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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Style of The Day : Classy Fearne :)

Fearne Cotton is really gorgeous and classy as well!
We loves her unique style.
Yes, her style is adored by millions worldwide! :D
Channel classy Fearne and hit the tie dye section alright!

picture credits to the net
Fearne rocks the tie dye jumpsuit look real well!
Now is your turn to rock the tie dye jumpsuit look! :D
This jumpsuit from Phat Culture is THE jumpsuit you should own!
We loves the colour, loves the tie dye prints!
The smocked front is really chic as well. :)
Own this for RM47 now!

Ooh, Chanel!
If you are the shy gal, we recommend you layer your jumpsuit with this cute jacket from Poppy Mallow!
Clashing designs? Perfect!
You'll look chic, trust us!
You can get this for RM42! :)

Now, booties!
Pair your outfit with these pair of booties from The Shoe Cupboard!
Real gorgeous we tell you!
So inspired by celebrities like Hayden Panettiere. ;)
Invest in ankle boots like these!
Trust us, you won't regret!
Get these for RM202.

Every girl needs a bag to store her essentials!
Grab this cute bag from Fit In Fashion for RM53 each!
Loves it!

Go crazy with prints this time and add a cute cute headband to your already cute and classy outfit!
From Creme Fraiche, the red one really reminds me of Minnie Mouse! ;)
For RM15 a piece, you must have it!

Lastly, as the weather is cold all the time these days, add a pinch of happiness and warmth to your look by applying this Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Peach Satin.
For RM30, they are not to be missed at Clothes for Chics!

Lols so that's about it!
Hope you gals have a great time today!

Of CUTE Bags and Beanies!

Omg! The mo' we saw these, we screamed silently!
They are SOOO cute!
You guys gotta check it out!

Celebrities are always spotted wearing them beanies!
Get groovy and wear a beanie!
Available in many colours and designs, they cost RM35 each!
Oh, and the colour choices are endless!

Oooh! There's so many pinks to go crazy for!

Now, I know mini totes are making it big again!
You are definitely gonna go crazy with these colourful cute totes!
Just check them out below :

For RM45, they are available in so many candy-like colours and designs!
Grab a mini tote now!

You can shop for these at Peep. ;)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Essence of Kawaii-ness ;)

We were browsing through random blogshops when we spotted these uber cute pieces!
Look cute like celebrities such as Debby Ryan and Selena Gomez with these!

We absolutely loves colours and these are perfect!
Cute coloured earrings are a new way in zest-ing up your wardrobe!
From Wunder-Akkordarbeit, you can get these for RM12 a pair!

Omg! We shrieked the mo' we saw these!
Cute cute strawberry tops!
We adore the boat-neck inspired top as well as the cute rose design at the side!
Pair this up with a pair of shorts and you are good to hit the malls!
For RM39, get these so unique pieces from Shortales Bunny!

Ooooh this dress is cute!
Loves the ruffle detailing!
For RM49, get this cute dress from Shopaholics Unite!

If you fancy something vintage, and cute (of course!)
This one's for YOU!
You can get this from Pieces of Key for RM35. ;)
Pair up your cute outfit with this adoringly cute sequined purse!
From Meow, this Forever 21 cute sequined purse is pre-loved and in good condition!
You can have this for RM18! :p

First, tutu skirts.
Now they have tutu tops?
Go rockin' ballerina with this cute tutu top from Bluey Joyce!
We loves everything about this top!
The tutu net, the cute patch at the side..
Pair this up with a pair of hot pants and its perfect!
For RM29, its a must buy!

This charm bracelet got us swooned!
We loves the sparrow charm, and we loves purple!
From Crafted by Mei, grab this for RM27 each!

So..strike a pose with any of these cute pieces, and you are good to go!
Smile for the cameras!

