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Friday, May 28, 2010

Style Of The Day : Heroes Hottie

Yes, we loves Hayden!
Besides being a sweetheart by protecting the dolphins in Japan, we really loves how talented this young celeb is. :)
picture credits to

Get stylish like Hayden and put on an off shoulder top!
We totally loves this classy and stylish black off shoulder top!
Suitable for a night out partying, or for a casual laidback getaway, this cool top is a must-have for every woman!
For RM39 each, they are a total steal from Dolce Fashion House!
Omg! I loves liquid leather leggings!
Really gorgeous and sexy!
Inspired by celebrities like Hayden and Rachel Bilson, this is a must-have too!
Pair them up with your top and you're gorgeous to go!
From An Old Flame, they're not to be missed at RM39!
Don't like leggings or all that?
Loves shorts instead?
This one's for you then!;)
Grab yourself some shorts and head out to the beach with your off shoulder top, laidback style!
From Doublewoot, this pair of shorts are a must buy at RM44!
Oooooh, did you know the belt's included?
Who loves slouchy laidback style?
I do!
Cool and casual, the harem pants are all the rage again!
Be cool and grab yourself some harem with these pair of pants from An Old Flame!
For RM49 only, it's gorgeous when paired up with your off shoulder top!

Add Ons :
Add some oomph to your outfit with this classy feather headband by An Old Flame!
For RM35 each, you can wear it to dinners or even to college! Loves!
Oooh, watch locket!
I've been wanting one since I was a child.
Reminds me of vintage cool!
From Phat Culture, they are a must have for all vintage lovers for RM35 each!

So, get your peace on and show some love to the paparazzi!
Oh, and a mental note, go green! Bring out your own eco bags wherever you go! ;)

I Loves Me Lashes!

Our fave celebrities in Hollywood are definitely heating up with the fake lashes rage. ;)
Stars like Beyonce, Cheryl Cole and many more enhance their beautiful eyes with false lashes to give them an extra oomph!
We loves Angelina's, Megan's and Hayden's eyes. Come on, enhance your eyes with them false lashes!

pictures credits to the net and JustJared

Lemon.Honey.Lemon is offering you a wide range of eyelashes to choose from!
Go from natural to va-va-voom with these lashes! ;)
Oooh, whispers* there's no need for that painful waterproof mascara removal, if you know what I mean. :(
Omg! Loves her eyes!
Gorgeous and au naturale looking. ;)
Mesmerize people with your eyes with these pair of lashes!
Handmade and has a transparent root, they're going for RM8 a pair!

Purple! :)
Party on with these gorgeous pair of funky lashes for RM25 per box!
Each box contains 10 pairs of lashes!
Cool, or what?!
For those of you ladies who adore looking funky yet classy, this one's for you!
Be a drama queen with these pair of blue lashies. Me loves!
For RM25 a box of 10 lashes, it's a bargain!

Wait, there's more!
Just click on to Lemon.Honey.Lemon now to get your pair of falsies now!
Remember, bat your eyes to the paparazzis, they'll be mesmerized for sure!

Sparkle On!

The eyes are the windows to your soul.. ;)
Without our eyes, we can't see,
Without them, we can't wink..
Lols ignore my crap. :D
Who doesn't loves coloured contacts once in a while?
Not only do they make our eyes BIG,
(seriously, they make our eyes look HUGE, their colours really enhance our eyes)
they also make us feel trendy at all times!
Divalens totally understands that, and thus, brings you their uber cool coloured contacts!

Purple coloured contacts are officially my favourite one for the moment!
I mean, purple eyes!
What's not to loves!
You totally stand out! ;)

Omg! Pink coloured contacts!
Me loves!
Really pretty, eh? ;)
Calling all pink lovers out there!
*prepares a phone and starts dialing all people I know who loves pink

These pair of contact lenses are really gorgeous.
Totally naturale looking and really pretty on our eyes!

Once again,
*strums guitar
"Blue eyes blue eyes, what's the matter matter.."
Gorgeous, no?
Grab a pair and see for yourself now!

Divalens has plenty and plenty of coloured contacts to choose from, and you'll just die browsing through them. (and by die, I mean, "Omg! I want that! Omg that's like so pretty! I want one! Omg I've chosen 10 pairs, can I ever stop?!" Lols.)
So head over to Divalens now to browse through. Who knows, you might just stumble upon your perfect pair of coloured contacts.
Prices of contacts range from RM35 to RM48. :)
Wink at the paparazzis!

