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Monday, July 27, 2009

To Everyone :)

Recently, my friend told me that, there has been FAKE bank websites being set up, and Maybank is also included in the list. :(
It is said that those bank websites are almost similar to the real ones. Therefore, I urge you to be more careful when signing in your bank account; to do online banking that is. Do check with your bank on the right URL and all.
Thank you.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Orientation Ball Special Three : My Little Black Dress

As I read the theme of my friend's Orientation Ball card last year, "A Night To Remember", the best advice I could give my friend is, "If you want to look classy no matter what, pick the LBD". LBD is, the little black dress. It's the safest so far when you are not the type who loves experimenting colors and yet, want to look glamorous. :) That is why, every girl should own at least a piece of LBD. ;)
The little black dress, no matter what, is classy itself. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Leona Lewis, Anne Hathaway, Paris Hilton and Audrey Hepburn; in fact, Audrey's dress at Breakfast at Tiffany's is the one in which as I believe, started the little black dress trend.
Now, if you don't have a little black dress and would love to own one. I suggest you would love these. :)
The cutting is edgy yet sexy. Suitable for the shy girl, who of course, wants to look glam and hot. :)
Get this Supre dress from Haute Diva at RM45 each. ;)

Love animal prints, but want a little black dress too? This is your answer! ;)
Get this hot dress from Eve's Closet at RM55 each. What's more, you can wear this dress in 3 ways. Cool, or what? :)

For the sweet girl. :)
Loving a simple classy little black dress?
This one's for you!
From J's Fashion Diary, this pretty yet affordable dress costs RM30 only! :D
You can purchase the clincher worn in this picture from the owner too. :) Check them out!
Omg, I love this dress!
Reminds me of the rock princess!
Something Avril Lavigne would wear. :)
The floral details are a bonus too!
Grab this hottie at An Old Flame at RM59.
This dress is so pretty, I want to get it myself! :)
If your prom theme is the "Back To The 60s", this one suits the theme well! :)
Get this classy piece from An Old Flame at RM60 each.
Want a pair of shoes to go well with the little black dress you bought?
I'd suggest this. Loving the fishnet details on the front.
These shoes are all the trend now babes!
From An Old Flame, at RM64 per pair. ;)
Now what are you waitin' for, babes? Blow your date's heart away with your outfit, and most importantly, yourself. Enjoy yourself and your little black dress!
And, don't forget the paparazzis! They may be behind you.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Orientation Ball Special (Part Two) : Accessorize Me!

Hello babes! :)
Sorry for the late updates. :( Slow internet connection...grrr..
Anyway, as you know, accessories are something EVERY GIRL needs in her closet, no? ;)
Rings, necklaces, shoes, bags, bracelets,..they do two things ; MAKE or BREAK an outfit. Therefore we must know how to pair our fave accessories and our outfits to look great can? :D

credits to the net.
Celebrities like Hilary Swank, Hilary Duff, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale look great with their accessories, no? ;D
So come on babes, let's accessorize for our Orientation Night! :)
These bags are so gonna be HOT this season! Instead of clutches, why not bring such pretty slings to Orientation Balls instead? They not only make us look glamorous, they also help us look pretty! :)
Celebrities like Alexa Vega is seen using this kind of chic bag in one of her movies. ;)
Get this HOT HOT stuff from Take Me Home! Pre-Loved Boutique at RM10 only. Yessss! That's the price! Omg omg hurry get it now!
In love with Guess watches but could not afford them? If your budget is RM200 and below, this is the answer to your prayers! In case you're wondering, "Watch for a ball? NO WAY!" YES WAY! :)
Watches not only help us tell the time, but also, look great! :)
What's more, this watch is also a charm-bracelet watch. Babes, charm bracelets are hot!
Get this baby from Rosette Coutures, at RM180 (original price RM300++)! Woots! :D
Woots! Shoes! Flowery ones are so IN can?
You can dance with these all night!
Get this from Magico House at RM55 per pair! Yesss, now who wants a pair? :)
Whenever we see the Eiffel Tower, we think of one thing; romance. :)
I'm sure every girl wants their boyfriend to propose to them on top of the Eiffel Tower, 'cause I do!
Anyway, this Eiffel Tower pendant's so pretty, I'm sure everyone of you wants one to wear for the Orientation Ball, no?
Get this pretty thing from EdJasz at only RM33 each! Woots!
I love La Senza. Do you?
Their jewelry line is really pretty! :)
Anyway, this jewelry set from La Senza is a sure thing to make you look pretty, day or night!
Get this from how2shop at only RM105 each!
And, if you purchase their jewelry, you'll get a La Senza cosmetic product for free! Isn't it great?
So start clickin' for some bling bling, babes!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Updates Tomorrow! :D :D

