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Monday, November 29, 2010

A Flare Affair

Trend alert! Trend alert!
Flare trousers are heatin' up this season! ;)
Get your own piece of flare from Whitesoot now.

Perfect when paired with : Bodycon/body hugging/tight tops, chiffon blouse.
Perfect for parties and college or university or just hang outs!
For RM59, you can find them at Whitesoot!

Perfect when paired with : Black tie-front chiffon top on the outside; a plain white (or any other colours) speg on the inside!
For that 60s feel, this flare polka dot trousers is perfect!
RM65 from Whitesoot!

Log on to Whitesoot now and be one of the firsts to rock this trend!

Something Calvin Klein for Christmas. ;)

Dear Santa,
This Christmas, I want something special. Something Calvin Klein. ;)
However, I can't afford one. :(
Please help!
The Distressed CK fan.

Dear Distressed CK fan,
No worries, Whitesoot is here to help you!
Click on the picture below to win something Calvin Klein!

Yeah, we know, we know..there are LOTS of Calvin Klein fans around!

Click on the picture above to enter the competition to win this beautiful baby!

All set in royal purple, this clutch from Calvin Klein is ready to rule!
Make every girl jealous with this cute clutch this Christmas!
And now, you can own this for yourself. ;)
All you've gotta do is this : (credits from Whitesoot)

Step 1: Like our Facebook page.

Step 2: Look below Whitesoot’s Facebook profile picture and click ‘Suggest to Friends’. Select 15 girlfriends or more, and click ‘Send Invitations’.

Step 3: Leave a comment on Whitesoot’s CK Calvin Klein clutch bag picture to tell us you have suggested!

That’s it! The lucky winner will be drawn and announced on Wednesday, 15 Dec 2010 at 8pm.
Yes, you saw it! Hurry up and log into their Facebook page and LIKE it and follow the instructions to win BIG!
Not to mention, Whitesoot would require winner to do a quick print screen on their Facebook page to look at total number of mutual friends who ‘Like’ Whitesoot’s page.

Also, keep your eyes peeled on this page or Whitesoot's on the 5th of December, as there will be another Christmas promotion! Hurrah!

Til then, good luck girls!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Variety of Loves!

Hello! :)
Today we would like to showcase you a variety of loves we loves! (sounds craaazzzy, but duh?!) Lols.
Anyway, here are some of the items we loves this season!
(You girls should sneak some for yourselves too!)

Loves : Flowy Tops
Now that December's near, the breeze is definitely cooler and nicer. (We loves November and December!)
Feel the coolness with these cool flowy tops. Airy on the sleeves, they are wonderful!

We adore this flowy top from Mere Dil Se!
Simple, pretty and captivating. You can never go wrong with this top!
Available in three cool colours; pink, black and green, this top is so versatile, it matches with anything!
For RM32, this top is a must have for the season!

Loves : Nudes
Oooh, sexy nudes!
Them nudes makes us go woah!
Nudes are the IN thing this season, even celebs like Penelope Cruz flaunt them well. ;)
Go nude this season babes!

picture credits to the net

This runched nude dress is OMGorgeous!
It is absolutely stunning!
Perfect for cocktail parties or social events. ;)
From White Circus, get this nude dress for RM75.

Loves : Puffy Sleeves Cardigans
One word; throw away the plain cardis; bring in them puffy sleeves, please!
Work your wardrobe with these babies!
They are just as good as their sister cardigans (the plain ones); they match anything!

picture credits to the net

This casual get up is so versatile, its perfect for day or night!
From Mere Dil Se, get this cool cardigan at RM35.
Available in three juicy colours, you will be spoilt for choice!

Loves : Anything Mesh
Mesh has been a huge fave of mine eversince, well..ever since I first owned my first mesh dress (which was last year!). ;)
Get on with the sexy mesh!

picture credits to the net
These celebs are working up the mesh look!
This mesh cocktail top is really classy.
Perfect for Christmas, you will be the belle of the ball. ;)
Pair this up with a mini skirt and some sheer black tights like the one above and you are set to WOAH!
From Whitesoot; RM45.

