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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taking Restocks!

Good news, ladies!
The peeps at Diva's Divine are restocking these gorgeous babies! ;)

Click on to Diva's Divine for more now!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Queen Of My Heart : Power Mum

Mum's the word.
Make your mum the power woman in her office with these brave office wear.
The women in Lipstick Jungle shows us how to dress up!

picture credits to the net

Here are some clothes you could get for your momma!
That way, she'll be a power woman not only at home, but in the office as well. :)

The maxi dress.
This pretty yet office appropriate maxi dress will wow everyone in the office. ;)
For RM59, this maxi from Whitesoot will make your mummy smile and shine at the office.

The jumpsuit.
To us, the jumpsuit represents POWER.
And a woman could never look more powerful in a jumpsuit.
If your mum's the boss of the office, good for you.
This jumpsuit makes a perfect piece for her office wear.
Pair this up with a power blazer and your mum will rule the office!
From Chez Cin, this jumpsuit retails for RM62.

The power blazer.
We absolutely adore this power blazer.
Loves the puffed shoulder pads!
Give your mum the confident makeover with this blazer from Die Heart Fashion! :)
For RM59 plus free postage, this blazer is set to POWER!

The feminine dress.
Who says sweet does not equal power?
Loves the lace belt in the middle. ;)
From Dollz, this dress makes a pretty powerful piece at RM35.

Shoulder embellished dress.
Now this is power!
Make your mum fashionably powerful in this dress from Forever Fashionate.
Available at RM55, this dress is gonna be hot!

The fashion designer dress.
Lastly, if your mum works for something related to the fashion industry, this one's for her!
From Playground Boutique, this dress sizzles for RM49.

That's all, girls!
Stay tuned for our next feature!

Happy shopping for mum!

Queen Of My Heart

picture credits to the net

Mothers ; what are they? What do they do?
They gave birth to us, they nurture us, they gave all their love to us.
Like our father, our mother plays an important role in our lives.
Sadly, many of us did not give her the appreciation she deserved.

Instead, we get tired of her nags, we were rude towards her when she ask us to complete certain tasks we are reluctant to do.
Our mothers are wonderful people sent into our lives. In fact, sometimes, they can be an even better friend than your best friend.
There's a saying that goes like this,
Best friends may or may not last, but a mother's love will last for eternity.

Therefore, let's show our appreciation and love towards our mother everyday, especially this coming Mother's Day.
Let her relax for a day, let her be Queen.

We will be featuring several posts relating to Mother's Day (its on 8th May!).
For once, stop all the self-pampering and start pampering your mum instead! She deserve it! :)

Ooh, don't forget your Daddy as well. :)

Enjoy this special, ladies!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Little Smile

"A smile a day keeps the doctor away"
- Us at Shop Like A Celebrity!

"A smile confuses an approaching frown"
- Unknown author

Brighten up everyone's day with a smile! ;)

Smile bright!

(picture above credits from the net)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dazzle With Forever21!

Yes, you heard us right!

Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift were spotted wearing cute outfits from Forever21!

The Dazzle Razzle is now doing a Forever21 spree! :)
You can receive your items in 2-3 weeks!

Just browse through the Forever21 website and choose your desired item. Once its done, email the peeps at The Dazzle Razzle and they will quote you your total.

So what are you waiting for?

Click on to Forever21 NOW!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Look Pretty With Lenses! (Guest Blogger)

I'm Hazel, a friend of the people of Shop Like A Celebrity! :)

I know everyone gets envious when they look at how pretty the celebrities of Hollywood's eyes look. Blue eyes, especially. grrrrrr
Now, the dream of having blue eyes is yours to come true too... with the help of these cool colored lenses!

What's Your Flavor Add On specializes in bringing in pretty colored lenses for you ladies to go crazy for!
For RM38 with postage, these lenses are affordable and surely own-able by every woman who wants to look and feel pretty. ;)

Comes in a range of colors, from pink (!) to blue (!), you'll scream with excitement just like I did!

Oh, and did I mention? Paris Hilton wears blue colored lenses too! (Her real eye color is BROWN!)

Head over to What's Your Flavor Add On for more gorgeous eye candies!

Wink at the paparazzis!

Friday, April 15, 2011


We would like to apologise for not attending to your emails.
We have serious urgent issues to settle so we will be on a hiatus for 2 weeks.
We will be back soon though once the issue has been settled.
Thank you.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Style of The Day : Elizabeth Gorgeous

Sophisticated and simple.
Look like the gorgeous celebrity Elizabeth Gillies with these outfits! :)
picture credits to the net

These simple yet gorgeous outfits will put together a gorgeous you!
Black is a classic color, so don't forget to stock up some blacks!
Studs make you look rock chic sexy as well.

This flowy bottom top is classic!
Pair this basic top with a skirt to look pretty. ;)
Ideal for everyday wear.
For RM25 only, get this at Jessie Dress Lab!

Studs are IN again!
Look rock chick ready with this studded skirt from What's Your Flavor?
At RM28 only, this sexy skirt won't burn a hole in your pocket!

Oh la la!
The Eiffel Tower symbolizes romance. ;)
Get this cool building on your neck!
From Cherrylicious, this pretty necklace is perfect on all occassions at RM22!
Elizabeth Gillies loves accessorizing!
You should too!
Grab this chunky ring from A Fashion Story for RM12 only!
Glam girl, here we come!

Add a touch of class to your outfit with this authentic purse from Prada!
For RM1200, this purse is not only gorgeous, it is of high quality and would last you for ages! ;)
Get this at Beyond Retro!
Jimmy Choo!
Look fab in these shoes for RM149.
Loves the mesh details and bling bling! ;)
Pre-order this at Mezzanine Time NOW!

Smile for the paparazzis!
You look fabulous! ;)


Be ready for happy reviews soon!