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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sealed With A Kiss

Okay, so this is a special review. ;)
Ever get dizzy when your boyfriend or a special someone gave you a simple yet meaningful card?
I have. :D
Anyhoo, greeting cards, to me, are more special than e-cards. If I were given the choice to send a greeting card (costs a few ringgit) OR an e-card (FREE!), which one do you think I would choose?
The greeting card of course! (The real one; paper-made/plastic made one)
While e-cards tend to be free, they may only last as long as your account with the e-card company lasts.
However, the greeting papermade card lasts a lifetime (provided you don't have icky rats in your house to munch on them).
Three Blind Mice Designs understands this and thus, their website is born!
I just browsed through their site and oooh, they are creative!

This handmade THNX (short form for "thanks") card is classy. Loves the vintage class design.
Reminds me of those old Victorian style cards. ;)
Tags. I tag you. You tag me.
These gift tags are perfect for presents and as bookmarks!
I especially loves the gray one. Classy.
RM7 for a pack of 10 pieces.
Something I would give to someone I loves! ;)
Don't you just loves this design?

Omg! I know, this teddy bear's handmade (and so are the rest of the items in this blog!)
Loves it much! Too bad it's adopted already. -.-
I'm posting it here 'cause I think it's unique. Hope for more of these handmade teddies!

For your best friend.
Yepp, something I would give to my best friend. ;)
Loves the heart and the polka dots strip. Cute!
RM7.50 each.

And last but not least, cute little polka dotted handmade notebooks!
Check out the packaging!
Me loves!
At RM10 for a pack of 4, they make the perfect mini gift for your friends!
Or just for random doodles. ;D

All of these items are handmade hence they are worth the price paid for!
Alrights, that's all peeps!
Head over to Three Blind Mice designs now for more!
Loves loves!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Style of The Day : Swift' and Stylish

Her music inspires us all.
I, for one, can totally relate myself to her songs. They are real, pure and true. :) She is one of the most talented singers/songwriters around.

Presenting you, Miss Taylor Swift; the stylista for today.

picture credits to the net
Loves her sundresses, don't you? I totally like her laidback-country style. ;) Just check out the lace outer layer of the sundress she is wearing! Omg, right! I loves it!

Get inspired with TayTay and grab yourself a lace layered dress (a smocked and tubed one too!) from Ladies Fashion! Me loves!
Just check out the sweet white outer lace layer as well as the inner turquoise and red cloth layer. Cute, huh?

For a price of RM22, every girl's got to have a piece of this in their wardrobe! Perfect for outings in the beach, lagoons, and shopping! Woots!

The next must-have piece in your wardrobe today?

The layered necklace. Layered necklaces are perfect with tube dresses. They "decorate" your neck-line area making you look more elegant and of course, stylish! ;) I especially loves this one, with elegant gold on it. Get this from La Dolce (it's SO Miley inspired too!) for RM33. It's good to invest in jewelry,you know? It dresses us up!

If layered necklaces are not your thing, you should opt for this classy piece!
Imported, and pretty(!), this golden swallow necklace (I LOVES THIS ONE SO MUCH!) costs a RM38 each. (Worth it, no? Since it's imported and all..)

Grab it from La Dolce NOW!

Next up, your wrists. :)

Loves this studded and chained gold multi-stacked bangles from Shopaholix Bar. It will look totally gorgeous with the dress, no? At RM33 each, it is worth it!

A girl is lost without her handbag. Go vintage style (I notice Miss Swift loves vintage too) with this classy black bag from CheckerChex for RM55. Loves the black leather sling! :D

In case you don't know, Taylor here loves boots. :)

Match your cute sundress with these elegant booties from An Old Flame.
At RM69 each, it's totally worth it. Shoes are great investments. ;D
Finally, dress yourself up with a fedora from Shopaholix Bar!
For RM33 each, loves loves the chain link details and straw material of it. Perfect for casual outings in the malls and the beach! Wooties! Pair this up with your entire outfit and you will look gorgeous in no time!
Shopaholix Bar has gone dot com! Mouse over the words "Shopaholix Bar" to visit the new site!
coco goddess is updated with lots of cool goodies!

Alright, that's all folks!
Anyhoo, next update's gonna be about handmade goodies. Excited, no? ;)
Smile for the cameras, they're out for you!

Style of The Day : Twilight Hott

Everyone loves Twilight.
Everyone loves Robert Pattinson.
Robert Pattinson loves Kristen Stewart. ;)
We loves her too!
This style is so totally chic. :)
Who says leather can't be casual wear?
Doesn't she look oh so cool?
Sheers look cool too!
Grab her look with this leather dress, from Nunfish!
Omg, so hot right? ;)
Loves the leather-ish zipper top and the draped body-hugging skirt of the dress.

Match this sexy dress with a tan bag.
Tans are hot! They are the IN thing right now. ;)
Loves the studs on the bag too!
Loves loves!
Get this from Nunfish for RM64.

Loves this booties!
Very Kate Moss-like.

Pair up the leather dress with this booties for a sexy, sleek style!
From An Old Flame, it costs RM69 for a pair. :)
If you prefer to dress down a little bit, do match your dress with a cardi. :)
Strut yourself in style, today!
Beware of the cameras!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Yess! I Heart This! is having a clearance sales, so ladies, do check them out! :)
Here are some of the items you DON'T want to miss!

