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Monday, February 22, 2010

MY ELF Cosmetics Must-Haves!

Yeep, heard a lot about them from friends, reviewers, family members. :)
Here are some beauty products you'll loves!

The ELF Complexion Perfection : $3.00 OR RM15 (NOTE : The ELF Studio range is having a SALE!)
The ELF Plumping Lip Glaze : $1.00 OR RM11.50!

The ELF Studio Lip Primer and Plumper : $3.00 OR RM15!

The ELF Mineral Eye Shadow : $3 OR RM20
Shop Like A Celebrity! : Omg, mineral shadows for RM20 each?! That's worth it, no? :D
Shop Like A Celebrity! : Definitely must-have!

The ELF Studio Kabuki Brush : $5 OR RM19
Shop Like A Celebrity! : Omg YES! Kabuki brushes are way expensive, but they are cheap here in ELF! Totally a MUST-HAVE!
So..that's all folks! ;D
For more, click on to ELF for more!
Oh, and after deciding on what to buy, log on to Syiok Sendiri Sisters to participate in the ELF Spree, I mean, book your cosmetics!

ELF Spree!

First, there was NYX Cosmetics.
Now, they are holding an ELF Spree! Woots!
Get looking like your fave celebrities with these babies!
Anyhoo, ELF is Eyes.Lips.Face for short. :)
It is a budget cosmetics line set up by the USA and ooh, the reviews are goooodd!
Syiok Sendiri Sisters are having a spree for all ranges in ELF, specially their Studio line!
Here is the price range :
Studio items:
$3 = RM15
$5 = RM19
$6 = RM21
$8 = RM25
(With the discount, shipping is practically free!)
Other ranges:
$1 = RM11.50
$2 = RM16.00
$3 = RM20.00
$5 = RM30.00
Prices quoted exclude heavy items such as their dump bags (inquire if you're interested) and they won't be accepting orders for liquids as it will usually get stuck at the customs.
Also, ELF's delivery is not very punctual, so it may take a little longer than 3 weeks for the items to reach Malaysian shores. Please do not order if you're not willing to wait.
The Syiok Sendiri Sisters will stop accepting orders and amendments on the 10th of March, so do email them :
before then!
Wooties! ;D
Me loves!
Stay tuned for a post on MY ELF Cosmetics MUST-HAVES!
For more on the ELF Spree, click here to go to Syiok Sendiri Sisters' page!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

InTrends Now

Just a quick and short update. But really IMPORTANT for fashionistas!
Why, you ask? :)
The current trend is :
BoatnecksHalternecksBarebacksOff-shouldersKneehighsocksRippedsBoyshortsTribalMillitaryBowsSee-throughsPatternsLaceclutches :)
CurrentColours :
Playsuits which are bare backs too.
They rock everyone's socks!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Style of The Day : Hands Up, Playing My Song!

Hellos, how's everybody's Chinese New Year celebration?
I had a fab time with my family and friends!
Yes, the stylista of the day is none other than Miley Cyrus!
Pretty and talented, this young celebrity is already influencing many teenagers worldwide.
Loves her simple, casual style of today. ;P
Loves her casual chic style. Yea, who says plain tops aren't stylish?!
Start off your look with this chic black and white top from Zanne's Fashion!
You can make it a one-shoulder top, whatever you like!
RM42 each.
Oooh-la-la! Hot pink is a sure show stopper!
Instead of white, like Miley's top, why not stop traffic with this hot pink baby?
From Zanne's Fashion, it's a must have at RM42!
And now with the shorts!
Lols. With a cute, chic top, pair it like Miley with this pair of white shorts from L`amoreux!
Instead of black like Miley's, why not white?
RM20 a pair!
Oooohs! I loves this camera inspired necklace!
Trendy, no?
From moose and goose, grab this necklace and accessorize your look with it!
Woots! RM15 only!
More of a nature loving girl? This one's for you! What's more, there's an elegant heart necklace with it too!
For RM21, it's totally worth it from moose and goose! Woots! I loves!
Not a chain necklace fan? Instead, loves chunky necklaces instead? You should try the bib! Highly recommended, it's one of the best trends now!
Loves the feathers and the ethnic feel to it.
Grab it from Beautiful Disaster for RM50 each!
Do it Miley style and add many many bangles! Accessories are a must for this Hannah Montana star!
Loves the cute handbag charms as well as the cool jewels on them!
Grab this bunch of bangles from moose and goose at RM16!
Not a gold jewelry fan? Loves silver instead? Go glam with this bangle from moose and goose!
Loves the chunky yet glam feel it has. ;)
RM12 each!