If satin is not your thing, opt for a softer approach with this lace mesh top.
Totally sweet and sassy, this top is perfect for dates!
We loves!
Also available at Whitesoot. ;)
(stay tuned for another post on Whitesoot's exciting giveaway!)

Loves : Togas
Somehow, the toga trend seem to boom every Christmas.
I don't know why, but anything toga seem to be my choice of outfit every Christmas!

picture credits to the net
My fave actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt, rocks the toga!
Actually, she rocks any outfit..all the time! ;)

Go Greek and get this tiny studded black toga from Mere Dil Se!
Available in white and black, this satin piece is perfect for Christmas! ;)

Well, that's all for now.
"Everybody is beautiful, in their own way." - Ray Stevens

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Special : One Day SALES!

Dear Santa,
I'm desperate in buying some cool Christmas presents for my best friends.
However, I am seriously broke.
I need help!

No worries, babes! My Dressing Closet is having a ONE DAY BIG SALE and you get to save bucks while you shop!
Here are the exclusives of the sales :

Sale starts 22-11-2010 at 12:01am to 11:59pm.

All items except new arrivals - 30% off with no min purchase required

New arrivals (Oct & Nov) - 10% off with min purchase of 2 items

What's in store, you ask?
These! (points below excitedly)

For the Beach Babe :
This red and blue dress is really pretty.
Perfect for beach outings!

Who does not loves halters?
Get this cute yellow halter dress now!

For only RM35 each, they are seriously steals!

For the Vintage Lover :
The polka dots trend never gets old. ;)
We adore the Peter Pan collar, which is a huge hit right now!
For RM35, this makes all vintage lovers scream!

For the guy best friend/ boyfriend :
Time and again, we must admit we have a huge weakness for guys in formal wear/office wear. ;)
Get this shirt for your boyfriend/guy best friend as a thank you gift for all the things he has done in your life for you!
For RM50, he will thank you for it!

You can get all these at mydressingcloset (click!) now!
Happy shopping!

Christmas Special : Cutesie Undies :)

Dear Santa,
This Christmas, I'd like something cute and kinky! ;)

Lols. If that is in your wishlist, then these are going to be perfect for you!
Best of it all, they are affordable!

This is SO cute and lovely!
Loving this cute little thongs.
Perfect for yourself and as Christmas presents for your best girlies!
For RM7 per pair; you can get a second for RM3 only.
Available in a wide range of colours to excite!

If kitty cats are your fave pet, these are absolutely for you!
Cute and colourful, these add some zest to your lingerie wardrobe.
For RM33 per bra and panties set, this is perfect for cat lovers! :)
(Second set for RM28!)

Another hot lace number!
Available in a range of colours, this sexy underwear is perfect as presents!
RM10 for two pairs.

For the tomboy/the girl who does not like girly things.
These boyshorts are versatile and cute!
Not to mention comfy too!
For RM10 for two pairs, they are make cute presents too.

You can get all these at Dawn Under!
(Oh, and did I mention there's FREE SHIPPING everywhere in Malaysia from the 1st til the 30th of November 2010?) ;)
Dawn Under Logo

Happy Christmas shopping, people!
Wink at the cameras!

I'm Blazin' Up!

Hello peeps!
We are BACK in a BLAST!
We are so sorry for not replying any emails.
This is because we could not go online due to our exams and assignments.
We deeply apologise for all the misunderstandings caused.

back to happy land!
Blazers are so W-O-A-H these days!
They make any plain boring outfit (sorry, outfit!) look smart and chic!
Even these celebs look absolutely gorgeous in them blazers.
Check them out. ;)
Our faves Cameron Diaz and Kim Kardashian!
pictures credits to the net
We adore Kim K's androgynous blazer. ;)
So sexy and chic.

You girls should get blazin' with them blazers too!
And trust us, none of this is are as expensive as the ones Kim and Cameron are spotted wearing...
But they are just as cool and gorgeous!

