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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brilliant Writes! ;)

I'm sure everyone is a busy bee everyday.
If you are in high school/college/university, there's competing for good grades, homework, activities, assignments, projects, exams.
If you are working, there's basically, work. And ways in earning more money. And how to get promoted.

Even celebrities in Hollywood are busy bees. They keep their schedules updated by planning them wisely.
You can, too, with these fantastic notebooks/planners!

All available from notbook - notbuk.
A weekly attention note!
Plan your week wisely with this cute notepad for RM20 with postage!
Comes in 30 sheets per pack, so you can use this for 30 weeks!
Woohoo! ;)
Now you can get every job done!

Get this cool notebooks for RM22 per pack of 2 including postage.
Each notebook has a cool statement on the cover so you'll stand out in class.
30 sheets per booklet.

All occasion cards!
Give some loves to your friends/loved ones/family these and make them smile!
For RM12 per pack of 4 cards, these come with envelopes.

So, what are you waiting for, get these accessories now at notbook - notbuk! ;)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Make Me Pretty! : 1 Minute Hair MAGIC!


Want pretty hair?
Hate split ends?
All that that makes you go "@$!^@#*" whenever you see your hair in the morning?
Get rid of your bad hair days now with Magic Boo from Miss Nineteen.
Trust us, it works! ;)

Get beautiful silky hair for just RM17 now!

Head over to Miss Nineteen to experience the magic for yourself.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor

27 February 1932 - 23 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor,
May you rest in peace.

Short Post : Look Gorgeous At Work!

Who says office wear can be boring?
Spice up your office wardrobe with this gorgeous set from Poppy Mallow! ;)

For just RM44 a set (YES!), you can look chic and save up a lot of cash at the same time.

Head over to Poppy Mallow NOW!

Style of The Day : Leopard Sexy

For those of you who are followers to our Facebook page, you might have noticed us admiring Miley Cyrus's dress. ;)
Yes, its one fabulous looking dress.
picture credits to Just Jared
Miley is one of our fashion icon and we loves how she rock the sexiness. ;)

Now you can dress like Miley, too!

We adore this dress!
Really pretty, and we loves the low back.
From Style Influx, this leopard printed dress is similar to Miley's. ;)
It's hot selling, so hurry get yours!
For RM69, this dress has got to be one of your sho
pping must-haves!

Tan colored bags are HOT!
Get this Chanel-isque bag from Marshmallow Grenade for only RM30!
The most affordable so far. ;)

Every gorgeous girl need a gorgeous pair of shoes.
This one from Yunique Paradise says it all. :)
For RM165, this pair of wedges are perfect for casual outings!

Additional accessories :
Like we say, as long as you have one of these, you are free to leave your home. :)
We find this M & M's ring simply cute!
For RM25, you can grab this baby from Zikkos!
Silver bangles!
Silver is our fave color.
They match any outfit, any skintone, any ocassion! ;)
From Zikkos, these bangles are a must at RM20!

Smile for the cameras!
They admire your style. ;)

Attention Vainpots!

The Syiok Sendiri Sisters are now back with a NYX spree!
Pricing is cheap so go for it!
Also, there is a cosmetics sale held by them (consisting of make up products like NARS, Tarte, Urban Decay), so you MUST check it out!

For more @ Syiok Sendiri Sisters ;
click HERE.

Pink A Ling-ling!

Denise and Amanda are both gorgeous. ;)
Never mind they are wearing the same can't blame them for loving the color PINK!
(oh, and they are rocking the dress!)
pictures credits to the net
I know, we seem like we're high on the color pink.
Pink haters ; worry not, you will see more colors soon!

Somehow, you can't deny these pretty outfits that will make you go pink a ling ling!
Look petite in this top from Playground Boutique.
Loves the sweet ribbon in the middle.
For RM49, this outfit is perfect for weekends with the boyfriend!

Girls just wanna have fun!
Which means you (unless you are a boy) must have some fun too!
Having fun, however, can cause you your outfit.
(Say, mountain climbing ; your skirt might be stuck to a rock :O)
Therefore, that's when a jumpsuit comes in handy.
Jumpsuits are versatile and ideal for outings and fun events.
This pink one from Dollz is a perfect answer to your adventure needs!
For RM35, this jumpsuit is affordable yet adorable!

Look sexy for a night out in the club with your gal pals.
This hot pink dress will definitely scream, "SIREN!" for you.
Available in Beetch for RM45, this bodycon dress is a sure eyecatcher!

