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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jump For Joy! (coz its Raya!)

Yes, Raya's tomorrow and shopping must still go on!
Sorry guys, for not updating as promised these days as we had college assignments to do. -.-
Anyway, back from hiatus, we're glad to tell you this..
Yes! Celebrate the joy of Raya 60s style with jumpsuits!
Versatile and gorgeous, every girl should own one!
Long jumpsuits, short jumpsuits..either one will do and you will be trendy as ever!
Celebrities like Kim Kardashian (she LOVES jumpsuits!), Fergie, Blake Lively, and Jessica Alba are rocking them jumpsuits; red carpet and off-red carpet!

Gorgeous much?
We envy them! They rock any outfit perfectly! :)
You guys can too!
Our current fave is polka dots!
Get polka dotty, babes!
This short polka dot jumpsuit is simply cute!
We loves the light blue color and the ribbon at the waistline. ;)
Its a tube jumpsuit so you can rock it on the beach as well!
From Gracios House, you can get this at RM55!

If you dislike showing off your legs or prefer long jumpsuits, this one's for you!
Classy yet stylish, this one's Kim K inspired!
Grab this from -CatWalk Online Boutique at RM36. (SAY WHATTTT?OMG!STEALLLL!)

Coooolll add ons!
Pair up your fave jumpsuit with Oxford booties!
Yes, make a change and start the preppy 60s trend with this combo!
You'll thank us for this!
RM165 (with Postage) ; RM155 (COD) from Tres Tresors!

"Keep Calm and Carry On"
I loves this quote!
Babes, get yourself some long necklaces to pair up with your jumpsuit!
That way, you'll look trendy and gorgeous!
Get this cute statement necklace (which is SO hot right now!) at The Lollipop House at RM19.90 (free postage within Malaysia!) :)

Loves short jumpsuits but feel they're a little too plain sometimes?
No worries! Look hot with these add ons! Stockings! (celebs loves this combo!)
AND best of it all, they are fab as they are tattoo inspired!
Cool prints on your skin minus the pain! :D
From Colorful Pink Room, you can get them for RM32 per pair! ;)

Looking for a good foundation?
Get this Shu Uemura stick foundation from little f1sh at RM90 now!
Now with 10% OFF and free Pos Laju!

Now, I can't imagine a life without bags.
We girls need bags. It is essential.
Why? Because our pockets can't fit all our stuffs! (Unless we're Doreamon!)
Totally loves this sleek and classy bag from Miasara Closet!
The zipper details adds a unique touch to the bag. What's more, this big bag costs ONLY RM28! (OMG!)

Don't like big bags?
Loves small bags instead?
As long as they can fit in your duit raya and hand phone and keys, why not? :P
This blue clutch from Happy Blossoms is really a stand out! The blue color totally stops traffic and we loves how versatile this clutch can be!
For RM30, you guys should get it!

Well, that's all folks!
Have a wonderful Raya and drive safely!
Oh, and ignore paparazzis for the mo'; you don't need them to ruin your Raya! ;)

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