We find these kind of blazers totally IN and hot!
We adore the cute button detailing on the sides as well as the scrunched up sleeves details.
For RM35,which is a steal, if you ask me, you can find them in three pretty pretty colours; from Neon Runways! (click!)

Ohh, this is so MJ inspired!
Loves the big gold buttons; so military!
Rock up your military inspired look by pairing this baby with a dress! ;)
Available at Gracios House, this classic couture blazer can be found in two variants; black or white! RM49.

Simple yet classic, this cropped blazer is making waves worldwide!
You can dress it up, down, whatever you like! ;)
From Dress2Dazzle, you can grab this at RM39. :)

And finally, something nude.
Nude blazers are causing a storm among celebrities.
Classy and pretty, these blazers are perfect for both work and play, too.
Get this from An Old Flame, for RM64.

Well, that's all for now.
Have fun shopping for blazers, babes!
Til then, smile at the cameras!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hello girls, and guys.
As one of our earlier posts read, we were on a hiatus til the 22nd of November.
Therefore, we are unable to reply emails/update til this date.
We're sorry for any inconvenience caused.
We promise we will get back to you guys soon after this!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Men, Men, Men

Before you wonder what's the hoolabaloo about this post,
ladies, its time to take a break from personal (as in personal) shopping and go on and buy some clothes for the men in your lives!
Before you can ask us if today's Men's Day (no it isn't); we will tell you why we've decided to do a post on this. I'm sure many of you have husbands/brothers/best friend/boyfriends/fathers/grandpas/uncles who kind of 'died' during your shopping trips; literally.
Well, I know my brother, boyfriend and father did. They have to suffer waiting and seeing my mum and I shriek from shop to shop, coming out with more bags; making them hold everything later on. Yes, pity them.
So, in honoring them, lets give back by buying them some brand new clothes, shall we? I'm pretty sure they're gonna be touched that for once, all the moolah spent goes to them, not us. ;) (I mean, c'mon, we have too many clothes sometimes!)

Hunky celebrities like these will be the inspirations for the clothes featured today.
(prepare to scream your eyes out)
Matthew Morrison
Hayden Christensen
Brad Pitt
Channing Tatum
Chace Crawford
Corbin Bleu
pictures credits to the net
Lols sorry girls, no Zac Efron or Justin Biebers. Not that we don't like them, we just think..
everyone has different tastes, that's all. We are a fan of Zac's and Justin's singing tho. :)

Anyhoo, we will be featuring one blogshop here and another one soon (when their collection is out!)
Peep has just launched a new blogshop for men! (Congrats boys, NOW you can do your own online shopping!)
Peep for Men is currently giving out free postage to the first 10 shoppers!

For : The hunky ones with surfer bods aka Channing Tatum
Yes, we are in loves with Channing! We're sure you girls are too!
Anyway, show off your men's bods with these bermudas.
Available in white, you can get them for RM49!

For : The cool ones (SERIOUSLY cool ones) aka Hayden Christensen
We find these charming!
Get this for your boyfriend or brother. Rock on, coolness!

For : The cute ones aka Corbin Bleu
Stripes are adorable!
Not to mention colourful stripes! ;)
For RM39 each, they are worth it!

For : The badboy aka Chace Crawford
Every girl fell for him once they set eyes on him in Gossip Girl.
Get your lads some neckties!

For : The sexy ones aka Brad Pitt
Let's be honest.
All men featured are hot.
Anyway, let them men show off their muscles with this vest!

For : The preppy ones aka Matthew Morrison
Every Gleek would agree with us Matthew is the hottest of them all!
Get your boyfriend this sweater to brace the cold air in college/uni classes.

Well, that's all folks!
Oh, and stay tuned for another men's feature for Modello. ;)
Smile and wink at the cameras!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Will Be Back For MORE!, that is!
We're so sorry for not updating for quite some time.
Have been busy with assignments and exams.
We wish all our readers a Happy Deepavali!
Have a great time this festive season!