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Monday, June 25, 2012

Look Like An A-Lister (and Pay A Lot Less!)

Now that it is almost mid-year, we are pretty sure proms are on their way to colleges and universities, no?
We are also, very certain that almost every girl has started dress hunting for that perfect dress to flaunt during prom.
Our best tip when searching for that perfect outfit is to find a dress whereby it is re-wearable even after prom. That way, you save money. 
Also, remember that the outfit for the prom may seem like the most important thing, but honestly, it is not.
It is the people you go with as well as the memories made during what we call, the night to remember. ;)
Most of all, have lots of fun. Do not worry about your outfit as you have already done your best to look this gorgeous!
Anyway, to help ease your pre-prom worry, we have found an e-store which does gorgeous A-lister inspired dresses, for a fraction of the price! And yes, most of them are re-wearable even after prom. :P

Presenting you.. Nude Not Couture!

Yes, Nude Not Couture has designed many gorgeous celebrity-inspired outfits you'll go crazy for!

Here are some of our best picks ;)

all pictures are credits to Nude Not Couture and Google.

Yes, that famous Gossip Girl Herve Leger dress.
We adore Blake's style, and we are sure you have been hunting this dress for ages like us ;)


For a whole lot of fraction of the price, this dress is perfect for dinners and proms.
You'll rule prom with this dress.
I mean, who doesn't like compliments? ;)

We simply adore Amy Childs' gold bandage dress.
Sexy and classy at the same time, this dress can double up as a clubbing outfit!
J'adore. ;)


One thing we know, a gold dress always, we mean, ALWAYS, stands out.
You are guaranteed to be the belle of the ball if you enter the hall wearing this baby!

Ah, our celebrity icon, Rachel Bilson.
Look as pretty as Rachel in this pretty yet elegant white halter neck dress.


Look gorgeous in this dress inspired by Rachel ;)
Pair this with a pair of gold heels and you'll be rocking prom!

Drooling yet?
We know we are. ;)

Quick, go to Nude Not Couture now!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Bag For All Occasions

Bags are one of the most important accessories us women definitely can't live without.
From cute slings to designers, we have to admit we don't own just one bag, right? ;)
Which is why we bring you this feature, starring Hey, Bag Me Home!

For Parties and Dinners


This gorgeous snake-skin printed bag caught our eyes when we browsed through the website.
We found this bag sexy and eye-catching, perfect for the clubbing diva.
Flaunt it as a clutch, or sling it over.


This bag screams "I'm sexy and I know it!" ;)
Leash out your inner tigress with this elegant yet sexy leopard print bag.
Perfect for that girl who gets noticed every time she hits the dance floor.

For casual affairs / college / university / outing with friends

picture credits to yahoo

We adore Pippa Middleton's style ; all the time.
Now, you can get a piece of Pippa as we have found the perfect bag (which looks exactly like the one she has!)


Envelope bags are all the rage right now.
They can be used as shoulder bags or clutch ; perfect as this takes you from day events to night ones!
We absolutely loves this brown colour one - simple yet elegant.
They are also available in many other colours - so feast your eyes today!

picture credits to Google

Attention K Pop fans!
We've spotted a bag almost similar to the one Yoona is carrying in her hit tv series, 'Love Rain'.
Ready for the surprise? ;)


This classy bag is perfect for college as well as outings with friends.
It also screams vintage - we like!
We also adore that it is made of suede material, we loves the smooth velvety feel to it.
Yeah, we're weird, we know. :P

For the quirky girl


Vivien Westwood inspired!
We adore that this cute funky bag comes in many good-to-eat colours!
Perfect for casual as well as night events, they will get you compliments all over. ;)

For the vintage sweetheart


This bag screams cute!
We absolutely loves the heart clasp as well as the vintage detailing.
Available in three mouth watering shades, they are perfect for every occasion.


We've gone polka mad for this bag!
Polka dots are hot this season!
Go old school with them polka bags and trust us, your friends will be following you too. :D

For that elegant shopper


The moment we saw this gorgeous lace bag, we knew this would be our favourite pick.
Perfect for classes as well as shopping events, this bag is one must have accessory.
Reminds you of Chanel for some reason, no?

For more pretty bags, do check out Hey, Bag Me Home! now. ;)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cute Accessories ;)

Cute handmade anti-dust ear plugs, to give your phone a bit of style ;)
Comes in a variety of patterns, we adore the kitten designs ; they are adorable!
Get yours today! 


Friday, June 15, 2012

If I Have RM50 Shopping Money This Week..

I'd spend it on : Flippy dresses!

Flippy dresses, or otherwise known as the skater dress, is a must-have piece this season.
One of my friends told me the flippy dress is one of the most popular items sold in Topshop across Europe. ;)
Even celebrities like Paris Hilton love the flippy!
credits : Google

We adore this style of her's! 
Loves the cool sexy stockings she paired them with too ;)

Un-masqued, RM49

This flippy dress is gorgeous!
We loves the pattern on this dress as well.
Pair this with a cardi for a date out with that special someone, or on its own for a night out with your girlfriends in the club.

Have a good time ;)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Omg! : Shoes

WARNING : Short post alert.

Our eyes literally popped out when we saw these pair of gorgeous shoes.
Sadly, none of us girls are a size 36. 
One of us is a size 34 (yeah, tiny feet we know. She has cute baby feet. ;P), 38 and 40 (GIANT).
Anyway, this pair of shoes are brand new and are available in only a size 36.
Size 36 ladies, today is your lucky day.
Grab this baby before its gone!