ASOS and Antonio Berardi inspired alert!
This gorgeous dress is a sure hit in a runways sooner or later. ;P
You can start the trend NOW with this hot pink dress from Diva's Divine.
For RM48 only, this dress is a must-have!

So girl, get your groove on and ROCK that pink!
Smile for the cameras! ;)

Make Me Pretty! : Sweet Pieces You'll Loves!

Halo! ;)
Firstly, how's everybody's day going?
Our day is GREAT!

Remember how we always say accessories make an outfit?
Well, we're here to say that again!
Celebrities like Avril Lavigne, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus never leave home without them accessories.

You shouldn't too. ;)
May it be just a ring, a necklace, or a bracelet...hey, an accessory will do more than good for you!
Here are some of this week's picks!

We totally adore this statement necklace.
Imagine being asked by a cute guy,
"Are you in a relationship?"
"Not yet"
Yea, that kind of thoughts.
Forgive me, I'm all clouded by happiness today.
From The Lollipop House, this cute statement necklace will make you the talk of the town!
For RM19.90 plus free shipping, you'll have to get this baby!

This is seriously ONE cute pendant!
Just look at the owl!
Also from The Lollipop House, this necklace is another accessory statement.
For just RM21.90 plus free shipping, this is a wwooo must-have! ;)

Omg, so chio can!
This pair of earrings from MJ Accessories are simply classic.
Show off your girlish side with them now for RM28.90!

The color purple resembles glamor.
And this ring says it all.
Loves the side details. ;)
From A Fashion Story, this lovely ring is perfect for occassions like dinners or proms.

"Love me, hate me, say what you want about me"
Whatever, lets just emphasize on the first word. Love. :)
Look sweet with this ring from A Fashion Story!
For RM6.80 only, what's not to love!

So that's all for now, ladies!
Flash your accessory to the paparazzis!
They will be blinded. ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BAGlights : Longchamp Gorgeous!

Longchamp bags are making a huge storm here in Malaysia amongst the ladies. ;)

While Kate Moss is seen endorsing Longchamp, gorgeous Rachel McAdams is spotted carrying one too.
picture credits to the net

Beyond Retro is now selling them original Longchamps and seriously, its so affordable, everyone can now have an authentic Longchamp!
Here are some of the Longchamps available :

Exactly like the ones toted around by Rachel, this is the classic Longchamp. ;)
We loves how versatile this bag is; it can match anything!
For RM500 each, you must get one!
(market price : RM750)

Ooh! This is glam!
Go glamorous with this Longchamp! ;)
Get this baby for RM650.
A definite must for all fashionistas.

For more Longchamps to drool on and to choose from, head over to Beyond Retro NOW!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Make Me Pretty! : In Pink and Red!

Every girl LOVES pink and red!
We're pretty sure you girls do too!
While pink is a pretty color, red is one sexy color.

These celebrities in Hollywood are looking their best in pink and red!

pictures credits to the net

We loves their pretty outfits!
Don't they look fabulous?

Now its your turn to show off your pretty and sexy side too! ;)

This pink maxi dress is just gorgeous.
Look breath-taking with this pretty dress from Whitesoot!
Wear this for a party or on a dinner date with that special someone! ;)
For RM59, this baby is not to be missed!

Ahhh, this dress reminds me of summer!
Look cute and pretty in this dress from I Heart This! :)
Loves the frills design on the top of the dress.
For RM43, this dress is perfect for weekends with your friends!

Be a sex goddess with this dress!
Look hot with lace and pink!
Available at Peep, get this baby at RM49.

Hot pink!
Our favorite!
Look striking and hot in this hot pink maxi dress from Peep.
Loves how pretty it looks. ;)
Perfect for any occassion.

Oh, cute one.
This cute dress is perfect for dates with the boyfriend. ;)
From iHeart cotton. candy, this dress is available at RM39!

Hot stuff!
Look sexy with this dress from Fashionate Online Boutique.
For RM46, you can club til the day ends and look extremely sexy at the same time.

Smile for the paparazzis!
They'll envy your pink and red outfits! ;)


Greetings loves!

My Dressing Closet is having a 15% off storewide sale!

Lasts 3 days. ;)

For more @

Sunday, March 20, 2011

For My Man

"Appreciate your man!"
Yes, these words are true enough.
Appreciate them ladies, and by that, we meant spoil them!
I'm sure some of you ladies are spoiled to the max by your boyfriend.
Like mine, my man just got me a handphone. And I don't even need it yet!
So, to 'pay back' my man, I've decided to spoil him as well! :)

Seriously, men secretly loves being pampered by their ladies. Whether its buying a shirt or a pair of shoes for them, they'll loves it!

