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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ramblings Love : Save The Earth!

I was at the mall today when I notice plenty of people using disposable plastic bags.
I was disappointed.
Those plastic bags are not those Tesco biodegradable ones. Instead, they are those see through coloured-plastic bags.
Anyway, today I'd like to discuss about saving the Earth.
As most of you are aware, the 21st of December 2012 is supposedly the "day of doom". 
Well, I, for one, do not believe its going to happen. However, I do believe the day of doom is going to come by soon.
Well, for starters, plenty of trees are being chopped down. This causes the ozone layer to deplete. Climates are changing. Also, plenty of animals are currently endangered. 
Natural disasters are occuring frequently. And pollution is everywhere.
If we do not conserve the environment now, the end of the world would be sooner than you think.
I know, you might be saying, "Why conserve it now when it's already too late?"
Well, there's still hope.

Mother Nature is beautiful. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could all experience such beauty?
picture credits :


picture credits :


All these are real life pictures. 
It would be a sad thing if we do not get to experience such beauty in the future. In other words, the beauty of Mother Nature no longer exists. Instead, people rely on the power of photoshop. -.-

Also, there are plenty of animals currently endangered :

pic credits :

pic credits :

pic credits :

It breaks my heart really to see all this happening.
Well, of course, we are not multi-millionaires who can change the world. 
Neither are we actors, singers, famous people.
Having said that though, we still can change the world.
We can start around our community of friends, family members, and it goes on and on and on :)

Here are some steps you and I should take in saving the world :
(oh, and we need not be superhuman too)

1) Reduce, reuse, recycle
Yes! Remember the 3Rs?
It doesn't hurt to separate your trash.
I would separate my trash into three types : wastes, paper and plastic.
Of course, remember to discard the wastes into those big rubbish bins outside your house so that they can be collected the next day. 
As for the paper and plastic, do discard them into those big recycling bins found in your community area. 

2) Use recyclable bags
Forever 21 has those really cute shopper bags. And so does H&M.
Look trendy while saving the Earth as you shop for your regular grocers. ;)

3) Use biodegradable bags
(if you have no choice)
If you are a student at uni, budgeting is key and even buying rubbish bags can be a lot of money sometimes. (trust me, I've been through that.)
What I'll do is get those biodegradable bags from Tesco as bin liners.
That way, they will biodegrade eventually, leaving no trace of plastic on earth. Hooray!

4) Don't leave that switch on!
Yes, time and again, unless you are the one paying the electricity bill, many of us tend to leave the switch on.

5) Car pooling, buses and LRTs
Air pollution ain't cool.

6) Save water! Do not leave the tap on!

7) Do not buy real leather/fur
Go for faux leather and fur. Quality wise, some faux leather or fur are pretty good. 

8) Use biodegradable products
Biodegradable soap, dish washer, fuel, etc.

9) Plant trees/greenery
Yes, we are not joking! Plant a tree/greens. 
If you are afraid of trees, plant a small pot of flowers/herbs instead. 
They release oxygen into the air making it fresher.
A mental note though, do not share a room with a plant. 
You would not want to be at war with it at night!

10) DIY using recyclable materials
It's always cool to see handcrafted recycled materials.
Pretty pretty! :D

Well, that's all folks!
"These simple little things in life will make a big impact to the community some day soon."
Will update with more ways in saving the earth soon! :)

Love love!

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