I totally LOVES this dress! Very Topshop inspired.
Something you will see on celebrities during the Oscars. ;)

Mmmmm..there's more!
And here's the catch, all items are priced below RM40 (ONLY?!) AFTER the sales!
Check 'em out now!
Log on to I Heart This!
Beware of paparazzis, they might get the sales bug too!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Promos! :)

It's been quite a while and we're still pretty busy. :(
Anyway, we're glad to announce to the whole wide world, AND fellow shopaholics (duh!) that Raspberry Preloved is having a promotion!
Ok, here it is..
Raspberry Preloved! ♥ is offering rm3 off everything for this week! (17th March - 24th March)
Free postage for purchases above rm100!
Soooo, what are you waiting for?
Click Raspberry Preloved! now!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Beetch : Alice In Wonderland Collection!

Oooh, one of the coolest movies in town NOW has inspired the peeps at Beetch to launch this collection!
Beetch's Alice In Wonderland collection is out NOW!
What'aya waiting for people?
Click here to shop now!
PS; I am so loving the Parisian Coat! ;)

Oh My CUTE-ness!

A first click to this blogshop amazes us, cause this owner draws the oh-so-cute doll and adds the clothes she sells on her doll; thus explains the name, Paperdoll Sammy.
Recently launched, this blogshop is cute and unique as it has paperdoll figures at the bottom. Lols.
With them (the paper dolls), buyers/customers can roughly see how the clothes would fit their body. (Yepp, they're the models for the blogshop!)
Oh, and it's also perfect for those fussy buyers (the ones who prefer their clothes laid out instead of modelled for hygiene purposes)
Here are some cute celebrity-inspired clothes;
I personally think this top (with the unicorn galloping in it) is unique.
Loves the colour too!
Gold to nude colours are IN, so grab yourself some gold outfits now!
Oooooh, and if you are curious on how it'd look like on you, here's a cute model to show you!
Taaa-daaa! ;)
I loves polka dots! They are cute and vintage! Reminds me of the 80s.
Be like Katy Perry and grab this cute puff sleeves polka dot top!
Me loves!
Ooooh, and to see roughly on how it will look like on you? Here's the model!

Whoopee! Cutes, no?
Don't ask me why there is an (s) in my cute!
To shop NOW, log on to Shop Paperdoll Sammy now!

Impulse SALES!

*click click*
Attention, ladies! And uh humm, men..
Impulse Grabs is having a MIDNIGHT SALE tonight!
Yess! Like the banner said, NOTHING IS PRICED over RM40!*
*shoes are excluded
So yes, you people are invited to Impulse Grabs to do your shopping!
Lots of pretty and cute outfits and bags to go gaga for!
I will be there, checking out the sale too!
Omg this is exciting!
See you there!
Happy shopping& LOVES!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Woot Woot! We LOVES promos!

Yepp, you saw it right!
Doublewoot is giving away free accessories with ANY TWO items purchased!
Isn't it cool?
Accessories complete anyone's outfit so who does not loves?
Choose from a variety of cool tops and lovely dresses and bottoms!
Log on to Doublewoot to do your shopping, babes!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wanted : High-Waisted Skirt

Hellos blogshop owners!
Am is looking for a high-waisted skirt.
Colour of choice?
Any colour, preferably black.
Other details ;
Brand new
Price below RM60
Good quality

If you have a high-waisted skirt like the one stated above, in a price range below RM60, please email us at to notify us so that we can email Am about this. Thanks!

NOTE : Looking for something but can't find? Email us with your search, details as well as other details. We will try our best by posting it up here. Hopefully your item will come knocking on our email doors! Lols.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Style of The Day : Gorgeous Rach

Ooooh, WE loves jumpsuits muches!
Don't you? ;)
Anyway, the oh-so-popular long black jumpsuit is our look for the day!
Just check out Rachel Bilson! Ain't she gorgeous and stylish?
Loves her look muches!
Dress up like Rach and grab a jumpsuit from Veritas Sales!

Totally loves this one!
Check out the V neck front as well as the Grecian inspired robe!
Harem pants are so hot right now, and what's more, this is a harem pants jumpsuit!
Available in two colours in Veritas Sales, this gorgeous jumpsuit is sold originally at RM75. On sale now at RM45! Yeaayy!
The Add Ons :
Loves this scarf totally from Beautiful Disaster!
Pair up this scarf with the jumpsuit for a cool chic look.
Really loves the leopard prints on it! So Demi Lovato inspired!
RM25 each. Oh, and just so you know, this scarf comes in a few other fantastic colours!
We can't live without shoes!
Pair up your jumpsuit with this cute polka dotted pointed shoes from Elmo is a SHOPAHOLIC!
Loves the colour and the ribbon on it!
Grab it at RM35 each! Wooties!
Match your outfit with this chunky bracelet from Veritas Sales!
Loves the huge gold stud details on it! Classy! ;)
Totalllyyyy adds class to the stylish jumpsuit.
Get it at RM35!
No girl's happy without her bag.
Loves this vintage style bag from Fame of Cotton!
The shape as well as the gold button adds elegance to it.
Currently on sale, this bag is sold at RM30 each!
There's a new blogshop in town and I must confess, I loves their clothes!
The Cotton Kandy is their name!
Totally loves their jumpsuits too! Topshop inspireds, totally!
The above jumpsuit's studded and hot!
Rachel Bilson inspired too!
At RM49 a piece, it's so worth it! (What's more a RM2 OFF too!)

Come on, babes! Strut your stuff and smile for cameras!

Joujou and Shugi Creative Flea Market

*click to enlarge*
Attention peeps, especially blogshop owners!
Now it's time for you to take a step further and show off your goods offline!
Starting March, the Joujou & Shugi Creative Flea Market will be operating twice a month! (1st and 3rd weekend every month)
Booth rental is RM220 per weekend (new rate)
Basic equipment will be provided!
Eg. 1 (3ftx3ft) table, table cloth, 2 chairs + 8ftx6ft space area
To book now, log on to Joujou and Shugi for a Vendor form!