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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stretchhhhhhhhh Your Ringgit : RM500 Challenge ; Spruce Up Your Wardrobe!

This goes out to all ladies out there interested in clearing their wardrobe and starting anew (:

Why hello there!
We know everyone has had moments whereby they dislike their wardrobe (not that they have issues or anything ; they don't).
Well, bring out those big garbage bags cos its time to donate your unwanted clothes out to charity! (OR - if you need money, sell them online!)

Anyway, under the budget of RM500, we promise we'll pick out at least 10 pieces of garments we think you need and will like! And hey, these pieces will last a long time in your closet, trust us!
Here are our picks ;)

First, lets start with the basics.
Basics are what you need almost everyday of your life ;P

Tanks for 5, RM5

This basic black and white stripe tank top is so versatile, it can be work for work and play.
Here are some suggested pairings :
tank top + high waisted pencil skirt + blazer = work (outfit)
tank top + black/white/blue skinny jeans + draped cardigan = work
tank top + shorts = play
tank top + crop top + shorts = play
tank top + flared/body hugging skirt + draped cardigan = play
tank top + tube dress = play
tank top + white button up blouse + trousers = work
tank top + off shoulder top + boyfriend trousers = play
tank top + pinafore dress = play
..and MANY MORE! See how versatile this RM5 top is! :D

Tanks for 5, RM7

Another must have!
We women believe every women should own at least a black tank top.
This long tank top is so versatile, we especially love wearing them for a night out ; paired with almost anything! :D

Tanks for 5, RM25

Tribal printed high waisted shorts!
We think every girl should own a pair of high waisted shorts!
This one, is definitely our pick ;)

Tanks for 5, RM30

This sexy midi side split body hugging skirt is just a must have!
Ideal from office to nightclubs, this skirt is so versatile!
We'd grab this fast.. I mean, its RM30, c'mon!

Peep, 1 for RM39
3 for RM110
5 for RM150 (free domestic postage)

Supre fans!
Time to snag some yummy Aussie goodies! ;)
Having a crop top is ideal. Here are the reasons :
1) Crop tops are a huge trend every where now, and we mean, every where. Like, every country. Even the coldest ones.
2) Its so versatile and sexy!

Also, we'd suggest getting a fitted mini skirt, because its so easy to pair with any outfit and its simply a gorgeous piece!

House of Leggings, RM29

Leopard printed leggings.
Every girl should have at least an animal spot printed something.
Whether its a sexy dress or leggings, it will make a difference to your look, trust us (:

House of Leggings, RM32

Floral leggings are just so girly.
Perfect for dates with that special someone or just chillout seshs with your girlfriends!
We love!

House of Leggings, RM34

Besides crop tops, neon are all the rage this season.
We'd like some neons on our legs, please! :D
This pair of leggings are perfect for nights out.. you'll get noticed for sure!
Pair them with a plain black tank top to get some attention to your legs!

House of Leggings, RM18

Every girl needs a panty hose.
Whether its black or nude.
'Nuff said.

House of Leggings, RM46

We prefer them to skinny jeans, basically because they are comfy (:
Yep, thats right, jeggings.
Girl you need them now!

Phat Culture, RM67

All you need is a good quality blazer.
A blazer can make you look professional for any occasion when paired with a desired outfit.
Remember. That. (:

Now that basics are over, lets move to accessories and dresses for day and night!

Phat Culture, RM55

This extremely sweet dress is perfect for both work and play.
We adore the pussybow details on this dress as it helps the wearer of the dress look elegant and sophisticated.
We'd wear them on dates too! ;)

Phat Culture, RM45

A sexy body hugging dress is a must have for every girl in her wardrobe.
Definitely the outfit to wear for partying the night away!

Mahuis, RM20

And finally, ze belt!
Having a belt is as important as having a pair of shoes.
We especially loves this vintage rose belt.
Its so pretty and stylish!

Grand total : RM491

We managed to find 14 gorgeous pieces under the budget of RM500!
Your wardrobe will thank you for it! ;)
Happy shopping ladies!

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