Yessss darlings; I'll be updating tomorrow! Sorry for the hiatus. :(
Shop Like A Celebrity!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Closing Sales

Hey dears,
Simply-Alluring is going to have a clearance sale due to their closing down. :(
Do check them out; as everything must go!
Click on this link. Pretty and affordable celeb-worthy clothes await you!

Listen Up, Babes!

From 11th of July til 1st of August 2009, the Syiok Sendiri Sisters will be having a promotion; called "Travel For Free". :D
To get free postage, customers have to :
1. Spend more than RM15.
2. Pay before the period ends.
3. *Choose Pos Ekspres.
This promotion is available to customers from both East and West Malaysia.
*If customers want to upgrade to Pos Laju, they will have to pay the extra cost; eg.
Pos Laju cost - Pos Ekspres cost = Postal Cost.
Woots, that's good news or what! More pretty stuff for Orientation Ball! :)
Just click this link to view their hot stuff!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Orientation Ball Special One : Pamper My Skin

"Having clean and clear skin is one of the main keys to beautiful."
Yes, that's right.
Having a beautiful complexion is a dream to most, or can I say, all girls. :) Celebrities in Hollywood are envied not only because they have the money, life, and talent, but also, because they have great skin! Anyway, if you think a million ringgit is what you need for good skin, you're so wrong. Exercising regularly and drinking lots of water are the main ingredients to good, clean and clear skin. However, regular facials and pampering are needed too, no?

Celebrities like Kate Hudson, our very own Malaysian celebrities; Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Deborah Priya Henry and Hannah Tan, are all beautiful and yes, they ALL have something in common : great skin.
As I say, having good skin is not impossible to achieve, and no, it's never expensive to have good skin. ;)
The basics to great skin are of course, exercising and drinking lots of water. Also, cleanse your skin twice a day; tone and moisturise it too. Not to forget, your weekly or monthly pampering; facial masks! :)
If you don't know yet, stress is one of the cause of acne. So, do have some rest too!
I believe, since Orientation Ball is coming, all girls would be excited over it. Thus, they would be stressing out to look good; dress-picking and all. But, the first step to looking good in the Orientation Ball lies in you; your skin.
Therefore, to prevent unwanted pimples to appear before the Orientation Ball, I say, do have some skin pampering of your own can? :)
Facials can be either expensive or inexpensive. But inexpensive facials (eg. DIY facials) may be as effective as salon facials too! So yea, if you cannot afford salon facials, try these babies!

Eyebags are ugly. They make us look like pandas. :(
Unfortunately, I'm struggling with my eyebag problems too due to burning the midnight oil during the exam period.
Anyway, be sad no more! These eyebag masks can help soothe our eyebags, thus making them less visible! Good news for us babes, no?
Get this wonderful baby from Mannequin Beauty, only at RM4 per piece. A bargain to prettier eyes, no? ;)
Yes! They are from Shiseido! Omg omg I love Shiseido. And I love the price too!
Get this Black Sea Mud Mineral Mask at only RM3.50! OMG! Woots!
Pampering time, baby!
Available in Mannequin Beauty! :D
I have a few friends who have tried this all natural ingredient herb mask and who are singing praises about it. A good friend of mine gave me this mask to try and yessss, I see improved results on my skin too!
Do give this wonder baby a try. Made from all natural ingredients,this mask is good for those with rough and dry skin, pimple problems, scars and large pores. Only RM2.50 a packet! Woots!
Get it from D-Mask now!

I love Beauty Diary facial masks! They're so relaxing to put on... :)
Popular in Taiwan, these facial masks are available in D-Mask for a cheaper price (as compared to ones sold in pharmacies).
I personally love the chocolate mask.
Anyway, come on! Grab a mask today! Pamper your way to great skin, baby!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dance All Night!

