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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beauty Talk : Skin Care Routine

*DISCLAIMER : all opinions are of my own.

So, everybody tends to get all confused when it comes to taking care of their skin.
What kind of cleanser should I use? What about moisturiser? Is the three-step routine enough? WHAT IS SERUM? Am I too young for anti-ageing skincare? WILL MY SKIN AGE FASTER IF I USE ANTI-AGEING SKINCARE?
(sorry, the last one sounded abit, bimbo-ish, but hey, it happens!)
Out of the free moment, I decided to share some of my knowledge with you guys on skin care.
As someone in her early twenties, I tend to wonder what type of skin care is best for my skin.
In terms of my skin care products, I switch them every 6 months (YES, so that my skin does not get 'used' to that particular skin care, and I aim to buy more organic, natural skin care products from now on)
As of late, I am currently using these products:
Toner : DIY green tea and lemon toner 
(YES, I made my own toner ; will share you the recipe soon)
(got this during a recent trip overseas)
(got this during a recent trip overseas)
Additional luxuries : Sunblock (I use The Face Shop) and DIY oat scrub

So that, was my skin care routine. And yes, I use a day and night cream, as well as two different types of serums, simply because my skin has pores and can be slightly dull at times ):

Here's some advice on what to get in terms of skin care:
IN GENERAL - get all products which are 100% natural, organic and perfume free. I know perfumed products smell good but some of them can cause irritation towards your skin without you realising it.
Cleanser : Personally, I'd advice you to get a gentle skin cleanser, even if you have acne prone skin.
This is as harsh chemicals can strip moisture off your skin, causing it to dry and also, irritation towards your skin. This will lead to acne, and eventually, skin ageing. No I'm not kidding.
Many of us tend to scrub our skin super hard thinking this will reduce acne. FALSE. It won't.
So, what kind of cleansers should you get?
Well, look for gentle skin cleansers which are 100% organic and natural. These days, a lot of skin care companies are focusing on the organic stuff, the good stuff, and you should too. 
Typically any girl would go for packaging first when it comes to these things but trust me, all that pretty packaging might not do good for you as lots of companies that invest in their packaging tend to sell products that contain harsh chemicals. (when I say lots of companies, I don't mean all. Carefully do your research and look for natural products and organic products as they do your skin good.)
Avoid products that contain perfume and parabens (methylparabens, etc) as they can cause irritation and harm towards your skin.
Oh, and if you are wondering why am I using an anti-ageing cleanser, thats because anti-ageing cleansers contain less harsh chemicals as compared to normal cleansers. The reason why they are anti-ageing is as they contain more natural ingredients and less harsh chemicals. Ageing skin needs good nutrients, proper care and all that natural stuff, thus the birth of anti-ageing skincare. 
I'm not encouraging any of you teens or early twenties to start using anti-ageing skin care, but if you are in panic (like how I was) when you are gifted a sample of anti-ageing skin care, read the label carefully, and worry not, it won't cause harm towards your skin!
Oh and you need not spend so much on cleansers as they are just used to clean off the dirt off your face.
But make sure they are 100% natural, organic and gentle.

Toner : Toners are used to firm your skin. I'd advice you make your own toner as it is cheap and good.
Here's how I made mine:

Lemon and green tea toner (:
You'll need :
1 x half of a lemon
1 x organic green tea bag (YES, organic is good)
filtered water
spray bottle

First, heat up the hot water. Place the green tea bag in a cup.
Pour hot water into the cup.
Let cool for 1 hour.
Squeeze the lemon into a glass.
Pour the green tea into the lemon essence (squeezed lemon).
Mix and pour into the spray bottle. Spray and use.
Keep refrigerated at ALL times.
Use within 4-5 days.

This is a simple, natural recipe and its refreshing too! 
Lemon is known for its antibacterial properties and skin whitening properties. So hello fair skin!
Green tea is filled with anti-oxidants which can prevent skin ageing and this can firm your skin as well. 

Moisturiser : OK, this part's the part I'd advice you to invest in. Get a good moisturiser.
If your budget is around RM20, Nivea's a good choice. HRH Kate Middleton is shown to be a huge fan of Nivea moisturisers. 
Get a rich moisturiser if you have really dry skin, and a light moisturiser if you have oily skin.
If you have normal skin, a light moisturiser would do fine.

Serums : Everybody uses different types of serums.
Why? Well the purpose of serums are to combat each individual's skin problems. 
So identify your skin problem and find a serum which is suitable for it.
If you are in your teens, serums are not necessary (but cleansing, toning and moisturising is).

Eye creams : If you have eye bags like me, get a rich eye cream.
It is advisable to get a fragrance-free eye cream as eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the face (along with upper lip).

Additional luxuries :
Sun block is good as it protects your skin against the harmful rays of the sun.
This prevents pigmentation and ageing.
SPF15 is good enough. So don't bother getting SPF50 or something. That's too much.

Scrubs ; Twice a week I pamper my skin with a yummy scrub (yummy, but don't eat).

Oat and Honey Sugar Scrub
You'll need 
1 x cup oats (not those fine milled ones)
1 x cup honey
1 x cup sugar

Mix all ingredients and apply to face in circular motion. Rinse thoroughly.

Oh, and not to forget, try steaming your face with hot water every once a week as it helps open up pores (:
To do so, get a big bowl, pour boiling water in it, place your face near the bowl and relax for 10 minutes.
Don't burn yourself!

So that's about it (:
I will post more on beauty soon (I've got tons of things in my head lol)
Have a good week and Happy Labour Day tomorrow peeps!

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