Enspired Events

Calling all blogshop owners!
Would you like to expand your business offline? :)
Now's the chance!
Located at the heart of Mutiara Damansara, e@Curve offers one of the best shopping experience around for hip youngsters and families!
This shop will serve as a good platform for any active traders / entrepreneurs to expand and grow their business. It's NOW time for you to move on to greater heights!

What They Provide:

  • A renovated, air-conditioned unit with white tiles
  • 2 powerpoints for each vendor
  • Promoters to help out in the shop
  • Cleaner

Special Benefits For You Include:

  • Be the FIRST to know about any upcoming events plus the priority to choose booths before anyone else
  • Enjoy 15% to 25% off from booth rentals for all Enspired Bazaar and Enspired Carnivals!

above and below are maps! :)

Venue: Lot 1-07, 1st Floor (North Side), e@Curve Shopping Mall, (Between SODA and Cut N Go)

Operating Hours: 10.30am-10.30pm daily

As you can see from above, spaces are only limited to 16! Therefore, be quick to respond and choose your desired lot. Early bird catches the (big, fat, juicy) worms!

Mobile: +6 016 979 0411 (Contact between 1pm-7pm)

Email: (Subject: Rent a Lot at Enspired)

Do check out their websites for more!

You can contact them through these:

Facebook :
Twitter :

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cool Vintage-like Statements!

Helloooo! :)
Girls, I know standing out from the crowd rocks; most of the time!
Very soon, more and more celebrities will be making BIG statements through their jewelry.
So yes, start the HUGE statement trend with these! :D
Have fun with A Fashion Story!
Start the day with ORANGE framed specs!
Oooh orange!
Its definitely the colour this season, babes!
Rock orange and purples, now!
For ONLY RM9.90, YOU must get it!

Lols. Just kidding.
Go crazy with this futuristic robot necklace!
Wear this together with a bright coloured top. :)

Omg! Isn't this just cute?
Loves the nerdy looking glasses on that adorable crystal doll!
Make a statement with this adorable cutie for RM15.50!

Wooot wooot!
Yea, owl necklaces are now THE trend!
We find this vintage owl necklace cute; and cool!
Pair this necklace with a dress and you'll look cute for your outing!

These shoes are not made for walking, alright!
Go gaga and wear your shoes on your neck!
Available in silver only, you can grab this at RM14.50!

Yes. The sound we all are familiar of.
Very very familiar of.
Yes, the sound of clicking cameras!
Get fun with these cute cute camera earstuds!

Oh, this is so Drew Berrymore/Jennifer Lopez/Natalie Portman inspired!
Look like a star with these pair of pretty vintage earrings!
Wear these pair of earrings with a long, flowing gown and you are ready to wave at the paparazzis!

Cool handsigns! ;)
Oh yeah! Ladies!
Start the trend by wearing this cool necklace!
Rock on with these cute handsigns charm necklace for RM15 each!

You can get all these cool jewelry designs from A Fashion Story!

So what are you waiting for?
Be your own celebrity and start trends around your friends!
Smile for the cameras!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oh, Yummylicious! :3

Oh, munchies!
Yummy yummy! :D
Go munchilicious with the Munchables Collection from Nutty Designs and Little Madeleines!

Its like pure indulgent without the sugar and fat! :p

First, pick your cute munchies! Yummy!
Cake, donuts, chocolate and even ice cream, or is it muffin?

Looks delectable already, huh?
Charms cost RM7 each!

Next, add on your chain ;
You can choose between the black, silver, gold and bronze chains..

Chain : RM6 for bracelet
RM8 for necklace

Go on, make your own delicious treats now!
Only at Nutty Designs. :D
Smile for the cameras!
Make them hunger for more!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Stare At Me Eyes :)

Ooh, after countless times staring and envying all those pretty pretty coloured ang moh eyes, coloured contacts came to the rescue!
Best of it all, it is painless and not that cost-worthy, if you know what we mean. :)
So now, we say, skip the neutrals and go crazy! Crazy not like anime crazy, but like really pretty and cute crazy. Lols!

