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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Love Them Jumpsuits

Yes! They are loving jumpsuits; and so ARE WE! Omg omg they are so IN and pretty! I think it's important for EVERY girl to have at least one jumpsuit in their closet, no? :)
Jumpsuits are suitable for ANY event; YES, I repeat, ANY. Unlike some misconceptions that jumpsuits should be worn at home and are really boring outfits; I think they are totally hot..specially for a weather like this in Malaysia. HOT HOT HOT! :)
Check out these celebs! Proves to you jumpsuits are totally HOT for any occassion, no? ;D

I'm like, having three pairs of jumpsuits in my closet now. You should get one yourself too! ;)
I'm loving this from Ladies Fashion. It's totally a versatile outfit, no? Can be worn with speghettis inside; or a t-shirt, or even a jacket! :) Pair them up with sneakers or flip flops and you're good to go! ;)

And yes, for all these; this pretty yet wonderful jumpsuit costs you only RM30! NO kidding! ;) Get yours now! Comes in three pretty colours; dark blue, black and green! Woots!

Total Blake style! This cute halter-neck jumpsuit with the ribbon in front is suitable for gatherings with friends and college too, no? Pair this up with a sleeveless top and a pair of T-bar flats and you're so good to go! ;)
Get this cute thing from CiaoBella Boutique now!RM40 each. :)

Woots woots! I'm getting all excited already! It's time to get your own jumpsuit now! (A pair of sunglasses too! ;) )
Beware of paparazzis! :D

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One More Day! :)

Ignore this post. Lols. Just happy that I'm finally free from my exam stress! Ends this Friday 4:30pm! Woots! Care to celebrate with me? Anyway..will update by the end of this week! Omg omg omg it's like I haven't been here for YEARS! I missed you all! :D
Catch you peeps soon! ;)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

June SALES! (09)

OMG! It's time to smile, as there's gonna be a lot of sales going on babes! ;)
(This post is to be updated as there will be many MANY more e-shops on SALE!)

Yessss! They are having a Clearance sales! :)
Omg! I love their Victoria in Magenta, Zipped and Ballerina. Curious on what am I saying? Log on to Fashion.Attic to see how they look like! ( can click on the names as they are linked to the picture; credits to Fashion.Attic!)What's more, I find them all worth it! A cute ballerina lookalike dress for prom for only RM40? (Original price :RM50) I'm sure you can get it nowhere but here! Hurry up babes! Grab them before they dissapear! :)

I'll update with more soon! Omg, get excited babes! Woots! :P


Celebrities like Ashley Tisdale and Jessica Alba love Juicy Couture. Do you? ;)
Although I'm not much of a pink fan, I must say, Juicy has cute stuff any girl would love! :)
And Princess Feverlicious knows that too!
Which is why, they brought in this! Omg!Juicy Couture Pure Parfum Perfume miniature! :)
Woots! Who's excited now?!
Just look at the color (though I'm not a pink fan..), isn't it pretty? And the shape of the bottle. It's just gorg, isn't it? Oh and yes, of course, the perfume. Lols. :)
It is 0.17 FL OZ LIQ/5 mL
Description of the fragrance; it is a mix of watermelon, mandarin, passion fruit, apple, tuberose, caramel creme brulee with woods and patchouli.
I personally have not tried this so I can't really say much either, but I do hope the description does help. :D
For all you Juicy fans, I think this perfume is worth it if you love the smell described above, as the perfume will last a long time, it is stated that one drop of this concentrated pure perfume is enough to last for a whole day. ;)
Best of it, as far as I know, Juicy products are usually expensive. (Pardon me, I am not much of a Juicy fan.) so, RM55 is pretty worth it, no? (Comes with FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY TOO! WOOTSSSS!)
Come on, I know you're excited. ;) For more, log on to Princess Feverlicious to get your own Juicy! :D

Saturday, June 13, 2009

T-shirt ON. :)

I'm back..with a blast! Sorry for not updating for a LONG time. :( Anyway, guess who's our next featured celebrity? ;)
It's for you to figure out. :D
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MORE Updates!

Firstly, I apologise to all e-shop owners/readers for not replying your emails as soon as possible. Second, there are many new and old e-shops ready to be introduced! So feast your eyes babe! :)
Thirdly, I will be updating more often now that I'm free (after next week; as next week is my final two papers) ;)
That's all babes! :)

Thank you so much for your support!