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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Note To All

There has been an increasing amount of e-shops being set up from time to time; to which, many are cheats. I've been recieving complains about certain e-shops in which; after the e-shopaholic banks in the money, he/she did not recieve or hear anything from the respective e-shop owners again. If such case has happened to you, it's best to immediately report the e-shop owner to the police at once.
I also advise you e-shopaholics to beware of such "fake" e-shops and please get feedback from others about this e-shop. Also, to all e-shop owners, it's great to get customer feedback, so at least your customers will know that your e-shop can be trusted.

Besides that, there have also been an increase in cheating e-shopaholics. Don't get what I mean? Here's an example : A, a customer for e-shop B, ordered many clothes from that e-shop. She promised to bank in an amount of RM*** to that B's owner's account. After "banking in" the money, she sms-es the e-shop owner telling her that she has banked in the money. The e-shop owner then checks her bank account, only to see nothing being banked in into her account. She contacts A, only to find A missing.
Hey, although e-shopping is more like a hobby to many people, this matter should be taken seriously. What if the e-shop owner B sells pre-ordered items and she has ordered the items already? She has to pay the losses, you know. And this is not a good thing. What if the item is really hot selling and many people want it? She could have lose potential customers. Please think for them and not for yourself only.
I therefore advise you e-shop owners to be careful of such customers. If such thing has happened to you, don't wait any longer if that customer does not reply with a good excuse/does not bank in within the days given, just cancel their orders. If you're selling pre-ordered stuff and has ordered the items, do post the items in your e-shop and let others know that you are selling them off. Who knows potential customers will come?

I want you readers/e-shop owners to give me your feedback/suggestions on how to settle this matter. Do leave comments about this. Much appreciated. :)
Also, to all you people who have been in the wrong by getting involved with such incidents, please have a heart and don't repeat such mistakes again. I know advising you all won't really work; but, please think about it. What if you are in these people's situation? How would you feel? What will you do? Do think about it. Thank you.

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