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Friday, May 28, 2010

I Loves Me Lashes!

Our fave celebrities in Hollywood are definitely heating up with the fake lashes rage. ;)
Stars like Beyonce, Cheryl Cole and many more enhance their beautiful eyes with false lashes to give them an extra oomph!
We loves Angelina's, Megan's and Hayden's eyes. Come on, enhance your eyes with them false lashes!

pictures credits to the net and JustJared

Lemon.Honey.Lemon is offering you a wide range of eyelashes to choose from!
Go from natural to va-va-voom with these lashes! ;)
Oooh, whispers* there's no need for that painful waterproof mascara removal, if you know what I mean. :(
Omg! Loves her eyes!
Gorgeous and au naturale looking. ;)
Mesmerize people with your eyes with these pair of lashes!
Handmade and has a transparent root, they're going for RM8 a pair!

Purple! :)
Party on with these gorgeous pair of funky lashes for RM25 per box!
Each box contains 10 pairs of lashes!
Cool, or what?!
For those of you ladies who adore looking funky yet classy, this one's for you!
Be a drama queen with these pair of blue lashies. Me loves!
For RM25 a box of 10 lashes, it's a bargain!

Wait, there's more!
Just click on to Lemon.Honey.Lemon now to get your pair of falsies now!
Remember, bat your eyes to the paparazzis, they'll be mesmerized for sure!

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