Cool Add-Ons :
The fedora hat will definitely complete this cool Miley look!
Available at frangipani's, this cute fedora hat (loves the cute bow!) is priced at RM35 each! (price includes FREE Registered Post!)
Top; check!
Shorts; check!
Chunky bangles and bracelets; check!
Necklaces; check!
Two items left! I wonder what? :)
No look is complete without these essentials; the bag and the shoes!
Loves this vintage looking bag from De' Clique!
Totally celebrity-inspired, no?
Grab this at a price of RM39! RM39 for a bag like this?! That's a steal!
Final on the look great like Miley list; shoes!
Loves this flip flops from nicole's closette!
Just look at the cute gold apple button at the middle!
For RM35(inclusive of Registered Post!) go laidback style with these babies!
If casual, laidback style isn't hot for you, try heels for attention!
Loves the studs and colour! Nude to brown shoes are hawt, I tell ya'!
For RM65 each, grab them from The e-BEAUTIQUE!
Woots! What are you waiting for?
Party up your style now!
Smile for the cameras! ;)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dear Readers :)

Would loves to inform you babes that ChiqFliq's promotion, their Opening and CNY promotion. The promotion will end the 21st of February, which is this Sunday, and if you order and pay within 24 hours this week, you will be entitled for a FREE MYSTERY GIFT! (does not apply for the FIRST promotion listed on the banner)

Friday, February 12, 2010


First, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and Valentines! :D
Next, I feel energetic. -.-
I know, lame right..
As Chinese New Year is just around the corner (TOMORROW!), all of us would be looking all over for clothes which are cheerful, not clothes which are boring and sad.
These clothes, I would loves to say, are what I call clothes that brings out the "energy" in you. Lols.
In translation, these clothes are usually fun, flirty, unique and stylish! ;D
Our pals in Tinseltown are also spotting clothes which brings out the energy in them. Ooooh, fun!

picture credits to
Suspenders! Lols. I find them a hit in Hollywood. ;)
Totally loves them right now. Lauren looks cute in this outfit.
In Malaysia, as the weather is getting hotter and hotter day by day, let's say, why not wear some suspenders?
Yep, like I say, energetic! ;)
Woots! Me loves!

Get yourself a pair of suspenders from tiovivo_design!
Loves the stylish skirt suspenders. Really girly! :)

RM59 each!Oooh! More suspenders!

This time they are pants suspenders! From tiovivo_design, this sporty one costs RM69!Loves Kerry's leather jacket and graffiti dress combo! Totally hot and stylish, no? Now then, grab yourself a stylish graffiti dress to make a statement! Who says tees only make statements? ;)
Totally loves this from the Vaunt! Loves the comic prints as well as the heart shaped neckline. Stylo! ;)

Grab this piece at only RM69. I'd totally loves to say it's Topshop inspired! :D

In Gossip Girl, she's Little J. In reality, she's the stylish and pretty Taylor Momsen!
Loves her studs bag! Really rocks ma' world!
Grab this stylish and trendy studs bucket bag from drestres!
Cool for any outfit, and totally instyle and "energetic", this bag rocks at RM55!
Woots! What's more, it's a sling!picture credits from