Divalens has just updated with some spankin' new contact lens series and they are all under the price of RM50! YES!
Lens duration : 1 year. :)
So anyway, lets start browsing, shall we?

Forget staring into Edward Cullen's red eyes in Twilight; you can stare at your own pretty pair of pink eyes in the mirror now! -.- Yea, sounds a little ridiculous.
But hey, pink eyes are the new IN thing and girls, you will look uber cute and definitely chic.
No worries, you will not end up looking like an albino bunny or something.
You will look naturally cute and sweet. :)
So get your pair of Hanabi Pink series from Divalens now; at RM48 a pair!
Pretty pretty!

The Snow series is def one of the most natural looking lens series!
We adore Snow Brown. ;)
Girls, quick! Mesmerize him with your snow brown eyes for RM48 a pair!

Ooh, another brand new colour!
Start the trend by sporting elegant gold coloured lenses!
RM48 a pair too!

So what are you waiting for?
You know what to do. ;)
Divalens (click)
Wink at the cameras!

Style of The Day : Chill'd and Stylish

After becoming a semi-finalist in the British talent show, The X Factor on the year 2008, this 19 year old has been gracing magazine covers all over.
She's definitely one gorgeous talented singer! ;)
Anyway, Diana Vickers is a star to watch out for..
She def rocks vintage well!
You go girl!

picture credits to the net
Diana looks really chilled out yet stylish in her gorgeous sweater!

Now you can steal her look for less too!
From Hand Me Downs, this sweater looks really cool and comfy to wear!
Perfect for days in and days out, you can pair this cool sweater with a mini skirt or a pair of long blue jeans!
For RM26, they are yours at Hand Me Downs!

Can someone give me an OMG already?
This pair of skorts are so cute!
We absolutely loves the gold button details and all that.
From Beetch, you gotta get this at RM39.
(Yes, pair up this cutie with the sweater and you will look gorgeous; anytime!)

Another one!
We think prints rock this season as well; on your pants!
Rock on with printed pants and go krazzy with the big bow too at Happy Blossoms!
For RM36 a pair, you must get this too!

YOU need :
Seamless underwear!
They are so versatile; comes in so many different colours to choose from, and you get quality underwear for RM5!
Get them from Syiok Sendiri Sisters now!

Ohhh, we think these pair of shoes are perfect!
Look fab in vintage shoes; (we LOVES nude shoes currently!) from Old Blossom Box.
For RM79, they are worth it!

And lastly, before we end, we would like to share with you a song by Diana Vickers.!
Happy listening!
Diana Vickers - The Boy Who Murdered Love

Smile at the paparazzis, will ya?

Updates on Beetch!

Oh, that's something to shriek about!
Beetch's updating tonight, 8pm!
Start drooling, girls!

This Is Pretty Random..

pictures credits to the net
Hmmmm, this is pretty random, but its kind of important too.
Does pretty packaging matter to you girls when it comes to receiving parcels bought from blogshops?
Like, your clothes/items wrapped all nicely with ribbons and all that?
Do leave us a comment below with your thoughts.
Appreciate your feedback!

Die Hard SALE!

Oh yeah!
Die Hard Fashion is having some awesome possum sales and you guys have just got to check it out!
I did, and I loves it!
We ooh-ed and ahhh-ed at every item! :)
Here are some of them ;

This really cool denim vest is Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift inspired!
Rockin' gorgeous! ;)
RM25 inclusive of Pos Ekspress.

This maxi dress is absolutely sweet.. ;)
And pretty too!
RM35 inclusive of Pos Laju.

Oooh, we loves all things pretty!
Polka dotty and pretty!
This high-waisted shorts is Katy Perry and Pixie Lott inspired.
RM30 inclusive of Pos Ekspress!

Omg! Nothing under RM40 :P
What are you waiting for?
Get them pretty pieces from Die Heart Fashion now!