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Monday, June 28, 2010

Rings That Will Make You Go "OMG!"

This is a random post, I don't know where to start.
I was browsing through all the wonderful online shops just now when I stumbled upon wink-peace&pout!
The moment I saw the ribbon and denim rings I literally screamed!
Here are the rings that made me scream :

This mini bow rings are just the CUTEST things ever!
I've never really seen people wearing such cute bow rings.
Oh oh, and for RM15, they are unique and again, one of the cutest things ever!
Now this is really UNIQUE! ;)
I totally loves how edgy they look and how cool it would look on your finger.
Bring out the inner rock chick in you with these rings!
Available in 6 designs, you will be spoilt for choice as they are priced at RM19!
Totally cool and you cannot find them elsewhere! ;)

So what are you waiting for?
Start the ribbon and denim ring wearing trend NOW! :D
Click HERE to shop at wink-peace&pout!


After some time, we're back with the featured celeb, Victoria Justice!
For those of you who guessed it right, CONGRATULATIONS! (although you did not win anything. -.-)
Anyhoo, Victoria Justice is best known in her role in Spectacular! Nickelodeon fans will know her well. ;)
(NOTE : all pictures of Victoria Justice are credits to the net.)
This off shoulder toga dress is simply cute and classy at the same time!
We simply loves the ribbon details on the toga dress! ;)
Go glam with this white toga dress from Doublewoot! :)
We totally loves the fact that its runway-inspired and its gorgeous!
Makes any girl look hot on the red carpet!
Available for RM50. (for a celebrity-inspired dress? OMG!)
*credits to
We totally loves how Victoria rock the abstract art inspired look!
Note, ladies; abstract art is IN this season! So grab a piece of art now!
Oooh we loves this one from I Heart This!
Totally gorgeous and stylish!
For RM36 (ONLY?!) its a must-have to spice up your wardrobe!
Another MUST-HAVE!
If you're not the dressy kind of girl, or if you think tops are cool and versatile, this one's for you!
From Drezcode, this double layer t-shirt is cool and brings out the Agyness Deyn in you!
Pair it up with jeans or leggings, and you're good to go!
RM29! ;)
This ruffled style dress spells one word,
We loves it! :D
Get inspired and look hot in this dress by Modello!
The lace details adds a more sexy feel! ;)
Grab this for RM39 ONLY!
We totally loves this look!
A short lace dress + biker jacket + booties = MAD HOT!
Copy Victoria and grab a biker jacket and your favourite booties and rock on!
We loves this dress from Vock Fashion!
Totally sexy and pretty!
For RM38, its a must-have for lace lovers!
Score points with these booties from Apple.Peach!
They are so celebrity inspired, practically alot of celebrities are spotted in them! ;)
Get inspired too and grab yourself a pair for RM100 inclusive of postage!
On a tight budget but LONG for the uber cool pair of booties?
Grab these from Shoe Sanctuary!
For RM73, they are the most affordable around! (from what I observe) Lols!
Woots! Loves both of them booties!

Last but not least, accessorize any of your celeb-inspired looks with this baby!
From Lovely Closet, its ONLY RM34!
We loves the design and the snakeskin inspired prints!
A must-have accessory! ;)

That's all folks!
Have a victorious day ahead! Lols!
Oooh, smile for the cameras!
They loves your style too! ;)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Its An Australian Affair :)

To all Supre fans out there..
Boxing Day is bringing you guys more goodies from Supre! ;)
Let's take a look at them, shall we?

picture credits to the net
Oooh! Beanies are cute, no?
We loves the one on Nicole! :)
Get Nicole's style and grab this beanie!
Available in haze, black, charcoal and cream!
picture credits to the net
Madonna's Lourdes is looking good in those knee-length socks!
Get inspired and grab a pair of knee-length socks for yourself!
picture credits from the net
Oh, not to mention, our favourite girls from Gossip Girl! :)
They rock the knee-length socks trend as well!
We absolutely loves this knee-length socks from Supre!
Black in always in, so grab a go at them for RM45 a pair!
picture credits to the net
Lauren Conrad looks cool in this turban inspired headband!
Look exactly like the star herself with this headband from Supre!
Totally gorgeous, no?

