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Thursday, January 14, 2010

What To Expect This 2010.

The year of 2010 has begun
Ends the year of 2009..
New fashion trends will be up. Celebrities, will of course, be the first ones to wear them. :)
Anyway, here are some trends to expect this year of 2010 :
#1 : Anything with chiffon/ sheer or lace at the top of a blouse or dress.
Yesss, these lovelies will definitely be a huge hit this year. I loves! Makes a girl look girly girl cute and classy at the same time. Wooties!
Now YOU can start that trend amongst your friends/ fans. ;)
From Veritas, this cool dress caught my eye the moment I saw it!
Totally loves the fact that it's oh-bodyhugging, loves the lace details ( I fell in love with lace last September. Lols. ) Loves the heart-shaped bustier. And those shoulder pads, wootsss! Loves them , loves them!
Best of all, this comes with a reasonable price tag, RM55.
RM55 for an Alexa Chung/ Emma Watson inspired dress? Who doesn't loves? ;)
I totally loves the lace detailling in this one too! Hawt, I tell you, HAWT! ;)
Loves the sleeves too! Omg gorgeous!
Grab this one from La' Belle Closet at RM50!
Pair this baby up with matching heels (preferably black) and a cute clutch and you're good to go! ;)
Omg! I loves this dress too!
Totally Sienna Miller inspired, this one is!
Very girly-like, these dresses are, they bring the girly girl in you! I'm serious, can? :D
Also from La' Belle Closet, you can grab this one at only RM50. Loves!
Attn : For La' Belle Closet buyers, if you bank in within 12 hours upon receiving their confirmation email, you will get an additional 10% discount (EXCLUDING postage) Woots!
#2 : Bows, bows, and BOWS!
I'm serious. Last year was the trend of those omg so cute mini hats. You know, those lil hats made popular by wearing on the side on your head?
This year, it's going to be a year of bows!
Every girl's got to have one!
Loves this bow! It's rather Blair Waldorf inspired! (You'll know who she is if you watch Gossip Girl)
I am in loves with stripes, so yes, they are definitely hot with this cute lil bow hairband from Veritas.
Perfect for college or university or outings with your best friends. Or perhaps, a date with someone. ;)
The price to pay? RM12.
(Speaking of Blair, stay tuned for the post on Leighton loves!)
#3 : Elegant bookmarks.
I know. Totally out-of-place right. Elegant bookmarks the trend of 2010? You bet!
It's definitely a trend for fashionistas going back to school/ college / university. I mean, who does not like the attention they get from friends/ classmates?
"Oooh, I loves your bookmark! Where did you get them? You are not only smart, you also have an excellent taste when it comes to clothes and stationaries." Lols!
I fell head-over-heels for this elegant piece when I saw it in gloves.look.
I am in loves with the cute lil angels on the sides of the bookmark as well as the elegant red, crystal-clear and white pearls. Very Christmas-like. ;)
You can own this classy piece at RM25 now!
#4 : Millitary-inspired clothes
Yes, they are IN this 2010!
Those with army-like gold pins and all. They add cool-ness to any outfit!
So Micheal Jackson inspired!
Celebrities like Rihanna, Ciara and Madonna has been spotted wearing them. No worries, the trend continues this 2010!
I loves this colour! Red rocks!
Totally IN for this year as well for those going for CNY shopping! ;)
Loves the details on the dress. Aluminium foil and gold buckle-ing details. ;)
Red and gold = HOT!
You can grab this hottie at Sweet Surrender at RM37 each.
RM37 for a hot red tube dress? Who does not loves?

For those who are not a fan of dresses but LOVES millitary-inspired clothes, why not try this hot t-shirt?
T-shirts are definitely our daily staple. To me, dresses are usually meant for dressy occassions, where people would go for the WOW factor when they see you wearing your dress. T-shirts are the ones which are cool and suitable for daily wear. :)
Anyway, enough talking. Back to this hottie. I find this top hot and cool. Loves the military inspired details.
Suitable with a pair of jeans or skirt or hot pants (HOT PANTS ARE SO THE TREND THIS YEAR TOO!)
Grab this one from Bows Lover at RM39! Woots!
#5 : Jumpsuits/ playsuits
Popular in the cast of Gossip Girl (Blake and Leighton especially), this cute stuff is definitely heatin' it up this year!
Suitable for daily wear, when you go out to play/shop. ;)
Loves this jumpsuit! Really cute and I loves the butterfly-looking sleeves.
Loves the cute factor this jumpsuit gives!
Available in Fashion Air, this cute wear can be bought at a price of RM49!
Match it with a pair of sneakers for fun factor or a pair of heels for sexy-cute factor.
Oooh, and shades too! Loves!
Well, that's all folks!
Do stand by for cameras clicking and beware of paparazzis!
Remember, a celebrity never shys away. ;)

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