Velvet dresses may be classy, but they also brings out the life in us! Even models are spotting the velvet dress! Loves! Get inspired by the catwalks and grab a dress from Shoppink Queen!
Loves the shoulder pads and velvety look of it. ;)
At RM49, it is a must have!
picture credits to
Rihanna never fails to bring out liveliness when it comes to wearing her clothes. Unique, cool and funky's the way to describe it. Loves this peplum red dress she's wearing!
Copy RiRi with this stylish peplum dress!
Cool and stylish, this dress will totally "energize" your look when paired up with cool colourful accessories! Try beaded necklaces for instance!
From L`amoreux, it's a STEAL at only RM39! Omg omg! :D
The year of the tiger. Fits this outfit. Reallyyy hot!
Loves how elegant Jennifer Lopez look with tiger prints on. Stylish too!

Be bold, as this year is the year of the tiger! Grab a tube tiger prints dress and go stylish!

Loves how unique it is. ;) From I Heart This!, this dress costs RM50 each.

Oooh! Jumpsuits!
So loves this one Leighton's wearing! Speaks fun! And energetic! :D
Be fun and energetic with this playsuit from I Heart This!
Loves the hot red one ; really hot!
At RM50, it's perfect on everyday hot weathers like what we have in Malaysia.
Lastly, who does not love chandelier earrings? I find them not only classy, but it's got the fun factor as well. It's flirty and stylish on our ears! :)

Loves this one on Evan Rachel Wood. :D

Grab yourself a pair of chandeliers! No, not the ones sold in furniture shop. -.-
Chandelier earrings I mean! Lols.
From Everyday Accessories, get this classy flirty pink and multi-colored beads (Oh, I loves the diamond!) earrings for only RM15!

That's right girls. Be fun, flirty and energetic with these!

AND last of all, beware of cameras clickin'! Just smile and strike a pose!
Happy Chinese New Year!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MORE Sales, Discounts and Goodies! (To Be Updated!)

I Heart This! ; The "tigress" of I Heart This! is giving away a 10% off their latest collection! Go ahead and check them out!
Emily Laurine ; They have cool lace dresses, shoulder pad tops; perfect for all fashionistas this CNY! ;D
Not only this, babes..they will be giving away these..
When you purchase 1 item from them, you will get 50% off all postage via Pos Ekspress or Pos Laju.
Purchase two items and above, and you will get free Pos Laju!
(for ALL normal priced items and sales items too! Woots!)
Lovely Gwendolly; Inspired by Japanese fashion, this lovely shop is selling lots of pretty clothes and accessories (fans of Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie would loves!) from as LOW as RM6! Omg right!
Couture&Doll; They too, are giving shopaholics a generous "ang pao". Free Pos Laju will be given away for those who make purchases within these three days; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! Latest by Friday, 2pm, there is no minimum purchase required. ;)
Woots! Make your way there, babes!

Happy shopping!


Rushing to shops online and offline looking for the perfect outfit for Chinese New Year?
You may be late, but no worries; there are a few days left. ;)
Last minute shopping is common every where, judging the amount of sales signboard you see in shops.
Miss Shopaholics Closet understands how troublesome last minute shopping may be, and thus, she is giving away a generous "ang pow"..FREE POSTAGE!
Woo hoos!
Let's see what's in store in Miss Shopaholics Closet, shall we?

My oh my, don't you just loves the Balmain studded heels this model is wearing?
Perfectly gorg, aren't they?
Caged booties! Loves them on our beautiful celebrities! ;D
Oooh, miss shopaholics closet's own caged booties!
Hot stuff, no?
A must-have heels at RM65!

Yesss, studded heels!
Grab your own pair of studded heels from miss shopaholics closet at RM72!

Hurry up, babes! Grab them while you can!
If clothes and bags are what you are looking for, no worries, log on to miss shopaholics closet now for more!
Beware of paparazzis this CNY! ;)

Shop @ miss shopaholic’s closet

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Shop Like A Celebrity would like to wish all readers and blog shop owners a
Happy Chinese New Year!
May this year bring you peace, love and joy. ;D
There will be a lot of sale, online and offline;
many many late shopaholics grabbing what's hot to wear next week.
Let's all have the spirit of unity this occasion can?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oooooh, Jimmy Choos!

