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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mad About Make Up :) (Part 1)

I'm sure most of us girls (and guys (!) ) here are mad about make up.
Eye shadow, foundation, lipstick,..they make us look glamorous, no? :)

Snowflake Your Way! :)
I'm pretty sure many of you have heard of MAC. :)
Celebrities like Hilary Duff, Keri Hilson, Fergie, Paris Hilton and many more are mad about MAC! ;)

I've came across this blogshop which sells lots of cool make up, ranging from Paul and Joe to MAC! :)
They're pretty affordable too. ;)
I love the MAC Viva Glam lipgloss; it's sold out in the market when I last checked. :(
It's selling at RM50 in Go Ahead and Raid My Closet! ;)
Woots! Hurry grab it before someone else does!

Victoria's Secret, anyone?
Ooohhs, I'm pretty sure many of you here LOVE Victoria's Secret! :)
Not to forget the celebrities! ;)
I love the Pink by Victoria's Secret. It's cool and pretty! :)
There's a range of VS products here and you can get them at affordable prices.
Go ahead to Victoria's Secret Heaven to get some! ;)

More on Victoria's Secret! ;)

Nomi's Colourful Boxes are selling them too! Do check them out! ;)

Woots! Excited? I am!

"Everybody's beautiful in their own way."

Mad Tea Party! :)

*click to enlarge*

Woots! will be having something special this April Fool's Day! ;)
They will be having a Mad Tea Party and all their bags will be on sale! :D

Here are the details!
Mad Tea Party!
Descripton :
Online shopping with a touch of MADNESS! Prices on over hundred bags going berserk, randomly shrinking to as low as 70% every hour! Shoppers also get to enjoy exclusive 1 day free delivery.
Start Date: 1st Apr 2009
Start Time: 12:00am
End Date: 1st Apr 2009
End Time: 11:59pm
For more exciting info, log on to
Wooties! I've logged on to the website and omg! their bags are pretty and unique! Totally celeb-style! ;)
Omg, excited can? Do click on the links to participate in this wonderful event! :)


Remember the maxi that got you all gaga over? The one spotted on Kim Kardashian? ;)

Well, good news for you babes! The maxi's back! In two colors only though; white and grey. There are limited pieces only so do click on to A.Fashion.Reborn to book yours today!
Latest by 9th April babes! :)

Black Metallic Leggings, Anyone? ;)

If you don't know yet, metallic leggings are IN in Hollywood! It's the latest trend can?
Seen in celebrities like Paris Hilton, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Peaches Geldof, and many more, metallic leggings are just what any girl needs. ;)
Pair these stylish pair of leggings and you'll look good for sure!

Bows Lover is restocking their black metallic leggings! Woots!
Aren't you excited? ;)
Get yours at only RM32 a pair! (So worth it!) :)
Come on, get yours today! :)

Beware of the paparazzi! They may be everywhere! ;)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Be Body Beautiful ;)

Now now. Most of us women have our own assets.
And I'm sure we're proud of them :)
However, some of us might not be proud of the size of our boobs. (I know, this is pretty embarrassing, but I think it would be a good thing to share to all you lovelies.)
Now, most of us might have already heard of this product called the F Cup Cookie.
It's really effective, according to a friend of mine who have tried this cookie. Besides being delicious, it's safe too. (But; you are only to take a maximum of 2 pieces of cookies a day, because if you take too much, your estrogen may be affected.)
AND it's a lot better than going to plastic surgery. (That's seriously painful and expensive, no?)
Here are the effects of eating the F Cup Cookie :
- Larger, Fuller, Firmer Breasts :)
- Improved Circulation
- Healthier Period :)
- Relief of Menopausal Symptoms ;)
- Increased Vaginal Secretion
- Healthier Hair and Skin :D
- Reduced Stress
- Look Younger
Oh, it has a slimming effect too! :D
Many of us SURE do want to look like a million dollars in front of others. Good news is, we don't need to be a celebrity to do it! :)
And, we don't need to pay millions to look good, thanks to this wonderful new invention, which costs RM150 per box.
Omg interested in this item already?
Wooties! Check it out here at Yuka's Personal Paradise for more!
Oooh! Good news for all you people who want slim legs!
Envy legs are slimming socks which can help burn 333Kcal per hour! Interesting, eh?
At RM18 a pair, it's definitely worth buying, no?
Get this from Yuka's Personal Paradise NOW! ;)
Now that most of you have the solution to your body issues, remember this,
smile and show it off proudly, babes!
You are all beautiful, no matter how you look like. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009


Ninth Havens - As they are newly opened, they are offering a 10% discount on ALL TOPS! Additional 5% will be given to each dress when purchased with a top! ;)

Woots! Click on this link to go! Promotions starts from 15 March til 31 March! Hurry! :)

I love the dresses in this boutique! Do check them out! :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stylish, Classy and Fun! (1)

Want to look classy, but fun at the same time? :)
The girl who's classy, fun and stylish is a girl who's happy-go-lucky, fun to mix with, and crazy at the same time. Like any other girls, she loves to dress up; but she knows the rules. Less IS more! ;)
Celebs like Leighton, Vanessa and Taylor knows how to dress stylishly, classy and fun at the same time!
I love blue! It's so the color this season!
Get this classy blue top from CiaoBella Boutique at RM20 only!

