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Friday, February 12, 2010


First, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and Valentines! :D
Next, I feel energetic. -.-
I know, lame right..
As Chinese New Year is just around the corner (TOMORROW!), all of us would be looking all over for clothes which are cheerful, not clothes which are boring and sad.
These clothes, I would loves to say, are what I call clothes that brings out the "energy" in you. Lols.
In translation, these clothes are usually fun, flirty, unique and stylish! ;D
Our pals in Tinseltown are also spotting clothes which brings out the energy in them. Ooooh, fun!

picture credits to
Suspenders! Lols. I find them a hit in Hollywood. ;)
Totally loves them right now. Lauren looks cute in this outfit.
In Malaysia, as the weather is getting hotter and hotter day by day, let's say, why not wear some suspenders?
Yep, like I say, energetic! ;)
Woots! Me loves!

Get yourself a pair of suspenders from tiovivo_design!
Loves the stylish skirt suspenders. Really girly! :)

RM59 each!Oooh! More suspenders!

This time they are pants suspenders! From tiovivo_design, this sporty one costs RM69!Loves Kerry's leather jacket and graffiti dress combo! Totally hot and stylish, no? Now then, grab yourself a stylish graffiti dress to make a statement! Who says tees only make statements? ;)
Totally loves this from the Vaunt! Loves the comic prints as well as the heart shaped neckline. Stylo! ;)

Grab this piece at only RM69. I'd totally loves to say it's Topshop inspired! :D

In Gossip Girl, she's Little J. In reality, she's the stylish and pretty Taylor Momsen!
Loves her studs bag! Really rocks ma' world!
Grab this stylish and trendy studs bucket bag from drestres!
Cool for any outfit, and totally instyle and "energetic", this bag rocks at RM55!
Woots! What's more, it's a sling!picture credits from

Velvet dresses may be classy, but they also brings out the life in us! Even models are spotting the velvet dress! Loves! Get inspired by the catwalks and grab a dress from Shoppink Queen!
Loves the shoulder pads and velvety look of it. ;)
At RM49, it is a must have!
picture credits to
Rihanna never fails to bring out liveliness when it comes to wearing her clothes. Unique, cool and funky's the way to describe it. Loves this peplum red dress she's wearing!
Copy RiRi with this stylish peplum dress!
Cool and stylish, this dress will totally "energize" your look when paired up with cool colourful accessories! Try beaded necklaces for instance!
From L`amoreux, it's a STEAL at only RM39! Omg omg! :D
The year of the tiger. Fits this outfit. Reallyyy hot!
Loves how elegant Jennifer Lopez look with tiger prints on. Stylish too!

Be bold, as this year is the year of the tiger! Grab a tube tiger prints dress and go stylish!

Loves how unique it is. ;) From I Heart This!, this dress costs RM50 each.

Oooh! Jumpsuits!
So loves this one Leighton's wearing! Speaks fun! And energetic! :D
Be fun and energetic with this playsuit from I Heart This!
Loves the hot red one ; really hot!
At RM50, it's perfect on everyday hot weathers like what we have in Malaysia.
Lastly, who does not love chandelier earrings? I find them not only classy, but it's got the fun factor as well. It's flirty and stylish on our ears! :)

Loves this one on Evan Rachel Wood. :D

Grab yourself a pair of chandeliers! No, not the ones sold in furniture shop. -.-
Chandelier earrings I mean! Lols.
From Everyday Accessories, get this classy flirty pink and multi-colored beads (Oh, I loves the diamond!) earrings for only RM15!

That's right girls. Be fun, flirty and energetic with these!

AND last of all, beware of cameras clickin'! Just smile and strike a pose!
Happy Chinese New Year!

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