Alice Wonders - 70% Warehouse SALES at Youth PWTC KL!

Omg! A warehouse sale! From Alice Wonders! What's not to loves? :D
They're hitting mad sales this weekend with..
- Small clutches and sling bags going AS LOW AS RM5!
- Designer bags from 30% TO 70%!
- Off lots of clothes from only RM10 - RM50 from the Alice Heart series!
- Selling at RM49!

Bookmark this venue now! :)

what? massive stock clearance up to 70% off
when? 28-30th May 2010
where? PWTC KL
why? because we are all MAD down here in wonderland

Oooooh, Crocs lovers! There's also a Crocs warehouse sales and a HUGE fashion bazaar to shop til you drop drop drop drop!! :D
So what are you staring at? Stop staring at the screen! Head on to PWTC KL now! :D

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Attention Blogshop Owners/ Anyone involved in business online

Hello! :)))
The owner of Pennylane is currently doing her master academic disseration on the title of "Determinants of E-commerce Adoption among Entrepreneurs". Her sample of respondents are going to be online shop onwers or whoever that is doing business online (via the internet).
Therefore, it would be really helpful if you guys take your time in answering this questionnaire.
Please answer accordingly and honestly as the answer of each question will not be disclosed and all data will be kept confidential for the use in academic research purpose only. This questionnaire will take around 15-20 minutes.
The owner would like to thank everyone for getting involved in answering this questionnaire. :)
"Again, thank you in advance for your cooperation and your contribution in this dissertation will be acknowledged. Please do help me spread around this link to all your dear friends who are also a online shop owners as well.
(Please click on the link below to proceed to the questionnaire)"
- The owner of Penny Lane through email. :)
Here is the link to the questionnaire. :)

Any enquiries, do contact the owner at

Thank you! :)


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Selling Off : Beetch Skinny Jeans

picture credits to Beetch :)

Last February, one of my friends got me the gorgeous (and famous!), high-quality dark grey skinny from Beetch. I loves it so much! However, after wearing it twice, I realise I have grown a lil wider by the waistline. :(
Therefore, I'm selling it off to someone who deserves it more! *tsk.
Here are the details :
Beetch skinny jeans
Dark grey colour
RM35 (includes Pos Ekspress!)
Worn twice
In good condition
Size S

SOLD! Thanks! :)

Please contact me at if interested. Only available in Pos Laju/Pos Ekspress delivery. No COD. Thank you. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010


*trumpets sound
Who loves free things?
I do!
Oh, for goodness' sake, don't you loves them too? ;)
What's Your Flavor knows that and yesss, they are giving away free postage!
You saw that right!

Now, before you wander around, I'll show you the goodness of their clothes!
Totally Ashley Tisdale inspired, eh?
Grab a piece of lace for yourself now at RM28.
You saw that right. :D

Now, leather jackets are totally hot!
Get Megan Fox inspired with this leather jacket for only RM46!
What's not to heart!

See! I no bluff you!
Log on to to grab your piece of lace dress, bag, leather jacket and MORE! :)
Happy shopping!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Denim Blues

Hellos :D
Just so you know, denim and the colour blue is the best colour this season.
Whether it is dark blue, light blue, denim blue, faded blue, BLUE is the coolest colour this season!
Celebrities in Tinseltown is loving the trend too! Denims and all shades of blue rock!
pictures credits to and
Celebrities like Shanae, Rihanna and Lindsay all look gorgeous in denim. ;)
Everybody can pull off a denim or a blue, so be daring and show off your outfit!
Here are some cute blue/denim accessories you should never miss!
Ooooh! I loves this top! Casual, laid-back style. :)
Pair this blue babydoll top with a cool denim skinny jeans and accessories.
From Glamorous Barbies, this blue babydoll costs about RM37.
If I were given a word to describe this pair of ripped skinny jeans, it would be this,
This pair of jeans are so celebrity inspired, you can spot them on celeb beauties like Kim K, Miley Cyrus, Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge.
For a price of RM49 (OMG worth it, no?!) , you can get this pair of jeans in wink-peace&pout!
Omg omg! So classy and chic can?
Everybody's got to own one!
*paging paging!
Just check out the coin charms, wired and studded details. :)
Wear it with your jeans, and fave top to college or uni for a cool, chic look.
For RM35, (this is SO worth it!) you can get this at rainbow-melon.