Here are some items you can buy to surprise your man! ;)
A cool t-shirt.
Yea, graffiti t-shirts are HOT among guys.
My boyfriend has like, 20 of them.
And 20 is A LOT if you wanna put it in a man's world.
Get this for RM25 from Zhink.
He'll loves you for it!

We loves them Nike!
Our men loves them too!
Get these from D'Jasz Collection!
Available in various designs, you can get these for yourself, your man or your family members for a price of RM199 only. ;)

So what are you waiting for?
Pamper HIM now!

Style of The Day : Do It Like Diane!

picture credits to the net

Diane Kruger is one of the hottest celebrities alive. ;)
We know, today's Monday, but we're sure some of you have galas or weddings to attend tonight!

Peplum dresses have been rocking the world of celebrities since, well, years ago.
We know they might not be on trend right now, but hey, that does not stop us from looking peplum-stylish!

Celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna and Victoria Beckham have rocked the peplum. Not to forget Diane Kruger as well.
Have you? :)
We simply adore this peplum dress from Miss 21.
Loves how sleek and gorgeous this dress'll look as if you just stepped out of the red carpet!
We also loves it LOW cut back (SEXY BACK!) and ribbon details.
For RM39 only, get this baby NOW!

Instead of a chain link belt like Diane's, jag up your outfit with a bit with this cool belt from Doublewoot!
This belt is so versatile, you can match it with ANY outfit!
For RM28, you'll surely wanna grab this baby!

My oh my, these heels are fly!
These heels rock our world! :)
Loves the ribbon back, the classy feel.
Go glam in these heels from Angel Fashionista for RM135 a pair!
Lust-worthy! ;P
Say "Miu Miu!"
Everybody LOVES Miu Miu!
Look good in this gorgeous pair of black heels from Nutz For Shoes.
And the connection with Miu Miu?
It's Miu Miu inspired! ;)

For RM69, you'll look superbly fabulous!

Now, paint your nails red to match your vixen look.
Smile and wave to everyone!

Fun Review : Back To Basics Skincare (PICTURE HEAVY)

A few weeks ago, the owner of Precious Me contacted me and asked if I'd like to do a review on her skin care products.
I've been having a lot of skin problems lately, so once I read in her blog that her skin care products are natural, I decided to give it a go. :)
She generously sent me two skin care samples to try : one cleanser and one toner-and-moisturizer.
After receiving these two products, I decided to test-run it for one week to see how much changes does it make to my skin. (and I'm glad I did test-run it, coz its so much better looking now (my skin, ahem) )

My package was sent through Pos Laju (she's really generous).

When I opened up the Pos Laju plastic bag, I am really happy to find that my samples were wrapped really carefully.
The owner bubblewrapped my skin care samples with a big bubblewrap.
After removing the bubblewrap, I found these babies :
The cleanser sample is really big for a sample and can be used for more than two weeks (I'm still using it now) ; day and night use.
I received a Back To Basics 'Flower Power' 3-in-1 Facial Cleanser (15g) and a 2-in-1 Natural Moisturizer and Toner (6g).

So, I'll start with the reviews! :)

Back 2 Basics 3-in-1 Facial Cleanser in 'Flower Power'

OK, when I first saw this, I was excited.
This is as I have never used a powder cleanser before! :P
My skin is kind of sensitive so I'm actually really relieved to know that this cleanser is made from 100% natural products. Its time for sensitive skin to rejoice!

What I really loves about Precious Me is that they actually give you a clear label on your skin care products as well as directions on how to use them.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to use this wonderful cleanser :

Step 1 : Pour a suitable amount of powder cleanser onto your palm

Step 2 : Add a few drops of water (add very little drops of water. This is to make sure you make a paste, not liquid)

Step 3 : Mix with your fingers until a paste is formed. You will get a dark brown paste.

Step 4 : Apply the paste on your face, making sure you cover every part of your face.

Step 5 : Scrub in circular motions

Step 6 : Rinse off with cold water (I like rinsing off with cold water.)

This cool cleanser can be used as a cleanser, a scrub and a face mask.
Isn't this wonderful? This product functions 3 ways and we save a lot (as we only need to use one product instead of three products).

So here are my thoughts on this cleanser, scrub and mask (all in one) :
Honestly, I have sort of given up on looking for the perfect skin care products. Having spent a lot on skin care, and trying various brands, they never seem to work on my skin. Do you know as you age, your skin needs change as well?
So when I was given a chance to try out this product, I was a little not sure if I should, as I have been facing a lot of skin problems (acne, skin peeling) and I'm scared this might hurt my skin. However, once finding out through the website that this skincare focuses on using natural ingredients, I am actually pleased as natural products do no harm to your skin unlike chemicals.

