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Friday, April 30, 2010

Mother's Day Special :)

In conjunction with Mother's day in May, we are going to have a "Momma, I love you!" special. :)
NOTE : We are strictly not encouraging you people to ONLY appreciate your mum this May. Please please appreciate her everyday. Not to forget your dad too. :D

credits to

Famous celebrity mother and daughter duo, Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn.

Stay tuned for more posts for you and your momma! ;)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Style of The Day : It's Shailene Again :)

For today's Style of The Day, we are featuring Shailene again!
We know we know,
Worry not worry not, we will be featuring another artiste tomorrow!
We can't help but loves Shailene's casual edgy style. :)

picture credits to
Shailene is looking oh-so-cute in this outfit, no?
High waisted pants with sneakers?
Omg it's simply gorgeous, isn't it?
First up, the top!
It does not necessarily have to be a patterned top.
Grab this long top from The Funky Monkey for RM38 each!
Loves it's edgy-ness.
Pair up your top with a jacket, just like Shailene. :)
Stand out with this studded Rihanna-inspired jacket from Not Naked!
RM69 is a celeb-worthy price, and you can wear it anywhere!
(take cue from stylish Demi Lovato, Rihanna and even Lauren C)
If patterns are your THING, this one's for you!
Grab this dress and tug the bottom into your high-waisted pants. :)
We totally loves its black splat pattern. ;)
From Black Ganga, it's RM50 a piece! Woots!
Ahhh, a must-have in your closet.
Long or short, its the high-waisted pants.
Match them up with long tops, short tops, crops, jackets, anything!
Suitable for clubs, parties and college provided there are no rules banning it. Lols.
Grab yours today from Bubble Teaaa boutique for RM49 each!

Pair your outfit with this gorgeous pair of heels from Yunique Paradise!
We just love the design!
Celebrity-inspired and imported, they are available in three eye-catching colours!
It's yours for RM175!
Strut it red carpet style. ;)
Match your cute outfit with this classy white bag from Not Naked!
Loves its pure classiness and celeb-worthy design.
For RM49, it's a steallll! :D

Last but not least, bracelets.
Do it ala Selena and Miley style with these bracelets.
Loves the star charm it has on!
For RM29 a set, they are yours at the House of Chain!

So what are you waiting for?
Smile for the paparazzis, babes!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Style of The Day : The Not So Secret Life

Today's golden girl is The Secret Life's Shailene Woodley. ;)
Many of you may not know this show, but Shailene plays a pregnant teen mom. *gasp
Anyhoo, she's gorgeous and she's the star of today's Style of The Day! *hoorahs!

picture credits to
I personally loves her casual go glam look. ;)
This is the look for parties as well as college.
Having said that, this look travels!
It can be worn anywhere!

Get her look with this crop jacket from Alice Wonders.
Loves the checkered pattern. It's got style!
Checks are the current in thing, if you don't know yet. :D
For a price of RM44 each, it can be worn over your favorite tee or speg, together with jeans or skirt, over your dress..anything! And you stay gorgeous in the process! ;)
And now, let's get back to basics, shall we?
Loves this simple and pretty top from Not Naked Closet.
Available in 6 eye-catching colours, this is the top not to be missed.
Price? RM26 each. :)
Simply tug in your long top into your pants/leggings, pair the jacket over and you're good to go!
Oooh loves them leggings!
Studded ones specially.
Brings out the rock chick in you. ;)
From Not Naked Closet, this studded jeans leggings cost RM25 a pair. Loves!
You can wear it with the long tee alone or with the jacket and the long tee as a combo! Pretty! ;)
Don't like yer' outfits simple and plain?
Loves the glam-rock look and would loves to scruff it up a bit?
Add lace!
*smiles open wide to a group of puzzled-looking people.
Ruffles and lace are a great combo!
Just simply tug in your lace dress into your leggings/pants, and match them with a jacket.
Available from Kitty Tales Boutique, this pretty pink-beige lace ruffles dress is yours at RM38!
Touch-Ups :
Glamorize your look with this cool green bag from Clothesology.
SO Topshop inspired and SO pretty! Me loves!
Grab them at RM55 each! Woots!

Again, don't get the simple outfit thing?
"Embellish" your outfit with this rosette bib from House of Chain!
Gorgeous, ain't it?
Be sweet now and grab yours for RM49 each!
Lastly, jazz up your look with fuchsia sky-high heels from Tres Tresors!
Loves loves!
Classy and sexy, this pair of heels will spice up your black, nude and mostly black outfit.
For RM120 a pair, these are imported and you will not spot a similar pair from another person easily!

So...get dressed and impress everyone with your smile and style!
Remember, attitude is important too!
Ooooh, smile for the cameras! They loves your outfit!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Be sweet and petite today, 8PM!

Sweet Petite Collection,
8pm today!
Woots! Who does not want to look sweet and petite?
I know I do!
Log on to Beetch around 8PM today!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Scam Alert!

Scam alert! Scam alert!
To all, please read this piece of information as it is important.
Recently, the owner of Tres Tresors have just emailed me regarding a scam. It read,
"My (the owner of Tres Tresors) photos, my text, my information has all been stolen and reposted on her own site (also attached a print screen image), owner of The only thing change was the hiked up from (up to RM60). This girl named Eva e-mailed me a few days ago to ask some questions and then I found out she did all this, claiming the shoes are from Korea when all my shoes are actually from USA. Basically, she is just hoping she can cheat some customers off their money and earn some extra cash the easy way out."
So, please be aware of all these scams.
Note : We loves Tres Tresors' shoes! They are high in quality, imported from overseas (USA!), classy and affordable! :) Do take a look at their gorgeous celebrity-inspired shoes at
Click to shop!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Off With The SALES!