I loves Juicy. Do you?
Celebrities like Ashley Tisdale loves Juicy too! ;)

Grab this Juicy Couture inspired bracelet (SO freakishly hot and classy!) from rainbow-melon for RM35. Loves the leather straps and heart-shaped charm!
"Blue eyes, blue eyes..."
There's a song about it, if I'm not mistaken. :)
Since we're mostly Asians, we have either hazel or black eyes. Or some grey eyes.
Therefore, get a pair of blue contacts and show off your blue eyes once in a while!
For me, I would wear coloured contacts once in a while, like two weeks coloured, then the other two weeks of plain contacts.
I'm proud to be Asian! ;)
But seriously, flutter your lashes and your pretty eyes with coloured contacts once in a while. Grab this pair of gorgeous blue contact lenses from Lovely Gwendolly lenses for RM45 each! So worth it right? ;D
"Denim high-waisted shorts ( )"
This is definitely one of the things I must get this season. A MUST, I say! ;)
Grab this gorgeous celebrity designer inspired denim high-waisted shorts from Bubble Teaa!
I practically fell in love with these when I saw them in Bubble Teaaa!
For RM30 each, (FOR A DESIGNER INSPIRED PIECE?!) grab this pair of denim high-waisted shorts and pair them up with your favourite white top or speghetti strap top and jacket!
Come on, show off your denim blue outfit! Beware, the paparazzis are addicted to the denim trend too!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Note

Hello theres :)
Once again, I would like to inform you peeps with this piece of important info. Lols.
For those of you who would like to advertise with us, as in paid advertisement, please read the instructions in the box above. As for blogshops who would loves to be linked (freeee!) , please read the sidebar.
This is cause, lately, we have been getting many confusing emails from blogshops stating the title, "I'd Like To Advertise". Sorry if we're confusing you guys. If you would like us to link you peeps, do email us with the title, "Review Us!", or something like that.
We are currently busy with project assignments and exams, but we will try our very best to reply and update. We miss you peeps! :(
Have a great month of May!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Momma I Love You! : Smell Good, Everyday

Hello there :)
This is the first edition of our Mother's Day post.
We know how much our mums love buying soaps of all kinds. Bar soaps, cream soaps, hand soaps, and many more.
This May 9th (that's Mother's Day folks!), let's get the best soaps for our mommas, alright?
picture credits to the net
Queen P is known to loves having her bath products smell good. Then again, who doesn't? ;)
Be like Paris and get some delicious smelling bath products for your mum and you!
Beauty Soap N Scent is known for their organic yet high quality soaps and bath products. Not only they are home-made, they are environmental friendly and affordable too! ;)
Get your hands on this delicious looking Apple Cinnamon soap bar. ;)
The cinnamon essential oil is known to relieve pain and migranes.
Not only that, this soap bar comes with a free loofah!
Loofahs are known for exfoliating your dead skin cells off your body.
The Uplifting Salt Scrub.
Made of dried orange rind, geranium essential oil, orange essential oil and peppermint essential oil, this uplifting salt scrub is good for removing dead skin cells.
Also, its uplifting floral scent is wonderful in perking up our senses.
Natural Bath and Body Treats for Mother's Day. :)
This wonderful gift set consists of the heart-shaped lavender soap, a silk gift box, rose scented moisturising soap, and uplifting body cream with collagen.
This is definitely the perfect gift set for mum if you are on a budget.

Sa-Paper Gift Box With 2 Soaps.
Comes with two assorted scented soap, this wonderful gift bag is also perfect for those who has a budget of under RM50.
Psssttt..the heart counts more. Sincerity rocks.

Mmmmmm, mint is known for its refreshing properties.
Get your mum this e-loofah in mint scent.
This mint loofah is 100% natural fiber, removes dead skin cells, brightens and smoothens skin. The natural herbal soap helps in cleansing and moisturising your skin.

So what are you waiting for? Get your products now from Beauty Soap N Scent!
Click here to purchase!


Let's make our mums feel like a celebrity, alright?