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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Merdeka Sales!

I know I'm a little late when it comes to updates today; but....
Ultimate-Dazzle is giving away free registered post! Woots! All you gotta do is purchase something today! Lots of pretty clothes to look forward to!
*valid for purchases above RM15 only.
Will update more soon!

First, There Were Cool Masks, Now, COOL CLOTHES!

Hey babes!
Would like to update ya'll that D-Mask has brought in some pretty clothes! Do click this link to check them out, babes!
Sorry, as my image uploader isn't working properly at the moment. :(
Anyway, we love this. (click on the word "this" to check it out!)
Totally Korean-celebrity inspired. Can be worn with pants or on it's own! Cool, or what!? Love the 3D details! ;)
Goes for RM36 each.
Also, you should check out this. (click on the word "this" to check it out!)
I am mad over hoods and I love the Nicole Richie look, don't you? Now, get inspired with this hood!
Since it is pre-loved, you will not regret it as it is from Romp. (original)
RM15 is worth it! Woots!
So now, get celeb-ready and prepare for the paparazzis!
Oh, and a happy Merdeka, everyone!
(I'm sure there will be sales in ALL online boutiques.....oops! Did I say something wrong? :D)

Happy 52nd Merdeka!

Us at Shop Like A Celebrity! would like to wish all readers and e-shop owners and other Malaysians a Happy Independence Day!:)
Let's all celebrate this day to the fullest!
Thank you for your support. We will update as much as possible.
Shop Like A Celebrity!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Choice of The Day : Color Me Baby!

Loving the simple yet elegant look? You're so going to love this top then! Available in FIVE pretty colours, you can look fab at only RM40 (includes postage).
Loving the cut and design too!
Get them now at Strawberry, babes! Every girl needs one in her closet!
Pair this with a pair of leggings or jeans or mini skirt and you're so good to go! Oh, and accessories too! Don't forget the paparazzis! They are behind you!

Vampire Love

With New Moon coming up, it's hard not to get excited when it comes to seeing Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen on the big screen...AGAIN! :)
The vamp trend is going BIG and lots of us LOVE to have a vampire boyfriend, don't we? ;)
Check out Kristen Stewart; she knows the secret to vampire-attraction!
Kristen Stewart is pretty, and has a good fashion sense. Loving her leather jacket, no?
Now, we could all look as gorgeous as Kristen aka Bella with these Kristen Stewart-inspired(s)!

Black is definitely the colour of the season.
Look like a vampire hottie with this top from Pre-Order Boutique.

Loving the lace cutting back of this top; spells sexiness!

You can wear this hottie to clubs or the malls. Pair them with your skinnies/leggings and you're good to go, love!
RM35 each babes.
Love Kristen's leather jacket but want something more, say, attention-grabbing!
This is for you, drama queen! (in a good way)
Metallic jackets are so IN right now. Spotted in runways, this jackets add colour to your plain boring top/dress.
Want to look like a celebrity?
Here's a tip : Pair this jacket with;
A pair of sunglasses,
A little black dress; preferably plain when it comes to details,
and a pair of Oxford boots!
Wear lots of silver bangles too!
Omg, hot look isn't it? Hit parties and be in the centre of attention!
Grab this hottie from Pre-Order Boutique at RM38!
Take a look at Kristen Stewart's jacket. Hot, isn't it?
Now you can look exactly like her with this cool black jacket from Pre-Order Boutique!
Priced at RM38, (which I think is a steal for a jacket like this!) you can pair this hottie with your favorite top and jeans to college!
For the daring babe, I suggest you to go for the smokey eye look (to college? YES!)!

This dress is so Kristen-inspired!
Except the fact that it is not a toga, I love the metallic sheen it has on this hottie!
From ESN Clothing, this dress costs RM45.
Oooh, check out the zipper pockets too!

Alright, babes! Get ready to roll!
There's a warning though; beware of the paparazzis; and of course, Edward Cullen! ;)
credits to Yahoo and Google for pictures;
credits to e-boutiques reviewed for pictures.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hello Darlings!

The Celebrity Shopaholic will continue her blogging in two weeks' time. Sorry for always dissapearing. Reason? 'Cause she's been having lots of personal problems lately. Thank you for your support. Love you people!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Orientation Ball Special Four : Love 'Em Tubes

If you follow my review blog, you will know by now that I'm a fan of tube dresses! They rock ma world babes! ;)
Anyway, tube dresses are versatile, and glamorous; besides halter-neck dresses. ;)
Celebrities love tube dresses too! Layer your tube dress with lots of accessories like necklaces, and you're good to pose at any red-carpet event...
The best thing I love about tube dresses are they can be layered with a cardigan/coat and NOT look weird.
Alexa, Taylor, Paris and Michelle ALL look good in their tube dresses, don't cha agree? ;)
Omg! These tube dress from Phat Culture are just glam and sexy, don't you agree? :)
Love the satin material, especially the red hot one.
Get this hottie at only RM30! (Omg, that's like, prom-worthy budget, no?)
For the simple girl, who loves to look classy yet hot, this one's for you!
Also from Phat Culture, I'm loving the black tulle layering the dress.
Get this dress at RM30 too! Woots!
Omg, ruffles! They're hot!
This dress is totally Taylor Momsen inspired!
Look like Jenny from Gossip Girl with this number.
Get in touch with the inner rock chick in you.
From Kimono Boutique, this dress costs RM52.
For the sweet girl, this dress looks totally sweet, no?
Loving the colour!
Dress this sweetie with pearls and lots of thin bracelets. ;)
Get this from My Fashion Mansion at ONLY RM15! Omg!
Although it's pre-loved, it's still in good condition and it's celeb worthy!
Omg! Girls, what are you waiting for?
Click click click!
Strike a pose for the paparazzis!;)

Woots! SALES! :)

See the banner above?
Phat Culture is having their FIRST EVER clearance sales!
Don't worry though, they will be updating us with more pretty pretty clothes! ;)
Aren't we excited? Click on this link to shop shop! ;)
Omg aren't we excited?!