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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Style of The Day : Freaky Fridays

Lols actually it should be Vampy Fridays, not Freaky.
Ignore the title anyway..
This feature is going to blow you away!
As Halloween is approaching, lets get inspired from characters from movies like 'Twilight' and shows like 'The Vampire Diaries'. ;)
Nina Dobrev is one celebrity we admire.

pic credits to the net
Let's get Nina Dobrev inspired, shall we?

We really loves this dress when we first saw it in Beetch!
This dress somehow reminds us of vampy sultry-ness, filled with mystery. ;)
The red floral prints on the black background really adds a sexy touch to the dress.
For RM38, this velvet dress is a steal!

If dark sultry-ness is not your kind of thing, we suggest adding something unique to the look!
From Pinggu Monster, this rainbow pixel charm is really cute!
Attention girls, pixels are so IN right now!
So get your piece of pixel now!
For RM8 (charm only), this is perfect!

Add some casual feel towards your look with this cool vintage inspired bag!
The black colour is so retro! :)
For RM63, this bag is available in Kitty Tales Boutique.

Awww, the necklace's name is so sweet, isn't it?
From Ryl Designs, the multiple leaf charms add a classy touch to the necklace.
We adore long necklaces, don't you?
For RM32, this necklace will add some spice to your outfit!

Butterfly butterfly...
We loves this belt so much!
Waist clinchers can never go wrong; ever.
From Scandalous Secret, get yours at RM20!

A tip for girls; to look hot, have some hot leggings in your wardrobe!
Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Mischa Barton and the peeps at 90210 and Gossip Girl are all spicing up their outfit with them black see-through leggings!
So, this is a MUST-HAVE item in your wardrobe! ;)
Makes you look really sexy and classy at the same time.
We loves this tattoo inspired leggings from Lovely Closet.
For RM19 a pair, get your gorgeous on!

This pair of leggings is so Blair Waldorf inspired!
We loves how gorgeous it is. ;)
From House of Leggings, get them at only RM18 a pair!

Oh, all that partying and NO pictures?
You gotta be kidding me!
Have some picha time and get yourself a Canon Powershot camera from cathyloveme at only RM250!
Smile and look gorgeous! :)

Omg this shoe is fabulous!
Loves the ankle-length and studded details. :)
From Kitty Tales, get this leather baby at RM82 a pair!
Oooh lala!
Nude coloured shoes are seriously hot right now!
We loves this nude coloured ankle boots from Lovely Closet!
RM51 only; this shoe is SO worth it!

Ooh, I'm sure all of you girls went crazy over those pair of pink swallow inspired Miu Mius!
Now these shoes have it in cat design too!
Meow! ;)
For RM170, get them Kitty Miu Miu inspired shoes from The Shoes Collection!
Miss it; you will regret it!

Go on, prowl your vampy goodness with them!
Have fun, sexy!

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