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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All I Want For Christmas Is.. (10 Things I LOVE Tis' Season!)

Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Tis the season to be jolly.. ;)
Yeah, you get my catch. As Christmas is SO near by, I've decided to list out a number of cool trends / must-haves in every girl's wardrobe!
A slight note : You GOT to have at least ONE piece in your wardrobe! :D
I know I have!

#1 : Metallics
Yes, metallics are hot! Be it tops, dresses, pants, skirts, ..anything you can think of, metallics are the new alternative for babes who are tired of sequins and want something similar! ;)
Even our friends in Hollywood are in love with metallics!

Isn't her metallic dress just hot?!

Grab your own metallic top now! I love how its gold dots shines
with the black background. :)
From What's Your Flavor? , you can get this top at RM28, paired with a pair of skinny jeans or tights. Woots!

#2 : Outfits with shoulder pads

Yes, shoulder pads may look funny at times, but a little of shoulder pads on dresses/ tops may do wonders. Even celebrities like Blake and Katy love shoulder pads!

Grab this hot puffy shoulder pad sleeves dress from stitch!
I love the pattern on the sleeves!
It's yours at RM58!

#3 : Studs
Omg yesss! You might not believe your eyes, but yes, studs are still HOT HOT HOT!
For rocker chics, studs are a definite must-have. Check out Taylor Momsen!
Now that's hot!

Pixie looks really retro-glam in this studs dress!
Loving this studs dress!
Just check out the details!
Love the toga too!
At RM55, you can grab this dress from Phelauwer boutique!

#4 : Leopard prints

I always find leopard prints hot. They are perfect for partying and casual outings.

Even celebrities like Kate Moss look really hot in them!

Instead of leopard dresses, bags or tops, why not opt for something leopard hairbands/ leopard print hair pins? :)
This leopard printed headband from Our Beauty Diary costs RM18 and I find it a unique alternative to the usual flower/hat headbands found almost everywhere nowadays. Hooray to leopard prints!
#5 : Masquerades
Oooh, I love masquerade balls. I especially love it when everyone has to take it off when the clock strikes 12! Cinderella style, if you ask me. Loves it!
...and I'm especially confident that, in this season of giving, certain Christmas parties would funk it up with a masquerade theme! It's gonna be exciting!
I totally love these Gossip Girl masquerades. Lovely!

Omg! These masquerades are almost like the ones Taylor Momsen is wearing on the picture above, can?!
Loves them!
Now you can own your own Gossip Girl inspired masks too, from Our Beauty Diary, at RM25 each!
#6 : Liquid leather leggings
It's all about legs! Show them off with a pair of liquid leather leggings!
Celebrities in Hollywood are caught up with the liquid leggings bug too!
Check out Miley and Vanessa! Loves them!
Now you can own a pair of liquid leather leggings too! What's more, with leopard prints on it!
Wild! ;)
At RM35 each, you can grab them from blackmilkproject! Yippeee!
If you are ALREADY stacked up with black liquid leather leggings, I'd like to suggest you go on with colourful ones! And by colourful ones, I meant blue, green, red, gold, silver leggings! (NOT rainbow coloured please. That's too much.)
#7 : Togas
I am so gearing up in toga dresses this Christmas!
They are so HOT!
Celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt look really stunning in togas. ;)This toga dress just spells hot and is perfect for a sexy siren! :)
Love the two straps on the side and also the body-hugging-ness!
At RM40 each, you can grab this from Pre-Order Boutique.

#8 : Sequins
Sequins are so IN this season! Yes, I am right! Who does not love sequins?!
Celebrities like Blake Lively and Jessica Szhor rock the sequins look!

Grab a dress with sequins details! Trust me, YOU will LOVE them!
From blackmilkproject, you can own this lovely sequinned dress at RM55!

#9 : Bracelets
Believe me or not, multi-coloured bracelets, be it any colour or size or shapes, when matched, can suit practically alot of outfits!
Star Selena Gomez knows it well and loves bracelets!

Get her look right now! Pair up any bracelet and mix and match!
I find these unique! Loves the rose beads! :)
Oooh and the pink and purple pearl-like beads as well!
I love this colour! I always have a thing for beads this colour! :)
Loves the key charm too!

Sea shells on the sea, never mind.
You'll get what I mean. :P
Loves this bracelet which consists of sea shells!
RM15 each.
I know you're falling in love with all these pretty bracelets, cause I am! ;)

Grab them at Love Pieces now!
Oh, by the way, a big congrats to one of the owners of Love Pieces as she is getting married! Woots! Love is beautiful, isn't it? ;)
Therefore, to celebrate this blissful event, Love Pieces is giving away :
10% discount for purchases above RM50
20% discount for purchases above RM100
..AND to give you double joy, you will receive a free earring with any purchase above RM100, compliments from Love Pieces! Woots!
`This offer lasts til 31st December 2009.

#10 : Christmas pendants
...and last but not least, Christmas pendants!
I'd love to collect these this season of love, joy and peace. :)

Loves this Christmas pendant! Loves the sides of the pendant, and also, the unique Christmas tree! :)
At RM57 each, this necklace has a vintage feel to it! Oh, I am so in love with vintage this season!
You can grab this necklace from Jasz's Jewelry Box.

So come on, let's enjoy and celebrate this season of love, joy, peace and happiness this season with our loved ones.
Do remember to smile for the cameras, and please, avoid catfights and gossip! Be good this season, babes!

(NOTE : Even to the paparazzis!)

pictures of celebrities are credits to the net.

pictures of clothes/accessories are credits to the blogshops and the owners.

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