Babes! Guess what's up next?
I'm sure many of you are having your Orientation Ball, no? :)
Looking your best during Orientation Ball is a must can!
There will be the dress-fitting, make up, facial sessions for every girl before her special ball..
Stay tuned for more updates!

Shop Like A Celebrity.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

T-Shirt :)

Woah! After the exams, was pretty busy with the thing called part-time job; whilst waiting for the next semester to start. Anyway, excuses or not, here I go.. :) I bet many of you babes have heard of the song "T-Shirt" on the radio, no? I'm sure many of you like the song too. Anyway, the pretty lady singing this hit is none other than Shontelle herself! If you don't know her, Shontelle is from Barbados; like your favourite singer Rihanna. :) Shontelle is someone making it big! Her dressing style is bold, yet sexy; not too much, not too little. ;)

Omg! I so love this match up! So of course, I'm going to review it first!
I find this really stylish and flirty; whether it's for the parties, or for college, this match up totally fits right in!
Totally pretty right!
To get the look, pair your tube top or tube dress with a vest. :) I love this satin dress from The Cookie Crew; HOT! This cool blue dress costs RM59. ;)
You can wear it on your own or with this look! Soooooo for parties, ain't it?
So anyway, to look like Shontelle, you'd have to tuck in the skirt of your tube dress into the flowery skirt you own. :)
If you're more of the tube top kind of girl, I'd suggest this hottie from coco goddess! Available at RM59, this tube top comes with a zipper! Sexy, no?
Pair this hottie (tube top/dress and flowery skirt) with a vest! Loving this from Pre-Order Boutique! Denim vests are a MUST HAVE in every girl's wardrobe! They're stylish yet classy; never go out of style. RM35 for this piece of lovely vest. ;)
Short dresses are so IN right now, no? Even Shontelle thinks so. :)
Get Shontelle's sexy yet sweet look with this dress from The Juicy Closet! At RM55, this hot dress comes with a waist belt too! Loving the combo, don't cha? :)
Suitable for parties and proms!
Loving the bright yellow dress; Shontelle's good at pulling off bright colours can?
Prints are HOT!
To look hot in prints as well, get Shontelle-inspired by pulling off a great combo; matching this cool yet pretty leopard printed corset with a plain tube top; or a plain t-shirt; or a blouse (make sure it's plain!). So pretty can? Get it from Ladies Fashion, at RM24 each! Woots, let's take a walk on the wild side! Mreeeowww..
If you're not daring enough, but still love the sexy print look, I'm sure you'll love this leopard-printed sweater by Style Influx! Available in three colours, you can get this sexy innocent sweater at only RM49!
If you're not a fan of leopard prints; you'll love this dress from Ladies Fashion! :)
I love the tribal patterns on this dress; so Shontelle inspired can! Get this hot piece at RM29 only!
Omg! I love them ruffles! So does Shontelle! :)
Get inspired and party in this dress! Loving the purple colour; unique, eh? :)
Available at RM36 only; get this sexy piece from The Cookie Crew!
Party in style, babeehhh! :D
Lastly, omg I love this style! This is what I call, classy sexy! :) Woots!
Get inspired with this get up from Pre-Order Boutique! Sexy, no? ;)
Loving the skirt, loving the top, loving it ALL!
Totally worth it at RM39!
If you're less daring, I say, get this cool get up instead! From The Cookie Crew, this sweet piece is suitable for college and parties!
Get this for only RM55! ;)
To match Shontelle's sexy chic look, get inspired with these shoes!
So Shontelle inspired! From Phat Culture, get this pair of studded heels at RM61 each! :)
Woots, now that's a hot deal! ;)

Omg this pair of shoes are HOT! Get inspired with these pair of gorg heels from Beauty Paradise!Classy yet chic, no? :)

Though it's a bit pricey at RM160, it's totally Shontelle-worthy! ;)

So come on, babes! Strut the red carpet...uh, malls/clubs/colleges in style! Don't forget the paparazzis! :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MORE Jumpsuits!

Yesssss! More jumpsuits, BABES! And this time, they have prints; and a zipper in front! Cool ey? :)
From Moiclosette, get this Topshop inspired piece at only RM40 each! Woots!
Smile for the cameras babes!