The Red Queen has announced it again..
They are having major sales; everything from 10%-70%;
This spring, let's get ready for some basic leather and velvets as well as flowers, shall we? :)
Leighton looks gorgeous casual with the Fendi bag she's toting. ;)
Loves Rachel's bag, and style! Denim and prints are in this spring! :)
Go tweed and leather with this gorgeous black bag with classy gold clasp details.
Originally priced at RM73, it's now slashed to RM52! Yay! :D
Perfect for college, shopping and any outing!
For more on the BIG sales, head over to Alice Wonders now!
Pssssssttt.. Spring is in, so why not grab a look at these elegant rose-inspired bags?
Don't they look designer-ish?
Start setting trends with them now, trend setter!
I have a loves for hobo bags, and this one is just classy. ;)
Loves the unique rose design on the bag; something you cannot find anywhere else. :D
Priced at RM135, it's a must-have for trend-setters and stylistas everywhere!

Red lovers, (and I do not mean the Red Queen. Lols.) keep your eyes peeled to the screen.
Cause this hot red handbag is gonna blow you away! ;P
Loves the unique rosette detailing on the handbag.
Priced at RM135, it is a must for red lovers.

Oooh, another hobo! In RED! :)
Red bags are cool this season!
Loves the rosette detailling.
Grab this bag for mum this coming Mother's day for a price of RM135. She'll loves you for it!
Alrighty then.
That's all for this post.
Do log on to Alice Wonders now for more gorgeous sales items (clothes and handbags and accessories) and cool designer inspired spring bags!

New IN :)

Hellos people!
We have just linked up more than 30 new blogshops! Do head over to our "Celebrity E-shops" and "E-Shop Darlinks" list to shop for MORE MOREEE goodies! :D :D
We will be linking up MOREEE e-shops tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, so to those who have emailed us and not yet received a reply, fret not, we're going to reply you as soon as we can!
Also, please check your spam box because sometimes our emails just ended up there. :(
Also also, we will be checking OUR spam box just in case some of your emails are found sprawled over there.
Stay tuned for more updates peoples!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Buckle Up!

Hey ho!
Just a short update before I get to studying. ;)
Belts, belts, belts,..who can live without them?
Just a reminder to all you ladies,
sometimes we get so caught up with our clothes in our wardrobe that we forget the tiny little essentials..essentials such as a four letter word called BELT.
Our celebs in Hollywood are living it up with belts. Fat ones, skinny ones, colourful ones, they're everywhere in our fave celebrities' wardrobes.
So, let's own a piece of teeny essential, shall we?

Loves Tiiu Kiuk with her belt. Skinny belts make perfect match ups for dresses like these. ;)
Woots! Check out Paris with her belts! Clinchers galore!

Loves this unique outfit worn by Olivia. She pulled it off, perfectly.
Not to forget our favourite Glee stars! Jenna and Dianna; pretty faces and pretty belts matched with their pretty outfits. Glee-envy? ;D
I am an avid fan of Glee and I love Quinn Fabray. Dianna (above) plays Quinn, if you don't watch Glee. Lols. Anyway, make your dress as gorgeous as Dianna's with this weave belt by D Looking Glass. Price? RM35. Weaved belts are SO IN! :D
*take cue fashionistas

Match up your everyday outfits with these belts! Loves the leather look it has. ;)
RM30 each.

Shine is your thing?
Worry not, this belt is the answer to your prayers!
Also from D Looking Glass, grab this gorgeous shiny skinny stuff at a price of only RM25!
Mad, or what?!
Studded for some?
Grab this purple one instead.
Classy and rock star-ish if you ask me.
Not enough?
Explore for more of them belts from D Looking Glass NOW!
Take Note : Satisfaction in shopping guaranteed. ;)
It's time to look like a star, so happy shopping you guys!
Oooh, and beware of camera flashes. They're near you! :D

Lil' Breakkie

Dear readers,
Us at Shop Like A Celebrity! would like to announce our hiatus from April the 6th (today) until the April the 14th (Wednesday) due to unfinished business when it comes to college and university exams and projects. We would like to apologise for not being able to update these days.
We promise, more updates will come soon!
Until then, our good friend Hannah will help us with once-in-a-while updates to keep your eyes busy.
Oh, and all the best to peeps having their exams!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Updates, Updates, Short Updates :)

Sorry folks, have been busy lately with weekly projects and stuffs. So here's the info on the latest updates, brought to you by us of Shop Like A Celebrity!
- An Old Flame is updated with flower tops, lace dresses, parachute dresses, lace maxis, strappy sandals, studded booties, ankle boots, beadwork tops and MOREEEE! :DD
- Style Influx is updated with MORE dresses! Woots!
- Shopaholics Unite! is updated with more clothes, namely, printed vintage dresses, flowery ones too. Check it out!
- Ouch! is updated with more clothes, toga dresses, checkered tops, ruffle tops, and ruffled vest! ;)
Click to shop! :)
- I Heart This! is having SALES! Nothing is above RM40.

Thank youuu! Happy shopping!