picture credits to the net
Katy Perry looks oh-so-gorgeous in this acid washed denim jumpsuit! We loves so much!
Get playful like Katy with this cool and OMG -so-gorgeous acid washed dress from Supre!
This is our favourite!
picture credits to the net
Last but not least, the beautiful Audrina Patridge.
We totally loves how she's rocking the oversized tee look! ;)
Relaxed-looks are cool!

Get inspired by Audrina and grab this Supre top, available in two cool colours, PRONTO!
Suitable for any occasion, they are our casual must-have!
So what are you waiting for?
Click on to Boxing Day to order NOW!
Beware of paparazzis! ;)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not-So-Favourite Picture of The Day

picture credits to the net
Before we proceed to the next post, I was browsing through the internet when I saw this picture. Ugh! Talk about jealousy! I so envy the girl with the bandaged dress, the one next to the girl in the white dress. Lols. Talk about ish!

She's Next!

picture credits to the net
Guess which one of these two ladies will be the next celebrity featured?
We'll keep you guessing. ;)
Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Of Ribbons and Bows

Oooh lala!
Us at Shop Like A Celebrity! are getting the fever.
No, not football fever! :D
Bow and ribbon fever!
Yes, we repeat. We are falling in love with ribbons and bows..over and over again!
This time, they come in another form we loves so much..

AND guess what?
Them cool celebs in Hollywood loves bow and ribbon necklaces too!
Here are our favourite celebrities spotting the cute trend.. ;)

pictures credits to the net
Gorgeous no? I loves all their bow and ribbon necklaces! ;)
Especially Taylor Swift's. :D

Gasping for air after seeing their gorgeous bow necklaces?
Gasp no more!
Miss Shopaholic's Closet has therefore brought in them bow necklaces to make you go crazy all over and over again!
And guess what?
They are fully imported from Japan!
(so chances of you bumping into the same bow necklace wearing girl is LOW! ;DD)
Oooh, I loves this pearl bow necklace!
It looks almost like Taylor Swift's bow necklace!
Totally vintage and classy!
Be unique and wear this vintage baby with your outfit everywhere you go!
You're sure to stand out! ;)

I was really undecided when I came across this collection.
I mean, I loves them all! All of them necklaces are gorgeous, I can't decide which is my fave!
But after some discussions among us Shop Like A Celebrity! peeps, we've decided that this necklace is our fave among the pack..of necklaces. ;)
I find this necklace simple, yet classy. Gorgeous and pretty.
The colour (Rose Gold) is unique too!
RM32 (BIG) / RM25 (SMALL)
For all you babes who loves the bling bling, this bow in bling is definitely the perfect fit for you!
Look cute and gorgeous with this diamante bow necklace!
Cool for parties, event, college or even dates! ;)

This is so ViVi magazine inspired!
I remembered one of those Japanese models modelling it! ;)
Look cute in denim bows with this baby!
I loves it!
Lovely lace!
Get laced up with this elegant, vintage bow necklace!
Available in two pretty colours, white and pink!
So look pretty in this unique lace bow necklace now!

To make your purchase, log on to Miss Shopaholic's Closet to grab your hands on them bow necklaces! Gorgeous gorgeous!
You won't wanna miss this out!
And remember, pose for the cameras once you wear them!
Be loud, be proud!

Walk The Runway : Orange You Good!

