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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lip Review : My Lip Stuff in Chocolate Hazelnut

before we begin this review, we would like to inform you that this product is not sponsored to us.
instead, it was given to me by my wonderful good friend :)

I was excited when I received this lip balm.
Took a whiff off this lip balm and I'm addicted already!

When I saw the flavor, my first expectation was like, "oh, it must smell like Ferrero Rocher!" 

For those of you who are not familiar with Ferrero Rocher, well, its a delicious chocolate filled with rich hazelnut cream and its shell coated with crunchy nuts ; yum!

 picture credits to the net

However, they did not smell like Ferrero Rocher, nor do they taste like them. 
Instead, they have this rich, pleasant, sweet smell of hazelnuts, blended and mixed with creamy chocolate. Mmmm.. they remind me of this really yummy hazelnut coffee I once had at my aunt's place. Can't remember what brand it is though :/

When I applied this lip balm, my mom actually asked me if I have been snacking on chocolates. :P

So, here are the full reviews on my thoughts on this lip balm.

My Lip Stuff 
This brand originates from the United States, and uses only natural ingredients. These days, I have stopped using commercialized cosmetics and skin care and have turned to natural, organic skincare as I realized organic, natural skincare preserves the skin and prevents ageing from happening. Also, it does not damage the skin and makes our skin healthier. Although natural skincare or cosmetics are expensive, they are especially good to the skin in the long term. 

Sunflower oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, essential/flavor oil.
See! All natural ingredients. WE LIKE!
Rating : 10/10 (full scores for the natural ingredients!)

Smells like?
Yummy hazelnut cream blended with rich chocolates.
Rating : 8.5/10 

Well, we think this is affordable judging by the ingredients used. 
Natural ingredients are not cheap you know :O
Rating : 10/10 (its worth it. scroll down to find out why)

Thankfully, no taste at all. I, for one, do not like lip balms that have flavor in them, as I tend to end up eating them. Oh the horror.
Rating : 10/10 (we like cosmetics that smell good and are tasteless. yes, we're weird.)

We loves the plain white packaging. 
Some brands tend to package their products prettily, but sadly the products do not work as what they claim. Although yes, packaging is important, somehow we prefer substance over style. 
Rating : 10/10

Does it work?
Ah, the most important segment.
It does work. I have really chapped and dry lips. So imagine my happiness when I applied this balm onto my lips. Application goes colorless. After application, lips feel smooth and moist. No more cracks. Although application is glossy, we don't mind. The natural oils are absorbed well by my lips, leaving it soft like a baby's. 
I also loves that I can apply this to sleep and wake up with soft baby lips the next day.
This lip balm lasts for hours, unlike some that lasts only a few minutes and needs constant reapplication.

Overall, we are in love with this lip balm. 
We love the smell, the packaging and how effective it is in curing dry, chapped lips. No more flakiness!

Available in more than 30 flavors, you can get them here :

Psssttt.. all you cocktail lovers, we went to the website and saw a list of lip balms flavored in cocktails like Sangria, Sex on the Beach, and even Mojito!

We took a sniff off our friend's Mojito flavored lip balm and damn, it is good! ;)

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