
at RM38 each. Omg so worth it!
Now now, accessorize your look with the never-live-without red hot lipstick (aka Hayden Panettiere look) and mascara!
You'll thank me for it. ;)
Oh, beware of clicking cameras aka paparazzi! They are everywhere!

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