OK, enough of that. When I first opened this cleanser bottle, I could immediately smell a scent of herbs. Yes, plenty of herbs. The ingredients of
this cleansing powder are as of below :
As you can see, there are NO signs of chemical in this cleansing powder.
Do you know certain chemicals in skin care products can actually lead you to wrinkles and all signs of aging?

When I first use this product, I am very satisfied as this cleansing powder really did remove all traces of dirt and grime from my face, without stripping away its moisture. My face feels a little tight though after the first wash but with frequent use (I'm using this for almost two weeks now), my face feels good.
My pimples are visibly reduced and my skin does not peel as often anymore. My skin actually looked fairer as well! I'm actually very happy about this.

Conclusion : This 3-in-1 cleanser is surely a good buy. Not only does it contain natural ingredients (100%), it also gently cleanses and moisturises my skin. I loves how fair I look after every wash. For RM68 (50g), this cleanser is not expensive as it uses natural luxurious ingredients such as dead sea black clay.
For an introductory offer, the first 20 customers get to purchase this baby (50g) at RM50 only!
As for trial sizes, the normal price for a 15g trial size is RM25, while the first 20 customers get to purchase this for RM20 only!

Back 2 Basics 2-in-1 Moisturizer and Toner in 'Nourish Me'
This 2-in-1 baby is da bomb! ;)
I surely want more!!

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use this cool toner and moisturizer :

Step 1 : Using the pump, pump a drop of this product onto your palm

Step 2 : Rub your palms together

Step 3 : Apply this all over your face in circular motions. Use this after cleanser.

Step 4 : Let dry and relax

So here are my thoughts on this 2-in-1 baby :
When I first use this, I was really satisfied. Not only does this product moisturize my face, my face also feels toned.
I especially liked the scent. This smells like tea tree oil and lavender. Very soothing and relaxing, if you ask me.
I also loves how convenient this thing is to use. This product comes with a pump on top so its easy to pump out the product.
The consistency of this product is a bit watery but I like it as it is. :)
After using this product, my face felt really cool as well. I like the fact that this product has a cooling effect on my face. Nice!
After almost 2 weeks of usage, I finished this product. :(
Saving up for more! :)

Here are the ingredients :

AGAIN, all 100% natural ingredients, so all you sensitive skin people, good news for you! :D

Conclusion : This 2-in-1 toner and moisturizer is surely an A+ buy.
Not only does it moisturize and tone my face, it also gives a cooling effect as well.
After almost 2 weeks of usage, my skin has less pimples and my skin is not as dry and patchy as it is anymore! :P
There are three types for this moisturizer and toner.
The one I'm using is 'Nourish Me'. This is perfect for people with dry skin.
There's also a 'Rejuvenate Me', perfect for normal/combination/mature skin.
For oily/acne prone skin, try 'Spot-less'.
Do shake the contents before use for optimum results on skin.

This baby costs RM90 for a 50g bottle. It is currently available for RM80 as an introductory price. This may be a little pricey but the ingredients are luxurious and natural.
Also, you save up a lot (as you don't need to buy two bottles of skin care ; a toner and a moisturizer, you get all that in one bottle!)
As for the trial sizes, the normal price for a 6g bottle is RM15, but it is currently available for RM12 as an introductory price.

Currently, Precious Me is selling trial sets of these two babies for RM32. You get :
1 x 15g 'Flower Power' 3-in-1 cleansing powder
1 x 6g 2-in-1 natural toner and moisturizer of your choice (Nourish Me, Rejuvenate Me, Spot-less)

As for the full size set, you can now get it at RM120 (SPECIAL OFFER PRICE!)
This set consists of :
1 x 50g 'Flower Power' 3-in-1 cleansing powder
1 x 2-in-1 natural toner and moisturizer of your choice (Nourish Me, Rejuvenate Me, Spot-less)

Personally, I'd recommend you get the full size set as trust me, you'll want more. ;)
Besides, its RM120 for like 5 products (I know, its only 2 bottles (one 3-in-1 cleanser and one 2-in-1 toner and moisturizer), but these 2 bottles can function as your cleanser, scrub, mask, toner and moisturizer! Isn't this fabulous?! Multi-tasking products are HOT!)

For more on these wonderful babies, go on to Precious Me and go Back2basics! ;)

Smile for the paparazzis! They loves your gorgeous skin!

Disclaimer : I am in no way affiliated to Precious Me nor am I paid to do this review. This products were sent to me by Precious Me for review purposes.