Omg! I am a huge fan of Jimmy Choos! :)
They're awesome and gorgeous! Loves!
Loves how unique and cool the shoes are.
Anyway, Jimmy Choos are definitely celebrity favourites. Look at Paris Hilton's closet! *gasp.
Other celebrities like Hayden Panettiere, Olivia Wilde, Madonna,Leighton Meester, as well as Beyonce are fans of Jimmy Choos. What am I kidding; practically every celebrity LOVES Jimmy Choo shoes!
Anyhoo, now we can own one pair of Jimmy Choos too! I am not kidding. ;)

Maker/Breaker is giving us girls the opportunity to own a pair of Jimmy Choos! And trust me, the price is affordable! ;D

Jimmy Choo is collaborating with popular Swedish company, H&M, for this collection Jimmy Choo for H&M! Me loves!

Anyway, just if you are wondering, why the blabbling and no pictures of the shoes? :)

Ta-da! Here it is, babes! Don't you just loves the hot ballerinas?

Loves the zebra prints as well as the studs. Gorgeous!

For more info on these pair of pretty shoes (they are brand new, no worries!), please log on to Maker/Breaker for more! Or, email them for more!

Happy shopping, peoples!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Weekend Chic Look

Yepp! It's going to be the weekends!
Woohoos! Who doesn't loves weekends? I know I do!
(If you wondered how could I, one of the authors of Shop Like A Celebrity! be on hiatus and yet still review, well, let's say I did my homework for today ;) )
Anyway, I just can't stop talking! Weekends are the days where we relax and have fun.
Therefore, it is a must to look good during the weekends, no?
Ooooh I'm getting very excited now!
Hmmm, enough talking; let's see some celebrity inspired chic clothes, shall we?
My, oh my! Must I say this looks totally sexy?
Loves the lace details!
Pair this up with a pair of long skinny jeans and a jacket (if you are not daring ;) ) and you're good to hit the streets!
At RM39, it's a grab at Beetch!
Lols. When I say relax during the weekends, I meant it.
Sure, it's a great time to have fun, but also, relaxing your mind is definitely important! ;)
So grab a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and take plenty of naps at home too! (Note : This does not make you boring. In fact, we need a balanced amount of fun and rest too)
The weather in Malaysia is unfortunately, heating up day by day too. :(
So grab a pair of CHECKiies (imported from Japan!) from it must be paradise at RM10 each!

Omg! I loves!
Definitely IN for Chinese New Year! ;)
Just LOOK at the prints! Aren't they just hot?!
Loves the bronzy colour too!
From The Fashion Barrage, this hottie is selling at RM141. Woots!
If I haven't said this, let me repeat these again :
Scarfs are an important accessory.
Every woman must own one.
Yepp, important fashion rule you got there.
Scarfs are really great; they doll up your every look, even a plain top!
Liv Tyler looks just gorgeous in the outfit above! Perfect for weekend outings with best friends!

Grab yourself one leopard printed scarf too!
It's pretty and it's perfect for any occassion.
And yes, they do keep you warm. ;)
Grab this from not naked, at RM19 each! Loves!
Yes! Denim dresses are totally chic!
They make any girl look chic and hot at the same time!
Loves Lindz's denim dress!
Get inspired by Lindsay and get yourself a hot denim dress!
From Dressing Culture, you will definitely loves the halter neck details as well as the denim cut and pockets (*gasp..POCKETS!)
Only RM45 each.
Lastly, feathered headbands!
Soooo pretty and chic!
This is what I call, classy! ;D
Dress yourself in a feathered headband now; from Beautiful Disaster.
Loves the unique feather patterns and colours; you'll just stand out!
At RM25, it's a steal; as feathered headbands are going to be BIG this year!
So get ready folks and smile for the cameras!
Beware of paparazzis!
Don't make them spoil your weekend. :(
All pictures of celebrities are courtesy of the web.