It's so stylish you can even wear it to parties besides college. ;)
Pair this up with a pair of skinny jeans or tights and you will look like a celebrity yourself!
I love this!
They are just so stylish, no?
Get this stylish pair of glads from Taiwan Spree at RM58!
It's worth the price! Woots!
Omg! See! I told you blue is so classy!
Just LOOK at this dress!
Makes me wanna buy one too. ;)
Get this lovely fun piece from LuvMyDresses for RM69!
Pair this up with a handbag and you are good to go!This little black dress is just so sexy isn't it?
From Ninth Havens, this dress makes any girl look classy and stylish at the same time!
Get this hot piece for RM53!
You can wear it to parties or prom;
you're going to be noticed for sure!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Little Glamour Please? :)

Being a glam puss isn't as hard as you thought it may be. Celebrities like Catherine, Jennifer and Emmy are all glam pusses and they rock the glam world! Here's some pretty clothes suitable for the glam puss in you! ;)
I saw this on the red carpet before. Worn by Peaches Geldof. Omg, red carpet style = total celeb hotness!
Get this pretty dress from French Kiss at RM49!
Walk your way to Hollywood!
Prints are so sexy; and glamourous too!
Get this from What's Your Flavor?
at RM42 only!
Here's mreowww! ;)
Any glamour puss would never leave home without her little black dress. ;)
Get this classy and hot dress from Petite Damsel at RM58!

Omg this is my fave!
So hot can?
You can be sweet and glamourous at the same time!;)
Get this from Heaven For Angels at RM66 each!
Walk the red carpet in style babes!;)
Don't forget the paparazzis! They're everywhere!


Greetings ALL perfume lovers (includes me!;) ) ;
If you purchase two perfumes from Perfectionist Shopaholic, the owner will record down your IC number, name and phone number. All names will be randomly picked; and FIVE lucky winners will walk away with a free perfume!

Terms and Conditions :
1. Only available from 17th March 2009-26th April 2009; You have more than a month to grab this wonderful gift!
2. Available for those who buy 2 perfumes and above!

Hurry grab this offer! :) This is the last mystery gift!
Click this link to start!
Perfumes like Armani, Burberry and Chanel and lots more! Do check it out!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Updates Tonight!

I'll be updating tonight dears!
Sorry for my two-week absence in this. Was busy. Really sorry.
Do check out tonight/tomorrow for more exciting updates!
Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

This IS Hot!

Omg I just fell head over heels when I saw this! Just look at the heels!
Melania looks gorg in them, no?
Now you can get them too!
It's so celebrity inspired can?
Makes any girl envy when they see this gorg heels. ;)
Get this from JY BEAUTY BOUTIQUE at RM130 inclusive of postage. :)
Do visit JY BEAUTY BOUTIQUE for more gorg celebrity-inspired clothes and accessories. ;)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

LV, anyone?

Hellos all LV lovers!
Daryln has bought a bag; the LV Minilim Speedy a week back.
She has decided to sell off the bag; 'cause she's bored of the bag. It's only a week old.
She's selling the bag for RM350 only; it's a replica, but it looks exactly like the same with the original bag.
It's fully leather; and you can request for pictures from Daryln if you want. :)
Here's her email for more info :
COD is available at One Utama, The Curve, or anywhere else requested.
Thank you. :)
Note : The bag looks like the one in the picture above.

My Confessions!

OMG I can't wait I can't wait! ;)
This is so going to be fun!
Here's my confessions, ladies;
since this upcoming movie's going to be hot (I'm sure!),
I'll review clothes inspired by this movie! (to me, of course!)
I know I have been naughty lately (not updating often), so I hope this makes up some of it!
There are part IIs and IIIs too! Wait up!
This is inspired by the movie!
Sleek Sisters are bringing in a collection inspired by the fab movie; and this is one of the clothes in the collection. :)
This dress costs RM38; I find this very sweet yet feminine.
Get it now!
Oh yes, another one!
Stripes are simple yet gorgeous. They make any girl stand out from the crowd! ;)
Get this from Sleek Sisters at RM38 too!
Omg woots! Isn't it worth it? What's more;
Confessions of A Shopaholic inspired!
I find this bag pretty; and
it totally stands out from the crowd! Just look at the color!
From Phelauwer, this bag costs RM38! What a bargain!
Member price : RM35! Woots!
This is another sweet top!
Makes any girl look feminine. :)
Get this from French Kiss at RM44!
Pair it with jeans and there you go! ;)

Now, this is something a shopaholic like me can't resist!
Get this from eclectic cut at RM59 each!
The name of this dress totally suits it too!
"From Jane (Austen) to Gwen (Stefani)";
from feminine to funky. Who can't resist?
I like this!
So pretty can? Something a shopaholic would grab; fast!
Get this from eclectic cut at RM45!
Pair this with a white sweater and you will look like the shopaholic herself! ;)
Now now, do click on the links to be the shopaholic herself too!
You know you can't resist! ;)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Women, Let's Celebrate!

Celebration times, c'mon! ;)
I can hear the music as women around the world celebrate Women's Day! :) Woots!
Only Branded Replica understands your needs too; so that's why..
They gave you pretty women a RM30 off your purchase! *Money MUST be banked in by 8th of March 09! :)
Therefore, do pamper yourselves with many gorg choices of bags, shoes and clothes!
Happy Women's Day ladies! :)