Chic Clothes for RM20 or Less!

Blogshop : Rewear This!
Link :

As the owner of Rewear This! will be leaving the country soon, she needs help in clearing out her closet.
We have 'raided' her closet (through her blog store, of course) and found some pretty pieces you'll absolutely loves! (:
All brand new, unless stated.

Proceeds of these clothes go to charity ; double bonus!

Oh, and of course, some celeb inspireds too! ;)

Celeb inspireds ;)

credits : Yahoo!


Woots! Something Taylor Swift inspired.
We likes!

credits : Yahoo!


Pretty, gorgeous pieces.

Ideal for : Clubbing, parties, events.

This is a pretty, unique piece. We loves!


Gorgeous, layback halter top. 
Perfect for beach parties!


4 way dress, what more can you ask for? ;)


Another unique dress, perfect for parties and concerts. 


This fabulous dress is imported from Spain, and is perfect for clubbing!
Pair this with stilettos and you are good to go :)

Ideal for : shopping, casual wear, class.

Omg, polka dot vintage.
We like! ;)


This pretty top is perfect for college as well as shopping and parties.
Go girly cool!


"I've lost my teddy, 
Can I hug you instead?"
Ooh, thats sweet ;)


"I'm Not A Nugget, Go Vegan"

So cute! 


"It's okay. Its only love."

Click here for more :
Well, thats all folks!
Happy shopping! :)

Style of The Day : Peplum Love

Peplum dresses are back in trend!
credits : yahoo!

We absolutely loves peplum tops for the moment, don't you?
Kim Kardashian looks fabulous in a peplum top and leather leggings. ;)

Peep. , RM55

We totally loves this peplum top.
What's more, it is imported from Korea!
We really loves the Peter Pan collar as well, don't you?
Absolutely gorgeous!

This high waisted shorts look fabo when paired up with any top!
Pair yours with the above peplum top for a fun day out. ;)

Add a gorgeous accessory to your outfit.
This earring is one accessory you shouldn't miss!
We loves how its unique as it comes as a piece only, not a pair.
One sided earrings are now a trend, so grab this as fast as you can!

Have a wonderful time today, loves!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Dose of Polka Cuteness

Whenever I see vintage, I see polka dots.
Today's celebrity featured is none other than 'Glee' actress, Lea Michele. Taking inspiration from her character in Glee, Rachel Berry, we bring you this feature. Presenting, polka dots frenzy loves! ;)

credits : Fox entertainment

credits : Fox entertainment
credits : Fox entertainment

We are currently having a girl crush on this gorgeous talented actress' style!

Style : Dresses
This dress from mint screams Rachel Berry all over.
Go cute with matching dark blue pumps or sassy with some nude high heels.
Reminds us so much of old school!

mint fashion boutique, RM45

If dark blue isn't your thing, go bright with colours like red or innocent with white.
We absolutely love these dresses as they are eye catching and gorgeous as well!
Perfect for garden tea parties and shopping.
Who says garden tea parties have to be all flowery? (;

Style : Tops, Bottoms
pretty pre-order, RM41

Dresses aren't your thing?
No worries, some of us girls in Shop Like A Celebrity! understand. (:
Go polka polka with this cute polka dots batwing top!

Match this with shorts or skinny jeans.
You'll be sure to rock this outfit ;)

We are seriously loving these old skool pants!
Match them with the top above, or a flare top ; you'll be sure to wow everyone.

Style : Accessories
Xiawa Dressroom, RM47

This bag reminds us so much of those crazy jelly popsicles we had when we were kids.
Sweet and stylish, this bag is perfect for outings and even college.
Mmmm, we want some popsicles now..

Yeah, we know. This isn't even polka dotted.
Go girly cute with this pair of schweet ballet earrings.
We loves how dainty and cute it is.
What's more, the ribbon detailing on the earring.
Its like, ballet shoes on your ears, if that made sense.

Have fun, dress fun and look cute ;)


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Smile (:

Even when the world crunches you down,
Always remember to smile.

Walk the walk,
Talk the talk,
Sing that song,
Laugh all night long.
You are a woman - be proud.

a special message to all ladies out there. men, sorry, this is for ladies only. (;

An Event Filled With..

..yummy clothes!
We just received an exciting email from your sister in shopping, A Shopaholic's Den ;)
Guess what, fashionistas?
Malaysia's First Clothes BUFFET is happenin' soon!
For just RM50 per bag (SERIOUSLY, RM50 PER. BAG? WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR!) you are eligible to grab as much clothes as you can fit in your bag!

OK, sooo here's the deets (details in short ;) ) :
This is a one day event whereby you pay RM50, receive a bag, and is given a time frame for you to grab as much clothes as you can to put in the bag. 
Best of all, ALL clothes are BRAND NEW. No second hands, vintage, whatever. ;)
At the end of the day, all products not sold will be returned to the respective blogshops or donated to charity.

Where is this, you ask?,  Jaya One 27-G, Block J No. 72 Jalan Universiti, Section 13, 46200, Petaling Jaya.

Organized by ;
A Shopaholic's Den

Terms & Conditions ;
You must pay with CASH only. No bags or other bags allowed in the 'shopping area', except of course, the RM50 bag you paid for to fill in with clothes. You may go for multiple sessions, but only 1 bag allowed per person per session. Sessions limited to while stocks last. Free size clothing. No trying allowed.

For more info ;

Oh are you excited?! I know we are! Save the date - 23rd June 2012, from 12pm til 6pm.

A gorgeous galore of clothes awaits!

See you there, gorgeous!