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Red Carpet Ad (PAID AD) : Megane Collezion


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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Paid Advertorial : Classy AND Fabulous

A girl should be two things : classy and fabulous.
We gotta agree with Coco Chanel. 

When it comes to appearance, dressing up plays an important role. 
Whether its for the first date, a job interview, or an annual dinner, your outfit is definitely important as you want to look your best. 
Not only that, first impressions seriously count.
You would not want to look like someone who'd just woken up!
 (except for that sexy bed head we were all dying for)

Thus, Megane Collezione steps in!
From casual dresses to party dresses, you'll go crazy with the endless choices they are offering!
Oh, we love their yummy-looking accessories too! 
In addition, they come in a range of affordable pricing, your purse and bank account will love you for sure.

We browsed through their collections and man, we are excited!
Here are some of our top picks, we are confident you will love them too! ;)



This cute belt caught our eyes instantly!
We are glad they come in a range of colors, each to suit your various outfits.
The ribbon detailing adds a fun touch to the belt, and the outfit, of course!
We'd wear these with a long cardigan over a plain little black dress for a more pretty, casual look.


Get in tune with the pastel trend with these fun-looking belts!
We simply adore the bow-tie details as well, it adds a cute touch to the plain skinny belt.
We'd pair these with colourful denim shorts and a cropped top.


If skinny belts and clinchers are not your thing, worry not, this medium-sized belt is perfect!
Chic and classy-looking, this belt suits office wear and casual events.
We absolutely love this one!


This clincher belt is a definite classic.
Suitable with almost every outfit, this belt has a vintage feel to it in which we like.
We also adore the gold buckle design. 

As belts are currently making a huge comeback, we'd say, get one of each! (skinny, clinchers and mediums!)
You won't know when you might need them!



Now this is one classic piece we think every woman should own.
The teardrop diamond pendant adds a luxurious touch to the jewelry itself.
We can't believe its only RM29! 


This lovely lace necklace is perfect for dolls out there.
We adore the pretty lace details as well as the beautiful floral design.
The mini pearls add a feminine touch to the necklace too.


Charm necklaces are currently on top of the jewelry trend! 
We think this necklace fits all fashionistas out there. 
We especially adore the shoe and sailor-wheel charm. 
Talk about girlish-ness! ;)


Double-layered necklaces adds some zest to your plain outfit.
We love the white four-leave clover pendant, it looks luxurious!
All in all, its one dainty-looking piece we know you'd love!


These sexy bangles will take you from work to play.
We love the leopard print chunky bangle, we'd wear them up our arms, along with the other bangles.
They make a perfect match to that little black dress.



This classy lace-top body hugging dress is perfect for nights out in the club!
We simply adore the crochet lace at the top of the dress.
Show off your figure and dance the night away!


This toga dress is so elegant, you'll be the belle of the ball. 
We love the cutout side back details ; it adds a sexy touch to it.
The flare skirt makes the dress perfect for twirling when dancing with your partner too!
Reminds us of old school, with a sexy twist!

RM99 *premium line*

This gorgeous dress is one of Megane's premium collections.
We really like the structured top and mesh polka dot skirt.
It makes every girl feel like a princess inside!


If skater dresses are your favourite thing, Megane has a variety of colours for you to choose from!
This dress is a basic must-have, as it can be worn for interviews as well as occasions such as wedding ceremonies.
You'll be spoilt for choice!

RM99 *premium line*

Scallop dresses are making a huge comeback in high street fashion such as Topshop and Forever21.
We find this dress very elegant and ladylike.
The waist lace details add a feminine luxury feel to this dress.
We'd recommend wearing this for interviews and dates, both parties will definitely be impressed!


This classic lace little black dress is a definite must-have for every fashionista!
We love the elegant lace sleeves and the flare chiffon skirt.
Channel Blair from Gossip Girl and pair this with some gorgeous flats.
You'll be the talk of the town for sure!


