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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jewels Oh Jewels

Accessories are the best things ever in the world of fashion!
May it be jewelry, handbags, shoes, anything that make people go "WOAH!" when they see us, they are all perfecto!
Jewelry is definitely one of the best things created ; ever.
They will add pizzazz to our outfit; making us look fab; ALL THE TIME.
Even a plain t-shirt can look gorg when paired up with jewelry. ;)
Our fave celebrities are loving their jewelry, eh?
They look gorgeous can!
Here are some cute jewelry you guys will definitely go crazy over!

Bangles and bracelets : Oh loves!
picture credits to the net
We so loves the vintage ring Nicole Richie is wearing as well as all the bangles. Loves!
She looks really classy and gorgeous in this simple dress; added with all that bling.
Nicole, you rock! ;)
Get stylish like Nicole and grab yourselves some really cool bangles!
Really gorgeous and the best of it all, suits every occasion!
Go dressy by pairing these bangles with your fave dinner dress like Nicole, or get down-to-earth by pairing these babies with your fave boyf tee and a pair of skinny jeans for college/uni! ;)
Versatile, eh?
Best best of it all, they are going for only RM29 for a set, 2 sets for RM55 or 3 sets for RM60!
(3 sets for RM60?! You gotta be kidding us! That's like, RM20 per set! Cool!)
Grab them now from Peep! You don't want to miss this!

picture credits to the net

Ashley Tisdale looks totally stunning in this get-up! ;)
We loves how she pairs up her chunky bangles to her outfit.
That belt rocks too! Loves loves!

Get chunky like Ashley and get this cool vintage bangle from A Fashion Story!
We really loves the vintage feel this bangle has!
The red jewels attached and the roses surrounding them are just gorgeous!
For RM16, this baby is a must-have! ;)
If vintage and roses are just not your thing, no worries, this will do the trick!
Gorgeous blings and gold coloured jewelry; simply elegante!
Perfect for prom moments as well as gala dinners, and more!
From House of Chain, they are sold at RM38!
Don't like vintage, blings, cute bangles, diamonds, or anything like that?
Then this is for you!
Classy and elegant, this studded bracelet is wonderful for events such as prom, dinners and many other occasions! ;)
Available in gold and silver, they are available at the House of Chain for RM45!

Rings : Statement for the fingers ;)
picture credits to the net
Ashley Olsen looks cool in this outfit; and check out her rings!
We loves how she pair up all her rings! Vintage rings, simple rings, bling rings; they all look stunning when paired up together! You guys should try this look too! ;)
Get star-studded and grab this cool bling bling star ring by Peep!
So pretty, they totally rock!
We loves the bling and how they look when worn!
Really gorgeous! A-list to the max! :D
RM25 each!

Oooh vintage!
Pair up the star studded ring with this baby!
So classy; we are loving the red gem in the middle!
Red jewels are so hot right now!
Grab them from A Fashion Story for only RM8.90!
Perfect for babes on a budget! ;)
YOU guys have to agree with us on this;
this ring is Tous inspired!
Lols. Lame. We know. But its true. We are Tous lovers!
We loves you Tous!
Ok, enough of that babble, go crazy and pair up this simple yet classy Tous inspired ring, vintage ring as well as the cool star studded ring all at one go!
The result? Gorgeous and cool!
Totally rock star-ish yet glam-ish. ;)
This pretty ring is available at A Fashion Story at only RM6.30!
Another budget buy, babes! We loves budget buys!

Necklaces : Long, short, classy, plain, we loves them ALL!
picture credits to the net
Vanessa Hudgens looks great in this simple yet elegant outfit!
A plain dress can look totally elegant when paired with the right jewelry, and Vanessa knows that!
Long necklaces are just SO IN! We loves the long necklaces Vanessa is wearing!

Copy her stunning look with this oh-so-vintage necklace from Jasz's Jewelry Box!
We loves vintage pieces; they rock our closet!
Just look at the cool butterfly and the roses! Simply breath-taking, no?
They are available for RM60.
picture credits to the net
Gorgeous Kate Hudson looks simply fabulous in this outfit!
We loves how she and Vanessa Hudgens match long necklaces and short necklaces.
Mixing and matching could never been better!
Grab a cool necklace like this bird cage necklace and pair it up with your other short necklaces!
This long necklace looks totally sweet and classy, we loves!
We also loves how unique the design is.
From A Fashion Story!
Best of it all; this baby is less than RM20!
It's going for RM16.90!
Omg, ladies, what are you waiting for!

Another long necklace to die for!
We loves the rose details and the cool bling hanging on the necklace! ;)
(What's up with us and roses today..we seem to be seeing plenty of roses in this post!)
Good news, beauties on budget, this pretty necklace cost you less than RM20 too!
Goes for RM15.90! Are we hearing plenty of screams?

picture credits to the net

If you are a umm, casual we-only-attend-sales-areas-in-shopping-malls-not-gala-dinners-or-formal-events like us, meaning you don't really attend galas, events,..yes, poor us. :(
You should try this look!
Ashley Tisdale shows us how chic she looks with this long necklace look! Paired with a plain top! ;)

Earrings : We Dangle, You Dangle (lame, ha ha)
picture credits to the net
Pretty and witty, Isla Fisher is our fave shopaholic and she just looks oh-so-stunning in this dress!
A simple, classy dress paired up with dangly earrings; loves much!

Get dangly like Isla and shine in this cool vintage-looking earrings!
We loves how Cleopatra-ish this pair of earrings look!
Perfect for dinners and dates! ;)
From A Fashion Story, this baby is a budget steal at only RM11.50 a pair!
Oooh! Just look at how elegant this pair of earrings look! ;)
Loves the cool design, reminds us of the Queen of Hearts something somehow. :D
We also loves the dangly black diamond at the bottom of this piece.
Grab this from A Fashion Story for RM11.70 per pair only!
Budget buys rock!
picture credits to the net
Ahhh, stunning Aishwarya Rai.
We so loves her long earrings look!
Breath-taking, no? ;)
Copy Aishwarya and grab this cool long earrings from A Fashion Story!
This time, its LV-inspired!
We are huge fans of LV!
Gold jewelry rock this season! :D
For RM11.70, this pair is a must-have too!

Woots! That sums up our post! ;)
So what are you waiting for?
Start clicking and grab them before they go poof!
The paparazzis will be blinded by all your bling!


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