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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Celeb Loving : RED (nails)

We have always loved that iconic mouse since we were children.
No, Mickey, we ain't talking about you.
We're talking about Minnie instead. 
Minnie Mouse has always been an inspiration to adults & children worldwide.
From that famous polka dot blouse, to her cute dresses, Minnie Mouse is a lovable Disney character.
Imagine our excitement when OPI decided to pair up with this cute mouse for a new collection!
Best of all, they have minis too ; so if you want a bit of everything, and want to save money, this is for you!

Take inspiration from these gorgeous celebrities & paint them nails red!
pictures credits to the net

And here's a sneak peek on the OPI collection :)

Get them TODAY at Nail Fiesta for RM49!

Happy nail shopping!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekend Away : What To Bring for a 5 day 4 night Holiday Retreat (Nightlife version)

Many of us want a retreat.
Whether its to a beautiful destination, or a wild one, here are some ideas on what to bring (:

This edition is for those who are going on a holiday for the purpose of partying their nights away.
Famous party islands include Ko Phangan, located just at our neighboring Thailand, and Ibiza, Spain.
If partying is not your thing, worry not, look out for more interesting editions coming soon! ;)
*pictures credits to Google & blog shops 

Ibiza, Spain

Ko Phangan, Thailand

For a 5 day, 4 night party retreat, one must not forget the day-to-night clothes.
Day time is used for traveling around, enjoying the beautiful scenery around the island.
Night is of course, for partying.

In order to survive the long nights out, remember these :

1) THE little black dress

Unmasqued, RM38

The little black dress is the most essential outfit for all female party goers, whether you like it or not.
It can be worn to almost every event, provided the theme is up for it.
Either way, to stay safe, bring your little black dress to channel some sexiness (:

2) THE sequin item (shorts/dress/skirt/top)

Peep, RM55

Sequins are a definite must have for the frequent partygoer.
Well, it grabs everyone's attention. :)
Plus, you can pair sequins with just anything and look very dressed up & chic.

3) THE tattoo stockings

Tattoo stockings are IN and for those who want some inking without the permanent results and pain.
We love these fairy printed ones, they are so chic and feminine, we would pair them up with any dress and dance the night away!

4) THE leopard print 

Every wild child must not leave home without a leopard print something.
We'd suggest the leopard print top.
We absolutely love this chiffon one, you can just pair it with anything! 

5) THE skinny jeans 

Skinny jeans are important, whether its for a party vacation or a normal one.
'nuff said.

6) THE sexy top

Remember, if you are not a dress girl, but prefer the top-bottom essentials, this top is perfect for you.
Show off your inner goddess with this sexy cutout top, perfect when paired with just any bottom.

7) THE leggings

Leggings are a must have.
With the ever essential black top, you could create up to 6 different outfits with different bottoms.
This legging is one of them.
We heart the galaxy print!

8) THE hair accessories 

HiShop, RM26

We are loving Twistbands!
Pretty hair accessories that can create many different hair styles!

We'll be posting up further on what to bring in terms of cosmetics & skin care.
Have fun babes!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weekend Away : Things To Bring For A 3 Day 2 Night Trip

Weekend away?
Well, we understand all that packing can lead to lots and lots of frustration, even if it is a 3 day 2 night stay somewhere. 
Our first edition of this mini column, we would like to help you pack!
Yes, only the essentials. Nothing else.
This time round - it's a 3 day 2 night domestic stay trip in somewhere city-like.

Examples of domestic cities :
Kuala Lumpur (if you ain't from KL), Penang, Ipoh, Kuching, Johor, Malacca & many more!

In order to survive your beautiful trip, you'll need :

*illustration purposes only

1) THE maxi dress

Melody LOVE Fashion, RM30

Every girl must own a maxi dress.
Well, with a maxi dress you could create up to ten different looks.
Our favourite is definitely wearing a plain tee over our maxi dress, tie a knot on our tee, then take a small portion of the front of our skirt + pin them inside (by tucking in).
We shall post up an articles on ways to wear a maxi dress soon! (:

2) THE top

Creme Fraiche, RM36

The one thing you cannot leave home without has got to be this basic tank top.
Whether its with sleeves or without, the basic tank top comes in a variety of colors & they are so versatile to be paired with.

3) THE skinny jeans/pants

Tanks for 5, RM35

Just in case you are there for a business trip, or would like to look more casual and elegant at the same time (YES, casual elegant!), one pair of gorgeous skinny jeans would do you good.
Wear it with the tank top on its own, or paired with a jacket if you're on a night out with the girls!

4) THE convertible dress

Ladies Fashion, RM72

Thank God these days everything has its versatility.
And thank God for this beautiful invention.
The convertible dress has so many different ways of wearing it, you would be spoiled for choice!
Naturally, we'd bring two different colors and alternate them between days so nobody knows its the same outfit! (;

5) THE sunglasses

Charming Valerie, RM30

Sunglasses are a must have for chic babes.
We especially adore this cute round ones.
John Lennon love!
We'd wear this with a simple tank top, skinny jeans & heels for the elegant minimalist look!

6) THE accessories (besides sunglasses above)

Ellie's Charms, RM20

Charm bracelets!
Accessorize your outfit to look cool & dressed up!

 7) THE heels (*flats are fine as well)

 Yunique Paradise, RM50

This hot pink stilettos are just..well, sexy.
Look chic and classy in these amazing reptile print stilettos!
We adore the heel as well! (:

With just 7 (or 8) items from head to toe, you are good to go woman!

Of course, remember your bra and panties!
(or in more 'elegant' words, lingerie) ;)

Stay tuned for what to pack when you travel (skin care & cosmetics edition!)

Have fun packing! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Saturday, June 1, 2013


As the month of June approaches, we would like to wish all our readers a wonderful month of June (:
May this month bring you lots of joy and happiness!

Us at Shop Like A Celebrity!