Go all girly and flirty in this lovely pastel colored dress.
We absolutely love the tricolored layers on the bottom of the dress.
It comes with a free belt too!


Look sweet and feminine in this pretty pink layered dress.
The ruffled top helps emphasize your bust area, and the sweet layered skirt adds a sweet touch to the dress.
We'd wear this for tea, won't you? ;)


Go crazy with prints in this cute and fun ribbon prints dress!
We adore the puffy sleeves and also the dainty layered details.
Almost reminds us of our favourite peplum dresses!


Have a royal gala to attend? 
Or is your prom associated with the theme 'royalty'?
This dress is the answer to your dresscode prayers!
We think this dress is perfectly elegant. 
It exudes class in every way.
What's more, it comes in seven, yes, SEVEN colors ranging from mod black to light blue. 
So if you're picky when it comes to colors, this is for you! ;)


Be ready to wow at the red carpet in this dress!
Yes, we are saying this dress is celeb-worthy!
We've spotted something similar on brands like Calvin Klein and ASOS.
Look charming and sweet in this dress.. you're guaranteed to get compliments everywhere you go!

RM119 *premium*

Studded maxi dresses gives a rebel rock feel to any wearer.
The side toga helps your shoulders look broader.
We also like the side ruffled details on this dress.
We love how elegant this dress looks!


Looking for something fabulous to wear to work?
This is the perfect dress! 
We love the body-hugging details (that does not break office dress code) and the power shoulders!
We don't know why, but we've got a feeling wearing this dress would earn you lots of respect from your colleagues..even your boss! (provided you're not the boss)


This gorgeous body hugging dress is fit for that famous socialite!
We adore the ruffled details at the waist of the dress.
The thick-looking material of this dress makes it luxurious.
If you ask us, we'd say this dress costs thousands, so RM59 is a bargain of a price!

WAIT, there are still many more fabulous dresses in store!
Check them out NOW!
You'll thank us after!



This sweet candy-like two tone top brings out the little girl inside every one of us.
Remember the days of Paddle Pop ice cream?
Yup, those days remind us of this fun top, in a good way of course.
This top helps 'dress up' your entire look, making you look like you're gorgeous without that extra effort.
We've spotted some K Pop stars wearing something similar! ;)


This top is stylish and elegant in every way.
We adore the sheer chiffon material ; suitable for our hot and humid Malaysian weather!
We also love that this top comes in three yummy good-to-eat colors!


Another sweet like sugar top!
Look like a sweetheart in this pretty top/outer layer.
You can wear this on its own with a bandeau top paired with shorts/leggings, or as an outer layer as shown above.
We also like that this top is dip-hemmed, definitely on-trend this season! ;)



Chic jeggings are a must-have for every season, every trend!
Go mad with these affordable jeggings (only RM49?!) :)
Perfect for everyday occasions, this is one wardrobe essential you must not live without. 


This peekaboo tulip skirt is sexy and chic.
Show off some sexy legs with them peekaboo details!
Perfect for that very first date!


Another wardrobe essential, the basic shorts have become immensely popular in our country due to its versatility as well as the hot weather.
We love how this shorts can be paired with almost everything ; from a simple tee to even a dressy blazer.


Look every inch of class with this gorgeous floral high-waisted shorts.
We think they are suitable for the summer heat.
Wear them with a tee shirt for a casual look, or with a jacket for a more dressed up look.

If you are dying for more, worry not, click here to shop for more!
Best of all, they update almost every week, you'll be spoilt for choice!
Bookmark this page now and see for yourself some wonderful clothes!

Not only that, as they are newly opened, they are celebrating their grand opening with a whooping 15% off!
The catch? You've got to 'like' their Facebook page! :)

Click HERE to shop at Megane NOW.
Click HERE to like their Facebook page (and also get that amazing 15% off!).
Hurry though, promotion ends soon!

We can't resist, we're getting some clothes for ourselves too! ;)

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