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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Special : Christmas for The Ladies!

This is going to be a Christmas-related post.

Dear Santa,

I am on a huge budget and I need to buy perfect presents for my sister, my best girlfriend, my other friends and my mum. They love branded items but I don't think my budget of RM250 can afford all that! Please help!


No Idea

Dear No Idea,

Worry not, my child! This one's for you!



At Yellow Cab Trappings, you can get all branded items on a budget! They import handpicked items from The States, Australia, and many more!

Brands like Supre, Forever21 (think Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift) , Dotti, Sportsgirl, H&M (think Madonna), Sanrio, and the ever-loved Victoria's Secret (think Miranda Kerr, Heidi Klum) are found in this wonderful blog store!

Not sure on what to get your mum, sister, best girlfriend, cousin sister, neighbour? Here are some fantastic ideas!

For the best girlfriends you've ever had :


Imported from Down Under, this goodie is perfect for all Hello Kitty fans!

A perfect present for your best girlfriend, this Hello Kitty lipbalm is something your friend would die for!

For RM24, this present is not to be missed! ;)


Corsets never get old. What's more a corset dress!

This dress is perfect for all corset lovers!

From Supre Australia, this pretty dress is perfect for the girlfriend who has always been there for you since, forever!

For RM59, this is worth it!


A lace leotard!


This outfit is perfect for girlfriends who love partying the whole night long!

Found in Down Under, this Supre leotard is worth it at RM55!


For the best friend who is curvy and beautiful no matter what.

Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Crystal Bowersox and Kelly Clarkson are among celebrities that are curvy and beautiful no matter what!

So ladies, be proud to show off your curves!

This pretty skirt is a perfect gift for RM65.

Who says plus sized people can't pull off skirts! I say they can! And they will rock it!

Oh, and not to forget this is from Forever 21.


For the glam girlfriend!

This celebrities like Sophie Dahl and Kimora Lee Simmons!

Also branded Supre, this gorgeous black toga dress is the perfect gift this season!

Give this gift perhaps, on the 24th of December, a day before Christmas with the note saying,

"Gorgeous, you are IN for the BIG treat!

Open this quick and wear this tomorrow to wow everyone!


Girls, for the perfect glam Christmas present, black is the colour to choose!



For the sexy girlfriend.

This sexy zebra printed tube top is perfect for that sexy best girlfriend!

For RM39, this baby is totally worth the money!

Branded Supre, this top is going to make your best friend scream with joy!


For the nerdy girlfriend.

Nerds are HOT! Seriously!

Surprise your best friend with this cute eraser set.

She'll be thrilled for joy!

For RM12, this baby is unique and cute! ;)


Perfect for girlfriends who love to accessorize!

For the chic girlfriend, this heart shaped ring is so sweet!

Think celebrities like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift! ;)

Oh, not to forget, Rihanna is spotted wearing this kind of ring many times!

Branded Diva (I LOVE DIVA!) this heart double ring is available for RM25!

Oh la love!


For the vintage lover!

Yes, this vintage pair of earrings from Sportsgirl will bowl your best friend over!

Love the cute floral detailings.

Think celebs like Mary Kate Olsen and Camilla Belle. ;)

For RM22, this is a steal!


For the crazy in love.

Congrats to that girlfriend who found love! ;)

This L.O.V.E ring set comes in a set of four rings; L, O, V, and E!

Branded as Factorie, this baby is worth is at RM35.

For the sister /cousin sister :


For the ever stylish one.

Fringes rock everyone's socks!

This fringe dress is so gorgeous and perfect for your sister/cousin sister!

Branded Supre, this dress is totally worth it at RM42!


For the crazy in love sister/cousin.

This three hearts necklace is a perfect gift for your sister/cousin!

Super pretty and classy, this necklace is from Sportsgirl and is available at only RM25. ;)

So worth it!


For that little sister/Spongebob fan.

Almost everyone is a Spongebob fan, even me!

Give your sister a little lip treat with this cool lipbalm for only RM24 each! ;)



For that sister who loves to rock!

This gorgeous chain ring is a perfect gift.

Branded Diva, this Australian imported ring makes a really cool gift your sister is going to love!

For RM35, this is worth it!


For the pink lover.

This pretty and chic pink slingbag from Dotti is fabulous!

Love the silver lines on the bag. ;)

For RM55, your sister will love you for it!


For the fashionista.

Striped maxi dresses are so IN right now!

Show your sister some love with this RM59 striped maxi dress from Supre!

Available in two fantastic colours. ;)


For the wild child.

Perfect for sisters who love to party!

Also from Supre, this gorgeous cut out dress is so HOT and sexy, your sister will love you for it!

For RM68, this dress is worth it!


For the military lover.

For RM68, this hot Rihanna inspired dress is perfect for that gorgeous sister/cousin sister.

Love the military detailing and all that! ;)


For the beach bum!

This Victoria's Secret floral bikini is perfect for the sister who loves to chill! ;)

For RM95, this bikini comes in a set, along with the gray Cheeky Bottoms. Lols; Cheeky Bottoms!


For the fab sister/cousin!

This hot pink dress is so cool and chic, we love it!

Every girl must have at least one hot pink outfit!

For RM59, this dress is superb from Supre. ;)


For the sister/cousin who's always been there. :)

Sprinkle your sister some love with this pretty printed dress from Urban Outfitters!

Loving the sexy back!

For RM70, this is love!


For the vintage lover!

Pamper your sister with some polka dots with this gorgeous bandage skirt!

Branded as Supre, this baby is priced at RM55. Steal! ;)

For the one who gave birth to you; Mum :

Pamper your mum with some of these goodies!


This is perfect for every mum!

Gorgeous, classy and elegant, this double gold heart ring is perfect!

Branded from Factorie, this ring is a steal at RM35. :)


Yes! Stila!

I'm very sure all mums are familiar with Stila cosmetics from the States. ;)

Get this tinted moisturiser for your mum now at only RM69!

Comes with SPF30, this prevents skin ageing and is wonderful for every mum!

Omg, steal!


This convertible clutch from Sportsgirl is perfect!

Mum will definitely love you for it! ;)

For RM65, we love its versatility; as a sling bag, purse or clutch!


For the glam mama!

Liven up the Audrey Hepburn days for your mum and dress her like Audrey from Breakfast at Tiffany's with this elegant maxi dress! The side slid adds a new twist to this maxi as well. ;)

Imported from US, this Forever 21 maxi dress is only RM66! Perfect!


For mums who love the beach.

Pamper your mum with this swimsuit from Victoria's Secret at only RM79!

Available in two designs, your mum will definitely love it!


Let your mum bring out her inner diva in this relaxed dress from Supre.

For RM59, this dress is perfect for all mums!



Who says mums can't be stylish?

Update her style closet with this nautical red crop top from Forever21!

For RM48, this is so worth it! ;)


Yes, another tie dye crop top!

Surprise your mum with this tie dye number and trust us, she will love you for it! ;)

Branded as Supre, this is available in pink at RM49.


For the classy mum.

Show her some love with this elegant satin romper from Supre!

Available at RM55, this outfit is perfect for parties and work. ;)

Well, that's all!

Happy shopping for the season of giving. ;)

We will shower you all with more updates soon!

You can get all the above from Yellow Cab Trappings.


(oh, beware of paparazzis! they might rush in for a little bargain too!)

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