Hello ;)
I don't know about you peeps, but orange to me, is a pretty colour. It's bright and bold. :)
Sadly, this colour is never seen much in public.
Thus, rock this season with lots and lots of tangerine..umm, orange!
You're sure to rule the fashion world!
Here are some celebrities and models who has rocked the colour wonderfully!

picture credits to
This orangey good maxi dress looks gorgeous on them gorgeous actresses, no? ;)

picture credits to
picture credits to
Even the runways rock the colour orange so well!
Just loves the looks from Lanvin's and BCBGMAXAZRIA's! Gorgeous and fun, no?

pictures credits to the net
You can rock the colour with short sexy dresses!
Loves them!
They are totally cool for parties and events. ;)
You'll definitely stand out of the crowd!

However, if you're a shy girl, you can still rock the colour by wearing orange accessories! Orange handbags, orange nails, orange earrings, orange-framed specs, anything ORANGE! ;)
We loves the look of Fergie's nails! Cool!

picture credits to

So, what are you waiting for?
Grab a piece of orange now, and stand out of the crowd! ;)
Smile for the paparazzis! They loves orange too!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Denim Blues

Yeay! Denim's so IN this season! Loves the denim jumpsuit look especially!
Our fave celebs in Hollywood are lovin' the denim look too!
Blake Lively, Dania Ramirez, Paris Hilton and Heidi Montag are all rocking the denim look! :D

pictures credits to the net

Now get in touch with the cool denim trend with these..

Loves this denim jumper from Poppy Mallow!
Cute yet cool, this jumper is suitable for daily wear. ;)
Just check out the cool ruffle details too!
For RM43, this cute jumper is available in two colours, denim blue and faded blue. :)

Ohhh nothing's cooler than this studded denim boyf shirt!
I loves it! :)
Really suitable for casual outings, or even parties. You'll stand out of the crowd!
Grab this hottie from Phat Culture for RM47 each!
Pair it up with a pair of mini shorts for casual outings or coloured skinnies for a cool college look!

I loves denim jackets!
Ladies, its time to rock your denim jackets now! NOW!
Denim jackets are really cool and we loves them!
Pair them up with your cute mini skirt like the model above or with a pair of shorts!
For RM48, make this denim jacket your new best friend in college or university. Woots!
Get it in Pre-Order Boutique now!

So ladies, ready, get set..and GO!
Grab your piece of denim, and ROCK ON!
Be proud of it! ;)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Donate RM10 to Save A Life

Hello there peeps!
Was bloghopping, or shall I say blogshopping just now when I came across LuvMyDresses' blogshop.
She wrote an article that really touched us at Shop Like A Celebrity. It's about a baby struggling for his life. This baby, named Matthew is 1 month old. Unlike most of us, he is suffering from a heart condition that requires arterial switch surgery, which needs approximately RM45,000 for the surgery alone. There will still be other expenses that needs to be covered after the surgery.
Therefore, the owner of LuvMyDresses is requesting for us public to donate any amount, in order to help save the baby's life.
She has attached the number of the baby's father as well as the mother's :
To get the number, do click on to this website LuvMyDresses'.
For more, click on to read this article :
We hope you guys can help in contributing to save this baby's life. Imagine; we're so blessed to be on this Earth without much suffering when it comes to health and diseases. We should do our best in making this baby's life a better one.
Other link you should check out :
Thank you!
Much appreciated,
The Shop Like A Celebrity crew.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Looking For..

To mark our 1st and a half (or so..) anniversary, we're planning on hosting a giveaway! :D
Prizes includes clothes, make up, skincare, accessories, etc!
We will be holding the contest once we have the prizes and all.
It would be highly appreciated if any of you blogshop owners could sponsor a thing or two for this giveaway. :)
Do contact us at if you're interested in participating as a sponsor for this giveaway!
Thank you so much in advance!
Us at Shop Like A Celebrity!

Bringin' Sexy Back!

Tonight! 8PM.
Price of these ruffled sexy back goodies are RM35. ;)
Oooh, and not to mention, they come in a variety of colours!
They are also having a great promotion!
With purchases above RM120, (excluding pre-order skinny jeans) you get free postage through Pos Laju all over Malaysia! Woots!
How wonderful's that!
Happy shopping!