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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Style of The Day : Hands Up, Playing My Song!

Hellos, how's everybody's Chinese New Year celebration?
I had a fab time with my family and friends!
Yes, the stylista of the day is none other than Miley Cyrus!
Pretty and talented, this young celebrity is already influencing many teenagers worldwide.
Loves her simple, casual style of today. ;P
Loves her casual chic style. Yea, who says plain tops aren't stylish?!
Start off your look with this chic black and white top from Zanne's Fashion!
You can make it a one-shoulder top, whatever you like!
RM42 each.
Oooh-la-la! Hot pink is a sure show stopper!
Instead of white, like Miley's top, why not stop traffic with this hot pink baby?
From Zanne's Fashion, it's a must have at RM42!
And now with the shorts!
Lols. With a cute, chic top, pair it like Miley with this pair of white shorts from L`amoreux!
Instead of black like Miley's, why not white?
RM20 a pair!
Oooohs! I loves this camera inspired necklace!
Trendy, no?
From moose and goose, grab this necklace and accessorize your look with it!
Woots! RM15 only!
More of a nature loving girl? This one's for you! What's more, there's an elegant heart necklace with it too!
For RM21, it's totally worth it from moose and goose! Woots! I loves!
Not a chain necklace fan? Instead, loves chunky necklaces instead? You should try the bib! Highly recommended, it's one of the best trends now!
Loves the feathers and the ethnic feel to it.
Grab it from Beautiful Disaster for RM50 each!
Do it Miley style and add many many bangles! Accessories are a must for this Hannah Montana star!
Loves the cute handbag charms as well as the cool jewels on them!
Grab this bunch of bangles from moose and goose at RM16!
Not a gold jewelry fan? Loves silver instead? Go glam with this bangle from moose and goose!
Loves the chunky yet glam feel it has. ;)
RM12 each!

Cool Add-Ons :
The fedora hat will definitely complete this cool Miley look!
Available at frangipani's, this cute fedora hat (loves the cute bow!) is priced at RM35 each! (price includes FREE Registered Post!)
Top; check!
Shorts; check!
Chunky bangles and bracelets; check!
Necklaces; check!
Two items left! I wonder what? :)
No look is complete without these essentials; the bag and the shoes!
Loves this vintage looking bag from De' Clique!
Totally celebrity-inspired, no?
Grab this at a price of RM39! RM39 for a bag like this?! That's a steal!
Final on the look great like Miley list; shoes!
Loves this flip flops from nicole's closette!
Just look at the cute gold apple button at the middle!
For RM35(inclusive of Registered Post!) go laidback style with these babies!
If casual, laidback style isn't hot for you, try heels for attention!
Loves the studs and colour! Nude to brown shoes are hawt, I tell ya'!
For RM65 each, grab them from The e-BEAUTIQUE!
Woots! What are you waiting for?
Party up your style now!
Smile for the cameras! ;)

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